Voice of Kremenets Emigrants
in Israel and the Diaspora
Booklet 8

(Kremenets', Ukraine)

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Translation of
Kol yotsei Kremenits beYisrael ve'batfutsot
, Booklet 8

Edited by: M. Goldenberg, Y. Rokhel, A. Argaman, D. Rapoport,
M. Ot-Yakar, Y. Golberg, Sh. Taytelman, and Rachel Nadir

Published in Tel Aviv, July 25, 1971



Project Editor

Ellen Garshick


Thia Persoff


This is a translation of: Kol yotsei Kremenits beYisrael ve'batfutsot, Voice of Kremenets Emigrants in Israel and the Diaspora, Booklet 8,
ed. M. Goldenberg, Y. Rokhel, A. Argaman, D. Rapoport, M. Ot-Yakar, Y. Golberg, Sh. Taytelman, and Rachel Nadir,
July 25, 1971, Organization of Kremenets Emigrants (53 pp, H Y)

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Voice of Kremenets Emigrants in Israel and the Diaspora, Booklet 8

List of Illustrations  
Name Index  
[Page i]
Contents [Hebrew]
Anniversary of the Immigration of Pioneers from Kremenets – Chanokh Rokhel (of Blessed Memory) and Yitschak Biberman 1
Black Were the Skies over Kremenets – David Tsukerman 3
In Memoriam  
Chanokh Rokhel – From the Kibbutz Tel Yosef Bulletin 6
Eliezer Brik – Rachel Geva-Brik 9
Yitschak Barats – Yehoshue Golberg 11
Klara Shnayder – Sh. Taytelman 12
Eliyahu Shifris – Manus Goldenberg 13
Mosaic (Communal and Individual) – Y. Rokhel To Dear David Rapoport; Among Veterans; Guests from Abroad; Yakov Shafir – on His Golden Wedding Anniversary; What's Happening in the New York Society; Shared Birthdays; Purim in Haifa; Polish Emigrants from Kremenets Write; They Came to Settle (Cherpashnik, Kerler of the Barshap Family); Condolences; Congratulations 13
[Page ii]
Contents [Yiddish]
Sports in Kremenets – Manus Goldenberg and Shmuel (Milek) Taytelman* 18
The Bright Blue Skies over Kremenets Became Black – David Tsukerman 29
Memories of the Old Life – Yitschak Vakman 32
Book of Vishnivits – David Rapoport 33
Shapes of the Past – Yitschak Trakhtenberg 34
In Memoriam  
Eliezer Brik – Rachel Geva-Brik 36
Yitschak Barats – Yehoshue Golberg 39
Klara Shnayder – Shmuel (Melik) Taytelman 40
Eliyahu (Eli) Shifris – Manus Goldenberg 40
Binyamin Barshap, of Blessed Memory – Yitschak Vakman 41
Moshe Vayner, of Blessed Memory – Manus Goldenberg, Yitschak Rokhel 43
Miscellaneous – Y. Rokhel  
David Rapoport – A Guest in Israel 44
Among Our Veterans 44
The Golden Wedding Anniversary of Yakov Shafir and His Wife 45
In the New York Society 46
Shared Birthdays 47
Purim in Haifa 47
More Kremenetsers in Israel 48
Reception in the RYB”L Library 48
Guests from Abroad 48
Polish Emigrants from Kremenets Write 49
Argentina Section  
Meeting with Kremenetsers – Mordekhay Katz 49
Greetings 51
Condolences 52
Funds from Abroad – Shmuel Taytelman 53
Editorial Board: M. Goldenberg, Y. Rokhel, A. Argaman, D. Rapoport, M. Ot-Yakar, Y. Golberg, Sh. Taytelman, Rachel Nadir
Graphic design – Avraham Argaman; translations – Rachel Nadir
Booklet price: In the Land – I£3; abroad – $1
Overseas Distributors
William Kogan, 6828 Juno St., Forest Hills, N.Y. 11375 United States
Marcos Katz, Ciudad de la paz, 1465 I.D. Buenos Aires, Argentina
Max Desser, 158 Anderson Ave., Winnipeg 4, Man. Canada.
Editorial Office
Organization of Kremenets Emigrants, 67 La Guardia St., Tel Aviv
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* Translation Editor's Note: For an English translation of this article, see the translation of booklet 7.


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