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List of the Deceased

Translated by Haim Sidor


I would like to dedicate this translation to the memory of my maternal grandfather, Harry (Hershel) AINBINDER, who left Kovel in the 1920s, and his sister, Esther Kotler, and her family, who were murdered there in WW II.

Haim Sidor


Notes on the Translation and Format

Code: "D"is for the living person who dedicated the memorial "M" are those who are now dead (memorialized) The number is the page number as written in the Yizkor Book
Family Name: are as they appeared in the listing. Where they are followed by "?" it means there was no family name given but that person is in the same family as the name stated - usually women who married, but their husbands' names do not appear in the memorial.
First Name/Maiden Name/Spouse: self explanatory
Family code: As follows:
  • sometimes used for the title of the individual (Rabbi/ Doctor etc); R = Reb or Rav
  • cc means children are mentioned without names. Where there is a number it means the number of children; for example 7cc = 7 children are mentioned in the memorial.
  • h = husband
  • w = wife
  • c = only one child mentioned
  • Sometimes a date appears that is the date of death (the year appears in the date column next to it).
  • family = family is mentioned without further specifics
  • Sometimes a name of a son (s=) or daughter (d=), or some other relationship appears.
Date: the year of death. Some of the people memorialized are not Holocaust victims.
Place: the place of death. Places of death are not always in Europe.
Father: usually the Father's name as mentioned in the memorial OR some other identifying relative or relationship.

I attempted to write the names in the same order as they appear in each memorial (though sometimes for reasons of logic it was not possible)


