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Pitchayevers in Argentina

Buenos Aires

Translated by Ronald D. Doctor

Averbukh Yitskhak Meir Sime, Tasharnya-Elke's son
Arbes Serke Avraham Stolar's daughter
Baran Yitskhak and 3 sisters; Shayke Stolar's children
Dayen Borukh Meir  
Hofshtayn Hersh Mordekhai Tsvaya's son
Teper Ezra Sunder Favel's (Fayvel's) son
Leybl Moshe Rivka Babi's son
Meniak Leyb  
Meniak Pesakh  
Meniak Shmuel  
Meniak Manya Zlate Gitl
All Yosef the trash collector's children
Fayershtayn Zusya  
Tsatskis Moshe Yisrael Tsatski's son
Tsvik Menashe Moshe Avraham's son. Hersh Broder's grandson. A bright one from the??
Kartman Shlomo and his sister
Kuperman Khana Yehoshua Beker's daughter
Kirzshner Yisrael His sister Rayzel.
Klots Yosef Avraham Mintz' son
Kralik Hersh  
Rudman Khaskel Sender Rudman's son
Rayter Perel Leyb Karnik's daughter

Besides these other Pitshayever's live in the provincial town.

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The living remnant after the Holocaust

Aguzi Akiva (Arzshik) Shmaye the Gontar's son in Providence Rhode Island
Uretski Meir the rabbi's son in New York
Bitler Leyzer    
Blek Basya Yaakov-Yisrael Zalts' daughter in Chicago Illinois
Berger Khava   in Poland
Gertl Khayim-Leyb Yitskhak Zeltser's grandson in Mashak Yagur Israel
Vaytsman Volf Nakhum-Shmuel's grandson in Haifa Israel
Tasherniak Khayim   in Israel
Lidekhover   Yisrael-Eliyahu's three children  located in Russia
Lerer Leyzer    
Matshan Yom-Tov Fishl from Kakrev's son  in Tel Aviv, Israel
Margolis Efrayim Yosl Bitker's son in Tel Aviv, Israel
Margolis Zalman Yosl Bitker's son in Philadelphia
Margolis Shalom Yosl Bitker's son in Philadelphia
Soyvel Yitskhak Yisrael Soyvel's son in Jerusalem, Israel.
Sakulski Shimeon Mekhal Toker's son in Tel Aviv, Israel
Patik Leon Berl Katsav's son  
Pitshayev Avraham Yehoshe Heshal's son in Italy
Forsht Moshe Yekhiel Henekh's son in Russia
Fridman Hadassah    
Tsvik Menakhem Hersh Broder's grandson in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Kuperman Aharon Yisheya, the Gelan's son in Winnipeg, Canada
Kirzshner Khayim    
Klots Borukh Anshel Katsav's son in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Kligman Yokhanan-Shmuel Kligman's son in Boston, Mass
Kligman Yaakov Yosl the Rabbi's son in Italy
Rudman Leyzer Yankel Rudman's son in New York.
Ridiker Shlomo (in Poland) The other 2 grandchildren of Avraham Ridiker living in Russia
Shubert Leyzer Yisrael Malamad's son in Montreal, Canada
Shkolnik Moshe    
Shkolnik Shalom    
Shakhur Yosef Moshe Yaakov's son. Afterwareds living in Tel Aviv Israel

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