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Yizkor List


In order to create this necrology, we started with the list in the Ostrow Mazowiecka Yizkor Book published in 1960. The list mentions many people without including their given names (i.e. “and wife”, “and children”, “blacksmith from Poremba” , etc.). Also many names were omitted from the list.

As a result, those of us who were involved in transcribing the list decided we wanted to add details about our relatives who were on the list and the names of those who were omitted. We also added birth dates and the towns where they were murdered, wherever possible. The information came from our genealogical research: Pages of Testimony from Yad Vashem and of course, family members.

Our goal was to create a more complete list of those who perished from our town, Ostrow Mazowiecka, in order to help preserve their memory.

Judie Ostroff-Goldstein
for the Ostrow Maz. Research Family

List includes 1370 individuals (named)
List includes 327 spouses (unnamed)
List includes 1362 children* (appx) unnamed
Total           3059
* where children are mentioned - used 2 in figuring number of children.

Surname Given name Sex Born Children (age) Killed in
Abramczyk Index Chana (wife of Elchanan) F   children  
Abramczyk Chana (wife of Yehoshua) F   4 children  
Abramczyk Elchanan (husband of Chana) M      
Abramczyk Yehoshua (husband of Chana) M      
Adonajlom Chaim Mendel M      
Adonajlom Leibel (and wife) M   children  
Adonajlom Yisroel M      
Agulnik Rabbi Aaron (and wife) M   children  
Aland Yishaya Avraham (and wife) M      
Aland Mendel (son of Yishaya Avraham) M      
Alperowicz Rifka F   children  
Alte Leah (and husband) F   children  
Altman Boruch M   children  
Andrzejko Chaim (and wife) M   children  
Andrzejko Micha F   4 children  
Andrzejko Yitzchok (and wife) M   2 children  
Apelas Raizel (wife of Yitzchok) F      
Apelas Yitzchok (husband of Raizel) M   children  
Asman Alte (Hoffman) F 1874    
Asman Menachem (husband of Zysl) M      
Asman Zysl (wife of Menachem) F   children  
Augustower Rifka (wife of Wolf) F   4 children  
Augustower Wolf (husband of Rifka) M      
Augustower Yankel (and wife) M   children  
Augustower Yisroel        
Austryjak Moshe M   1 daughter  
Austryjak Rivka (wife of Yona) F   children Slonim
Austryjak Yona (husband of Rivka) M     Slonim
Bandrymer Index Regina (wife of Yosef) F      
Bandrymer Yitzchak Moshe (and wife) M   4 children  
Bandrymer Yosef M      
Baran Avraham Yosef M     Ostrow Maz.
Baran Chaja Hinde (wife of Moshe) F   children  
Baran Hershel (husbnad of Szecha Ruchla Serwetarz) M      
Baran Szechla Ruchla (Serwetarz) (wife of Hershel) F      
Baran Leah (daughter of Hershel and Szecha Ruchala) F      
Baran Moshe (husband of Chaja Hinde) M      
Baran Yitzchak Moshe M      
Beczka Avraham (and wife) M      
Beneh Rachel (and husband) F   children  
Bengelsdorf Aaron (and wife) M      
Bengelsdorf Chaim (and wife) M   children  
Bengelsdorf Yitzchak M      
Bengelsdorf Yitzchak M      
Ber Henoch (husband of Malka) M      
Ber Malka (wife of Henoch) F      
Berenholc Bryna F      
Berenholc Dovid (husband of Miriam) M      
Berenholc Fishel (and wife) M   children  
Berenholc Miriam (wife of Dovid) F   children  
Berenholc Rashke F      
Berenholc Simcha M      
Berenholc Yaakov M      
Berenholc Yente F      
Berenzohn-Skalka Sarah F   daughter  
Bialoblok Michel (and wife) M   children  
Bielski Shamai (husband of Tzivia) M      
Bielski Tzivia (wife of Shamai) F   2 children  
Bitner Dvora (and husband) F      
Bitner Golda F   children  
Blanket Dvora (Loitov) F      
Blanket Gedalia M      
Blumenkrantz Avremel (husband of Sora) M 1907    
Blumenkrantz Chana Dveyra (wife of Fishel) F 1879 children Lach
Blumenkrantz Fishel (huband of Chana Dveyra) M 1879   Lach
Blumenkrantz Hersh Yitzchok (and wife) M 1905 3 children  
Blumenkrantz Laibel (and wife) M   children  
Blumenkrantz Rochel F      
Blumenkrantz Sora (wife of Avremel) F 1914 children  
Boczni Shabtil (and wife) M   children  
Bojnos Chaim (and wife) M   children  
Bojnos Chana (wife of Yudel) F   2 children  
Bojnos Gittel F      
Bojnos Miriam F      
Bojnos Yudel (husband of Chana) M      
Borensztein Bashe (wife of Moshe) F   3 children  
Borensztein Henia F      
Borensztein Moshe (husband of Bashe) M      
Borensztein Moshe Keh (and wife) M   children  
Braun Chava F      
Braun Malka F      
Braun Rivka F      
Brezilia Bashe (wife of Henoch) F      
Brezilia Boruch M      
Brezilia Henoch (husband of Bashe) M      
Brilman Hershel M   1 child  
Brisk Ester (wife of Zindel) F   children  
Brisk Ester Malka (wife of Zindel) F   1 child  
Brisk Leah (wife of Yaakov) F   1 child  
Brisk Yaakov (husband of Leah) M      
Brisk Zindel (husband of Ester Malka) M      
Brisk Zindel (husband of Ester) M      
Broitman Aida (and husband) F   children  
Broitman Avraham Chaim M      
Bromberg Avraham (and wife) M   children  
Bronak Family from Yissacha        
Bronak Pinchas (and wife) M   children  
Brzorowski Moshe (husband of Shaina) M      
Brzorowski Shaina (wife of Moshe) F   children  
Brzostek  Leja (Zalowicz) F ca. 1906  
Brzoza Yaakov (and wife) M   children  
Brzoza Yitzchok (and wife) M   children  
Celniker Index Aizshe (and wife) M      
Celniker Henoch (and wife) M   children  
Celniker Yaakov (and wife) M   children  
Ceranowicz Moshe (husband of Raizel) M      
Ceranowicz Raizel (wife of Moshe) F   children  
Chanes Rivka F      
Chejn Golda (wife of Moshe) F   2 children  
Chejn Moshe (husband of Golda) M      
Chrust Ezriel M     Vilna
Chrust Leah F     Slonim
Chrust Rivka F     Slonim
Ciechanowiecki Chaya Liba (and husband) F      
Ciechanowiecki Malka F   2 children  
Ciechanowiecki Yosef M     Ostrow Maz.
Cukrowicz BenZion (and wife) M   children  
Cukrowicz Chaim Mordecai (and wife) M   children  
Cukrowicz Czarne (wife of Yosef) F   children  
Cukrowicz Yosef (husband of Czarne) M      
Cynamon Basha F   2 children  
Cynamon Esther F      
Cynamon Gittel (wife of Moshe) F   4 children  
Cynamon Hershel (and wife) M   children  
Cynamon Moshe (husband of Gittel) M      
Cynamon Naama F      
Cynamon Rachel F      
Cynamon Shlomo M      
Cynamon Yaakov (and wife) M   children  
Czerwonagora Shaineh F      
Dan Index Fishel, Rabbi (and wife) M     Slonim
Dan Yesrael Dov (and wife) M   children  
Dan Yitzchok Zalman (and wife) M   children  
Darembus Shalom (and wife) M   children  
Desse Berel (and wife) M   children  
Desse Pesach M      
Dessel Hersh Chaim (husband of Perl) M      
Dessel Itchek (and wife) M   children  
Dessel Perl (wife of Hirsh Chaim) F   6 children  
Dessel Rochel F   children  
Domb Dovid (husband of Freidel) M      
Domb Freidel (wife of Dovid) F   children  
Domb Gittel F      
Domb Yaakov (and wife) M   children  
Dombczyk Golda (wife of Shlomo) F      
Dombczyk Notke (husband of Rochel) M      
Dombczyk Rochel (wife of Notke) F   children  
Dombczyk Shlomo (husband of Golda) M      
Dombinski Sorah Faigeh (wife of Yitzchok) F      
Dombinski Yitzchok (husband of Sorah Faigeh) M      
Donica Chaia F 1885 5 children Slonim, Russia 1942
