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Documents, Photos and Newspapers – Jewish Organizations' Life

by A. Kutner


Zionist News

(Translated from “Der Moment”, Warsaw, 17 February 1933)

The local Zionist organization took over the apartment of community leader Yitzhak Majranc, due to his relocation to Eretz Israel.


Letter of appreciation from community leaders on the occasion of the aliyah of Mr. Icchak Majranc


There will be a “Beit Am” with a large reading room. In the premises (incidentally, a magnificent apartment of five rooms), will be located: the library named “Ahad–HaAm”, the pre–school of WIZO, the Beitar, and the “League for the Working Eretz Israel”.


The women's organization WIZO, together with the local committee of KKL–JNF, prepares for the bazaar, which traditionally takes place in Kutno, every year – Purim time.


In the near future, will got to Eretz Israel one of the most active Zionist workers, the former chairman of the community, director of the Bank of Commerce, Mr. Aharon Mendelewicz, who has been active in all areas of the regional. associative life and was for a long time the only Jewish lawyer in the city council.


(Election to the city council). There are rumors circulating in the city that elections to the city council will take place in the near future, whose term ends this month.

Y. B. K.


WIZO Said Goodbye to a Fellow Immigrant

Farewell speech by Mrs. Anna Bozhikowska in the name of Kutno WIZO, on the farewell evening in honor of the aliyah of Mrs. Dvorah Kadmoni (Mendel Kanal's daughter), Rehovot.

Dear friends,

Today's celebration has no less significance for me than for you. Many members have already left Kutno, such as Mmes. Mendelssohn, Majranc, Romanow and others. But they traveled on the basis of certificates they received from their husbands, or as tourists, such as Miss Fliederblum. But you are going to Israel directly after the training that was established in the diaspora – in the school, which is led by Vice–Executive member, Mrs. Ada Fiszman and supported by WIZO. Your departure is therefore for me something more than a joy. Such a trip may be considered happiness. That's what I wanted to call it... and that word happiness depends on you, emigrants.

I turn to you, friends, with a warm call. A prayer, even: do so, so that your aliyah and being in Eretz Israel may bring us pride here. That you should work for the country with dedication and sacrifice. I demand not to renounce the latter, just remember: you are of the former. This country is booting and needs to become idealists. There are plenty of unwanted


Program of celebrations for the opening of Hebrew school in Kutno, under German authority (1918)

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elements going there, but you have to travel to Eretz and work for Eretz with a lot of sacrifice. In the first place, there must be a people there. Our young people, sent from here, will be our pride, just as Kuba[1] Riftin is very proud of his organization, and works with devotion for the country and for the people. Then, I will say that I am happy.

It's hard for me to talk about your merits here. You are young. The “young WIZO” could not raise much. I beg you, demand even, to be our pride and for each of you to ask yourself, “Is this for the good of the country and the people?”

We need such people – and we want to see you in this country…

In the name of WIZO in Kutno
– Anna Bozhikovska


Commemorative picture on the occasion of the aliyah of Mr. Yitzhak Majranc


Meeting of Professional Union of Employees of Jewish Cooperative Societies in Poland

(Reprinted from Bulletin No. 2, April 1, 1931, Warsaw, published by the Professional Union of Employees of Jewish Cooperative Societies in Poland).


On March 1, a district conference was held in Kutno in which delegates from the following cities participated: Kutno, Dobrzyń, Gąbin, Gostynin, Krośniewice, Lubień, Lowicz, Sochaczew, Włocławek, Żychlin. The Chief Executive was represented by comrade Dr. Szalman.

On behalf of the organizing committee, the conference was opened by comrade Kantor, which in a lengthy speech pointed out the goals and tasks of our union. Following the election of a presidium, the conference welcomed Dr. Szalman, on behalf of the Executive Board, and President Lewin, on behalf of the General Cooperative Bank where the conference was held.

Mr Szalman gave the following lectures:

  1. Our position in the professional movement.
  2. The All–Poland convention
Participating in the discussion were the following: Kraszniewska and Piotrkowski (Lubień), Zamość (Gąbin), Kantor, Mendelewicz, Ajke, Majranc (Kutno), Kelmer and Sztajnberger (Żychlin), Graudens (Włocławek), Cwajgel (Dobrzyń) Oszerowicz (Lowicz).

The conference was also attended by comrade Eng. Szoszkes, who had acting administrative positions.

The conference decided to send the revisionist association a welcome message to its tenth anniversary and adopted a series of resolutions on organizational issues. After this, the chairman, comrade Steinberger, closed the conference.


Message from the Society of Jewish High Schools in Kutno

The call appeared (in 1930?) in Polish and in Yiddish identical texts. The Yiddish text is presented here with some improvements in spelling and style (see image on page 230).

Dear friends,

The future of every nation depends on the education that the younger generation receives. A good, Jewish education can be given to the youth only in a Jewish national school. The only Jewish national school in Kutno, however, finds itself in such difficult conditions that the situation could become catastrophic if the entire Jewish community does not rush to its help. In order to save the school's existence, a new administration of “Jewish middle schools” was formed in Kutno, which set itself the task of bringing the school on the normal path of development.


Regional assembly in Kutno of the professional union of trade workers and cooperatives in Poland

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However, these tasks can't be fulfilled if the Jewish population in Kutno does not conscientiously fulfill its obligation for the only Jewish national school in our city.

