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Martyrs of Kozienice

Who were shot, gassed and tortured by Hitler's executioners and their henchmen
in Kozienice, Treblinka, Auschwitz and other camps in the years 1939-45.

Surnames Starting with:


- A -

Abramovitch, Dr. Arnold, Esther and children
Abramovitch, Avrum and wife
Abramovitch, Meyer-Sholem
Adler, Gavriel
Alperman, Avrum-Meyer, Beile, Khaim and Tzippoire
Altman, Khaim, Itche and child
Arbeitman, Eliezer
Arbeitman, Pesakh, Malka and two children
Avenstern, Avrum, Rokhel-Leah and two children
Avenstern, Avrum-Leib
Avenstern, Avrum-Yitzkhok, Beile and child
Avenstern, Ben-Zion
Avenstern, Dobre and Rivke
Avenstern, Gavriel-Moishe
Avenstern, Genendel, Hersch-Ber, Mikhail and Leah
Avenstern, Hersch, Leah, Pinkhas, Eliezer, Yehoshua and Yaakov
Avenstern, Hersch-Leib, Miriam, Yekhezkel, Yitzkhok and Khanele
Avenstern, Khaim-Yoisef
Avenstern, Khaim-Yoisef, wife and child
Avenstern, Khaye-Gittel, Yaakov and four children
Avenstern, Moishe, Etta, Shmuel, Dvoire, Zainvel and Leah
Avenstern, Mordekhai and Esther
Avenstern, Nokhum, Rokhel and three children
Avenstern, Paltiel, Miriam and three children
Avenstern, Pearl, husband and four children
Avenstern, Pinkhas, wife and three children
Avenstern, Sarah
Avenstern, Sarah-Dvoire
Avenstern, Sarah-Mirel
Avenstern, Shloime and Tzirl
Avenstern, Shmuel, Khane and Zvulun
Avenstern, Shmuel, wife, Hersch, Yaakov and Pinkhas
Avenstern, Yaakov, Reizel-Mirel, Zelda, Khave, Dvoire, Yitzkhok, Mottel and Moishe
Avenstern, Yaakov-Shabsi
Avenstern, Yoisef
Avenstern, Zainvel, wife and children


- B -

Bandman, Menakhem-Mendel, Reizel and Ben-Zion
Baran, Shmuel-Kalman
Batist, Mordekhai, Tema, Toive and two children
Baumeil, Binyomin
Baumeil, Leah and children
Baumeil, Moishe-Notte
Bayer, Elimelekh
Bayer, Mannes, Khave, Sarah, Reizel, Rokhel and Yishayahu
Bayer, Moishe, wife and two sons
Bendler, Aaron, wife, Salke and Yisroel
Bentman, Yaakov-Moishe
Berger, Toive
Berman, Clemence
Berman, Elke, Khayele and Marilke
Berman, Kalman
Berman, Khaim, Khane, Amos and Dovid
Berman, Malka
Berman, Malka and Khaye (Marilke)
Berneman, Batche and Tema
Berneman, Hinde
Berneman, Mindel
Berneman, Mordekhai
Berneman, Yekhezkel, Zelda, Gedalyahu, Reizel and Thaye
Berneman, Yerakhmiel, Herschel and Reizel
Berneman, Yisroel and Gedalyahu
Berneman, Zelig, Anshel, Pearl and Batche
Berneman, Zelig and Khaya
Berneman, Zelig,_Asher, Rokhel, Mikhail and Feigel
Bieganiec, Tzippoire and Khave
Binenthal, Moishe
Birnbaum, Ittel
Birnbaum, Khane-Golda and children
Birnbaum, Leah
Birnbaum, Moishe
Birnbaum, Moishe-Ber and Batche-Leah
Birnbaum, Monyek
Birnbaum, Pinkhas
Birnbaum, Sheindel
Birnbaum, Tema, Reizel, Khaim-Dovid, Hadassah and Mindel
Birnbaum, Yisroel
Blatman, Shmuel
Blumenzweig, Khaye-Reizel
Boorstein, Moishe
Boorstein, Yisroel
Boorstein, Yitzkhok and Reizel
Bornstein, Alter, his wife and children
Bornstein, Avniin, Esther, Shanunai and Pesakh
Bornstein, Avrum, wife and children
Bornstein, Beile
Bornstein, Binyomin and family
Bornstein, a brother of Alter's
Bornstein, Eliezer
Bornstein, Hersch
Bornstein, Hersch, Sarah-Rivke, Feige, her husband and four children
Bornstein, Kalman
Bornstein, Khaim
Bornstein, Khane-Rivke
Bornstein, Khane, Rivke and Dvoire
Bornstein, Khutshe and Meyer
Bornstein, Moishe-Yitzkhok
Bornstein, Mordekhai
Bornstein, Mordekhai, Hadassah, Yitzkhok and Shoshanna
Bornstein, Nekhe, her husband and children
Bornstein, Pola
Bornstein, Rokhel
Bornstein, Sarah-Tema, Avrum and Feige-Leah
Bornstein, Shmelke
Bornstein, Shmelke and Beile
Bornstein, Toive
Bornstein, Tzvi and Sarah-Rivke
Bornstein, Yehoshua and Khave
Brandshaft, Alte, Avrum, Rokhel, Khaim, Reizel and Pinkhas
Brandshaft, Alte-Tzippoire
Brandshaft, Azriel-Moishe
Brandspiegel, and six children
Brandspiegel, Hersch and Esther
Brandspiegel, Leib-Ber, Rivke and children
Brandspiegel, Nakhman
Brandspiegel, Oyzer, Rosa, Shmuel, Nokhum and Nekhama
Brandspiegel, Shloime
Brandspiegel, Tzvi
Brandspiegel, Yaakov, wife and children
Braun, Moishe, Tziviye, Nisser, Ber, Leib, Rokhel and Dovid
Braun, Moishe-Yoisef
Braun, Mordekhai and family
Bronstein, Moishe
Buchman, Hersch, Itte, Gittel, Rokhel and three children
Buchner, Feige, Shloime and Malka
Buchner, Leibish
Bzozovski, Zelig, Khave, Dovid, Berl, Leah and Pearl