Donica Golda (daughter of Yitzhak) F 1914   Chenstochowa 1942
Donica Haiche (Gonsier) F 1862   Slonim, Russia 1942
Donica Chaia Riwka (wife of Juszek) F 1885   Slonim, Russia, 1942
Donica Shaul (husband of Sara) M 1912   Slonim, Russia 1942
Donica Sara (wife of Shaul) F 1912 6 children Slonim Russia 1942
Donica Velvel M 1913 children Slonim, Russia 1942
Drejarz Chaim (and wife) M   children  
Drewno Sender (and wife) M   children  
Drewno Zelig (and wife) M   children  
Drozdowski Aitzel (husband of Blume) M      
Drozdowski Blume (wife of Aitzel) F      
Drozdowski Dvora F      
Drozdowski Moshe (and wife) M   children  
Drozdowski Wolf Ber (and wife) M   2 children  
Drozdowski Yudel M      
Elbling Index Chaim (and wife) M   children  
Elbling Morim Yaakov (husband of Rochel) M      
Elbling Moshe M      
Elbling Rochel (wife of Morim Yaakov) F   3 children  
Elbling Yisroel (and wife) M   children  
Elboim Yitzchok Aizik (and wife) F      
Emert Chaya Rivka (wife of Yaakov Yitzchok) F   2 children  
Emert Yaakov Yitzchok (husband of Chaya Rivka) M      
Emert Yechiel Meir (and wife) M   children  
Epsztein "Der Frizier" (and wife) M   children  
Epsztein Chaim Ber (husband of Shaindel) M      
Epsztein Family of Shlomo "Zeiger Macher"        
Epsztein Miriam (and husband) F   children  
Epsztein Shaindel (wife of Chaim Ber) F   children  
Erlik Perl (wife of Yeshaya) F      
Erlik Yeshaya (husband of Perl) M      
Estryk Chaim (husband of Leah) M      
Estryk Leah (wife of Chaim) F      
Ezra "Der Molor" (and wife) M   children  
Fajncajg Index Shlomo M      
Fajncajg Velvel (and wife) M   children  
Fajnzylber Hersh Yaakov (husband of Perl) M      
Fajnzylber Perl (wife of Hirsh Yaakov) F   children  
Farbsztein Bailkeh (wife of Pincus) F   children  
Farbsztein Moshe Yitzchok (and wife) M      
Farbsztein Pincus (husband of Bailkeh) M      
Faskowicz Yisroel (and wife) M   children  
Feder-Lichtensztein Rivka F   1 child  
Federman Braintshe (wife of Michel) F   children  
Federman Michel (husband of Braintshe) M      
Ferszstenberg Ruchla (Ofman) (wife of Pesach) F   children  
Fersztenberg Pesach (husband of Ruchla) M      
Fillar Baile F      
Fillar Chaim (and wife) M   children Russia
Fillar Levi Yitzchok (and wife) M   children Auschwitz
Fillar Yudel (and wife) M   children  
Fisz Raizel (Bursztyn) (husband of Yaakov) F   1 child  
Fisz Yaakov (husband of Raizel) M      
Fiszman Mordechai (and wife) M   children  
Fiszman Yuteh F   children  
Flatau Shlomo M   son  
Flatau Popka Gisheh F   children  
Flejszer Dovid (and wife) M   children  
Flejszer Moshe (and wife) M   children  
Frejlich Aaron (husband of Tshipeh) M      
Frejlich Tshipeh (wife of Aaron) F   children  
Frejman Aida (wife of Chaim ben Avraham) F   2 children  
Frejman Aitshe Moshe M   children  
Frejman Alter (and wife) M   children  
Frejman Avraham Yaakov (husband of Sarah) Sarah      
Frejman Avraham Yitzchok M   children  
Frejman Chaim ben Avraham (husband of Aida) M      
Frejman Chaim ben Benyamin M      
Frejman Chava (wife of Moshe) F   7 children  
Frejman Dina (Maslo) F 1874    
Frejman Elka (wife of Yitzchok) F   children  
Frejman Eva (wife of Morris) F      
Frejman Inda (daughter of Dina) F 1912    
Frejman Mendel (and wife) M   children  
Frejman Michel (and wife) M   children  
Frejman Morris (husband of Eva) M      
Frejman Moshe (husband of Chava) M      
Frejman Moshe Laib (husband of Reltshe) M      
Frejman Reltshe (wife of Moshe Laib) F   2 children  
Frejman Rochel (wife of Yisroelke) F   children  
Frejman Sarah (wife of Avraham Yaakov) F   children  
Frejman Yaakov (and wife) M   children  
Frejman Yisroelke (husband of Rochel) M      
Frejman Yitzchok (husband of Elka) M      
Frejman Yosef (and wife) M   children  
Frejman Zysl (daughter of Dina) F 1908    
Frenkel Family        
Frenkel Laibel M      
Frenkel Nachum, Dr M      
Frenkel-Allenberg Family        
Frisz Srul Majer M 1912   Slonim, Russia
Frisz Sura Tauba (Ostrow) F 1899   Slonim, Russia
Froimowicz Frumet (wife of Yosel) F   2 children  
Froimowicz Yosel (husband of Frumet) M      
Fryd Bittel F      
Fryd Tzirel (and husband) F      
Fryd Zelig (and wife) M   children  
Frydman Aaron Eliyahu (and wife) M   children  
Frydman Avraham the Teacher (husband of Rivka Rochel) M      
Frydman Avraham Yaakov (husband of Blume) M      
Frydman Avraham Yitzchok (husband of Itka) M      
Frydman Blume (wife of Avraham Yaakov) F   children  
Frydman Golda (wife of Yosef) F   children  
Frydman Itka (wife of Avraham Yitzchok) F   children  
Frydman Moshe (and wife) M   children  
Frydman Rivka Rochel (wife of Avraham the Teacher) F   daughter  
Frydman Sarah Gittel (wife of Shmuel) F   3 children  
Frydman Shmerel (and wife) M   children  
Frydman Shmuel (husband of Sorah Gittel) M      
Frydman Yitzchok (and wife) M   children  
Frydman Yosef (husband of Golda) M      
Frydman Estera Malka (Treblinski) F   twins Warsaw
Frydman-Kronenberg Chaya Kaileh F   daughter Chava  
Funk Chaim Shlomo (and wife) M   1 child  
Gabinet Index (Bentzion husband of Sara Zalowicz) M ca. 1896    
Gabinet Dovid Hirsh (and wife) M   children  
Gabinet Rochel (husband of Yaakov) F   4 children  
Gabinet Shlomo Yaakov M      
Gabinet Sura (Zalowicz) (wife of Bentzion) F 1896    
Gabinet Eliezer (son of Bentzion & Sara) F 1927    
Gabinet Shmul (son of Bentzion & Sara) F 1931    
Gabinet Chaia Pesia (daughter of Bentzion & Sara) F 1928    
Gabinet Tzipora (daughter of Bentzion & Sara) F 1937    
Gabinet Yaakov (husband of Rochel) M      
Gabinet Yechezkel M      
Gabinet Yishai (and wife) M   children  
Galant Shaul (and wife) M   children Zambrow
Galant Slaveh F      
Gelbord Shlomo (and wife) M      
Gerenholc Yechezkiel (and wife) M   children  
Gilner Finyeh (and wife) M   children  
Gilner Leib Yaakov (and wife) M   children  
Glikman Shmuel Yosel (and wife) M   children  
Glina Nechama F   2 daughters  
Glina-Liberman Leah Dina F      
Gluchy Berel M      
Gluchy Yitzchok M      
Goladzierz Esther Malka F      
Goladzierz Sarah Rivka F   1 child  
Golberg Yitzchok M      
Goldberg Alonori M      
Goldberg Baileh F   children  
Goldberg Chaim Yitzchok (husband of Yoteh) M      
Goldberg Motel (and wife) M      
Goldberg Shlomo (husband of Tauba) M      
Goldberg Tauba (wife of Shlomo) F   5 children  
Goldberg Yoteh (wife of Chaim Yitzchok) F   children  
Goldbrod Mendel (husband of Ziseh) M      
Goldbrod Ziseh (wife of Mendel) F   6 children  
Goldkorn Rochel Leah F   son  
Goldman Dvora F      
Goldman Malka F      
Goldman Mendel (and wife) M   children  
Goldsztein Raizel (wife of Yechiel) M   children  
Goldsztein Yechiel (husband of Raizel) M      
Goldwaser Avraham Yitzchok (and wife) M   children  
Goldwaser Shimon Hirsh M   son  
Goldwaser Yitzchok (and wife) M   children  
Goldwasser Chaya Sora F     Ostrow Maz.
Goldwejc Benyamin Itcheh M   children  
Goldwejc Benyamin Itcheh (and wife) M   children  
Goldwejc Chaim M      
Goldwejc Leah F      
Gonsior Alter (and wife) M   children  
Gonsior Peshe (daughter of Yitzchok & Yente Leah) F     Ostrow Maz.
Gonsior Wolf (and wife) M   children  
Gonsior Yaakov (son of Yitzchok & Yente Leah) M     Ostrow Maz.
