Memorial Book of Kremenets,
Vyshgorodok, and Pochayiv

(Kremenets, Ukraine)
50°06' / 25°43'
(Vyshgorodok, Ukraine)
49°46' / 25°58'
(Pochayiv, Ukraine)
50°01' / 25°29'

Translation of
Kremenits, Vyshgorodek, un Potshayuv yizkor bukh

Edited by: Falik Lerner

Published in Buenos Aires, 1965


Project Coordinator

Ronald D. Doctor

Kremenets Shtetl CO-OP, an activity of the
Kremenets District Research Group


This is a translation from: Kremenits, Vyshgorodek, un Potshayuv yizkor bukh
Memorial Book of Kremenets, Vyshgorodok, and Pochayiv,
Editor: Falik Lerner, Buenos Aires, 1965 (478 pp, Y, Sp)

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Krzemieniec (1965)

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Translation Project Editor's Note  
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Translated by Danielle Charak

Name Index  
[Credits page] 6
Publisher's Note 7
A Short History of Kremenets
Henekh Hoykhgelernter: A Short History of Kremenets 13
Jewish Life in Kremenets
Yitschak Roykhel: A Look Back at Kremenets 85
Duvid Rapoport: My Kremenets Album 95
Manus Goldenberg: A Jewish Community in the Diaspora 105
Yitschak Vakman: Memories of Our Old Home, Our Town Kremenets 119
M. Kornits: A Gallery of Kremenets Jews 127
Helen Gun Vaynberg: My Destroyed Town 140
Manus Goldenberg: My Town, Kremenets, in Ruins 142
Henekh Hoykhgelernter: The Great Synagogue 144
Tsipe L. de Zaltsman : There Was a Young Generation, There Was Substance 149
Dr. Teresa Bik: Kremenets, Where My Cradle Stood 155
Barukh Zaytler: Unforgettable Personalities 159
Tsipe Roytberg–Katz: At a Memorial Event in Buenos Aires 166
Brayndel Skulski–Zaydel: A Little Memoir about Kremenets Jewish Schools and Cultural Organizations 168
Nute Zaydel: Kremenets as I Recall Her 170
Chayim Rozenberg: The Jews on the Kremenets Town Council (Memoirs) 173
Berel Kiperman: Our Decimated Kremenets (A Bundle of Memories) 176
Y. Arbit: The Kremenets Yeshiva (Memories of a Vyshgorodoker) 179
Lifshe Zaydel Shniperman: A Bundle of Memories 182
Lifshe Zaydel: Itsik Trastinetski's Martyrdom 185
Jewish Personalities in Kremenets
H. Hoykhgelernter: Yitschak Ber Levinzon, Forerunner of the Enlightenment Movement in Russia 189
H. Hoykhgelernter: Dr. Meir Litvak, People's Doctor and Humanist 215
P. L.: Yosef Avidar, Pioneer from Kremenets 225
Dr. L. Zshitnitski: Jacob Schaefer, Kremenets Musician and Composer 228
Avraham Zak: My Last Encounter with Tsvi Prilutski 234
M. Yelin: The Last Years of Noach Prilutski 239
Beyle Bernshteyn: Sofiya Isakovna Kremenetskaya 243
Isaac Stern, Virtuoso Violinist from Kremenets 249
H. Gelernt (Gershon-Henekh Hokhgelernter, 1892-1960) 251
Moshe Granitshteyn: R' Duvid Shikhman and His Widely Branched Family 253
Social Movements in Kremenets
Avraham Levinson: Elections to the First Polish Parliament in Kremenets[1] 267
Duvid Rokhel: How We Once Disseminated Yiddish Literature (A Few Memories)[2] 272
Manus Goldenberg: The Communist Movement in Kremenets[3] 274
Pesach Ditun: Memories of Community Life in Kremenets 280
H. G.: A Cabinetmakers' Strike in Kremenets 282
H. G.: A Funeral for a Torah Scroll (from Bedrik's kloyz)[4] 285
Attorney B. Landsberg: The Zionist Movement in Poland and Polish Statehood 287
Y. Otiker: A Year of Jewish Life in Kremenets (General Overview)[5] 289
Kremenets Figures, Images, and Characters
Mordekhay Katz: Typical Places, Scenes, and Personalities (Stories) 294
Heynekh Kesler: Kremenets Nicknames[6] 304
H. Hoykhgelernter: Characters, Folklore, and Lifestyles in Kremenets 305
Kremenets in Poetry
Duvid Rapaport: Kremenets, Volhynia 329
Moshe Nadir: A Fair in the Shtetl 331
Hadasa Rubin: Songs of Destruction 332
Mordekhay Katz: Mother Town 334
Mordekhay Katz: I Remember a Night 335
Chayim Nudel: Kremenets 335
A. Kripitser: No More Letters Will Arrive 336
Kremenets in Struggle and Death
Betsalel Shvarts: The Martyrdom of the Kremenets Ghetto[7] 339
Neta Shtern: That Was the Beginning 366
Duvid Rubin: Three “Remembrances” 368
Chayke Kiperman: I Escaped the Germans and Bandera Gangs 372
Neta Kiperman: My Wanderings 375
Volf Oks: The Destruction of the Jewish Village of Mizoch 380
Vyshgorodok and Pochayev
Moshe Fishman: A Few Memories of Vyshgorodok before 1927 387
Ruven Nelik: Over the Ruins of Our Old Home 390
Simche Shulik: Fellow Townspeople from Vyshgorodok Living in Buenos Aires 391
Shmuel Menin: The Town of Pochayev 395
Charles Zalts: The Death of the Jews of Pochayev 402
Jews from Kremenets in the World
Itsik Hoykhgelernter: Kremenetsers in Argentina (A Short Story) 411
Survivors in Kremenets 418
Iser Kaminski: With Fellow Kremenetsers in Argentina 419
Henekh Gelernt: Birth of the Kremenets Society in North America 424
Yitschak Shikhman: Yisgadal Veyiskadash, Kremenets–United in Need, Suffering, and Struggle 427
United in Need, Suffering, and Struggle 429
Yizkor (May God Remember) 431
Translation Editor's Notes
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