Lithuanian Jewry from the 15th Century to 1918
(Volume I)

Translation of Yahadut Lita

Published by The Association of The Lithuanian Jews in Israel, 1959

Edited by Natan Goren, Leib Garfunkle, Rafael Hasman, Dov Lipitz,
Dr. Eliahu Segel, Israel Kaplan, Reuben Rubinstein

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Translated by Shalom Bronstein

1.From the Editors 13
2.Acknowledgements 14
3.Message from PresidentYitzhak Ben-Zvi15
4.Message from the Chief RabbiRabbi Yitzhak Issac Halevi Herzog, May the Memory of the Righteous be for a Blessing16
5.Introduction: The Lithuanian PuzzleProfessor Joseph Klausner, of Blessed Memory17
1.History of the Jews of LithuaniaDr. Israel Klausner23
2.The Council of Lithuanian JewsShmuel Spector124
3.Karaites in LithuaniaDov Lipetz138
4.The Economy of Lithuanian JewsArieh Finkelstein151
1.Centers of TorahDr. Shmuel Bialovlotzki185
2.The Volozhin YeshivaShimon Zak206
3.The Mir YeshivaMoshe Tzinovitz214
4.Eishyshok – the City of PerushimMoshe Tzinovitz218
5.The Radun YeshivaMoshe Tzinovitz222
6.Slabodka, Telz & PanevezysRabbi Dov Katz226
7.The Lyda YeshivaShimon Zak242
8.Jewish Religious [Halakhic] LiteratureRabbi Arieh Karlin, obm.247
9.History of the Romm Printing PressShmuel Shraga Feigensohn (Shf”n the author)268
 Notes [to above article]Dr. Hayim Bar-Dayan297
10.Synagogues in LithuaniaDavid Cutler303
1.Changing of the GuardDr. Zvi Vislavsky312
2.The Musar MovementDr. Yechiel Ya'akov Weinberg320
3.Lithuanian Opposition [to Hasidism]Dr. Isaiah Aviad (Wolfsberg), obm.337
4.Lithuanian Preachers [Magidim]Yitzhak Arigur346
5.The Gaon Rabbi Elijah of Vilna – The Greatness and Glory of LithuaniaRabbi Yehuda Leib Hakohen Maimon353
 The Life and Deeds of the Gaon of VilnaProfessor Sh. K. Mirsky 
6.The Netziv of VolozhinRabbi Moshe Zvi Neriah365
7.Rabbi Isaac Elchanan SpektorS. Daniel370
8.Rabbi Israel SalanterDr. Menahem Gershon Glenn379
9.Our Teacher the Chofetz HayimMoshe Tzinovitz391
10.Rabbi Itchele of PanevezysDr. Shmuel Bialovlotzki394
11.The Last Rabbi of KovnoRabbi Hayim Karlinsky398
1.Hebrew and General Enlightenment in LithuaniaProfessor Joseph Klausner, obm.405
2.Solomon MaimonProfessor Samuel Atlas413
3.Mordecai Aaron GinzburgBarukh Karo419
4.AD”M Hakohen LebensohnDr. Gedalia Alkoshi422
5.Micah Joseph LebensohnDr. Gecalia Alkoshi429
6.Abraham MapuProfessor Joseph Klausner, obm.429
7.Samuel Joseph PinDr. Gedalia Alkoshi438
8.Kalman ShulmanK. A. Bartini442
9.Judah Leib GordonDr. Abba Ahimeyer446
10.Moses Leib LilienblumShalom Kramer450
1.The Attachment of Lithuanian Jewry to Eretz YisraelProfessor Joseph Joel Rivlin457
2.Hibbat Zion [Love of Zion Movement] in LithuaniaDr. Israel Klausner489
3.The Zionist Movement in LithuaniaDr. Israel Klausner508
4.Rabbi Isaac Jacob ReinesMoshe Cohen, obm.530
5.Professor Zvi (Hermann) SchapiraDr. Israel Klausner533
6.David WolfsohnDr. Isaiah Aviad (Wolfsberg), obm.535
7.Poalei Zion in LithuaniaJacob Zerubavel539
8.The “Bund” Movement in LithuaniaZev Yasni545
1.The Pedagogic Courses in GrodnoAaron Karon, obm.565
2.Mark AntokolskiDr. Karl Schwartz572
3.Isaac LevitanDr. Karl Schwartz574
4.The Vilna TroupeAlexander Azra576
1.Lithuanian Jewish FolkloreJoseph Gotferstein583
2.List of Personalities and Locations 628
3.List of Photographs in Book 645
1.Jewish Settlements in Lithuania before 1495 24
2.Jewish Settlements in Lithuania 1503-1569 31
3.Jewish Settlements in Lithuania 1667-1795 37
4.Jewish Settlements in Lithuania 1569-1667 56

Translator's note:

I have used 'obm.'(of blessed memory) for the Hebrew letters Z”L which was written next to the names of those authors who died before the book was published.

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