- C -

Chanaft, Yitzkhok, Tchippe and children
Chanaft, Yitzkhok, Toive and children
Chlivner, Bezalel-Dovid, Tzime, Rokhel and Simkhe
Chmielnicki, Moishe-Tzvi, Nekhome-Leah, Toive, Sarah, Yakhit, Rella, and Mordekhai
Chmielnicki, Yakhit and her husband
Chulish, Meyer, wife and children
Chulish, Tcharne
Cohen, Yekhezkel
Cohen, Yitzkhok and Sheindele


- D -

Danziger, Avrum-Moishe and family
Danziger, Hersch-Leib, wife and children
Danziger, Moishe-Yaak-ov, his wife and Pinkhas-Ephraim
Danziger, Yerakhmiel, Khane and children
Diament, Ephraim, Sheve and Khayele
Diament, Hersch-Mendel, Toive and Godel
Diament, Reizel and Yerakhmniel
Diament, Shmuel
Diament, Toive
Diament, Tzvi
Dickstein, Shmuel, Tzippoire and two daughters
Dotzhinsky, Isaac, wife and children
Domb, Khane
Domb, Moishe
Domerstein, Moishe, Khave, Aaron, Miriam and Tzirel
Dorfsman, Sholem, Nekhe, Moishe and Eliezer
Dorfsman, Sholem, Sarah-Nekhe,Moishe and Eliezer
Dua, Moishe-Leib


- E -

Ehrlich, Moishe
Ehrlichman, Aaron and Ettel
Ehrlichman, Schmuel, Sarah, Khane. Rokhel and Pearl
Eichenbaum, Rokhel and Yisroel
Eidenberg, Hinda and Baby Moshe
Eisenbaum, Mordekhai-Hersch
Eisenbaum, Yisroel and Yente
Eisenberg, Khaye-Feige
Eisenmesser, Khaim, wife and children
Eisenmesser, Moishe, wife and children
Eisenmesser, Raphael
Eisenmesser, Simkhe-Peaskh and Itta-Leah
Eisenmesser, Yankel
Eisenmesser, Yitzkhok, wife and children
Epstein, Shmuel, Pearl, Rivke and Yehoshua
Epstein, Shmuel, Rivke, Yehoshua and Itte


- F -

Falberg, Shmuel-Eli, wife and daughters
Feigenbaum, Aaron-Berish and Khaye
Feigenbaum, Bernard, wife and two children
Feigenbaum, Fishel, Kasze, Khane and Mordekhai
Feigenbaum, Moishe, Tzippoire and Feige
Feigenbaum, Shloime, Rukhame and child
Feigenbaum, Yisroel, Sarah, Leah, Miriam and Moishe
Feigenbaum, Yitzkhok-Dovid and Tziviye
Finklestein, Yaakov, Tziviye, Tema, Yisroel and two children
Fishbaum, Bashe, Dovid, Borukh-Dovid and Eidel
Fishbaum, Berel and Sarah-Leah
Fishbaum, Eli
Fishbaum, Khaye
Fishbaum, Leibel, Feigel and children
Fishbaum, Yisroel, Pearl, Feige, Roize, Khaye and Ette
Fishbaum, Yissokher-Ber
Fishbaum, Yoine and Eliezer
Fishstein, Asher and Brokhe
Fishstein, Feige-Sarah
Flam, Eliezer, Feige-Mindel, Yisroel and Tirze
Flam, Gershon and Yakhit
Flam, Getzel, Golda, Khane and Yisroel
Flam, Yoisef and wife
Flamenbaum, Eliezer and Khane
Flamenbaum, Esther-Mirel
Flamenbaum, Esther-Mirel
Flamenbaum, Herschel, Genendel, Miriam and Leah
Flamenbaum, Liptsche
Flamenbaum, Menashe and Rokhel
Flamenbaum, Menashe and Rokhel
Flamenbaum, Moishe
Flamenbaum, Pearl
Flamenbaum, Yaakov, Reizel, Shloime and Leibel
Flamenbaum, Yissokher, Blume and two children
Flamenbaum, Yoisef, Malka, Mordekhai and Khaye
Fleischer, Avrum, Zelda and children
Fleischer, Eli, wife and child
Fleischer, Elimelekhm, wife and Henye
Fleischer, Khaim, Mirel and child
Fleischer, Khaim, Pearl and one child
Fleischer, Khaye, Fishel, Meyer, Khane, Roize, Pearl and Dovid
Fleischer, Melekh
Fleischer, Moishe, wife, son and daughter
Fleischer, Moishe, Sarah and two children
Fleischer, Moishe, Tema and Mindel
Fleischer, Sarah, husband, Yoisef, Khaim, Roize and Dovid
Foigel, Moishe, wife and children
Freilich, Avrum, Roize and Gittel
Freilich, Avrum, Yaakov, Roize, Tzippoire, Gittel, Yishayahu and Naphtali-Tzvi
Freilich, Avnim-Khaim and Pinkhas
Freilich, Rabbi Ben-Zion, wife and children
Freilich, Elimelekh, Khane and Ittele
Freilich, Itte, her daughter Alte and children
Freilich, Khaye and son
Freilich, Khaye-Sarah, Pinkhas, Yerakhmiel and Moishe
Freilich, Pinkhas, Frieda and Meyer
Freilich, Sarah
Freilich, Shmuel-Eli
Freindlich, Yisroel and Gittel
Friedman, Abish
Friedman, Binyomin, wife and children
Friedman, Moishe, Feiye and children
Friedman, Motte, Tzimele and children
Friedman, Shloime, Perele, Pinkele and Abish
Frisch, Binyomin
Frisch, Menakhem-Mendel
Frisch, Menashe, Yissokher-Lieber, Elimelekh and Khane
Frisch, Mordekhai
Frisch, Yisroel-Yitzkhok, Golda and Ette-Beile
Fruman, Brokhe
Fuchs, Moishe, Roize and Yitzkhok
Funk, Mordekhai, wife and children


