Lost Youth

Translation of Neurim Avudim

Written by Liber Taub

Privately published in 1995


Project Coordinator

Ada Holtzman z”l

Our sincere appreciation to Liber Taub for permission to put this material on the JewishGen web site.

This is a translation from: Neurim Avudim , Lost Youth: Holocaust Memories; Survived as a Boy: Two Ghettos,
One Forced Labour Camp, Three Concentration Camps, Liber Taub, author, 1995, privately published

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To the memory of my mother Chana neé Adler, my father Tuvia Taub, my sister Bela, my brothers Icchak and Szlomo,
my grandfather Ber Taub and all other members of my family who perished in the Holocaust.

To the memory of the parents of my wife Mania, her mother Chana neé Wiloga, her father Abraham Goldberg,
her sisters Rozka, Hela and all the other memebrs of her family who perished in the Holocaust.

A Forward, March 1995  
August 1939  
  Before and the beginning of WWII  
  To Gombin and backwards  
The Occupation  
  545 Forced Labour in Plock  
  Works I performed in various German units  
  Building shooting range  
  The Air Force quartermastership  
  The Archbishop city  
  The Archbishop Dr. Nowowiejski  
  The priests school  
  My brother Herszek (Cwi)  
  The genius Rabbi Zysza Plocker of blessed memory  
Ghetto Plock  
  Erection of the Ghetto until deportation  
Ghetto Wierzbnik-Starachowice  
  “The paternal grandfather Ber Taub z“l died in ghetto Starachowice and is buried in its Jewish destroyed cemetery. His son, Tuwia Taub z“l, my father, died after one month and is buried near him. No single photo of them both remained… They died of hunger”
Forced Labour Camp Starachowice  
Auschwitz Birkenau  
Shoes - Part 2  
The Way to Plock    
(See also: http://www.zchor.org/taub/taub.htm)  

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