Gonsior Yente Leah (Ostrow) (wife of Yitzchok) F 1881   Slonim
Gonsior Yerachmiel Hirsh M      
Gonsior Yitzchok (husband of Yente Leah) M 1879   Slonim
Gonsior Yotkeh F      
Gorzalcany Bentzion (and wife) M   children  
Gorzalcany Chava F   2 children  
Gorzalcany Pinchas (and wife) M      
Grabina Laibel M      
Granadsztein Hinkeh (wife of Yisroel Chaim) F   5 children  
Granadsztein Yisroel Chaim (husband of Hinkeh) M      
Granjewicz Esther (wife of Pinchus) F      
Granjewicz Pinchus (husband of Esther) M      
Grapa Betshe (husband of Haishe) M     Majdanek
Grapa Haishe (Serwetarz) (wife of Betshe) F     Majdanek
Grapa Zavel (son of Betsche and Haishe) M     Majdanek
Grapa Rachel (daughter of Betsche and Haishe) F     Majdanek
Grincer Henoch (husband of Maliyeh) M      
Grincer Maliyeh (wife of Henoch) F      
Gromadzyn Reuven (husband of Rivka Rochel) M      
Gromadzyn Rivka Rochel (wife of Reuven) F   children  
Grossman Feivel (and wife) M   children  
Grossman Golda F      
Grossman Hershel (and wife) M   children  
Grossman Neshkeh F   children  
Grossman-Lipsker Rivka F   children  
Grudka Chava (wife of Moshe) F   children  
Grudka Leib Hirsh M      
Grudka Moshe (husband of Chava) M      
Grudka Raizel (wife of Shmuel) F   3 children  
Grudka Sender (and wife) M   children  
Grudka Shmuel (husband of Raizel) M      
Gruj Yaakov (and wife) M   children  
Grynberg Baileh (wife of Tuvia) F   2 children  
Grynberg Shprintseh (wife of Yudel) F   4 children  
Grynberg Tuvia (husband of Baileh) M      
Grynberg Yudel (husband of Shprintseh) M      
Grynszpan Avraham (husband of Raizel) M      
Grynszpan Chaim (husband of Sorah) M      
Grynszpan Raizel (wife of Avraham) F   2 children  
Grynszpan Sorah (wife of Chaim) F   2 children  
Grynszpan Yeshiya (and wife) M   children  
Grynszpan-Jagodnik Yuteh F      
Grynsztein Tcherneh F   children  
Grzybowicz Mordechai Yudel (husband of Nechama) M      
Grzybowicz Nechama (wife of Mordechai Yudel) F   4 children  
Gumowicz Hirsh Aitzel (and wife) M   children  
Gumowicz Yisrael (and wife) M   children  
Gura Rafael (husband of Rivka) M      
Gura Rivka (wife of Rafael) F   1 child  
Gura Rivka (wife of Yitzchok) F   children  
Gura Yitzchok (husband of Rivka) M      
Gurfinkel Simcha (and wife) M      
Gurfinkel Rivka (daughter of Simcha) F      
Gutgold Chava F      
Gutgold Mendel (son of Chava) M      
Gutmer Family        
Gutmer Mavritzi (and wife) M      
Halperin Index Leibel (husband of Yenteh) M      
Halperin Yenteh (wife of Leibel) F   children  
Harac Shaine Perl F   daughter  
Harac Sorah (and husband) F   1 child  
Hausman Shrtsheh M      
Hausman-Morgensztern Liba F      
Hochberg Dvora F      
Hochberg Henoch Yeshaya (husband of Raizel) M      
Hochberg Raizel (wife of Henoch Yeshaya) F   children  
Hochberg Yaakov M      
Hochman Braineh F      
Hochman Ettel (and husband) F   1 child  
Hochman Tzvetil M      
Hoffman Aviezer M   2 children  
Hoffman Avraham Berel (husband of Peshka) M     Treblinka
Hoffman Efroim (husband of Tauba) M     Baranowicz
Hoffman Esther F   children  
Hoffman Faigeh (wife of Shmuel) F   2 children  
Hoffman Laibel (and wife) M   children  
Hoffman Laibel (son of Avraham Berel & Peshka) M 15 yrs   Treblinka
Hoffman Nechama (daughter of Efroim & Tauba) F     Baranowicz
Hoffman Peshka (wife of Avraham Berel) F     Treblinka
Hoffman Shmuel (husband of Faigeh) M   2 children  
Hoffman Simcha (son of Avraham Berel & Peshka) M 13 yrs   Treblinka
Hoffman Tauba (Kandel) (wife of Efroim) F     Baranowicz
Hoffman Tzalkeh (and wife) M   children  
Hoffman Tzyna Chaya (daughter of Efroim & Tauba) F     Baranowicz
Hoffman Yaskeh (and wife) M   children  
Hoffman Yitzchok (son of Avraham Berel & Peshka) M 17 yrs   Treblinka
Holcman Maniek M     Treblinka
Holcman Miyetek (Maier) (son of Maniek) M     Treblinka
Holcman Moshe (husband of Yenteh) M      
Holcman Yenteh (wife of Moshe) F   6 children  
Imber Index Chaya Itka (daughter of Itche & Faige) F      
Imber Faige (wife of Itche) F      
Imber Itche (husband of Faige) M      
Imber Moshe (husband of Rochel) M      
Imber Nachman M      
Imber Rochel (wife of Moshe) F   children  
Imber Shmuel M      
Israel Moshe Metele's daughter & son-in-law     children  
Jagelewicz Index Perl (and husband) F   children  
Jagoda Alter (and wife) M   children  
Jagodnik Blume (Wolmark) (wife of Moshe Dovid) F 1886 8 children  
Jagodnik Faigeh F   children  
Jagodnik Gedalia (and wife) M   children  
Jagodnik Gisheh (wife of Yosef) F   children  
Jagodnik Malka F      
Jagodnik Malka (wife of Zalman) F   children Slonim
Jagodnik Moshe Dovid (husband of Blume) M 1890    
Jagodnik Motel (and wife) M      
Jagodnik Wolf (and wife) M   children  
Jagodnik Yehuda Laib (husband of Yuteh) M      
Jagodnik Yosef (husband of Gisheh) M      
Jagodnik Yuteh (wife of Yehuda Laib) F      
Jagodnik Zalman (husband of Malka) M     Slonim
Jancze "the shoemaker" (husband of Bashe) M      
Jancze Bashe (wife of "the shoemaker") F   3 children  
Janisz Dvora (wife of Laibel) F   1 child  
Janisz Laibel (husband of Dvora) M      
Jankubowicz Avraham (husband of Traineh) M      
Jankubowicz Fraidkeh (wife of Shlomo) F   2 children  
Jankubowicz Shlomo (husband of Fraidkeh) M      
Jankubowicz Traineh (wife of Avraham) F   1 child  
Jarzembowicz Yaakov (and wife) M      
Jaszinski Aaron (husband of Rochel Leah) M     Slonim
Jaszinski Rochel Leah (wife of Aaron) F     Slonim
Jaszinski Tamar (wife of Yaakov) F   children  
Jaszinski Yaakov (husband of Tamar) M      
Jelen Baileh F   1 child  
Jelen Leah F   2 children  
Jeruchim Moshe (and wife) M   children  
Judkowski Aidel F   children  
Judkowski Chana Raizel F      
Kacew Index Baileh F   children  
Kachan Hershel (and wife) F   children  
Kachan Liba (wife of Shmuel Gutman) F   9 children  
Kachan Shmuel Gutman (husband of Liba) M      
Kahn Aitzel (husband of Sorah) M      
Kahn Aizik (and wife) M   children  
Kahn Chaim Laizer (and wife) M   children  
Kahn Laibel (husband of Nesheh Rivka) M      
Kahn Menachem M   children  
Kahn Michleh (wife of Moshe) F   children  
Kahn Moshe (husband of Michleh) M      
Kahn Nesheh Rivka (wife of Laibel) F   4 children  
Kahn Shmuel Laib (and wife) M   children  
Kahn Sorah (wife of Aitzel) F   2 children  
Kaiman Zindel M   children  
Kalinka Shmuel Laib (and wife) M      
Kalinka Yaakov (and wife) M   children  
Kaplan Avraham (and wife) M   children  
Kaplan Avraham the Teacher (husband of Rivka Rochel) M      
Kaplan Rivka Rochel (wife of Avraham the Teacher) F   1 child  
Kaplan Yechezkiel (and wife) M      
Kaplan Yitzhak Moshe M      
Kawkewicz Chaim Wolf (and wife) M   children  
Kawkewicz Nachman (and wife) M   children  
Keplan Yitzchok (and wife) M   children  
Kielewicz Levi (and wife) M   children  
Kielewicz Yosef Bendit (and wife) M      
Kielewicz   F   daughter  
Kitajewicz (wife) F   children  
Kiwajko Lazar (and wife) M   children  
Klejnerman Yoel, Rabbi (and wife) M   children  
Knorpel Anshel (husband of Gittel) M     Slonim
Knorpel Chava (daughter of Anshel and Gittel) F     crossing border
Knorpel Gittel (wife of Anshel) F   children Slonim
Knorpel Tema (daughter of Anshel and Gittel) F     crossing border
Knyszynski Bracha F      
Knyszynski Noah M      
Knyszynski Pesha F      
Kolniak Laibish (and wife) M   children  
Komorowski Esther Leah F   children  
Komorowski Peshkeh (wife of Sholom) F   children  
Komorowski Sholom (husband of Peshkeh) M      
Komorowski Yitzchok M   children  
Korn Shlomo (husband of Sonya) M     Lach
Korn Sonya (wife of Shlomo) F     Lach
Korolczuk Meir (and wife) M   children  
Kosa Dvora F   children  
Kosa Dvora (wife of Yitzchok) F   3 children  
Kosa Yitzchok (husband of Dvora) F      
Kosa Yosef (and wife) M   children  
Kosewer Eliyahu (husband of Faigeh) M      
Kosewer Faigeh (wife of Eliyahu) F   children  
Kosewer Nachman (and wife) M   children  
Kosewer Yisroel (and wife) M   children  