- G -

Garfinkle, Moishe-Leib
Garfinkle, Yehuda-Leib
Gelbard, Yaakov, Rokhel and children
Gelbard, Yoine-Gershon
Gelberg, Herschel, Pearl and children
Gelberg, Khane, Nokhum and children
Gelberg, Moishe, Sarah and four children
Gelberg, Roize, Yehoshua and children
Gelberg, Sarah, Moishe and children
Gelberg, Sime-Rokhel
Gelberg, Tzvi, Pearl and children
Gelberg, Yisroel-Menakhem and Tzime-Rokhel
Gelberg, Yisroel-Mendel
Gendzel the teacher, his wife and Marcel
Gieman, Aaron, Dobbe, Shloime and Saltche
Gieman, Moishe-Aaron
Gieman, Pearl, Malka and Velvel
Gieman, Rokhel
Gieman, Sarah
Gieman, Sheve, her husband and child
Gieman, Shloime, Bella and two children
Gieman, Shloime, Binyomin, Herschel, Rokhel and Malka
Gieman, Veve, Khane, Shloime, Esther and Sheve
Ginendel the bagel baker
Ginendel, Khaim, Rokhel, Khane and Golda
Glassman, Blume
Glassman, Reuven
Glazer, Leah
Glazer, Nekhe
Gold, Miriam, Sheindel, Bine and Menashe
Goldberg, Berel, his wife Ethel and children
Goldberg, Berel, Libe, Moishe, Rokhel and Rivke
Goldberg, Daniel
Goldberg, Khaye
Goldberg, Mordekhai-Zalman and Khane
Goldberg, Tzetl
Goldberg, Yaakov
Goldberg, Yaakov, Tziviye, Beile and Moishe
Goldberg, Yisroel-Avrum
Goldberg, Yoisef
Goldfarb, Khane
Goldfarb, Moishe
Goldfarb, Moishe, Khane, Tchippe, Pearl, her husband and two children
Goldfarb, Pearl
Goldfarb, Sara-Esther
Goldfarb, Tzippoire
Goldman, Khaim, Reizel, Avrum and Rivke
Goldman, Shabsi, Rokhel and child
Goldman, Shmuel-Leib and Molly
Goldman, Yaakov and Rivke
Goldschwartz, Yaakov
Goldstein, Dvoire
Goldstein, Freindel
Goldstein, Khaim
Goldstein, Libe
Goldstein, Minke
Goldstein, Mottel, his wife and Ettel
Goldstein, Pinkhas
Goldstein, Sarah
Goldstein, Yisroel
Goldstein, Yokheved
Goldstein, Zelig
Goldwasser, Yoisef-Khaim
Goldzweig, Leibish
Goldzweig, Moishe, Sarah-Mindel and Mekhel
Goldzweig, Pinkhas, Yaakov, Kalman and Khave
Gozhitshansky, Moishe
Gozhitshansky, Shloime
Gradovtchik, Genendel, Roize and two children
Gradovtchik, Herschel, wife and children
Gradovtchik, Itche, Libe, Hinde
Gradovtchik, Khaye, her husband Eliezer and four children
Gradovtchik, Moishe, Yoisef, Khaim, Gittel and two children
Gradovtchik, Shmuel, Adela and one child
Gradovtchik, Yoisef, Yutke and three children
Greenberg, Faivel
Greenberg, Leibish, Reizel and children
Greenberg, Nokhum
Greenberg, Naphtali-Herz
Greenberg, Reizel and nine children
Greenberg, Yisroel and Ette
Greenhaus, Yaakov, Yisroel
Greenspan, Borukh-Moishe
Greenspan, Moishe, Yakhe and three children
Greenspan, Shmerel, Tzippoire, Yitzkhok and Yekhiel
Greenspan, Shmuel, wife and children
Greenstein, Arye-Dov
Greenstein, Asher, Peske and three children
Greenstein, Dovid, Beile, Miriam and Khaim-Meyer
Greenstein, Ehpraim, Bine and five children
Greenstein, Yoisef, Sarah and three children
Greenstein, Ze'ev
Greyetz, Shifra and children
Greyetz, Yitzkhok
Grubler, Elimelekh
Grudniak, Eliezer, wife and children
Grudniak, Mendel, wife and four children
Grudniak, Meyer and Tzippoire
Grudniak, Moishe, wife and children
Grudniak, Sarah, Feige, Yekhezkel, Yisroel and Ruzhe
Grudniak, Yudel, his wife, Khave and Leizer
Gutmacher, Avrum, Sheve, Leah, Hinde and Feige
Gutmacher, Eidel-Golda and Gelle
Gutmacher, Moishe, Pesse and Leah
Gutmacher, Tevye, Shifra and children
Gutmacher, Yaakov, Golda and family


- H -

Haberman, Avrum and Frimet
Haberman, Blume
Haberman, Itche and Feige
Haberman, Khaye-Reizel, Pesse, Beile, Ilush, Yoiel and Rokhel
Haberman, Shmuel
Halputter, Mrs. and children
Hanover, Binem, Zelig and children
Hanover, Loser, wife and children
Hanover, Yoisef (the melamed), his wife and Herschel
Hershenbaum, Aaron and wife
Hershenbaum, Borukh and wife
Hershenbaum, Melekh, Beile-Rokhel, Yankel, Dovid and Avrum
Hertzberg, Ette, Milke, Pearl and Aaron
Hertzberg, Moishe-Shmuel, wife and children
Hertzberg, Yisroel and wife
Hirshenhorn, Aaron, Yudis, Kalman and Melekh
Hirshenhorn, Elimelekh, Simme, Gittel and Molekh
Hirshenhorn, Faivel, Yisroel and Meyer
Hirshenhorn, Leibel and Yisroel
Hirshenhorn, Shmuel, Feige and Mordekhai
Hirshenhorn, Yisroel and Mindel
Hoffenberg, Moishe, Rivke, Zissel, Malka, Breindel, Toive, Gittel and Shloime
Hoffenberg, Sarah, Khaye and Pearl
Hoffenberg, Toive
Hoffman, Noah, Khaye and Miriam
Honigstock, Yekhiel, Khave and six children
Honigstock, Yisroel, Hessi, Khave, Mordekhai, Miriam and Tzirl
Horowitz, Avrum, Bine and Golda
Horowitz, Dovid, wife and children
Horowitz, Leizer,Khane and children
Horowitz, Meyer, wife and children
Horowitz, Moishe, Sarah and children
Huberman, Eli, Sarah and children
Huberman, Shloime, his wife, Tzviye and two other children