Code Family
Spouse Family
Date Place Father
M462 MiTrisk Velvel Rebbe
M462 Twerski Nachum-Mosheleh Rabbi
M463 Nitzberg Eliezar Rabbi
D463 Vortzel Yaakov Shprintza
D463 Vortzel Shprintza Yaakov
D463 Vortzel Noah Pinia family
D463 Vortzel Pinia Noah family
D463 Gon Maniya Villentshik family
D463 Kashtan Savel Liza family Brazil
D463 Kashtan Liza Dorfman Savel family Brazil
M463 Vexelbaum Alter Bilah R
M463 Vexelbaum Bilah Alter
M463 Sari Braina Vexelbaum Shaul 7cc
M463 Sari Shaul Braina 7cc
M463 Vexelbaum Moshe Devorah 4cc
M463 Vexelbaum Devorah Moshe 4cc
M463 Villentshik Shmuel Leib 4cc
M463 Moshkins Henia Vexelbaum h-cc
M463 Finkelstein Sarah Vexelbaum h-2cc
M463 Kashtan Lana Vexelbaum Shlomo Died Brazil
M463 Kashtan Shlomo Lana Died Brazil
M463 Kopit Faigel Sari h-cc
M463 Guz Bracha Tenenbaum h-c
M463 Tenenbaum Tzaleh w-2cc
M463 Vortzel Avraham Fraida R
M463 Vortzel Fraida Avraham
M463 Mandel Mishke Vortzel Moshe h-4cc
M463 Mandel Moshe Mishke
M463 Zafran Sarah Vortzel h-5cc
M463 Techvir Miriam Vortzel h
M463 Vortzel Pinchas w-cc
M464 Sheinbaum Yechiel 1-Sep 1943 Vilner Ghetto
M465 Liss Kalman Doctor Died Warsaw
M465 Frankfort Asher Doctor
D466 Perel Leibel Mexico
M466 Perel Moshe Golda
M466 Perel Golda Moshe
M466 Perel Shoshana 1942 Kovel Moshe
M466 Perel Benyamin cousin
M466 Perels Moshe
M466 Perels Moshe's father 1942 Radovitch
M466 Perels Moshe's stepmother 1942 Radovitch
M466 Perels Moshe's sister 1942 Radovitch
M466 Perels Moshe's brother 1942 Radovitch
M467 Gontshar Yitzhak Miriam-Liba Died Russia
M467 Gontshar Miriam-Liba Yitzhak Died Russia
D467 Gontshar family
M468 Shpak Moshe Nachum our grandfather' Yitzhak
M468 Shpak Bila Rifka our grandmother' 1912 Kovel Shmuel
M468 Winter Yaakov Haim's father Nisan 26 Kovel Shraga-Feivel
M468 Shpak Avraham-Eliezar Faiga
M468 Shpak Faiga Avraham-Eliezar
M468 Toyvitch Avraham Yitzhak Rachel
M468 Toyvitch Rachel Avraham Yitzhak
M468 Steinberg Chaya
M468 Fradelis Aaron Etel R
M468 Fradelis Etel Aaron
M468 Winter Haim Malka R 1920
M468 Winter Malka Haim
M468 Goberman Moshe Hannah cc
M468 Goberman Hannah Moshe cc
M468 Kogan family
D468 Winter Haim family
M469 Wolf Shmuel Golda Adar 1913 Berlin s-Yaakov
M469 Wolf Golda Shmuel s-Yaakov
M469 Erlichgerecht Mottel Tonia 1942
M469 Erlichgerecht Tonia Avrech (?) Mottel 1942 b-Yaakov
M469 Erlichgerecht Shmuel (Micha) 1942 Mottel
M469 Erlichgerecht Hersheleh 1942 Mottel
M469 Korman Aaron R Kivritza Yitzhak
D469 Avrech Yaakov cc
D469 Avrech Mina cc
M469 Shadchan Shmuel R Meshel
M469 Shadchan Zaiftel Eliezar
M469 Guz Pinchas Meshullem
M469 Guz Chaya Malka Shmuel
M469 Guz ? Tzvi
M469 Guz ? Eliyahu
M469 Guz ? Eliezar
M469 Guz ? Shmuel
M469 Guz ? Shprintza
M469 Guz ? Haim
M469 Guz Yosef Arieh
M469 Guz Dov
M469 Frishberg Yisrael
M469 Frishberg Berish
M469 Frishberg Rifka
M469 Frishberg Chaya
M469 Frishberg Hinda
M469 Frishberg Esther
M469 Frishberg Arieh
M469 Kimmel Nata
M469 Kimmel Chaya
M469 Kimmel Faiga
M469 Kimmel Hasiya
M469 Kimmel Menchem Mendel
D469 Shadchan Ben Zion
D469 Ashkenasi Naftali Avraham Arieh
M469 Ashkenasi Avraham Arieh Malka
M469 Ashkenasi Malka Rozenberg Avraham Arieh
M469 Shweib Moshe
M469 Shweib Hannah Rachel
D470 Baller Betzalel Aaron Wolf
D470 Baller Meniya Sharafanker
M470 Baller Aaron Wolf Sarah Heshvan 25 1927
M470 Baller Sarah Aaron Wolf
M470 Kozak Braindel Baller Avraham Yitzhak Aaron Wolf
M470 Kozak Avraham Yitzhak Braindel
M470 Kozak Gisiya Avraham Yitzhak
M470 Baller Ben Zion w-cc Aaron Wolf
M470 Katz Raizel Baller Hershel cc Aaron Wolf
M470 Katz Hershel Raizel cc
M470 Hendzel Maliya Baller Hershel cc Aaron Wolf
M470 Hendzel Hershel Maliya cc
M470 Zocholtz Dova Baller Yankel cc Aaron Wolf
M470 Zocholtz Yankel Dova cc
