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Soldiers on the Front, Partisans, Underground Fighters

by Jehuda SZTAJN
Annotated by Ch. H. HOFFMAN, Paris

Translated from Yiddish by Shoulamit AUVE

From year 1940 to Liberation, a number of young men and women coming from Kutno, Dąbrowice and Lęcyca, residing in France an other countries, have fought on different fronts against nazi bestiality. Hereafter is a list of these anti-nazi fighters, a list that we know to be less than complete:

Kutners in French Resistance:

GLOWINSKI Eliezer, mobilised in the French Army, he was a member of prisoners' organization and escaped, in a German uniform.
GLOWINSKI Simcha Jehuda, a volunteer in the French Army.
WOLMAN Szlomo, fought as an officer in the Polish Army before Poland was invaded by Germans. During the liberation of Poland by Russians, WOLMAN fought in the Polish Liberation Army. He was wounded near Plock.
ZANDBERG Szlomo, a volunteer in the French Army. He was captured. There are no details on his disappearance (declared dead).
CZOLEK Jozef, a volunteer in the French Army. He was a member of International Resistance Organization.
LAMSKI Jehoszua, went as a volunteer in the French Army (standing, middle on the picture).
FUDALOWICZ Bunem, was a members in the prisoners' organization
FALC Abraham, a volunteer in the French Army, he was deported and disappeared.
PONCZ Berel, a volunteer in the French Army and a partisan.
CELER Izrael, a volunteer in the French Army, he was a member of prisoners' organization.
SZLAJFER Henech, a volunteer in the French Army. After being demobilized, he participated to the Underground Central Committee in Toulouse, Lyon and Grenoble.
SZAPSZEWICZ Gerszon, a volunteer in the the French Army.
SZTAJN Henoch, a volunteer in the French Army (standing, right on the picture).
MINIEWSKI Eliezer, (a grandson of the SZPAJERs from Kutno) volunteered in the colonial section of the French Army in Morrocco. After the armistice of 1940, he came back to France and participated to the Resistance (underground fighters). One of the most active leaders, he was hunt down by the Gestapo. While he was in Lyon for an important military mission, the Germans attempted to arrest him in a train. He jumped from the train but was shot.


Volunteers in the French Army


The three young men from Dąbrowice:

GLOGOSKI Chagay, fought the battle of Warsaw in the Polish Army, against German bestiality. Later, he was an inmate in ghetto Konstancja from where he was deported.


Jewish partisan in France: Miniewski


HOFFMAN Hersz, fought in Polish Army in Lowicz, where he was wounded. Upon exit of the hospital, he went to Russia. His fate is unknown.
CHELMINSKI Zalman, volunteered in the Kościuszko division, which was based in Soviet Union in 1943. Served as an officer in an armoured divison and went on until he reached Berlin.

Young Jews from Lęcyca who fought in the French Army:

In the Resistance: MITELMAN Kajle, SZUREK

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List of Permanent Members

The following list of registered Jews in the Kutner help-committee in the years 1945-1946, was compiled in Polish and included Kutner and non-Kutner after the war.

Jewish Help Committee, Kutno section.