- I / J -

Itzkowitz, Itche and family
Itzkowitz, Mrs. and children
Itzkowitz, Yisroel-Dovid, wife and children

Jablonka, Yaakov-Hersch, Tzippoire, Avrum, Abba, Moishe and Tziviye
Joskowitz, Yisroel-Avrum, wife, Velvel and four children, Yutt Mendel, Simkhe and two daughters


- K -

Kalb, Mottek
Kalinski, Aaron
Kalinski, Meyer
Kalinski, Miriam
Kalinski, Shmaye
Kalinski, Yoiel
Kammer, Eli and his wife
Kammer, Khane-Pearl
Kammer, Moishe and Gelle
Kammer, Shabsi, wife and children
Kammer, Yisroel, wife and children
Karent, Milly
Karp, Moishe
Karpik, Bezalel
Karpman, Moishe and Sarah
Karpman, Shmuel, Dina, Dov, Henye and Shloime
Katz, Alter, wife, Moishe, Avrum, Khaye, Gittel, Pearl and Sarah
Katz, Itche
Katz, Leib, Sarah and Yoisef
Katz, Leibel and family
Katz, Rivke, husband and child
Katz, Shabsi
Katz, Shabsi, Rokhel, Moishe and three children
Katz, Yekhiel, Zelda and Khane
Katz, Yitzkhok, Reizel, Yoisef, Yekhiel and Yitzkhok
Katz, Yoisef and parents
Kazyak, Shloime, Toive and children
Kestenberg, Avrum-Manne
Kestenberg, Dovid, Brokhe, Golda, Avrum, Shloime and Moishe
Kestenberg, Eliezer, Libe and four children
Kestenberg, Ephraim, Fishel, Leizer, Yisroel-Yaakov, Asher and Shloime
Kestenberg, Feige, husband and children
Kestenberg, Itche, Avrum, Khane and Moishe
Kestenberg, Khave-Rokhel, Aaron and Avrum
Kestenberg, Leibish and Mindel
Kestenberg, Mekhel, Esther and Golda
Kestenberg, Moishe, Rivke, Khave, Rokhel, Aaron, Avrum and Reizel
Kestenberg, Moishe, Sarah, Rosa, Yankel and three children
Kestenberg, Moishe-Yossel, wife and three children
Kestenberg, Nokhum, Rokhel and Reizel
Kestenberg, Shabsi, Khane and children
Kestenberg, Yaakov, Dovid, Khane, Yidel, Shabsi, Moishe, Zissel and Khaye
Kestenberg, Yekhiel, Eliezer and Alte
Kestenberg, Yitzkhok and sister
Kestenberg, Yudel, wife and children
Kirshenbaum, Meyer, Miriam, Yekhezkel, Feige and Sarah
Kirshenbaum, Yoisef, Khaye, Aaron, Sheve, Moishe and Falik
Kirshenblatt, Miriam and Raphael
Kirshenblatt, Yitzkhok, Leah, Faivel, Mendel, Shammai, Shloime, Simme, Dvoire and Itte
Kleinbaum, Khaye and Ette
Kleinbaum, Khaye and Tzippoire
Kleinbaum, Zelda, Dovid, Nekhome and Nokhum
Kleinnan, Mrs. and children
Kleinman, Reizel
Kloinsky, Berish
Koffler, Nossen, wife and children
Koffman, Dina and children
Kohn, Alter, Khave, Moishe, Freida, Yissokher, Reshe, Shmuel, Yentel and Pearl
Kohn, Avrum, Batche, Reizel and two children
Kohn, Avrum, Dvoire, Sarah and his brother-in-law
Kohn, Khaim, Feige and two children
Kohn, Mendel and two children
Kohn, Moishe, wife and two children
Kohn, Moishe-Khaim and wife
Kohn, Nokhum, wife and children
Kohn, Peretz and children
Kohn, Shloime with his wife
Kohn, Shloime, Rivke and Sholem
Kohn, Yehoshua, Sheindel, Yoisef and Leibel
Kohn, Yehoshua-Zelig
Kohn, Yekhiel, wife, Shmuel and Pinye
Kohn, Yisroel, Roize, Tzvi, Khane, Rivke and Moishe
Kohn, Yissokher, Perele, Shmuel, Yom-Tov and Rokhel
Kohn, Yoisef and wife
Kohn, Zelig, wife, children and grandchildren
Korman, Aaron, his wife and daughter
Korman, Libe and Dvoire
Korman, Moishe and Sarah
Korman, Mordekhai
Korman, Pinkhas, Yaakov and family
Korman, Shmuel-Moishe, his wife, Tzvi, Esther, Dvoire and Khane
Korman, Yitzkhok-Eli and Alte
Kornwasser, Melekh and wife
Kramarski, Aaron, Frimet and Yerakhmiel
Kramarski, Avrum-Moishe, Brokhe and children
Kramarski, Avrum-Moishe, Brokhe, Yerakhmiel, Sarah and Tzippoire
Kreizberg, Avrum and his wife
Kreizberg, Bezalel, Bine, Ber, Khaye and Shloime
Kreizberg, Dovid
Kreizberg, Khaye, husband and children
Krishpel, Yitzkhok, Feige and Notte
Kronengoid, Dov-Berish and his wife Pearl
Kronengoid, Khaye-Leah
Kronengold, Yitzkhok, Rivke and Khaim
Kupler, Nakhman and family
Kuropatve, Dovid, Rokhel, Brokhe and Leah
Kutscher, Loser, wife and children
Kutscher, Raphael, wife and children