Kowalewski Aron (son of Moshek and Sura Frieda) M ca. 1932   Minsk, Russia
Kowalewski David (son of Moshek and Sura Frieda) M ca. 1934   Minsk, Russia
Kowalewski Gershon (son of Moshek and Sura Frieda) M ca. 1938   Minsk, Russia
Kowalewski Moshek (husband of Sura Freida Ozdoba) M     Minsk, Russia
Kowalewski Pesia (daughter of Moshek and Sura Freida) F ca. 1936   Minsk, Russia
Kowalewski Sura Freida (Ozdoba) (wife of Moshek) F ca. 1912   Minsk, Russia
Koza Eliyahu (and wife) M   children  
Kozuchowicz Bashe (wife of Benyamin) F      
Kozuchowicz Benyamin (husband of Bashe) M      
Kozuchowicz Chana (wife of Moshe Berel) F   3 children  
Kozuchowicz Hershel (husband of Nechama) M      
Kozuchowicz Hindeh (wife of Velvel) F   3 children  
Kozuchowicz Mendel (husband of Toiba) M      
Kozuchowicz Moshe Berel (husband of Chana) M      
Kozuchowicz Nechama (wife of Hershel) F      
Kozuchowicz Toiba (wife of Mendel) F   children  
Kozuchowicz Velvel (husband of Hindeh) M   3 children  
Krakowski Simcha (and wife) M   children  
Krasnoborski Avraham Moshe M      
Krasnoborski Boruch (husband of Ryfka) M 1875    
Krasnoborski Chaya Raizel (wife of Efraim) F   children  
Krasnoborski Efraim (husband of Chaya Raizel) M      
Krasnoborski Faigeh F      
Krasnoborski Leah F      
Krasnoborski Nosen M      
Krasnoborski Ryfka (Wengrowski) (wife of Boruch) F 1874    
Kreplak Henoch (and wife) M   children  
Kret Laibel (and wife) M   children  
Krimka the porter's family        
Kronenberg Avraham (and wife) M      
Kronenberg bat Yosef Hirsh F   children  
Kronenberg Hirsh Pesach (husband of Pesheh) M      
Kronenberg Pesheh (wife of Hirsh Pesach) F   3 children  
Kronenberg Rachel F      
Kronenberg Sarah F   4 children  
Kronenberg Yechiel (and wife) M   7 children  
Krysztal Chaim (husband of Fradel) M      
Krysztal Avraham Yosel (husband of Chaya Sora)        
Krysztal Chaya Sora (Studnik) (wife of Avraham Yosel) F   children  
Krysztal Fradel (wife of Chaim) F   3 children  
Kukawel Moshe (and wife) M   children  
Kukawka Lazer (and wife) M   children  
Kukawka Yudel M      
Kukawka-Morgensztern Faigel F   son Bialystok
Kuperberg Faigeh (wife of Yisroel) F   children  
Kuperberg Rivka (wife of Velvel) F   children  
Kuperberg Velvel (husband of Rivka) M      
Kuperberg Yisroel (husband of Faigeh) M      
Kupiec Faigeh (wife of Shmuel) F   2 children Slonim
Kupiec Shmuel (husband of Faigeh) M     Slonim
Kwiatek (sister) F      
Lach Index Basha F     Lach
Lach Bashe (wife of Eliyahu) F      
Lach Eliyahu (husband of Bashe) M      
Lach Mordecai (and wife) M   children Polonke/Baranowicz
Lach Shmuel (husband of Tzippora) M      
Lach Tzippora (wife of Shmuel) F   children  
Lachower Uziel (and wife) M   children  
Lampart Henoch (and wife) M   children  
Lande Moshe Hezkel (and wife) M   children  
Langlejb Sarah Rivka F      
Lawa Faigeh (wife of Hirsh Nochum) F      
Lawa Hirsh Nochum (husband of Faigeh) M      
Lejner Tzipeh F      
Lerman Asher (and wife) M   children  
Lerman Avraham (and wife) M   children  
Lerman Chana (wife of Nosen) F   children  
Lerman Kalman (husband of Liba) M      
Lerman Liba (wife of Kalman) F   1 child  
Lerman Nosen (husband of Chana) M      
Lerman Rashkeh F   children  
Lerman Simcha M      
Lerman Yitzak M      
Leszcz Dvora F   children  
Leszcz Faivel M      
Leszcz Fraideh (and husband) F   children  
Leszcz Golda Sora (and husband) F   children  
Leszcz Moshe (and wife) M   children  
Leszcz Moshe Dovid (husband of Raizel) M      
Leszcz Raizel (wife of Moshe Dovid) F   2 children  
Lew Aaron Laib M      
Lewartowicz Family Aizshe        
Lewartowicz Nochum (and wife) M   children  
Lewartowicz Zindel (and wife) M   children  
Lewartowski Berel (husband of Tzvetil) M      
Lewartowski Tzvetil (wife of Berel) F   children  
Lewer Alteh F   children  
Lewer Avraham (and wife) M   children  
Lewer Dan (and wife) M   children  
Lewer David (and wife) M   children  
Lewer Kalman (and wife) M      
Lewicz Bineh F   children  
Lewicz Moshe M      
Lewik Avraham (husband of Yocheved) M      
Lewik BenZion M   children  
Lewik Gedalia (and wife) M   children  
Lewik Hirsh Yukel (and wife) M   children  
Lewik Yocheved (wife of Avraham) F   5 children  
Lewin Gesheh (wife of Naftali) F      
Lewin Naftali (husband of Gesheh) M      
Lewiner husband & wife        
Lewiniger Malka F      
Lewinski Elka (wife of Yaakov Yisroel) F      
Lewinski Yaakov Yisroel (husband of Elka) M   children  
Lewinsztein Aryeh Laib M      
Lewkowicz Laibel (and wife) M   children  
Lewkowicz Nochum (husband of Rochel) M      
Lewkowicz Rochel (wife of Nochum) F   children  
Liberman Yitzchok M      
Lichtensztein Aaron M      
Lichtensztein Bendit (husband of Elka) M     Slonim
Lichtensztein BenZion (and wife) M      
Lichtensztein Dovid (husband of Faigeh) M     Slonim
Lichtensztein Elka (wife of Bendit) F   3 children Slonim
Lichtensztein Faigeh (wife of Dovid) F     Slonim
Lichtensztein Fishel (and wife) M   children  
Lichtensztein Miriam (wife of Shlomo) F   2 children  
Lichtensztein Moshe Aaron (husband of Rivka) M     Slonim
Lichtensztein Raizel F      
Lichtensztein Rivka (wife of Moshe Aaron) F     Slonim
Lichtensztein Shlomo (husband of Miriam) M      
Lichtensztein Soneh (and wife) M   children  
Lichtensztein Yisroel M      
Lichtensztein Zindel (and wife) M   children  
Lipka Nechama F   children  
Lipsker Noach (and wife) M   children  
Lipsker-Grossman Rivka F   2 children  
Lipszyc Chaya Sora (wife of Moshe) F   3 children  
Lipszyc Moshe (husband of Chaya Sora) M      
Lis Itka (sister of Tzvi) F     Lach
Lis Tzvi (brother of Itka) M     Lach
List Haitsheh (sister of Zelig) F      
List Zelig (brother of Haitsheh) M      
Litewka Aitcheh (husband of Fraideh) M      
Litewka Fraideh (wife of Aitcheh) F   children  
Loitow Shmuel M      
Lokiec Hershel M   children  
Lubotynowicz Chaim Yaakov (and wife) M   children  
Lubotynowicz Freder F   1 child  
Lubotynowicz Malka F   children  
Luzem Avraham (and wife) M   children  
Luzem Chona (and wife) M   children  
Luzem Yisroel M      
Majdenbaum Index Hershel M      
Majzlic Mendel (and wife) M   children  
Majzlic Moishe (and wife) M   children  
Majzlic Shlomo (and wife) M   children  
Makower Chaim (husband of Chana) M      
Makower Chana (wife of Chaim) F   4 children  
Makower Matil (wife of Simcha) F   1 child  
Makower Simcha (husband of Matil) M      
Makowski Rivka (wife of Yitzchok) F   children  
Makowski Yitzchok (husband of Rivka) M      
Malina Basheh (wife of Yisroel) F   children  
Malina Yisroel (husband of Basheh) M      
Malowany Avraham (husband of Chava) M      
Malowany Chava (Serwetarz)(wife of Avraham) F   children  
Malowany Jankel Mordechai (son of Abraham and Chava) M      
Malowany Sura (daughter of Abraham and Chava) F      
Malowany Dewora (daughter of Abraham and Chava) F      
Malowany Moshek Itzik (son of Abraham and Chava) M      
Malowany Leah (daughter of Abraham and Chava) F      
Malowany Gabriel (son of Abraham and Chava) M      
Malowany Chatzka (son of Abraham and Chava) M      
Malowany Dovid (husband of Tzipeh) M      
Malowany Tzipeh (wife of Dovid) F   children  
Mankuta Yaakov (and wife) M      
Marchewka Mendel (and wife) M   children  
Marchewka Yudel Hirsh (and wife) M   children  
Margolis Aaron Shimon (husband of Sora) M      
Margolis Aryeh (Kremer) (and wife) M      
Margolis Chana (wife of Yisroel Dovid) F   6 children  
Margolis Chava (wife of Yaakov Meir) F      
Margolis Laibel (of Dlugosiodlo) (husband of Sora) M      
Margolis Sora (wife of Aaron Shimon) F   son  
Margolis Sora (wife of Laibel of Dlugosiodlo) F   6 children  
Margolis Yaakov Meir (husband of Chava) M      
Margolis Yisroel Dovid (husband of Chana) M      
Margolis-Aronowicz Fradel F      
Margolis-Broitman Edel (husband of Yutkeh) M   2 children  
Margolis-Broitman Yutkeh (wife of Edel) F      
Margolis-Jegelewicz Perl (wife of Shlome) F   4 children  
Margolis-Jegelewicz Shlome (husband of Perl) M      
