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Full of mercy, who dwells on high,
Grant rest beneath the shelter of your Presence.
And in the exalted ranks of the holy and pure
Who shine as the brightness of the firmament,
To the souls of
The six thousand members of the holy congregation of


Men, women and children
Who were killed, slaughtered, burned, strangled
And buried alive by Hitler's executioners
And their evil servants, (May their names be blotted out),
In the years 1939 –45.

May their resting place be in the garden of Eden!
And so, may the Lord of mercy bind their souls in the Bond of life.
The Lord is their inheritance,
And may they rest upon their couches in peace,
And let us say, Amen!

[Page 624]

Martyrs of Garbatke

Who were shot, gassed and tortured by Hitler's executioners
and their henchmen in Garbatke and the death camps in the years 1939-45.

- A/B/F -

Aidelman Mayer, wife, daughter and son
Aidelman Shlomo, Natan, Chana and 3 children
Ainshindler Khaim, wife Khana and 3 children

Baginski Mayer, wife and 4 children
Bornstein Rachel, & Sara Feiga
Breitman Debora, Menashe and Tzirla
Breitstein Yankel, Reizel, Joseph, Pesie and Rebeka

Flamenbaum Ester
Flamenbaum Hershl and Sala
Flamenbaum Israel, Khana, Moshe and Shmelke
Flamenbaum Izik, Khaia and 2 children
Flamenbaum Khaim, Bela and 2 children
Flamenbaum Leibl, Khava, Ester, Zvi, and Hene
Flamenbaum Mala and Ester
Flamenbaum Menashe, Rachel and Ester
Flamenbaum Mendel, wife and 3 children
Flamenbaum Moshe, Bela, Motl, Sheva and Bluma
Flamenbaum Pinchas, wife and 2 children
Flamenbaum Shmiel-Zvi, Khama, Abraham
Flamenbaum Simcha, Toba and Joseph
Futerman Gela, Menashe and Sara

- G/H/J/K/M/P/S -

Green Rebeka
Gruberg Khaim and wife

Hitlsman Sara, husband, Bracha, Itka, Gershon and Moshe
Hofman Shalom, Salka, a son and 2 daughters

Jacobson Jacob, wife and 4 children
Jacobson Moshe, wife and 2 children
Jacobson Shlomo, wife and 2 children
Jacubson Hersh-ldl, wife Mordekhai, Khava and Shlomo

Kizshberg Ickhok, Adka and daughter
Kirshberg Shmelke and Ratze Kornblum Leah
Kun Aron, Toba and Ickhok

Lederman Benjamin, wife and 2 children

Mendleman Nehemia, Khane and Rivka
Milberg Zelig, Malke and Hershel

Perelstein Abish, Sarah, Noah, Pinchas and daughter
Perelstein Sheva, son and 2 daughters
Pruchnicki Eliezer

Sukno Aron, Pearl, Hersh and Israel

- T/W/Z -

Tirangel Joseph Khaim
Tirangel Shlomo, wife, 2 sons and 2 daughters

Waksman Eli, Khava and five children and grandchildren
Waksman Israel and Mother
Waksman Shlomo and wife
Waksman Shmuel and Pola
Weingarten Motl, wife and 2 children
Weingarten Zonde and 3 children
Weisbard Jacob, wife Khaia and 2 small daughters
Weisbard Sender, Bracha, Itke, Gershon and Moshe
Weisman Shalom, wife, Jacob, Rebeka Chaia and Yechezkel
Weitzman Moshe wife and 3 children
Weltman Ester and Mendl
Wertman Moshe, Sheindl, Uri, Reizel and Zindl
Winograd Eli, Khana and 2 children
Winograd Kalman, wife, Hershel and 2 children
Winograd Matis, Sheva, Mindl, Motl, Gedalia, Moshe and Sara
Wolman Kalmen, Debora, Yechiel-Sumer, Alter, Joseph, Eliezer, Ita and Tzipora

Zalzman Abraham and Toba
Zalzman Joseph, Frimet and Dunia
Ziman Szmuel-David, wife and 2 daughters, 2 son-in-laws and grandchildren
Zimerman Manes

* Residents of Garbatke killed in Garbatke itself, as well as those deported to the death camps where they were murdered. Return


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