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Kovel Necrology

Prepared by Bruce Drake

These are based on the notes left on the walls of the Great Synagogue by Jews waiting to be put to death.


Surname Given Names Other Surnames, Remarks Page
ALTER Bloyweis   488
APELBOIM Yosef   495
ARBEITER Tania along with family 496
AVRECH Chana   494
BALTER Avigdor   498
BARZILAI Moszko   495
BERENSZTEJN Yankel   497
BLUCHER Belka   496
BLUCHER Rahel   496
BLUCHER Sonia   496
BLUMA David   487
BLUMA Ya'acov   487
BLUMA Yehuda   487
BOKSER Ania daughter of Dusia 497
BOKSER Dusia mother of Ania 497
DRUKER Ahron   490
DUNAWIECKI Moshe and wife 496
EHRLICH Rahel   494
EISENBERG David   488
FIDLMAN Polye   492
FISH Leah   488
FISHBEIN Bela   497
FISHBEIN Rahel   497
FISHBEIN Riva   497
FISHBEIN Yisrael   497
FISZBEJN Eidl   492
FOGELMAN Rahel   488
FRISHBERG Berl   488
FRISHBERG Chaya   488
FRYDMAN Yehoshaya   490
GELER Yakov   491
GIWANT Berl   489
GIWANT Yankl   489
GOLDSTEIN Sheva along with family 494
GOLDSZTAJN Avraham   492
GOLDSZTAJN Bet Sheva   492
GOLDSZTAJN Borukh Leib   492
GOLDSZTAJN Mariam   492
GROJSER Bilah along with family 495
KANAN Fayga   488
KAZAK Avraham-Yitzhak   492
KAZAK Brayndal   492
KLEINER Perl sister of Yosef 494
KLEINER Yosef brother of Perl 494
LANDAU Niura Rajber-Landau 495
LENCZ     495
LEWERTOB Yakov   491
LUDMIRER Yerukehm son of Reb Shlomo Ludmirer 490
MENDL Kapczyk   490
MENDL Shimkha   490
MELNICER Sonia   494
MILSZTEJN Beba   497
PITETA Benjamin   498
RABINER Chaya   490
RAJCSZTAL Avraham Son of Shmuel Rajcsztal. With wife and child 491
RAPAPORT Gitl   491
RAPAPORT Josef   491
ROJTER Kuba   495
ROJTER Sonia   495
ROIZEN Miriam   487
ROZENCWAIG Adolph   498
ROZENWALD Bora husband of Lema 496
ROZENWALD Eliahu   496
ROZENWALD Fenia   497
ROZENWALD Lema wife of Bora 497
ROZENWALD Zelik   497
SCHECTER Yehuda   487
SCHWARTZ Sheindel   488
SEGAL Amik   498
SEGAL Dora   498
SEGAL Ephraim   492
SEGAL Ethel   498
SEGAL Gitl   492
SEGAL Gittel   498
SEGAL Ziva   498
SOSNE Avraham   492
SOSNE Leibl   491
SOYFER Yente   490
STILLERMAN Frieda daughter of Yitzhak Marder 487
SZER Ben-Tzion   492
SZWARC Chaim son of Shlomo 492
SZWARC Fayge   491
TANNENBOIM Fania mother of Sioma and Pepa 498
TANNENBOIM Sioma daughter of Fania 498
TANNENBOIM Pepa daughter of Fania 491
TASGAL Ester   491
TASGAL Pesakh   491
TOJBICZOW Tunik   495
TOYBITSH Baba   488
TOYBITSH Hannah   488
WAJNSZTEJN Golda   496
WAJNSZTEJN Yisrael   495
WEINER Kasil   488
WYDRA Pola   496
YEHOSHUA Zamir son of Moshe 487
ZAKHARIAH Rusman   490
ZISKIND Miriam   487
ZISKIND Simcha   487


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