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Reb Jakob Meier Margolis hy'd

By his nephew Arija Margolis

Translated by Sara Mages

Like his older brother, Reb Szmul Josef z”l, he was also born in Ostrów in 1863, and didn't leave it until the outbreak of the Second World War in September 1939.

In the tradition of that time, he devoted his youth to study the Torah in Beit HaMidrash.

He always made an effort to get into the depth of the material that he studied in order to fully understand it, and not just learn it superficially.

He was an expert in the Bible, which he knew by heart, and gave lessons to the members of “HaMizrachi” [Religious Zionist movement], and endowed them with his knowledge.

He also excelled in the reading of the Torah according to the cantillation notes, and was a Torah reader all of his life, at first at the local “Yeshiva”, and later in the “Mizrachi” house of prayer.

One of his virtues was, that he spoke very little in the manner of “silence is golden”… and as a modest humble man he didn't want to highlight his knowledge.

He was among the first members of “Hovevei Zion[lovers of Zion] in the city.

He lifted his soul to Zion and dreamt of immigrating to Israel all of his life, but his difficult financial situation prevented him from fulfilling his dream.

At the age of 80 he fled with his wife Chawa z”l to the city of Stolin, and there, they found their death along with Ostrów's martyrs, who were murdered by Hitler's soldiers may their names be blotted out. hy”d.


Jakob Dawid Liberman
Kielman Zylberman, wife Frejda
and sister Jetka nee Liberman


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His son Owadja Zylberman and Sara his wife


Reb Mendel Zylberman hy”d

Translated by Sara Mages

Reb Mendel was called by all ”Mendel Zukermacher” (after the name of his profession).

He fought hard for his existence and no one ever heard him complaining about his fate, or how he envied someone.

In general, he was virtuous, honest and simple. He was charitable and was always ready to help others even with matters that were above his ability, and for that he was loved by all who knew him.

His work was hard, but he always found time to make a Mitzvah, and was as heedful of a light deed as of a weighty one”.

Reb Mendel overcame temptations, he kept the commandments and the tradition, but his good deeds didn't help him during the days of the Holocaust. He fled with his family to Slonim to save their lives, and there, they were killed by the murderers of our nation. May their souls be bound in the bond of everlasting life. hy”d.


Son Chaim
Daughter Cypora (Fejgl)


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F. Rosenthal Family

Icchok Rozental-Szoszani
(The only survivor of the family)

Translated by Sara Mages

This page will serve as a memorial to my family members, who were cut from the land of the living before their time. Pure honest martyrs, who were destroyed by beastly evil people, and were murdered in various ways, May it be a monument in their memory.

JERUCHEM FISZEL son of ICCHOK ROSENTHAL was born in 1885. He perished in Treblinka extermination camp, presumably in August 1943, together with the last transport from Bialystok Ghetto. He founded “Tarbut” School in Ostrów-Mazowiecka, and worked there for many years. He was a progressive Jewish Zionist and a dedicated public activist.

CHANA ROSENTHAL, née SZLAFMIC was born in 1885 - she perished in Treblinka together with her husband. She was a housewife and a Jewish mother, who worked day and night for the members of her family. She was a member of WIZO and a Zionist activist.

FEJGA (CYPORA) ROSENTHAL was born in 1917- it is assumed that she perished in Lita. The date is unknown. She was a student at “Tarbut” School, and a counselor in “Hanoar Hatzioni” [Zionist Youth] movement. She was a young dedicated Zionist activist.

DOW TYLEM was Fejga's boyfriend. He was an active member of “Hanoar Hatzioni”. He traveled with her to Lita in order to immigrate to Israel, and both of them perished there. “The lovely and pleasant in their lives, and in their death they were not divided”.

ZELDA (AVIVA) ROSENTHAL was born in 1922 and perished in 1943 together with her parents in Treblinka. She graduated “Tarbut” School, and was an active member of “Hashomer Hatzair” [young guard] movement.

JOEL ROSENTHAL was the family's youngest son. He was born in 1924, and was shot to death in 1943 at the beginning of the Bialystok Ghetto uprising. He fell holding his weapon in his hand. He graduated “Tarbut” School, and was an active dedicated member of “Hashomer Hatzair”.

