The book of Lublin

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Translation of
Dos bukh fun Lublin

Editors: Former Residents of Lublin in Paris

Published in Paris, 1952



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This is a translation of: Dos bukh fun Lublin (The book of Lublin),
Editors: Former Residents of Lublin in Paris, Paris, 1952 (Y, 695 pages)

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Translated by Yocheved Klausner


Foreword   9
Introduction   13
Lublin in the Framework of Jewish History
A Jewish Metropolis I. Milner 19
Pages from the past (Jewish settlement in Lublin from antiquity to the 18th cent.) I. Trunk 25
The MAHARSHAL from Lublin N. Shemen 59
The Bet Hamidrash in the name of the Parnas [leader of the congregation] B. Byaler 83
The blood–libel trial in 1636 Bella Mandelsberg–Schildkraut 98
From the Lublin Archives – economic and judicial situation of the Jews in the 17th cent. Bella Mandelsberg–Schildkraut 101
Historic Tombstones in the Old Lublin Cemetery   105
The Jewish Sejm in its blooming period   118
Jewish Lublin Between the Two World Wars
From 1914 to 1939 M. Lerman 133
This was our Hometown (Memories and Images)
Memories from the years of youth Dr. Shlomo Herschenhorn 138
A walk through the once Jewish Lublin Yosef Achtman 141
Streets and alleys H. I. Teig 143
The beloved town of the childhood years Dina Stamfather 145
Memories from the Twenties Yitzhak Green 147
The “Spoldam” Co–operative Z. Flamm–Franenberg 149
The Lublin garden and the Jewish children Hella Marder 150
Remarcable figures Tzadok Feffer 153
Images from home Matis Zhelaza 157
Ruska Street Moshe Katz 159
The sand suburb Shlomo Stockfisch 160
Tchechiv and Wohlye – two Lublin suburbs M. Schildkraut 163
Jewish Councilmen in the Town Council in 1928 (from “Lubliner Togblatt”)   166
The Jewish community 1928–1929 (excerpts from Lubliner Togblatt)   169
The religious life I. L. Hurwitz 171
Additional information about the religious life A.L. Betman, A. Feuertag, S. Silberberg 183
Political Life
The “Bund” organization before WWI L. Lehrer 185
The “Bund” in Lublin from 1916 to 1939 Dr. S. Herschenhorn 187
The Zionist Movement
From Hovevei Zion to Hechalutz N. Korn 192
The youth of the General Zionists N. Korn 198
The Mizrahi Organization A. Z. Meisels 200
Po'alei Zion (left) – the Jewish Labor Party united with ZS M. Zukerman 200
Po'alei Zion (left) – the Jewish Labor Party Toibe Lieberman 203
Twelve–years activity of “Yungbar” in Lublin D. Stockfisch 206
Hashomer Hatza'ir M. Lehrman 211
Potchantkovska 22 Esther Schwartz 214
The Communist Movement
The Communist Organization 1931–1932 Teshke Tennenbaum–Forstetter 215
Jewish communists in the twenties M. Zhekaza 220
The establishment of the proletarian youth movement P. Lesman 222
The Association of the school young students (Z.M.S.) M. Sternfinkel 223
The “Zamek inhabitants” (the life of political prisoners in the Lublin prison) Dr. L. Wallerstein 225
A Borochov celebration in the Lublin Prison D. Stockfisch 232
The Professional Movement
Workers' struggle in Lublin in the years 1915–1920 I. Stammfather 234
The professional union of the printing workers I. Reichenstein 242
The Lublin porters I. Freud 246
The union of the leather workers M. Roitboim 248
Founding the Textile Workers Union – their first struggle S. Shapira 249
Cultural Life (Cultural Organizations and Schools)
Jewish cultural institutions (Hazamir, Jewish Theater, Cultural League) I. Trachtenberg, I. Schwarz 252
“The Y.L. Peretz Community Center” B. Krempel 254
The Tarbut School N. Korn 256
The Jewish–Polish (government) High–Schools in Lublin Dr. N. Blumenthal 259
Memories of the Jewish Elementary School graduates Gitel Schildkraut–Edelstein 266