M470 Sharafanker Yosef Bracha R 1930 d-Meniya
M470 Sharafanker Bracha Gortenstein Yosef 1942 Yitzhak
M470 Fried Raichel Sharafanker Alter cc 1942 Yosef
M470 Fried Alter Raichel cc 1942
M470 Bergman Rifka Sharafanker Baruch cc 1942 Yosef
M470 Bergman Baruch Rifka cc 1942
M470 Sharafanker?? Tzippora Sharafanker h 1942 Yosef
M470 Sharafanker Bliomka 1942 Yosef
M470 Sharafanker Haika 1942 Yosef
M470 Sharafanker Hodeleh 1942 Yosef
D470 Kapshuk Avraham Berish Ita family Naftali
D470 Kapshuk Ita Mednick Avraham Berish family Shepsil
M470 Kapshuk Naftali Dintza family
M470 Kapshuk Dintza Naftali family
M470 Mednick Shepsil Chopa family
M470 Mednick Chopa Shepsil family
D471 Verba Yehuda Haim
M471 Verba Haim Shvat 17 1918 Yisrael
M471 Verba Miriam Feivish 1942 Shraga
M471 Verba Shabtai Sonia cc 1942 Haim
M471 Verba Sonia Shabtai cc 1942
M471 Verba Avraham Tzila 1942 Haim
M471 Verba Tzila Avraham 1942
D471 Glikin Beatrice Toib Mordecai
M471 Toib Mordecai Heshvan 25 1926 Shimon
D471 Melamed Haim Riva
D471 Melamed Riva Haim
M471 Blumenfeld Esther Malka
M471 Gildvarg Mottel
M471 Gildvarg Leahka
M471 Gildvarg Monik Maniya
M471 Gildvarg Maniya Monik
D471 Bober Yosef
D471 Bober Aaron
M471 Bober ? Yehudit Mordecai Shmuel
M471 Bober ? Faiga Moshe
M471 Bober ? Yisrael Shraga Feivel
M471 Bober ? Moshe Shalom
M471 Bober ? Noah Yisrael Shimon
M471 Bober ? Miriam Yehuda Leib
M471 Bober ? Faiga Noah
M471 Bober ? Peril Dov
M471 Bober ? Mindel Dov
M471 Bober ? Dov Gedalia
D472 Shiter Laibel cc Michael
D472 Shiter Avraham family Michael
M472 Shiter Michael Sarah 1942 Leib
M472 Shiter Sarah Borstein Michael Moshe
M472 Grushka Malka Shiter Shlomo cc 1942 Michael
M472 Grushka Shlomo Malka cc 1942 from Ludmir
M472 Yerochimovitch Tcherna Shiter h-cc 1942 Michael
M472 Kleiner Tzippora Shiter Mottel cc 1942 Michael
M472 Kleiner Mottel Tzippora cc 1942
M472 Shiter Moshe w-cc 1942 Michael
M472 Shiter Reuven 1942 Michael
M472 Shiter Shlomo 1942 Michael
M472 Shiter Pesil 1942 Michael
M472 Shiter Esther 1942 Michael
M472 Borstein Zechriyahu R 1942
M472 Borstein Haim Yossel Esther cc 1942
M472 Klein Ben Zion Rifka family 1942
M472 Weissberg Shmuel Yocheved family 1942
M472 Yerochimovitch Ben Zion family 1942
M472 Kleiner family 1942
M472 Borstein Yosef 1942
M472 Borstein Malka 1942
M472 Berilson Asher 1942 (Shochet)
M472 Avrech Pesach 1942 (Shochet)
M472 Smukler Mendel Fruma family 1942
D473 Panturin Yisrael Haim family Eliyahu
M473 Panturin Eliyahu Golda 1922 Pinchas
M473 Panturin Golda Eliyahu 1942 Kovel Moshe
M473 Shochet Leibush Henna 1942 Kovel
M473 Shochet Henna Panturin Leibush 1942 Kovel Eliyahu
M473 Panturin Rikel 1942 Kovel Eliyahu
M473 Panturin Yechiel Boniya 1942 Kovel Eliyahu
M473 Panturin Boniya Yechiel 1942 Kovel
M473 Panturin Eliyahu 1942 Kovel Yechiel
M473 Panturin Shlomo WW I Eliyahu
D473 Panturin Rachel Greenblat family Baruch
D473 Goishen Asneh Greenblat family Baruch
M473 Greenblat Baruch Hannah Malka 1940 Benyamin
M473 Greenblat Hannah Malka Baruch 1942 Shlomo
M473 Menenbaum Faiga Devorah Greenblat Efraim 3cc 1942 Baruch
M473 Menenbaum Efraim Faiga Devora 1942
M473 Segal Doba Greenblat Yosef 2cc 1942 Baruch
M473 Segal Yosef Doba 1942
M473 Greenblat Benyamin w-cc 1942 Baruch
D474 Frankfovitch Feivel Ethel
D474 Frankfovitch Ethel Feivel
M474 Frankfovitch Betzalel Bracha
M474 Frankfovitch Bracha Betzalel
M474 Frankfovitch Kassia Betzalel
M474 Frankfovitch Hannahleh Betzalel
M474 Ritt Yosef Malka Sivan 18 1942
M474 Ritt Malka Yosef Sivan 18 1942
M474 Ritt Cecillia Sivan 18 1942 Yosef
M474 Ritt Fraidaleh Sivan 18 1942 Yosef
M474 Frankfovitch ? Rifkaleh Elul 6 1942
D474 Finkelstein Yoel Wolf family Yechezkel
M474 Finkelstein Yechezkel Fruma