Margolis-Landa Fradel F   7 children  
Mark Aitshke (and wife) M   children  
Maslo Aitche (husband of Chaya Gittel) M      
Maslo Chaya Gittel (wife of Aitche) F   children  
Maslo Faigeh (wife of Yaakov) F   children  
Maslo Moshe (and wife) M   children  
Maslo Tauba F      
Maslo Yaakov (husband of Faigeh) M      
Maszczanski Beila F      
Mazehson Yosef, Dr. (and wife) M   children  
Melinarz Avraham (and wife) M   children  
Memdot Aitshe Meir (and wife) M   children  
Memdot Gedalia (husband of Rochel) M      
Memdot Rochel (wife of Gedalia) F      
Menczkowski Matisyahu (and wife) M   children  
Miadoser Yisroel Yosef (and wife) M   1 child  
Miedzyrzecki Seril F   5 children  
Miller Chaim (and wife) M   children  
Miller Mindel (Margolis) (wife of Pinchas) F   2 children  
Miller Motel (and wife) M   children  
Miller Pinchas (husband of Mindel) M      
Mincberg Dovid, HaRav M      
Mincberg Rasha (wife of Rav Dovid) F     Lach
Miszkowski Boruch (husband of Tauba) M      
Miszkowski Tauba (wife of Boruch) F      
Mlinowicz Alter (and wife) M   children  
Modrykamien Ezra M      
Modrykamien Shlomo (husband of Yutka) M      
Modrykamien Yaakov (and wife) M   children  
Modrykamien Yisroelkeh (and wife) M   son  
Modrykamien Yosef (and wife) M   children  
Modrykamien Yoske (and wife) M   children  
Modrykamien Yutka (wife of Shlomo) F   children  
Morgenstein Yitzchok Yaakov M      
Morgensztern Avraham (husband of Leah) M      
Morgensztern Basheh F      
Morgensztern Dvora F      
Morgensztern Leah (wife of Avraham) F   6 children  
Morgensztern Moshe (husband of Shaineh) M     Slonim
Morgensztern Shaineh (wife of Moshe) F   son Slonim
Mostowicz Yosef (and wife) M      
Mroczkowski Gutman (and wife) M   children  
Mularzewicz Ester F      
Myszne Chasheh (wife of Zalman Dovid) F   2 children  
Myszne Kalman Laib (and wife) M   children  
Myszne Zalman Dovid (husband of Chasheh) M      
Naguszewer Index Berel Laib (husband of Henia Leah) M      
Naguszewer Chaikeh (and husband) F   children  
Naguszewer Chena (husband of Itka Rivka) M      
Naguszewer Henia Leah (wife of Berel Laib) F   3 children  
Naguszewer Itka Rivka (wife of Chena) F   children  
Naguszewer Mindel (and husband) F   children  
Naguszewer Neshkeh (and husband) F   children  
Naguszewer Sorah Rochel (and husband) F   children  
Nejman Avraham Moshe (and wife) M   children  
Nejman Shmuel (and wife) M   children  
Nejmark Dovid (husband of Rivka) M      
Nejmark Rivka (wife of Dovid) F   1 child  
Nejmark Yisroel (and wife) M   children  
Nejmark Zalman (and wife) M   children  
Nejmark Zalman Motel (and wife) M   children  
Nowicki Sora (Hoffman) F 1885   Treblinka 1942
Nowominski Fraideh (wife of Shmuel) F   6 children  
Nowominski Shmuel (husband of Fraideh) M      
Nowominski Sora (wife of Yosef) F   2 children  
Nowominski Yosef (husband of Sora) M      
Nutkiewicz Rochel (husband of Shmuel) F   2 children Bialystok
Nutkiewicz Shmuel (husband of Rochel) M     Bialystok
Nutkiewicz Zelda F      
Nyska Aitzel (husband of Baileh) M      
Nyska Avraham (husband of Mishel) M      
Nyska Baileh (wife of Aitzel) F   1 child  
Nyska Chaim (husband of Chaitsheh) M      
Nyska Chaitsheh (wife of Chaim) F   son  
Nyska Dina (wife of Sholom) F   children  
Nyska Henia F   children  
Nyska Michel (husband of Saineh Leah) M      
Nyska Mishel (wife of Avraham) F   4 children  
Nyska Raizel F   3 children  
Nyska Saineh Leah (wife of Michel) F   2 children  
Nyska Shmulkeh (and wife) M   children  
Nyska Sholom (husband of Dina) M      
Nyska-Grossman Golda F   1 child  
Nyszmas Yoelkeh (and wife) M   children  
Ofnajem Index Perl (wife of Yosef) F   children  
Ofnajem Yosef (husband of Perl) M      
Ogrodower Shimon (and wife) w   children  
Oldak Chaya Leah F   3 children  
Oldak Kalman (husband of Nechama) M      
Oldak Naftali (husband of Sora) M      
Oldak Nechama (wife of Kalman) F      
Oldak Sora (wife of Naftali) F   children  
Olenberg Mordechai Mendel M   children  
Olenberg Yitzchok Meir M   children  
Oliwkowicz Yaakov M   children  
Olszaker (brother) M      
Olszaker Liba (wife of Yaakov) F   children  
Olszaker Rochel (wife of Yechiel) F   6 children  
Olszaker Yaakov (husband of Liba) M      
Olszaker Yechiel (husband of Rochel) M      
Olszaker Zelda F   2 children  
Openhaim (or Ofnajem) Perl (wife of Yosef) F   children  
Openhaim (or Ofnajem) Yosef (husband of Perl) M      
Orlanczyk Family        
Orlanski Itcheh Aicheh (and wife) M   children  
Orlanski Shaul (and wife) M      
Orlanski Yitzchok Zerach (and wife) M      
Orlinski Wolf (husband of Zelda) M      
Orlinski Zelda (wife of Wolf) F   children  
Orzycer Avraham Yosef (and wife) M   4 children  
Orzycer Bracha (and husband) F   children  
Orzycer Chaya F      
Orzycer Ester F      
Orzycer Faigeh (and husband) F   children  
Orzycer Moshe (husband of Raskeh) M      
Orzycer Raskeh (wife of Moshe) F   3 children  
Osowski Bryna (wife of Shlomo) F   children  
Osowski Shlomo (husband of Bryna) M   children  
Ostaszewer Haicheh F      
Ostraszewer (wife) F   children  
Ostraszewer Avraham (and wife) M   children  
Ostrazahen Micheleh (wife of Mordechai) F      
Ostrazahen Mordechai (husband of Micheleh) M      
Ostrik Masha F   daughter  
Ostrow Basia Leah (Rybka) (wife of Srul Moshe) F 1874   Ostrow Maz., Poland
Ostrow Chawa (dau. of Icek Yosef and Rivka) F 1914   Slonim, Russia
Ostrow Chaia (Gonsior) (widow of Yankiel Ostrow)   1862   Slonim, Russia
Ostrow Chaya Sara F 1872 children  
Ostrow Chuna (son of Icek Yosef and Rivka) M 1921   Vilna, Lithuania
Ostrow Chaia (wife of Chuna, Rabbi) F 1911   Vilna, Lithuania
Ostrow Chuna, Rabbi (husband of Chaia) M 1911   Vilna, Lithuania
Ostrow Ershel (son of Icek Yosef and Rivka) M 1925   Vilna, Lithuania
Ostrow Beila Feiga (Ofman) (widow of Berek Ostrow) F 1862   Slonim, Russia
Ostrow Hirsh Yosef (and wife) M   children  
Ostrow Icek Yosef (husbnad of Rifka Kret) M 1893   Slonim, Russia
Ostrow Yankiel (son of Icek Yosef and Rivka) M 1931   Slonim, Russia
Ostrow Yenta F 1901   Slonim, Russia
Ostrow Estera Dwoyra (Niedzwiecki) (wife of Yosef) F 1879 children  
Ostrow Moszk (son of Icek Yosef and Rivka) M 1913   Slonim, Russia
Ostrow Pesia (dau. of Icek Yosef and Rivka) F 1927   Slonim, Russia
Ostrow Rifka (Kret) (wife of Icek Yosef) F 1893   Slonim, Russia
Ostrow Srul Moshe (husband of Basia Rybka) M 1862   Ostrow Maz., Poland
Ostrow Szmilke (son of Icek Yosef and Rivka) M 1923   Vilna, Lithuania
Ostrow Szymen (son of Yosef and Rivka) M 1918   Warsaw, Poland
Ostrow Yosef (wife of Estera Dwoyra Niedzwiecki) M 1870    
Ostrzega Naftali (and wife) M   children  
Oszczajn Isser (and wife) M   children  
Ozarow Chaim Yosef, Rabbi (and wife) M   children  
Ozdoba Avraham (and wife) M   children  
Ozdoba Avraham Itzchok (husband of Elka) M     Minsk, Russia
Ozdoba Elka (Zalcberg) (wife of Avraham) F   children Minsk, Russia
Ozdoba Feyga (dau. of Yudel & Rochel Leah) F 12 yrs    
Ozdoba Meir (son of Yudel & Rochel Leah) M 8 yrs    
Ozdoba Michel (husband of Miriam) M     Lach
Ozdoba Miriam (Pasternak) (wife of Michel) F     Lach
Ozdoba Rochel Leah (Tylim) (wife of Yudel) F   4 children  
Ozdoba Yitzchok Aaron (son of Michel & Miriam) M 1 yr   Lach
Ozdoba Yitzchok Aaron (son of Yudel & Rochel Leah) M 14 yrs    
Ozdoba Yosef (son of Yudel & Rochel Leah) M 10 yrs    
Ozdoba Yudel (husband of Rochel Leah) M      
Pajus Index Laizer (husband of Moniyeh) M     Slonim
Pajus Moniyeh (wife of Laizer) F   2 children Slonim
Pajus Sora F      
Pajus Tzila (wife of Yaakov) F   4 children  
Pajus Yaakov (husband of Tzila) M      
Palgon Avraham Laib (husband of Yehudis) M 1881    
Palgon Eida (wife of Yitzchok) F   children  
Palgon Kadish (son of Nachman & Tzirla) M      
Palgon Nachman (husband of Tzirla) M 1906    
Palgon Nechuma (and husband) F 1904 children  
Palgon Tzirla (wife of Nachman) F 1907    
Palgon Yehudis (wife of Avraham Laib) F 1878 children  
Palgon Yitzchok (husband of Eida) M      
Paniaczik Chava (wife of Eliyahu) F   children  