- L -

Lederhendler, Gershon and Miriam
Lederhendler, Moishe, Gittel and two children
Lederhendler, Moishe-Aaron, Gittel, Yitzkhok-Menakhem and Pearl
Lederman, Eliezer-Mikhail
Lederman, Esther, Meyer, Sholem and Yossel-Moishe
Lederman, Gershon, Miriam and child
Lederman, Nissim, Sheindel, Miriam, Hele, Yitzkhok and Shabsi
Lenga, Mikhail, Malka and Khane
Lerman, Moishe, Miriam and daughter
Lerner, Moishe, Yankel, Beile, Sheindel and Rivke
Levi, Yekhezkel, wife and children
Levine, Velvel and Khanye
Lichtenstein, Borukh-Meyer, Khave, Yossel, Dovid and Sarah-Henye
Lichtenstein, Tema, Leah, Miriam, Yaakov and Yisroel
Lichtenstein, Yoisef and Dvoire
Lichtenstein, Yoisef and Tzippoire
Lieberman, Nossen, Rokhel, Roize, Yoisef and Khaim
Likverman, Aaron, Pinkhas and Pearl
Likverman, Kadesh, Khayele and three children
Likverman, Shimon, Yudis and children
Lippmann, Avrum, Khane-Roize, Yekhiel, Feigel, Moishe-Khonen, Rokhel, Hinde, Moishe and Yaakov-Fishel
Lippmann, Moishe-Aaron
Lippman, Tzippoire and Leah, Notte
Lippman, Yaakov, Fishel, Rekhel, Yekhiel, Feige and Moishe
Lippman, Yekhiel, Feige, Moishe and Khane
Lisband, Aaron, Sarah and child
Littman, Aaron and Rusze
Littman, Levi, Meite, Rokhel, Khave and Itche
Littman, Melekh, Toive, Dovid and Motte
Littman, Mordekhai, Sheve and children
Littman, Pinkhas, Reizel, Khave, Herschel, Mindel and Levi-Dovid
Littman, Roize and two children
Litvack, Yekhiel, wife and children
London, Aaron and family
London, Alter, wife and children
London, Khaim
Luxenberg, Leibel, Miriam, Meyer-Sholem, Daniel and Khane


- M -

Madanes, Bezalel, Sarah-Henye and children
Madanes, Yitzkhok-Meyer, Sarah-Pearl, Yaakov and Rukhama
Mandel, Aaron, wife and children
Mandel, Anshel, wife and children
Mandel, Gershon, Malka, son and daughter
Mandel, Levi, Feige and children
Mandel, Rokhel
Mandel, Shmerel, wife and children
Mandel, Tevye, Glikke, Naphtali, Khane, Mendel, Yehoshua and Tzirl
Mandel, Tzippoire, Yekhezkel and son
Mandel, Tzippoire, Yekhezkel-Gershon and children
Mandel, Yaakov-Hersch, wife, Shabsi and two sisters
Mandel, Yitzkhok, Tzirl, Yaakov, Malka, Mordekhai and family
Mandelbaum, Dvoire, Esther and Avrum
Mandelbaum, Simkhe, Miriam and Khaye
Mandeleil, Meyer and Leah
Mandelzweig, Alter, and his family
Mandelzweig, Berel, wife and son
Mandelzweig, Yissokher, wife and children
Mantelmacher, Hirsch-Leib, Dina
Margoshes, Mikhail, Golda and children
Medallion, Moishe-Yitzkhok, Breindel, Khaye-Beile, Mindel and Yekhiel
Meiden, Beile, Yaakov, and Leah
Meiden, Koppel
Meiden, Leib and his wife Miriam
Mieiden, Moishe and his wife
Meiden, Sholem and his wife Pessye
Mekler, Khaim, Khaye-Rivke, Hillel, Velvel and Libe
Meltzer, Gedalyahu, his son-in-law, wife and children
Meltzer, Moishe-Aaron, Bine, Falle, Kalman, Rokhel and Sarah
Meltzer, Yerakhmiel, wife and six children
Milberg, Moishe and Khane
Milberg, Zelig, Malka and children
Milgrom, Meyer, Freide and child
Milgrom, Yitzkhok,Miriam, Khane, Khaye-Leah, Libe and Sarah
Miller, Avrum, Miriam, Sheindel and Yoisef
Miller, Yaakov, Beile and child
Mintz, Berel and Hinde-Gittel
Mintz, Sarah and Tzime
Mintzberg, Hesse, Malka and Hillel
Muney, Yishayahu and family


- N / O -

Nachmanovith, Moishe-Mendel, wife and children
The Nagel family of eight people
Nagel, Mikhail, Khane and three children
Nashelsky, Yoisef and his family
Neudorf, Aaron
Neudorf, Avrum and Tzime
Neudorf, Elimelekh
Neudorf, Simkhe
Neudorf, Yoisef
Neunold, Moishe-Yekhezkel
Neustein, Leibish, Sarah and Shmuel
Noodleman, Itzik, wife and daughter
Noodleman, Meyer, wife and children
Noodleman, Shloime, wife and children
Noodleman, Tzvi
Noodleman, Yankel, Freide and two children
Nussbaum, Esther

Okon, Dan, Sarah, Yoisef and Sholem
Olshina, Eliezer, Leah, Pearl and Breindel
Orbach, Boruch
Orbach, Melekh, Beile-Sarah and children


- P -

Pasternak, Esther, Sarah, Genendel and Zitek
Pasternak, Yekhiel
Pearl, Herschel
Pearlstein, Gedalyahu, Khave and children
Pearlstein, Gedalyahu, Tzimmel, Khane and Shloime
Pearlstein, Moishe, wife and children
Pearlstein, Yaakov, wife and children
Peter, Elimelekh and family
Piekolek, Eliezer-Shabsi
Piekolek, Ezra, Tzippoire and four children
Piekolek, Khaim, wife, Henye, Alter, Meyer, Dovid, Yisroel, Berel, Moishe and Pearl
Piekolek, Mendel and four children
Piekolek, Moishe-Aaron, Tzirel, Shabsi, Borukh, Godel and Pearl
Pintschever, Yitzkhok and family
Pittkowitz, Yisroel, Tevye, Rokhel, Sarah and Yaakov
Pontsch, Anshel, Reshe and children
Pontsch, Leah and Mordekhai
Popielnik, Herschel, Pearl, Yekhiel, Rokhel, Rivke and Sarah
Potasznik, Miriam, Nekhome and Rokhel
Potasznik, Yitzkhok
Potasznik, Yoisef and Esther
Purisever, Yankel and family