Tishrei 1942

Yoel Zeev
M474 Finkelstein Fruma Yechezkel Kislev 19 1932 Shlomo
M474 Finkelstein Eliezar Yechezkel
M474 Finkelstein Nachman Yechezkel
M474 Finkelstein Batia Yechezkel
D474 Yosiovitch Shlomo Yosef-Aidel
M474 Yosiovitch Yosef-Aidel Tzippora
M474 Yosiovitch Tzippora Yosef-Aidel
M474 Yosiovitch Moshe family Yosef-Aidel
M474 Yosiovitch? Doba Yosiovitch h-cc Yosef-Aidel
M474 Yosiovitch Hannah-Batia Yosef-Aidel
M474 Yosiovitch Sarah Yosef-Aidel
D475 Pas Yosef Yechiel-Mordecai
M475 Pas Yechiel-Mordecai Shvat 17 1906
D475 Batshkovski Yaakov Raileh
D475 Batshkovski Raileh Pearl Yaakov Baruch
D475 Batshkovski Avraham Yaakov
D475 Batshkovski Benyamin Yaakov
M475 Pearl Baruch Esther from Radovitch
M475 Pearl Esther Baruch
M475 Pearl Benyamin Faiga Racheleh Baruch
M475 Pearl Faiga Racheleh Branstein Benyamin
M475 Pearl Yossel Benyamin
M475 Pearl Shlomo Benyamin
M475 Fromer Yechiel Hannah
M475 Fromer Hannah Pearl Yechiel Baruch
D475 Goldzweig Gittle Lev Shmuel Haim
D475 Goldzweig Shmuel Gittle
M475 Lev Haim Zlata 1942
M475 Lev Zlata Haim 1942
M475 Lev Ethel 1942 Haim
M475 Lev Tzipa 1942 Haim
M475 Lev Velvel 1942 Haim
M475 Lev Moshe 1942 Haim
D475 Laikach Mendel Hannah Eliezar
D475 Laikach Hannah Mendel
M475 Laikach Eliezar Haim-Arieh
M475 Laikach Leah Kalika Moshe
M475 Laikach Moshe Eliezar
M475 Laikach Yosef-Ber Eliezar
M475 Gopen Mordecai Avish
M475 Herman Faiga Shmuel
M475 Vainroib Hindeh Laikach Eliezar
M475 Vainroib Zisia
M475 Vainroib Avish Zisia
M475 Vainroib Yosef Zisia
M475 Vainroib Shmuel Zisia
M475 Laikach Peril Eliezar ?
D476 Hoppen Notta Moshe
D476 Einstein Menucha Hoppen Moshe
M476 Hoppen Moshe Raizel 3cc 1942
M476 Hoppen Raizel Aizik 3cc 1942
M476 Hoppen Aizik 1942 Moshe
M476 Hoppen Zaddok 1942 Moshe
M476 Hoppen Faiga 1942 Moshe
M476 Hoppen (?) Notta (uncle) family 1942 Rozshitsh
M476 Hoppen (?) Sarah (aunt) family 1942 Melnitza
D476 Reznick Shmuel
D476 Reznick Devorah Veinshel Mordecai Eidel
M476 Veinshel Mordecai Eidel
M476 Veinshel Braina Leah
M476 Veinshel (?) Haika h-cc Mordecai Eidel
M476 Veinshel Notta Mordecai Eidel
M476 Veinshel Yankel Gittle Mordecai Eidel
M476 Veinshel Gittle Yankel
M476 Schwartzblat Reuven Leahka cc (uncle)- of Devorah
M476 Schwartzblat Leahka Reuven cc (aunt)- of Devorah
D476 Kaplan Mordecai 1942 Kovel (brother)
M476 Kaplan Betzalel Chaya 1942 Kovel (brother)
M476 Kaplan Chaya Betzalel
D476 Batter Faiga Rubenstein h-cc Shmuel
M476 Rubenstein Shmuel Chaya Blooma 1942
M476 Rubenstein Chaya Blooma Shmuel 1942
M476 Movsovitch Dvorsia Rubenstein Naftali 1942 Shmuel