A basic fund is needed to guarantee the normal work of the school, as well as to prevent it from falling in the future in a situation as it is today. To this end, the administration has proclaimed a fundraiser for the school on the days of the Sukkot holiday.

We are deeply convinced that you will conscientiously fulfill your debt to the school when we contact you at the time of the action.

Jews! Worry about the future of your children.

Remember that only in the Jewish National School will your children grow up as worthy people and proud Jews.

Let us, Kutner Jews, in the field of Jewish education, not be underestimated from other places.

With respect,

The management:

Chairman: Dr. M. Finkelsztajn
Vice–Chairman: Wolf Hirszberg
Secretary: Dr. Weinreb
Cashier: M. Jarecki
Committee members:
S. Falc, H. Holcman, M. Łęczycki,
A. Plocker, Y. Zhelechowski.


The patrons of the training course


Confirmation from the Jewish Community for A. Sh. Elberg

Management of the Jewish Community in Kutno, Warsaw St. 100, Kutno, on 2nd of October, of the year 1925.



The Jewish Community confirms that Mr. Aharon–Shlomo Elberg has been a member of the board since 1916. Mr. Elberg is being delegated by the Jewish Community to Palestine for social matters, in connection with the intensified emigration to the land.


Balance of the Bank of Commerce (1928)

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All governmental and private institutions in the country and abroad are asked to assist Mr. Elberg in his honorable mission.

Board members:

Chairman: Rabbi Y. Trunk, A. Shajnrock
A. Ajsman Y. Majranc
(Stamp of the community)

I hereby certify the personal signatures of the board members of the Jewish Community in Kutno: Rabbi Y. Trunk, A. Ajsman, A. Sheinrock and Y. Majranc.

Klepa, Mayor.
(Stamp of Magistrate)


Program[3] of Reopening the Jewish People's School in Kutno (1916)

For the inauguration of the Jewish People's school in Kutno, October 16, 1916.


  1. Speech by the Mayor, Lieutenant Titz.
  2. Speech by the cross–school–inspector.
  3. Speech by state representatives, the banker Mr. Hirszberg.
  4. Speech by a member of the school committee, Mr. Elberg.
  5. Speech by chief–teacher Mr. Erdberg.

Association of Jewish Secondary Schools in Kutno

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A letter from Kutno

Reprinted from Warsaw “Nasz Przegląd”, 23.4.1933.

Scandalous – Shooting of a journalist – Eggs, an arm in the hands of a woman – Boycott of German goods.

Our city, in general calm and without major events, has lately been the arena of several scandals, which have disturbed our public opinion.

Two 'scandals', which had a profound resonance throughout the region, have unfolded in connection with notices in the local weekly press. On market day someone shot at Mr. Szikorski, the editor of the “Kronika Kutnowska”. As it turned out, the shooter was Adv. Sakowicz, who felt shocked by the contents of a report published in the weekly, edited by Szikorski, in connection with Sakowicz defending a certain Fraulein Sass, who tried to assassinate the teacher Zhenta. Accused of attempted murder for a love disappointment, she was sentenced by a court to two years in prison with a suspended sentence of three years. Editor Szikorski, wounded by Sakowicz, went to the police, and the whole case will have its epilogue in the courtroom.

In another case, the victim of the “attack” was also a journalist. This time, the weapon was in the hand of Mrs. Fruchter, who attacked – with eggs, just eggs. They were publicly thrown on the editor of “Tygodnik Narodowy”, Nowacki, in front of the magistrate's building, by the wife of Dr. Fruchter.

The real cause for such an attack against Adv. Nowacki was a pamphlet in “Tygodnik Narodowy” about a children's party, which took place on the initiative of the town's Women Committee. In this article, the antisemitic weekly paper made a whole series of comments addressed to the organizers, criticizing in an unacceptable way the carrying out of the program for Christian and Jewish children together. “The Jewish children” – we read in this disgusting newssheet – “already have, sadly, in their blood, the virus of corruption and destruction. It is therefore necessary, for our own sake, to isolate the Christian from the Jewish children.”

At the children's event were present two daughters of Mrs. Fruchter, who rightly felt herself a target of the disgusting content of the article. At her first encounter with the editor of the antisemitic weekly paper, Mrs. Fruchter gave expression to her anger and publicly pelted him with eggs…

This Kutno paper, which breathes with hatred towards Jews, after the lesson that its editor received, began a still more vicious campaign against Jews.

The epilogue of the affair took place not long ago in a municipal court… behind closed doors.


With the exception of the two aforementioned cases, which have pushed the inhabitants of our city out of balance, life is calm and monotonous for us. Perhaps even too calmly… Kutner Jews, like our brothers in other cities and countries, live under the impression of the tragic events in Germany. It is quite understandable that the Jews in Kutno are solidifying themselves with the action, which is now being carried out everywhere, by imposing a boycott on German goods. A number of local companies that have been in trade relations with Germany have informed their suppliers why they are doing so.


Our city has lost one of the most active social activists, Mr. Mendelewicz, leaving the presidency of the Jewish community for Eretz Israel. At a banquet in honor of his departure, representatives of the Kutno community expressed their regret at the loss for the city of an activist who, for many years, did not spare any effort for the good of the city of Kutno and local Jews.


Letter from YIVO to Mr. Jakob Fernbach


Translator's footnotes
  1. Yaakov. Return
  2. In the original, the document was written on a typewriter, in two languages: Polish and English. Return
  3. Compiled in German. This is, of course, the inauguration of the school. Return


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