The “Workers' Evening Courses” Society M. Schildkraut 270
The Association of the Jewish Students in Lublin M. Sternfinkel 271
The Jewish Press
The “Lubliner Togblatt” [The Lublin Daily] M. Raschgold 273
“Shliessen di Ghetto” A. Schwartzer 277
“Mischel Zhidowska” A.Z. Meisels 278
Institutions and Organizations (Health, Banking, Professional)
The Jewish hospital Rivka Arbuz–Koppelman, Dr. A. Kerschman 280
The TOZ Society in Lublin   282
The Bank M. Lehrman 283
The Free–of–Interest Loan Fund   284
The Craftsmen's Union I. Schwartz 284
The split in the Craftsmen's Union A. L. Wallach 285
The Socialist Craftsmen Union N. Lepler 288
The Sports Movement
Jewish Sport Clubs in Lublin I. Reichenstein 289
Shimshon – the first Jewish gymnastics and sports Association I. Freud 292
Maccabi and Yardenia Sports Clubs A. Rubinstein 296
The “Wienijawa” Sports Club Z. I. Koppelman 298
Jewish life as reflected in the “Lubliner Togblatt” newspaper   300
Community activists and personalities in Jewish Lublin (biographical notes and data):
Moshe Eisenberg, Smuel Eichenboim, Chana Ackerman, Imanuel Binder, Simcha Bromberg, Lipe Bloch, Hadassa Bloch, Yakov Blechman, Pesach Brikman, Leibush Geliebter, Bella Dobzhinska, Dr. Karl Hollenberg, Boleslav Wahrman, Dr. Moshe Seideman, H.I. Silber, Shmuel Jitomirski, Chaim–David Langfuss, Dr. Gershon Levine, Asher Levinsohn, Azriel Mantelmacher, Eliezer Nissenboim, S.I. Stopnitzki, Yitzhak Slobodkin, Meir–Yitzhak Serebnik, Avraham Englender, Moshe Ehrlich, Pinchas Edelstein, Dr. Plotkin, Shaul Finkelstein, Ben–Zion Kupperstein, Yakov Kerschman, Yitzhak Rosenberg, Ludwig Rechtschaft, Ovadia Schoenbrunn, Avraham Schieff, Yehuda–Leib Sper.
The Destruction of Lublin
Introduction to the available material about the destruction of Lublin The Editorial Board 341
Deportation and annihilation of the Jewish settlements in the Lublin District – numbers and data T. Brustin–Bernstein 346
Sanitary conditions and death–rate in the Ghetto I. Trunk 357
Death–Camp Maidanek (report of the Polish–Soviet committee for the investigation of German crimes in the death–camp Maidanek)   527
The Gas–Chamber in Maidanek From the Brochure of Constantin Simonov 537
Lublin Jews in the Resistance Movement
Jewish partisans in the Lublin–Bichova Didtrict Testimony of Motl Sternblitz 549
A group of partisans in Plashovice Testimony of Alter Rasset 553
Jewish partisans in the “Armia Ludowa” Testimony of Michael Lauterstein 555
The soldier and fighter Shlomo Mittelman M. Schildkraut 567
Lubliner in Israel's War of Independence M. Roshgold & M. Zukerman 571
A Lubliner in the Spanish battlefields – memories about Yehezkel Honigstein A. Liessner 573
A Lubliner in the Normandy Landing 1944 – corporal Moshe Yosef Schweid   576
The resistance member Dr. Moshe Blumenstock   577
Three resistance fighters in France: Yosef Burstein, Salek Batt, Henri Peretz D. Steg 578
The Spain Fighter Gedaliahu Shapira S. Silberberg 582
The partisan Eliahu Wallach – his friendship with Romain Roland   583
Lubliner Around the World
Lublin after World War Two Nachman Blumenthal 593
The Liberation of Lublin M. Schildkraut 599
The Lubliner Landsmanshaft in Poland I. Reichenstein 601
Reflections on the Jewish Resistance Yitzhak Greenboim 638
Two poems: Standing in front of the clothes in Maidanek; I saw a mountain Moshe Schulstein 640
Community activists in Jewish Lublin (biographical notes):
Yosef Siegel, A. Lew, Bella Mandelsberg–Schildkraut, Eliezer Mokotovski, Dr. A. Mesch, Dina Feder, Bracha Katznelenbogen, Israel Katznelenbogen, Yitzhak Sade
Lubliner survivors remember those who have perished   645
Street names mentioned in this book   665
Pre–war localities mentioned in book   665
Index of Persons   667


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