Their holy memory, and the memory of all the victims of the Holocaust, will remain with us for eternity.

Woe, that they and others like them, weren't rewarded to see the revival of Israel




FEJGA (CYPORA) ROSENTHAL was born in 1917. Was a student at the Tarbut School and a member of HaNoar HaZioni. Killed in Lithuania

DOW TYLEM was Fejga's boyfriend. He was a member of HaNoar HaZioni. They travelled to Lithuania together and were killed there together.

was born in 1922 and was murdered with her parents in Treblinka in 1942. She was active in HaShomer HaTsair.

JOEL ROSENTHAL was the youngest of the family. He was born in 1924 and died in Białystok in 1943. He was active in HaShomer HaTsair and graduated from Tarbut School.


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Mosze Morgensztern hy'd

Translated by Sara Mages

He was born in Ostrów, the son of Reb Gdalia Dawid and Haja Kejla Morgensztern, and one of the first members of the Zionist national movement. He was a member of the first educated generation, which absorbed a lot of Torah and wisdom, and traditional and national values. Their devotion and allegiance to the “Zionist idea” brought them to perform special acts “for the benefit of Zionism”.

The deceased was one of “two emissaries” that the trustees of the Zionist movement in Ostrów decided to send, at the beginning of the 20th century, to the United States. They had to find a “solution” that will allow the movement to send pioneers from Ostrów to Eretz-Yisrael, to settle there and create a base for the rest of the pioneers that will follow them.

Mosze Morgensztern, who was weak in body and character, was forced – in a short time - to return home, and the “lofty idea” of collective aid vanished from the world…

He and his family were brutally murdered in Slonim together with our martyrs. hy”d.




Abraham Cwi Szwarc hy”d

Translated by Sara Mages

He was an offspring of a Hassidic family, well versed in the Torah, wisdom, and knowledge in Judaism. He was honored to be one of the members of “Hovevei Zion[lovers of Zion], and among those who flourished the ?? Zionist idea at the beginning of its growth. He was one of the first Hebrew teachers, and was proficient in the language.

He was very active in the Zionist movement, and followed with interest everything that was happening in the movement. He also served as chairman of the Zionist Federation for a long period of time.

He understood the history of the movement because he really lived it. He had a broad general education, knew a number of languages, had a great knowledge in literature and the history of the Jewish nation, and was one of the first promoters of the Hebrew language.

In addition to all this, he was diligent and never stopped learning in order to expand his knowledge of literature and the history of the Jewish nation.

His joy was great when a book of Jewish wisdom and theory was published in Hebrew.


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Icchok (Icyk) Szumowicz hy”d

Translated by Sara Mages

He was a teacher and educator, a loyal Zionist, and a traditionalist with a religious feeling. He tried to instill these feelings to his many students in “Tarbut” and “Yavneh” schools in the city, where he served as a teacher for many years, and has done a lot to promote the Hebrew language as the practical day to day language.

He studied and taught the Torah and general education, and was connected all of his life to Jewish wisdom and the wisdom of the world

He was well versed in the Bible and knew the Hebrew language and its grammar to perfection. He was a member of the Zionist movement for many years, and has done a lot for the movement and for the resurrection of the nation and the national funds.

All his life he explained logically the necessity of redeeming the land of Israel. He was also blessed with a pleasant voice. During the High Holidays he prayed by the Ark in “Shaarei Zion” synagogue for the General Zionist federation minyan.

He perished together with his family in Slonim. hy”d.






Jakob Perec hy”d

Translated by Sara Mages

A native of Ciechanowiec [Yid. Tshekhanovits], married Tauba, the daughter of Szlama Skalka from our city, and settled in Ostrów

Since he had a rich knowledge in the Bible, the Hebrew language and its grammar, and also in general education he tried to earn a living giving private lessons, but when “Tarbut” and “Yavneh” public schools were established in our city, he was accepted as a teacher in them.

He was liked by people because of his noble qualities - humble and shy. He amazed all who knew him with his pleasant manners and integrity in the matters between man and man. He didn't intervene in political and public matters. He was a loyal Zionist and supported all of its institutions.

God will avenge their revenge!


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