Ostrow Mazowiecka
(Ostrów Mazowiecka, Poland)

52°48' / 21°54'

Translation of Ostrow Mazowiecka

Edited by: Judah Loeb Levin

Published in Jerusalem-Tel Aviv 1966

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This is a translation from: Ostrow Mazowiecka
(Ostrow Mazowiecka), Editor: Judah Loeb Levin, Jerusalem-Tel Aviv 1966 (H 164 pages).

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Ostrow-Mazowiecka (1966)

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Introduction 7
The History of the Community 9
Crystallization of the City 18
Hassidic rebbe Rabbi Gershon Chanoch of Radzyn as Chief of Ostroveh's Rabbinical Court 22
The gaon Rabbi Yehuda Leib Gordin, Chief of the City's Rabbinical Court 29
Hassidic rebbe Rabbi Yosef of Amshinov, Chief of Ostroveh's Rabbinical Court 40
The Gaon Rabbi Meir Dan Plotzky 46
The Gaon Rabbi Yaakov Shraga Singer 60
From World War I to World War II 65
The Hassidic Gaon Rabbi Ben–Zion Rabinowitz 77
Personalities of Ostroveh Who Had Passed On 88
The Yeshiva of Novhardok in Ostrow Mazowiecka 157
Destruction and Annihilation 162
Addendum – The Destruction of the Jewish Community of Ostrow Mazowiecka


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