- R -

Rabinowitz, Shaul, Tziviye, Gittel and Yisroel
The Radowitz family of ten people
Rappaport, Moishe, Khaye, Tzippoire, Mordekhai and Yitzkhok
Rechthand, Leibel
Rechthand, Menakhem-Mendel, wife and children
Rechthand, Meyer, Khaye, Aaron and Yerakhmiel
Rechthand, Yoisef, Paltiel, Dina, Yisroel and Yitzkhok-Moishe
Rechtman, Shaul, Riva, Feige, Toive, Herschel, Yisroel, Sarah and Leibel
Rechtman, Shaul, Rivke, Feige, Tzvi, Yisroel, Yudis, Arye and Sarah
Rechtman, Shloime, Rivke and three children
Reichappel, Dovid and family
Reichappel, Eliezer, Hinde, Itzik, Mendel and Dovid
Reichappel, Menashe and family
Reichappel, Mottel, wife and children
Reichappel, Yitzkhok and Shloime
Reisman, Leibish, Alte, Nekhome, Toive, Reizel, Pearl, Yekhezkel, Meyer and two children
Reisman, Nekhome, Toive, Yekhezkel and Meyer
Ring, Avrum
Rochman, Avrum, Beirekh, wife and children
Rochman, Eliezer, Rivke-Rokhel and two children
Rochman, Elimelekh, wife and children
Rochman, Khaim, Miriam and children
Rochman, Khaim, Toive and three children
Rochman, Leib, Sarah, Feige and her husband, Nekhe, Herschel, Vita, Yoisef, Yissokher and Golda
Rochman, Leibel, wife, Yankel and children
Rochman, Mendel and Khaye
Rochman, Meyer-Dov, Golda, Herschel, Shmuel, Shmelke, Esther-Ette and Eli
Rochman, Moishe, Ette, Yerakhmiel and Yitzkhok
Rochman, Yankel, wife and children
Rochman, Yisroel, wife and children
Roizman, Herschel, Yoisef, Golda and Yisroel
Roizman, Kissel
Roizman, Nekhe-Beile, Yankel and children
Roseman, Leib, Sarah, Feige and her husband
Rosen, Khane, Aaron and Rokhele
Rosen, Moishe, Feige, Eliezer and three children
Rosen, Mordekhai
Rosen, Motte and Khaye
Rosen, Peretz
Rosen, Shimen and Elimelekh
Rosen, Yoisef
Rosenbaum and his son Moishele
Rosenfeld, Ovadya, Rivke and Hinde
Rosenstock, Shmuel, Miriam, Yaakov, Yidel, Toive and Pearl
Rosenthal, Binyomin, Ettel, Yisroel, Khaye, Yom-Tov, Pearl and Moishe
Rosenthal, Herschel, Dvoire, Ezra and Khane-Sarah
Rosenthal, Herschel, Reizel, Sarah, Leah, Berel, Malka and Yekhiel
Rosenthal, Pinkhas
Rosenzweig, Avrum, Rokhel, Nekhemye, Yitzkhok, Shmelke and Libe
Rosenzweig, Leibish, Yissokher, Shmelke and Tchippe
Rosenzweig, Pesakh, wife and children
Rosenzweig, Yehoshua and Tzippoire
Rosenzweig, Yissokher
Roskoshnik, Zishe, his wife and four children
Rotman, Tzvi
Rubin, Reizel, Shimshon and Avrum
Rubin, Shimshon, Reizel and three children
Rubinstein with his family
Rubinstein, Boaz, his wife and four children
Rubinstein, Gelle
Rubinstein (Geller)
Rubinstein, Herschel and Elimelekh
Rubinstein, Leizer-Itche and Miriam
Rubinstein, Mendel, his wife and child
Rubinstein, Moishe
Rubinstein, Moishe, wife and children
Rubinstein, Moishe, Sarah and children
Rubinstein, Mordekhai
Rubinstein, Rokhel and four children