Paniaczik Eliyahu (husband of Chava) M      
Paniaczik Kraindel F   children  
Panicz Avraham Dovid M      
Pecyner Aitzeh (husband of Raizel) M      
Pecyner Avraham M   children  
Pecyner Chana F   children  
Pecyner Dovid M      
Pecyner Laibel (and wife) M      
Pecyner Raizel (wife of Aitzeh) F   children  
Perec Tauba (wife of Yaakov) F   children  
Perec Yaakov (husband of Tauba) M      
Perlmuter Gisheh (wife of Sholom) F   1 child  
Perlmuter Sholom (husband of Gisheh) M      
Petakis Aaron (and wife) M   children  
Petakis Berel (and wife) M   children  
Petakis Sora F   children  
Piekarz Aaron (husband of Peshe) M      
Piekarz Alter (and wife) M   children  
Piekarz Chaim Laib (and wife) M      
Piekarz Noach (and wife) M   children  
Piekarz Peshe (wife of Aaron) F      
Piekarz Peshe (wife of Yaakov Dovid) F   children  
Piekarz Yaakov Dovid (husband of Peshe) M      
Piontnica Chaya (dau. of Mordechai Mendel & Leja) F 1920    
Piontnica Chaya Gittel F      
Piontnica Dvora F   2 children  
Piontnica Ester Elka F   children  
Piontnica Hersh (son of Mordechai Mendel & Leja) M 1914    
Piontnica Hindeh F 1889    
Piontnica Inda (dau. of Mordechai Mendel & Leja) F 1917    
Piontnica Leja (Jelen) (wife of Mordechai Mendel) F 1883    
Piontnica Mordechai Mendel (husband of Leja) M 1884    
Piontnica Yenta (dau. of Mordechai Mendel & Leja) F 1922    
Piontnica Yosef (and wife) M   children  
Piontnica Zvi Shraga   1887    
Plocker Yisroel (and wife) M   children  
Plocki Yisroel Nosen, Rav (and wife) M   children  
Podbielewicz Chuma (Finkelsztein) (wife of Michel) F 1906    
Podbielewicz Michel (husband of Chuma) M 1899    
Podbielewicz Moszk (son of Michel & Chuma) M 1927    
Podbielewicz Pesha (dau. of Michel & Chuma) F 1925    
Podgorowicz Brocha (wife of Yisroel Dovid) F   3 children  
Podgorowicz Yisroel Dovid (Brocha) M      
Pokrzywa-Abfajer family        
Polakiewicz Avraham Tzvi (husband of Malka) M     Slonim
Polakiewicz Itsheh (and wife) M   children  
Polakiewicz Malka (wife of Avraham Tzvi) Malka   children Slonim
Polakiewicz Meir M      
Polakiewicz Noach (and wife) M   children  
Polakiewicz Yaakov (Shu'b) (and wife) M      
Poplowicz Yehuda Yitzchok (and wife) M   children  
Popowski Faigeh (wife of Yehud) F   children  
Popowski Yehud (husband of Faigeh) M      
Potasz Baileh F   children  
Potasz Yaakov Dovid (and wife) M   children  
Prager Aitshe Yodaver (and wife) M   son  
Praska Avraham (husband of Dvora) M      
Prawda Chaia Sara (Modrykamien) F 1888 Aushwitz 18 Jan 1943  
Prawda Gisha (daughter of Chaia Sara) F   Aushwitz 18 Jan 1943  
Prawda Riwka (daughter of Gisha) F   Aushwitz 18 Jan 1943  
Prawda Dvora (wife of Avraham) F   5 children  
Prawda Leah F 1900    
Prawda Nochim (and wife) family   children  
Prawda Rochel (Warszawer) (wife of Yosef) F 1903 children Ostrow Maz
Prawda Yitzchok Gershon M      
Prawda Yosef (husband of Rochel) M     Ostrow Maz
Prawidlo Grina (wife of Noach) F   children  
Prawidlo Noach (husband of Grina) M      
Pryzant Yitzchok (and wife) M   children  
Przetycki Ester (wife of Shabsai) F   children  
Przetycki Hershel M      
Przetycki Shabsai (husband of Ester) M      
Przytyk Chana F   children  
Radziewicz Index Alter (husband of Chana) M      
Radziewicz Berel (and wife) M   children  
Radziewicz Chana (wife of Alter) F   children  
Radziewicz Moshe (and wife) M   children  
Radzinowicz Nosen (and wife) M      
Radzinowicz Yosef Laib M      
Rajbsztein (wife) F   children  
Rajbsztern (wife) F   children  
Rajdowski Chava (wife of Rafael) F      
Rajdowski Rafael (husband of Chava) M      
Rajgrodzki Chaya (wife of Meir) F      
Rajgrodzki Meir (husband of Chaya) M      
Rajgrodzki Pintsheh (husband of Yutkeh) M     Bialystok
Rajgrodzki Yutkeh (wife of Pintsheh) F   7 children Bialystok
Rajzman Aba (and wife) M   children  
Rajzman Abba (husband of Yender) M      
Rajzman Yender (wife of Abba) F   children  
Rasa Pesach (and wife) M   children  
Rawinski Faige F      
Rawinski Henoch (and wife) M   children  
Rawinski Sora F   children  
Rawinski Yosef M      
Rechelzohn Moshe M   1 son  
Rechtman Bina (and husband) F   children  
Rechtman Dovid (husband of Leah) M      
Rechtman Dracha F      
Rechtman Fradel F      
Rechtman Golda (and husband) F      
Rechtman Leah (wife of Dovid) F   children  
Rechtman Perl (and husband) F   children  
Rekant from the pharmacy        
Rekant Rivka (widow of Velvel) F   children Ostrow Maz.
Rewinzohn Brucha F      
Rewinzohn Dvora F      
Rewinzohn family     children  
Rewinzohn Noach M      
Rewinzohn Simcha (and wife) M   children  
Rewinzohn Wolf Simcha M      
Rewinzohn-Hurovski Shayna F   children  
Riba Shmuel M     Slonim
Riba Sora (daughter of Shmuel) F     Slonim
Ribka Efraim (husband of Sora) M      
Ribka Sora (wife of Efraim) F   children  
Ritschke Avraham (husband of Rochel) M      
Ritschke Rochel (wife of Avraham) F   1 daughter  
Rof Moshe (husband of Peshke) M      
Rof Peshke (wife of Moshe) F   2 children  
Rosheppke Avraham (husband of Shayna) M      
Rosheppke Shayna (wife of Avraham) F   children  
Roshinak Aba (and wife) M   children  
Roshinak Chaim (husband of Shaindel) M      
Roshinak Ester F      
Roshinak Shaindel F   children  
Roshinak Shaindel (wife of Chaim) F   2 children  
Roskolenker Etke F      
Roskolenker Henoch (and wife) M   children  
Roskolenker Laibl (and wife) M   children  
Roskolenker Mordchai (and wife) M   children  
Roskolenker Rochel F      
Rostkier Ester Perla (daughter of Tzivtel) F     Stolba
Rostkier Luba (daughter of Yehuda-Berel and Ruchel Leah) F      
Rostkier Yisroel (son of Gershon) M     Ostrow Maz.
Rotman Chana (wife of Eliezer) F   6 children  
Rotman Eliezer (husband of Chana) M      
Rowinski Faigeh F      
Rowinski Henoch (and wife) M   children  
Rowinski Sora F   children  
Rowinski Yosef M      
Rozen Avraham Moshe (and wife) M   children  
Rozen Feivel's family     children  
Rozenband Blume F      
Rozenband Fraidke (wife of Yakov) F   2 children  
Rozenband Yakov (husband of Fraidke) M      
Rozenberg Moshe Aron (and wife) M   children  
Rozenberg Yisroel (and wife) M   children  
Rozenberg Yosef M   1daughter  
Rozenthal Chana (Szlafmitz) (wife of Fishel) F      
Rozenthal Dov (son of Fishel & Chana) M      
Rozenthal Faige Tziporah (dau. of Fishel & Chana) F      
Rozenthal Fishel (husband of Chana) M      
Rozenthal Menachem (and wife) M   children  
Rozenthal Yoel (son of Fishel & Chana) M     Treblinka
Rozenthal Zelda Aviva (dau. of Fishel & Chana) F     Bialystok
Rozentzweig Moshe (and wife) M   children  
Rubin Aron Wolf (husband of Chaia Tzivie) M      
Rubin Beniamin (husband of Rochel) M      
Rubin Chaia Tzivie (wife of Aron Wolf) F   children  
Rubin Rochel (wife of Beniamin) F   1 child  
Rubinsztein Aron Levy (husband of Shaindel) M      
Rubinsztein Shaindel (wife of Aron Levy) F   children  
Rudek Hirsh Berel (husband of Shoshe) M      
Rudek Shoshe (wife of Hirsh Berel) F      
Rybak Chana Rochel (wife of Elchanan) F   2 children  
Rybak Elchanan (husband of Chana Rochel) M      
Rybak Yitzchok M      
Sendler Index Rochel (wife of Zerach) F   2 children  
Sendler Zerach (husband of Rochel) M      
Serwetarz Aizik (husband of Gittel) M     Slonim
Serwetarz Gittel (wife of Aizik) F   children  
Serwetarz Motel (husband of Rochel) M     Slonim
Serwetarz Roche (Lis) (wife of Motel) F   4 children Slonim
Siwak Chena (and wife) M      
Siwek Laibel (and wife) M   children  
Skalka Kraindel F      
Skalka Laizer (and wife) M      
Skalka Sora F      
Skornik Beileh (wife of Beniamin) F      
Skornik Beniamin (husband of Beileh) M      
Slocki Enyeh Leah (wife of Yechiel) F      
Slocki Ezra M      
Slocki Yechiel (husband of Enyeh Leah) M      
Slodki Braineh F      
Slodki Enyeh (wife of Pinchus) F      
Slodki Pinchus (husband of Enyeh) M      
Sniadowski Moshe Yosef (and wife) M   children  
Sokolik Boruch (and wife) M      
Sokolik family from Kazshe St.        