Surname, Given name, Profession   Surname, Given name, Profession   Surname, Given name, Profession
PRASZKER Ignaci, photographer 38 FAST (born STUCZYNSKA) Sabine 75 SZLIWEK Szmuel, worker
ELECHNOWICZ Ester, merchant 39 STUCZYNSKI Ignaci, pupil 76 KASZUB Ruben, butcher
MAJOREK Irena, cosmetician 40 STUCZYNSKA Janina, pupil 77 BALZAMOWICZ Berek, tailor
BUKSZTAJN Szymon, tailor 41 STUCZYNSKA Rozalia, pupil 78 SZRANK Moniek, merchant
KIRSZTAJN Stefania, student 42 MOSZKOWICZ Gecel, tailor 79 KOLASZYNSKI Moniek, merchant
KIRSZTAJN Regine, 43 KOHN Hersz, gaiter maker (for the Army) 80 SZKLO Wolf, worker
KIRSZTAJN Adam, pupil 44 BORSZCZ Leon, hairdresser 81 OSOWSKI Pinchas, carpenter
SARNO Eda, 45 EKER Kisel, agricultural worker 82 KRASNY Michael, agricultural worker
SARNO Izydor, industrialist 46 GRINSBERG Jakub, agricultural worker 83 ZLOTOGURSKA Felina
SARNO Anna, pupil 47 MOSZNICKA Gertruda (Czech) 84 NOSOL Moniek, butcher
BLAUSZTAJN Gerszon, tailor 48 WALTER Abraham, merchant 85 Dr. KLEINERMAN Josef, doctor
LINDE Zofia, 49 ZLOTOGORSKI Wolf, worker 86 GOLDMAN Eugenia, pupil
DENENSON Rita, nanny 50 KORN Ester, seamstress 87 FERENBACH Balbina, seamstress
FINKELSZTAJN Natalia 51 KORN Juzef, pupil 88 ASPERSZTAJN Dawid, blacksmith (for the Army)
FINKELSZTAJN Marian, pupil 52 JUSEFOWICZ Mordechai, locksmith 89 BRZUSTOWSKI Gabriel, worker
FINKELSZTAJN Renata, pupil 53 KUPFER Liuba, corset maker 90 HOFMAN Szmuel, worker
Dr. ALTER-KOWALEWSKI Jan, doctor 54 METAL Josef, locksmith 91 ARONOWICZ Maria
ALTER-KOWALEWSKI Clara, pupil 56 ALTMAN Szyja, teacher 93 ARONOWICZ Josef, tailor
FAST Izrael, locksmith 57 LICHTIK Berta, teacher 94 LEWI Sydoni, worker (Czech)
CUKER Nina, pupil 58 LICHTIK Ruth, pupil 95 AJZENBERG Mieczyslaw
Dr. USTER Henryk, advocate 59 LICHTIK Josef, child 96 ROZENKRANC Szyje, worker
Dr. FINKELS Marek, advocate 60 ALTMAN Ester, teacher 97 STUCZYNSKI Mordechai, butcher
MADFES Aleksander, engineer 61 ALTMAN Emanuel, pupil 98 MROZ Ruben, notebook-maker
Dr. FINKELSZTAJN Mauricy, doctor 62 KOWALSKA Pola, worker 99 MROZ Azryel, railroad worker
SZAFER Stefan, veterinary doctor 63 KOWALSKA Tamar, worker 100 SZUSTER Arun, tailor
WASERCUG Jehuda, agricultural worker 64 FASENFEST Mordechai, tailor 101 SZUSTER Chana,
KLAPFER Feliks, photographer 65 LUBRANIECKI Hersz Lajb, worker 102 SZUSTER Natan, pupil
FINKELSZTAJN Aleksander, pupil 66 ZANDBERG Abraham, watchmaker 103 MROZ Szulamit
ROZENBLUM Jechiel, cereal merchant 67 JAKUBOWICZ Lozer, tailor 104 ERDBERG Chele
ROZENBLUM Zelig, pupil 68 CENTNER Szyje, worker 105 KENIG Ajzyk, tailor
AJZYK Aharon, agricultural worker 69 GLANC Abraham, worker 106 KRUL Awigdor, merchant
HARCSZTARK Bernard, goldsmith 70 KOZAK Lipman, worker 107 ZOMMER Zalman, tailor
HARCSZTARK Henryk, carver 71 RODZICKI Lajb, cart driver 108 KENIG Maria
CELEMENSKI Izak, merchant 72 ROZENBLUM Eugenia 109 ZANDBERG Gabriel, tailor
STUCZYNSKA Ewa 73 ZAFRAN Hanka 110 LASMAN Hersz, tailor
STUCZYNSKA Tola 74 TENENBAUM Danuta, a child 111 LASMAN Laja, seamstress
      112 LASMAN Rachel, child

(Seal in Polish: Temporary Jewish Committee in Kutno)


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