- S -

Saltzman, Eliezer, Yissokher and five children
Saltzman, Herschel, Khaye, Feige, Zelda and Khane
Saltzman, Mordekhai, Berel and Mindel
Saltzman, Naphtali, Tzirl, Shmuel-Khaim and Avrum
Saltzman, Shmuel, Gittel, Shimen, Genendel and Sarah
Saltzman, Yoisef
Salzberg, Avrum, wife and two children
Salzberg, Berel, Avrum, Khaim and three daughters
Salzberg, Berel, Khaye, Rokhel, Itel and Khaim
Salzberg, Borukh-Yoisef, Miriam and two children
Salzberg, Dobre
Salzberg, Dov, Khaye-Brokhe, Beile and Shloime
Salzberg, Feige, Esther, Simme and Pearl
Salzberg, Gershon, Tzilke, Ze'ev, Khave, Sarah, Rivke and Leah
Salzberg, Gershon, Tzippoire and Moishe-Zelig
Salzberg, Hillel, Libe and children
Salzberg, Moishe, wife and three children
Salzberg, Moishe and Simme
Salzberg, Sarah, Nekhe and Gittel
Salzberg, Shmuel, Gershon, Yissokher and Malka
Salzberg, Simkhe, Itte, Yankel and Borukh
Salzberg, Yankel-Borukh
Salzberg, Yehuda-Dov, Tzippoire and children
Salzberg, Yekhiel, Simkhe, Yankel and Khaim-Meyer
Salzberg, Yekhiel-Leizer, Simkhe, Mirel, Yoisef and Leah-Khaye
Salzberg, Yisroel, Reizel, Arye-Dov and Avruin-Moishe
Salzberg, Yissokher, Dovid, Rokhel-Leah and Dobbe
Salzberg, Yoisef, Mirel, Leah and Khaye
Saperstein, Shmuel-Zainvel, Khasye and Yitzkhok
Schuch, Yoisef and Molly (Shabbason)
Schwarzbard, Hersch, wife and children
Schwarzbard, Pinkhas, Gittel and children
Schwarzberg, Avrumn, Moishe and five children
Schwarzberg, Menashe, Sarah, Elye, Pinkhas, Binem, Yisroel and Feige
Schwarzberg, Moishe with his family
Schwarzberg, Pinkhas
Schwarzberg, Shmerel, his wife, Shmuel and Sarah-Malka
Schwarzman, Eli, Dvoire, Yaakov, Moishe, Rivke, Elke, Khele, Yoisef-Yishayahu and Kalman
Shabbason, Mottel, Rosalke, Ettel and Toive
Shabbason, Nekhe, Feige, Esther and Golda
Shabbason, Yishayahu, Leah and children
Shabbason, Yissokher and Libe
Shabbason, Zelig, Leah and Khaye
Shabbason, Zelig, Ruzhe and children
Shaff, Herschel
Shammes, Faivel, his wife and four children
Shammes, Khaye and Pearl
Shammes, Sini and his mother
Shammes, Yitzkhok, Henye and three children
Shapira, Menashe, Khaye, Yudis, Yankel, his son-in-law and children
Shapira, Moishe, wife and children
Shapira, Rivke and Leibel
Shapira, Yaakov
Shapira, the Rebbe Reb Yankele with his family, and his son-in-law Meyer Unger with his family
Shapira, Yissokher, wife and children
Shapira, Rabbi Yoisef and family
Sheinfeld, Yisroel, Yudis and child
Sherman, Aaron, Sarah, Moishe, Khane, Yoisef and Shloime
Sherman, Eli, Gedalyahu, Gittel, Shloime, Dov, Elke and Yokheved
Sherman, Yankel and Pearl
Sherman, Yankel, Tcharny, Moishe, Dvoire, Rivke, Pinkhas and Feige
Shermeister, Tzvi, Tcharny, and Khane
Shermeister, Yaakov, Tcharne, Blume, Menakhem-Moishe, Pearl, Nokhum, Mally and Rivke
Silverberg, Dovid, Rokhel and Leah
Silverberg, Eliezer-Yitzkhok, Sheindel, Malka, Avrum-Leib, Moishe, Gittel and Yoisef
Silverberg, Ette and Leah
Silverberg, Leibel
Silverberg, Leizer-Itche, Esther, Gittel and Leah
Silverberg, Meyer and wife
Silverberg, Moishe and Nekhome
Silverberg, Moishe, Pearl and Avrum
Silverberg, Yaakov, Mirel and Leibel
Silverberg, Yekhiel and Malka
Silverberg, Yidel, wife and children
Silverberg, Yisroel-Moishe, Khane-Gittel, Peretz and Yitzkhok
Silverberg, Yitzkhok-Dovid, Zissel and four children
Silverberg, Yoisef, Sarah and five children
Silverknopf, Herschel, Tzippoire-Feige, Henye, Tzviye, Brokhe, Avrum and Meyer-Akiva
Silverknopf, Yekhiel-Eliezer, Beile and Mindel
Silverman, Moishe, Sarah-Leah and Avrum
Silverstein, Aaron, Sarah and family
Silverstein, Avrum, Gittel, Zanvil, Khanine and Moishe
Silverstein, Khaim, Tzippoire, Reizel, Feige, Khaye, Pesse, Lelbel and Yissokher
Silverstein, Yitzkhok-Meyer, Perele, Zissel, Sarah, Khaim, Zelig, and Shloime
Simenhaus, Shloime
Sirota, Eliezer, his wife and children
Sirota, Leibish, his wife and two children
Sirota, Leizer and Blume
Sirota, Meyer with his family
Sirota, Meyer, his wife and four children
Sirota, Meyer, Roize, Malka and Pearl
Sirota, Meyer-Yoisef, his wife and five children
Sirota, Moishe with his family
Sirota, Mottel with his family
Sirota, Pearl-Malka
Sirota, Toive and three children
Sirota, Yitzkhok and Aaron
Smyser, Yankel, wife and children
Smyser, Yekhiel, Frimet, Rokhel, Shmuel, Leibish, Moishe and Khaim
Sobol, Eli, wife and children
Sobol, Hersch-Leib with his family
Sobol, Loser, wife and daughters
Sobol, Moishe-Leib with his family
Sochachevsky, Yerakhmiel, Leah and two children
Spiegel, Aaron and Shifre
Spiegel, Moishe, Sarah, Miriam, Velvel, Libe, Khane and Rokhel
Spiegel, Yisroel, Gittel, Aaron, Libe, Yaakov, his father-in-law, son-in-law and grandchildren
Spiegelman, Pesakh, Tzirel, Shloime, Izzy and Marcel
Spiegelman, Tevye, Khane, Rokhel, Ze'ev, Tzirel and seven grandchildren
Spiegelman, Wolf and Sarah
Statiner, Yissokher and his wife Mirel
Stecker, Pinkhas, Beile and three children
Steinbaum, Eliezer, His Wife Leah (Kopalis) and five children
Steinbaum, Menashe, Rivke-Rokhel, Ette, Brokhe and Malka
Steinbaum, Mottel, wife and children
Steinbauin, Shabsi and wife
Steinbaum, Yekhiel, His Wife Dobra (Kopalis) and five children
Steinbock, Merra, Libe and Pinkhas
Sternbaum, Eliezer, wife and children
Sternbaum, Yechiel, wife and children
Stemstein, his wife and family
Sternstein, Dora and children
Sternstein, Ette, her husband and children
Sternstein, Koppel and Itte
Sternstein, Leah, her husband and children
Sternstein, Rokhel, her husband and children
Sternstein, Yoiel, his wife and children
Streiman, Felle and four children


