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Mažeikiai (Mazheik) {cont.}

lit5_086l.jpg [31 KB]
The monument at the entrance of the murder site
with the inscription in Yiddish and Lithuanian:
“At this site Hitler's murderers and their local helpers
executed about 4000 Jews and people of other nationalities”.

lit5_086m.jpg [26 KB]
The monument at the entrance of the murder site
with the inscription in Yiddish and Lithuanian:
“At this site Hitler's murderers and their local helpers
executed about 4000 Jews and people of other nationalities”.

lit5_086n.jpg [31 KB]
Remains of the Jewish cemetery of Mazheik
(Picture courtesy of the photographer, Gilda Kurtzman, July 2005)

After the German retreat from the region, the Government Committee for Investigation of the Nazi Crimes was convened in the autumn of 1944 following the re-establishment of Soviet rule. It finally reported on December 7th, 1944 that the site near the Jewish cemetery contained five mass graves and that more than 4,000 bodies were buried there. Nevertheless, nobody maintained these gruesome sites for several years, but thanks to the efforts of several survivors, the site was fenced in and a monument with a black marble plaque was finally built.

After the war some Jews returned to settle in Mazheik. In 1970, there were three Jewish persons living in the town, in 1979 the number increased to twenty and in 1989 to twenty-two, probably Russian.


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Appendix 1

List of Mazheik Donors for the Settlement of Eretz Yisrael
(from JewishGen>Databases>Lithuania> Hamelitz by Jeffrey Maynard)

Surname Given Name Comments Source Year
ABARACH Eliezer   Hamelitz #42 1899
AHARONOWITZ Bentzion visiting Vieksna Hamelitz #68 1898
ARENOWITZ Bentzion   Hamelitz #42 1899
EDELSHTEIN Moshe   Hamelitz #42 1899
EITELSOHN Tzvi   Hamelitz #42 1899
EIZENMANN Shlomo   Hamelitz #42 1899
EPEL Leib Zalman Official Collector Hamelitz #171 1893
EPELTZIN Gimpl   Hamelitz #42 1899
EPELTZIN Yitzchok   Hamelitz #42 1899
EPPIL Yehuda   Hamelitz #42 1899
FRIDLANDER Yehoshua   Hamelitz #42 1899
GLIKK Yakov   Hamelitz #42 1899
GLIKMAN Chaim   Hamelitz #42 1899
GROS Tzvi   Hamelitz #42 1899
GVOS Mansh   Hamelitz #42 1899
HETZ Avraham   Hamelitz #42 1899
HETZ Yitzchok   Hamelitz #42 1899
KAPLAN Moshe   Hamelitz #42 1899
KOHN Shmuel Yehuda   Hamelitz #42 1899
KOIFMAN Avraham Yitzchok   Hamelitz #42 1899
LIWERHAND Yechezkel   Hamelitz #42 1899
MARKOSWAWITZ Tzvi Hirsh   Hamelitz #42 1899
METZ Shraga   Hamelitz #42 1899
NATENZOHN Yehuda   Hamelitz #42 1899
NEIMAN Yosef   Hamelitz #42 1899
PORTNOI Yisroel   Hamelitz #42 1899
PRUSH Shalom   Hamelitz #42 1899
RABINOWITZ Tuvia   Hamelitz #192 1893
RABINOWITZ Tuvia   Hamelitz #42 1899
SHMITMAN Shlomo   Hamelitz #42 1899
SHUB Leib husband of Reitze Kopelowitz, married 1898 in Mazheik Hamelitz #188 1898
TOW Yehuda   Hamelitz #42 1899
WIGODER Yisroel   Hamelitz #42 1899

Appendix 2

List of Mazheik Jews, paid up members of the Agudath Yisrael party from 1913

Avrekh Eliezer
Epel Leib
Glikman Hayim
Itelson Tsevi-Ze'ev
Hekst Avraham
Hetz Avraham
Metz Shraga
Portnoi Yisrael
Pun Leib
Tov Ben-Zion-Yeh

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