Sokolik Fraideh (wife of Yaakov) F      
Sokolik Yaakov (husband of Fraideh) M      
Srebnik Chana F      
Srebnik Malka F      
Srebrnik Gershon (and wife) M      
Srebrnik Menachem (Shu'b) (and wife) M      
Srebrnik Yosef (and wife) M      
Srebrolow Yosef M      
Stolnic Yosef (and wife) M      
Strykowski Rochel F      
Strykowski Sora F      
Stucinski Mendel (husband of Sora) M      
Stucinski Sora (wife of Mendel) F      
Stucki Itka (wife of Yaakov) F      
Stucki Yaakov (husband of Itka) M      
Studnik Avraham Aron M      
Studnik Chana (dau. of David & Gittel) F 17 yrs   Bialystok
Studnik David (husband of Gittel) M 1907   Bialystok
Studnik Gittel (Kwiatek) (wife of David) F     Bialystok
Studnik Menachem (son of David & Gittel) M 14 yrs   Bialystok
Studnik Shimon (and wife) M      
Sukenik Moshe (and wife) M   6 children  
Szafran Avraham (and wife) M   children  
Szafran Chaim Meir M   Mother & 2 sisters  
Szafran Enya F      
Szafran Ezriel (Shu'b) (and wife) M   2 sons  
Szafran Perl (Dishke) (wife of Shlomo) F   children  
Szafran Shlomo (husband of Perl) M      
Szafronowicz Laizer Hirsh M   children  
Szarfman Brucha (Frejman) (wife of Yosef) M 1898    
Szarfman Chaim Mejer (son of Yosef & Brucha) M 1922    
Szarfman Chaya F      
Szarfman Dobeh (wife of Moshe) F   2 children  
Szarfman Elka F   children  
Szarfman Mordechai Yosef (husband of Naomi) Naomi      
Szarfman Moshe (husband of Dobeh) Dobeh      
Szarfman Naomi (wife of Mordechai Yosef) F   children  
Szarfman Nechuma F      
Szarfman Nusyn Chuna (son of Yosef & Brucha) M 1925    
Szarfman Yosef M 1894    
Szczuciner Noach M      
Szczygiel Gittel (wife of Yakov) F   7 children  
Szczygiel Yakov (husband of Gittel) M      
Szedecki Yeshaya M   children  
Szedlecki Leah (wife of Tuvia) F   2 children  
Szedlecki Tuvia (husband of Leah) M      
Szedler Laibel (husband of Sora Ela) M      
Szedler Sora Ela (wife of Laibel) F   children  
Szeinberg Moshe M   children  
Szklaniewicz-Rozenokess Hinkeh F   5 children  
Szklaniewicz-Sztern Bracha F   children  
Szklaniewiwcz Rachel F      
Szklejewicz Gittel (wife of Hershel) F   children  
Szklejewicz Hershel (husband of Gittel) M      
Szkolnik Family from Chifkelen        
Szkolnik Nosen (and wife) M   children  
Szkolnik Shmuel Moshe (and wife) M   children  
Szlafmyc Itka F      
Szlafmyc Malka F      
Szlafmyc Moshe M      
Szlafmyc Shaineh Rochel F      
Szlezinger Shmuel (and wife) M   children  
Szpectoriwicz Berel (and wife) M      
Szpectorowicz Dwojra Malka F 1934 son  
Szpectorowicz Froim M 1932    
Szpectorowicz Gitla (Pluda) F      
Szpectorowicz Josef Michel M      
Szperling Aaron (husband of Gisheh) M      
Szperling Gisheh (wife of Aaron) F      
Szron Moshe M      
Szteinberg Avraham Pinchus (and wife) M      
Szteinberg Chana Rivka (wife of Efraim Zelman) F   children Slonim 1942
Szteinberg Efraim Zelman (husband of Chana Rivka) M     Slonim 1942
Szteinberg Rivka (daughter of Israel and Chana) F 1926   Ciechanowiec ghetto 1943
Szteinberg Zalman (son of Israel and Channa) M 1916   Bialystok ghetto 1943
Szteingart Ester F      
Szteingart Rivka F      
Sztejfman Zindel (and wife) M   children  
Sztejnman Zindel M      
Sztelung Laizer M   daughter  
Sztern Laibel M   children  
Sztern Liba (and husband) F      
Sztil Avigdor (and wife) M   children  
Sztszopokwicz Hershel (husband of Sora) M      
Sztszopokwicz Sora (wife of Hershel) F   2 children  
Sztutman Sender M      
Szukenik Laibel (and wife) M   children  
Szul Yeshaya (and wife) M      
Szulc Avraham Hersh (and wife) M      
Szulc Yentel (wife of Yudel) F      
Szulewicz Miriam F      
Szulewicz Rivka F      
Szulewicz Shifra (wife of Yisroel) F      
Szulewicz Yechiel (and wife) M      
Szulewicz Yisroel (husband of Shifra) M      
Szulewicz Yitzchok Dovid, Rabbi M      
Szumowicz Aaron (and wife) M      
Szumowicz Basia (wife of Itzik) F     Slonim
Szumowicz Chaim (and wife) M      
Szumowicz Itzik (husband of Basia) M     Slonim
Szumowicz Pesha (daughter of Yosef and Rivka Rochel F 1934    
Szumowicz Rivka Rochel (Gonsior) (wife of Yosef) F 1908    
Szumowicz Sora F      
Szumowicz Tzirel F      
Szumowicz Yosef (husband of Rivka Rochel Gonsior) M 1903    
Szurtz Abraham Tzvi M      
Szwarc Avraham Hersh (and wife) M      
Szwarc Brocha (wife of Faivel) F      
Szwarc Faivel (husband of Brocha) M      
Szwarc Hershel (husband of Malka) M      
Szwarc Malka (wife of Hershel) F      
Szwarc Yaakov (and wife) M      
Szwartzbord Alter (husband of Yehudis) M      
Szwartzbord Dovid (and wife) M      
Szwartzbord Faiga Blumeh F      
Szwartzbord Laibel (and wife) M      
Szwartzbord Leah (wife of Yeshaya) F      
Szwartzbord Moshe (and wife) M      
Szwartzbord Yehudis (wife of Alter) F      
Szwartzbord Yeshaya (husband of Leah) M      
Szwartzfarb Chaim (husband of Tauba) M      
Szwartzfarb Tauba (wife of Chaim) F      
Szymberg Abram Mordko (husband of Sura Treblinski) M 1903    
Szymberg Sura (Treblinski) (wife of Abram Mordko) F 1905    
Tachna Index Yaakov (and wife) M   children  
Tejtel Berel (and wife) M   2 children  
Tejtel Eliyahu (and wife) M   children  
Tejtel Faigeh F      
Tejtel Gutsheh? F      
Tejtel Leah (wife of Yitzchok) F   4 children  
Tejtel Shifra (wife of Yosef) F      
Tejtel Shmuel Meir (husband of Yenteh) M      
Tejtel Yechezkiel (and wife) M   children  
Tejtel Yenteh (wife of Shmuel Meir) F   1 child  
Tejtel Yitzchok (husband of Leah) M      
Tejtel Yosef (husband of Shifra) M      
Tejtel Zindel M      
Tejtel-Borensztejn Henia F   children  
Tejtel-Borensztejn Sarah F   1 child  
Tejtel-Perlgric Sarah F   children  
Tenca Wolf M   children  
Topola Rifka (wife of Yosef) F   6 children  
Topola Yakusiel (and wife) M   children  
Topola Yosef (husband of Rifka) M      
Treblinski Abram Ick (widower of Ryvka Ruchla Ostrow) M ca. 1872    
Treblinski Ela Jankiel (son of Abram Ick and Ryvka Ruchla Ostrow) M 1897    
Treblinski Ides (dau. of Abram Ick and Rywka Ruchla Ostrow) F      
Treblinski Noach (son of Abram Ick and Rywka Ruchla Ostrow) M 1904    
Treblinski Simcha (son of Abram Ick and Rywka Ruchla Ostrow) M 1907    
Treblinski Shlama (son of Abram Ick and Rywka Ruchla Ostrow) M 1902    
Trejster Aaron (and wife) w   3 children  
Trejster Avraham (husband of Chana) M      
Trejster Chana (wife of Avraham) F   son  
Trejster Chaya Liba F      
Trejster Yaakov Aryeh (husband of Yuteh) M      
Trejster Yuteh (wife of Yaakov Aryeh) F   1 child  
Trochnawski Nochum (and wife) M   children Slonim
Trochnawski Rivka (Augustower) F     Slonim
Trzmiel Naftali M   children  
Tuchweber Chana (wife of Mendel Dovid) F   children  
Tuchweber Mendel Dovid (husband of Chana) M      
Turnowski Hersh Wolf (and wife) M   children  
Turnowski Menachem Yosef M      
Turnowski Mordechai Ber (and wife) M   children  
Tykocki Henesh (and wife) M   children  
Tykocki Yosef (and wife) M      
Tylim Bertshe (and wife) M   children  
Tylim Dov M      
Tylim Dov (husband of Shoshana) M     Lach
Tylim Eliezer (husband of Sora) M     Lach
Tylim Hershel (and wife) M      
Tylim Laizer (husband of Sora) M   children  