- T -

Tabachnik, Moishe, wife and children
Teitelbaum, Rokhel, Nokhum, Yankel and Bine
Tennenbaum, Hendel, Yerakmiel, Noah, Itche, Moishe, Toive and Leah
Tennenbaum, Moishe, Sarah, Meyer-Sholem, his wife and Khane
Tennenbaum, Reizel and Shimen
Tennenbaum, Yaakov, Rivke, Batche and Velvel
Tennenbaum, Yisroel, Menashe and Yoine
Tennenbaum, Yissokher, Genendel and children
Tennenbaum, Yoine, Tema and children
Tennenholtz, Simkhe, wife and four children
Tepper, Avrum, Reizel and Yerakhmiel
Tepper, Pinkhas, wife and children
Tepperman, Moishe, wife and children
Tepperman, Roize
Tishman, Ephraim, wife and children
Tishman, Khaim and family
Tishman, Tema, Rivke and children
Tochterman, Moishe-Yossel, Rivke, Leah and Yerakhmiel
Tuchman, Loser, Hinde, Khane-Sarah and Mindel


- W -

Walberg, Eliezer and Rivke
Walberg, Elimelekh, Shmuel, Rivke and Zelda
Walberg, Hersch, Khaim, Shmuel and Pinkhas
Waretsky, Moishe and Khaye
Waretsky, Pinkhas, Tzviye, Khaim and Khaye
Wasserman, Eliezer, Nekhe, Yitzkhok, Dovid, Mordekhai, Khave, Tcharne and family
Wasserman, Melekh
Wasserman, Moishe, his wife and Avrum
Wasserman, Mottel and Khave
Wasserman, Sholem
Wasserman, Simkhe, Rokhel-Leah and Herschel
Wasserman, Yankel, wife and children
Wasserman, Yankel and Toive
Wasserman, Yitzkhok, Shifre, Moishe, Yom-Tov and family
Waxman, Yitzkhok, wife and two children
Weinberg, Avrum, Yoiel and Leibish
Weinberg, Leib
Weinberg, Moishe
Weinberg, Mordekhai, Roize and children
Weinberg, Sarah
Weinberg, Sarah and children
Weinberg, Shmuel, Ratze and children
Weinberg, Toive the rabbi's wife
Weinberg, Velvel
Weinberg, Velvel and wife
Weinberg, Rabbi Yaakov-Hersch
Weinberg, Yoiel, wife and children
Weinberg, Yoine, Rokhel and children
Weinstock, Eliyahu and Tzirl
Weinstock, Ester
Weinstock, Frimit
Weinstock, Hershel
Weinstock, Mendel
Weinstock, Nekhemye, his daughter, son-in-law and grandchild
Weintraub, Esther, Menashe, Berish and Mendel
Weintraub, Toive
Weintraub, Yaakov-Loser, Miriam and Khaye
Weintraub, Yoiel, Gittel, Hersch and Khave
Weissbard, Moishe, Feige-Rivke, Sarah, Miriam, Yekhezkel, Khaim and Tziviye
Weissberg, Mordekhai
Weissberg, Shimen and Khane
Weissberg, Yitzkhok
Weissbrot, Koppel, Leah and her husband
Weissbrot, Miriam
Weissbrot, Moishe and Henni
Weizman, Avrum
Weizman, Avrum, Moishe and Tzirele
Weizman, Avrum, Yudis, Yekhiel and Yoiel
Weizman, Dovid
Weizman, Eliezer and Moishe-Leib
Weizman, Nossen, wife and children
Weizman, Yudis, Yekhiel and Shmuel
Werber, Leibish and son
Wildenberg, Esther and two children
Wildenberg, Faivel, Toive and Reizel
Wildenberg, Leizer, Nekhe and Mottel
Wildenberg, Moishe, Leah, Beile and children
Wildenberg, Yaakov
Wildenberg, Yaakov, Moishe and Leah
Wildman, Khane
Wildman, Moishe and Rokhele
Wiltshick, Elimelekh and Brokhe
Wolf, Mishel, Yoisef, Godel, Avigdor and Gershon
Wolf, Velvel, Dvoire and children


- Z -

Zamoysky, Loser, Rokhel and children
Zamoysky, Nekhome, Simkhe and their children
Zaterman, Leibish, Khave and children
Zaterman, Wolf and Mindel
Zaterman, Yekhiel and his wife
Zaterman, Yekhiel, Sheve, Ephraim and Urish
Zeitfinger, Alter and Rivke-Leah
Zeitfinger, Boaz
Zeitfinger, Dovid and Toive
Zeitfinger, Khaim-Yoisef and family
Zeitfinger, Moishe-Yehuda
Zeitfinger, Shifre
Zeitfinger, Shmuel, Avrum and Manek
Zemach, Yoine and Mendel
Zeman, Yisroel, Sarah and daughter
Zigelman, Beile
Zigelman, Dovid
Zigelman, Khaim, wife and children
Zigelman, Leizer, Dinah, Yankel, Simkhe, Malka, Moishe and Berish
Zimbalist, Mottel, Rokhel, Leah and children
Zimmerman, Khane
Zimmerman, Moishe
Zipperman, Tzippoire, Yente, Dobre, Yekhiel, Berel, Shloime, Leibel, Mordekhai and Shmuel
Zipperman, Yaakov, Rokhel, Leibel, Reizel, Shmuel-Loser and Faivel
Zipperman, Yekhiel
Zucker, Avrum, Reizel, Mordekhai, Shmuel, Khaye, Rivke and Arye
Zucker, Berish, Minke and Shmuel
Zucker, Herschel with his family
Zucker, Khaim-Mordekhai
Zucker, Khaye, her sister, Sholem, Bella and their children
Zucker, Mendel, Dvoire, Pearl, Shmuel and Golda
Zucker, Moishe, wife and children
Zucker, Mottel, Shmuel, Yoisef, Khaye and Feige-Pesse
Zucker, Nekhe, Dovid and Yoisef
Zucker, Nettel, Rivke and Moishe
Zucker, Pinkhas, Altele and children
Zucker, Rukhama
Zucker, Yekhiel
Zucker, Yitzkhok-Aaron
Zucker, Yoisef, Khave, Feige and Pesse
Zuckerman, Esther-Sheindel
Zuckerman, Mendel and wife
Zuckerman, Yisroel-Isser
Zweigenberg, Avrum with his family


* Residents of Kozienice killed in Kozienice itself, as well as those deported to the death camps where they were murdered.    Return


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