Memorial-Book Ostrow-Lublesk
(Ostrów Lubelski, Poland)

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Translation of
Sefer-yizkor Ostrow-Lubelski

Editor: David Shtokfish

Published in Israel 1987

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This is a translation of: Sefer-yizkor Ostrow-Lubelski
(Memorial-book Ostrow-Lublesk),
Editor: David Shtokfish, Association of Former Residents of Ostrow-Lubelski in Israel, Published: Israel 1987 (H, Y, E 422 pages)

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Ostrow Lubelski

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Memorial to the Ostrow martyrs
in the Holon cemetery

Translated by Yocheved Klausner

Introduction [H]   10
Foreword [Y]   12
1. Development of the Town
History of the town Dr. Isidore Last 17
The town between fires Avraham Feuerstein 23
Pogroms, war, emigration Shlomo Shapira 30
The town in my memory Yakov Yosef Stern 59
Ther was no future in town Arie Stern 63
Lineage - a most important thing Yakov Liebhaber 68
Poverty and distress Zahava Worzman 72
Bread for the family Hinda Tunkelkroit 76
The dispersed family Gina Steinhorn 79
2. The Annihilation of the Town
The town destroyed Yehuda Beitel 85
In the forest with the partisans Bronia Rosenzweig 86
The Sabbath candlesticks at the gentile neighbors' home Moshe Fischman 89
From Ostrow to Siberia Tova Alkon z”l 92
Through the snowstorm toward the Unknown Adina Eichenbaum 97
In besieged Leningrad Rachel Reiss 101
3. Figures
Dr. Bezalel Last z”l Isidore Last 105
Yakov Yosef Stern (From his Memorial Book) 107
In memory of a gallant and gracious townsman Avraham Feuerstein 110
An honest man, faithful to his goal Arie Shafran 112
R'Arie Alkon z”l Rav S. Blumenfeld 113
My father R'Arie Alkon z”l Shmuel Alkon 114
Yechiel Meir Blumenfeld z”l M. K. 116
The Abarbanel family Tova Berkman 118
My brother the partisan and my family Shifra Lev-Liebhaber 120
Types and figures Yehoshua Kornblum 123
4. The Organization (Landsmanshaft)
The establishment and activity of the Organization of Former Ostrow Residents in Israel Yakov Liebhaber 129
A letter from the Shiva Medical Center 133
5. Development of the Town
Pogroms, war, emigration Shlomo Shapira 137
Childhood memories from the First World War Sara Kuppershmid-Rubin 175
The religious and social life Mordechai Kornblum 183
The importance of lineage in the town life Yakov Liebhaber 192
From the old home Ester Zlote Doman-Rushnievski 198
Schools and youth organizations Sara Tziporkin-Wasserman 201
Reminiscences from Ostrow Rivka Freund-Djewitzki 204
This is how I remember my town Miriam Rubinstein-Shnekel 205
A town of good deeds Frida Goldstein 208
6. The Destruction of the Town
Documents and letters from the Ostrow Ghetto David Stockfisch 213
Memories of a Partisan Moshe Duman 233
The Germans burned the books, as well Ada Domb 237
Memories from the war years Bronia Waserman-Eckhaus 238
Living through two wars Mechl (Misha) Eckhaus 254
Partisans' stories about the attack on Ostrow Elisha Shapira 267
Under German and Russian rule Bella Rubinstein 271
War memories Esther Rushniewski 279
Wanderings during the years 1939-1945 Tova Alkon z”l 283
Living through the war in the Soviet Union Yitzhak Goldstein 290
A bundle of memories from my family Henry Duman 293
A visit in town in 1962 Sara Tziporkin-Wasserman 294
A summer-day in Ostrow Rashe W. Zaladz (Stieglitz) 298
7. Figures
The father of all Ostrower Eli Shafran 303
In memory of Yakov Millier z”l Eli Shapira 304
The Abarbanel family Tova Berkman 306
Types and personalities Yehoshua Kornblum 309
8. The Landsmanshaft
The Ostrow Landsmanshaft in Israel Yakov Liebhaber 317
The Landsmanshaft in Israel has given us a friendly welcome Shlomo Shapira 322
With Ostrow families in Brazil and in Israel Yehudit Kogut-Shapira 325
Ostrow Jews in Brazil Eli Shapira 329
Unveiling the Memorial to the Ostrow martyrs Mechl Eckhaus 333
9. An Eternal Candle
List of Martyrs (necrology) 337
10. English Section
Introduction Adina Eichenbaum (Alkon) 422 (3)
Ostrow Lubelski Dr. Isidore Last 419 (6)
Memories from the War Years Bronya Wasserman-Eckhaus 410 (15)
Living Through Two World Wars Mechl (Micha) Eckhaus 398 (27)
To remember and to tell Bronia Waserman-Eckhaus 383 (42)


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