Tylim Shoshana (wife of Dov) F   4 children Lach
Tylim Sora (wife of Eliezer) F   3 children Lach
Tylim Sora (wife of Laizer) F   children  
Tylim Sora Rivka F   1 child  
Tyman Motel (and wife) M      
Tyman Yosef M     Partisan
Wadzilowski Index Abba (and wife) M      
Wadzilowski Yitzchok (and wife) M   1 child  
Wagman Avraham (husband of Rivka) M      
Wagman Rivka (wife of Avraham) F   children  
Wagman Simcha M      
Wajdenbaum Ainzshiner (and wife) M      
Wajdenbaum Motel (and wife) M   children  
Wajdenbaum-Grossman Dvora F   1 child  
Wajnberg Sora F   children  
Wajnbrum Mendel M      
Wajngort Avraham Yehuda (and wife) M   children  
Wajngort Chana (wife of Yitzchok) F      
Wajngort Hodes F      
Wajngort Misheh (wife of Yaakov) F   2 children  
Wajngort Motel M      
Wajngort Yaakov (husband of Misheh) M      
Wajngort Yitzchok (husband of Chana) M      
Wajnkranc Anna (Rycher) F 1895    
Wajnkranc Neach Lejb (son of Anna) M 1922    
Wajnkranc Rachel (daughter of Anna) F 1925    
Wajsbord Libeh (wife of Yehuda Laib) F   children  
Wajsbord Yaakov (and wife) M   children  
Wajsbord Yehuda Laib (husband of Libeh) M      
Wapniak Berel (and wife) M   children  
Wapniak Meir Yaakov (and wife) M   children  
Wapniak Raizel F      
Warszawer Gittel F   children  
Warszawer Moshe (and wife) M   children  
Warszawer Yosef Hersh (and wife) M   children  
Warszawski Avraham Yaakov (and wife) M   children  
Watenberg Beniamin M     Partisan
Watenberg Hodes (wife of Shmuel) F   son  
Watenberg Shmuel (husband of Hodes) M      
Wejcman Moshe (and wife) M   children  
Wejlach Avraham M      
Wejlach Chana F      
Wejlach Laibel (husband of Mahtel) M      
Wejlach Mahtel (wife of Laibel) F   children  
Wejlach-Szapira Yutka F   1 child  
Welczer Aiser F   daughter  
Wenger Avraham (husband of Yocheved) M      
Wenger Yocheved (wife of Avraham) F   2 children  
Wengierka (wife of Reuven) F   children  
Wengrow Faigel F   2 children  
Wengrow Lazer M   4 children  
Wengrow Raizel (wife of Zahvil) F   children  
Wengrow Zahvil (husband of Raizel) M      
Wengrowicz Avraham (and wife) M      
Wengrowicz Falk (husband of Sora) M      
Wengrowicz Sora (wife of Falk) F   children  
Wengrowicz Tzalkeh (and wife) M   children  
Wengrowski Avraham Mordechai (husband of Baileh Rochel) M 1877    
Wengrowski Baileh F      
Wengrowski Baileh Rochel (wife of Avraham Mordechai) F 1878 children  
Wengrowski Benyamin M   children  
Wengrowski David M   children  
Wengrowski Elka F      
Wengrowski Elka Leah F      
Wengrowski Malka F   4 children  
Wengrowski Sarah F      
Wengrowski Shmuel M      
Wengrowski Tzirel F      
Wengrowski Wolf M      
Widelec Moshe (of Poremba) (and wife) M   2 daughters  
Wilenski Moshe Chaim (and wife) M   children  
Willenberg Yitzchok (and wife) M   children  
Wisznia Ester F      
Wolberg Chava (wife of Yosef) F      
Wolberg Yosef (husband of Chava) M      
Wolman Laizer (and wife) M   children  
Wolman Moshe Laib (husband of Sora Fraideh) M      
Wolman Sora Fraideh (wife of Moshe Laib) F   children  
Wolman Yisroel (and wife) M   children  
Wolmark Ajzyk (son of Moshe & Chaya Hindeh) M      
Wolmark Arye (husband of Ester Rywka) M 1861   Bialystok?
Wolmark Arye (husband of Fejga) M 1908    
Wolmark Avraham (son of Hersh) M ca. 1928    
Wolmark Chaim (and wife) M 1910 children  
Wolmark Chaim Berel (husband of Nesia Elka) M 1883    
Wolmark Chaja Etel (dau. of Chaim Berel & Nesia Elka) F ca. 1920    
Wolmark Chaya Hindeh (Ribsztejn) (wife of Moshe) F      
Wolmark Chuna (son of Arye & Fejga) M 1938    
Wolmark Ester (wife of Laibel) F      
Wolmark Ester Rywka (Wolmark) (wife of Arye) F 1865 children Bialystok?
Wolmark Fejga (Lustyk) (wife of Arye) F 1909    
Wolmark Grina (dau. of Moshe & Chaya Hindeh) F      
Wolmark Gryna (dau. of Chaim Berel & Nesia Elka) F ca. 1930    
Wolmark Hersh M 1900    
Wolmark Hillel (and wife) M 1895 2 children  
Wolmark Izrael Chaim (son of Wolf & Ratza) M 1933    
Wolmark Laibel (husband of Ester) M      
Wolmark Matisyahu M 1876 children  
Wolmark Mendel M 1914   Bialystok?
Wolmark Miriam F      
Wolmark Moshe (husband of Chaya Hindeh) M 1891    
Wolmark Moshe Yankel (son of Arye & Fejga) M 1932    
Wolmark Nesia Elka (Gonsior) (wife of Chaim Berel) F 1882    
Wolmark Pesheh F      
Wolmark Ratza (Rozen) (wife of Wolf) F 1907 2 children  
Wolmark Rivka F   children  
Wolmark Shaul M      
Wolmark Szejna (daughter of Hersh) F ca. 1924    
Wolmark Sztifa (dau. of Moshe & Chaya Hindeh) F      
Wolmark Wolf (husband of Ratza) M 1905    
Wolmark Yoel (and wife) M   children  
Wonss Mahtel (wife of Yaakov) F      
Wonss Yaakov (husband of Mahtel) M      
Zacheim Index Chaya (wife of Yisroel) F      
Zacheim Yisroel (husband of Chaya) M      
Zacheim Lazer (son of Yisroel and Chaya) M      
Zajanc Elchanan M      
Zajanc Laib M      
Zajanc Nachman M      
Zajanc Tauba F      
Zajdenber Rivka (wife of Yosef Yitzak) F   2 children  
Zajdenber Yosef Yitzak (husband of Rivka) M      
Zajdler Eliyahu Laibel (and wife) M   children  
Zalcberg Avraham Meir (and wife) M   children  
Zalcberg Baileh (wife of Yisroel Laib) F   4 children  
Zalcberg Berel (husband of Golda) M      
Zalcberg Berel (husband of Leibeh) M      
Zalcberg Braineh (wife of Laib) F   children  
Zalcberg Braineh (wife of Yaakov) M   3 children  
Zalcberg Chaim Berel (and wife) M   children  
Zalcberg Chaim Laib (and wife) M   children  
Zalcberg Elka (wife of Hershel) F   4 children  
Zalcberg Gittel F      
Zalcberg Golda (wife of Berel) F      
Zalcberg Hershel (husband of Elka) M   4 children  
Zalcberg Laib (husband of Braineh) M      
Zalcberg Leah F   3 children  
Zalcberg Leibeh (wife of Berel) F      
Zalcberg Raitcheh F      
Zalcberg Shifra F   children  
Zalcberg Shmuel M      
Zalcberg Yaakov (and wife) M   children  
Zalcberg Yaakov (husband of Braineh) M      
Zalcberg Yisroel Laib (husband of Baileh) F      
Zalcberg Yutkeh F      
Zalowicz Mirka Rejza (Ostrow) F      
Zaltkes Yisroel (and wife) M   2 children  
Zamdsloifer Faigeh F   1 child  
Zandberg Baileh (wife of Tzvi) F   2 children  
Zandberg Tzvi (husband of Baileh) M      
Zanderman Tzirel F   children  
Zatarski Avraham Sofer (and wife) M      
Zygelbaum Mordechai M   children  
Zygelbaum Nochum Yudel M      
Zylberman Fraideh (wife of Kalman) F   children  
Zylberman Kalman (husband of Fraideh) M      
Zylberman Mendel M   2 children  
Zylberman Ovadia (husband of Sora) M      
Zylberman Sora (wife of Ovadia) F   2 children  
Zylbernagel Avraham (and wife) M   children  
Zylbernagel Yechiel Meir (and wife) M   children  
Zylbersztejn Boruch (husband of Ester) M      
Zylbersztejn Chaim (and wife) M   children  
Zylbersztejn Ester (wife of Boruch) F      
Zylbersztejn Yaakov Dovid (and wife) M   children  
Zylbersztejn Yitzchok M      
Zynger Shraga Faivel (husband of Yuteh) M     Slonim
Zynger Yuteh (wife of Shraga Faivel) F   children Slonim
Zysk Avraham (husband of Malka) M      
Zysk Malka (wife of Avraham) F   children  
Zysman Raizel F   children  
Zysman Sarah Gittel F   children  
Zysman Yutkeh F   children  

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