M476 Movsovitch Naftali Dvorsia 1942
M476 Rubenstein Hannah 1942 Shmuel
M476 Rubenstein Tema 1942 Shmuel
M476 Rubenstein Yisrael 1942 Shmuel
D477 Melamed Yisrael Moshe Yitzhak
D477 Melamed Peril Gloz
M477 Melamed Moshe Yitzhak Sheindel 1930
M477 Melamed Sheindel Moshe Yitzhak 1934
M477 Melamed Fishel Chaya Sara 4cc 1942 Moshe Yitzhak
M477 Melamed Chaya Sara Fishel 4cc 1942
M477 Melamed Yaakov w-2cc 1942 Moshe Yitzhak
M477 Kamen Chaya Ita Melamed Avraham 2cc 1942 Moshe Yitzhak
M477 Kamen Avraham Chaya Ita 2cc 1942
M477 Melamed (?) Ethel h-2cc 1942 Moshe Yitzhak
M477 Kodish Moshe w-cc 1942 (uncle)
M477 Melamed Haim w-cc 1942 1927 Matziev (uncle)
M477 Gloz Moshe 1942 Melnitza
M477 Gloz Yisrael w-cc 1942 1938 Melnitza
D478 Koznietz Berish family Mottel
M478 Koznietz Mottel Leah Devora Kislev 11 1931 Asher
M478 Koznietz Leah Devora Mottel 1942
M478 Elbert Malka Koznietz Shamai 1942 Mottel
M478 Elbert Shamai Malka 1942
M478 Elbert Estherka (daughter) 1942 Shamai
M478 Skirtch Tzesia Koznietz Hershka 1942 Mottel
M478 Skirtch Hershka Tzesia 1942
M478 Kristalka Chaya Koznietz Yehiel 1942 Mottel
M478 Kristalka Yehiel Chaya 1942
M478 Koznietz Buzia Moshe 1942
M478 Koznietz Moshe Buzia 1942 Mottel
M478 Koznietz family 1942
M478 Elbert family 1942
M478 Skirtch family 1942
M478 Kristalka family 1942
M478 Sternberg family 1942
M478 Ashkenasi family 1942
M478 Zusman family 1942
M478 Richter family 1942
M478 Fuks family 1942
M478 Shub family 1942
M478 Rosenberg family 1942
M478 Broinstein family 1942
M478 Danziger family 1942
M478 Zuker family 1942
M478 Bakimer family 1942
M478 Meltzer family 1942
M478 Kasis family 1942
M478 Zeltzer family 1942
M478 Glaiberman family 1942
M478 Katz family 1942
M478 Schneider family 1942
M478 Plosker family 1942
M478 Ginzberg family 1942
M478 Raisisher family 1942
D479 Feifer Sima Liba Beril
D479 Koznietz Bila Feifer Beril
M479 Feifer Beril Sima Liba 1919
M479 Feifer (?) Fraida Kislev 4 1929 Matziev Sima Liba's mother
M479 Schwartzbord Zisel Moshe cc 1942 Sima Liba's sister
M479 Schwartzbord Moshe Zisel cc 1942
M479 Becker family 1942
M479 Schwartzbord family 1942
M479 Shammes family 1942
M479 Feingloz family 1942
M479 Pomerantz family 1942
M479 Koshinsky Meir 1942 (friend)
M479 Berenson Ethel h-cc 1942 (friend)
M479 Gaier Nachum w 1942 (friend)
D480 Goldin David family Hershel
D480 Melamed Itia Goldin family Hershel
D480 Zlotnik Malka Goldin family Hershel
M480 Goldin Hershel Rachel Av 28 1924 Yaakov David
M480 Goldin Rachel Hershel Erev Rosh 1920 Yoel
M480 Goldin Shlomo w-cc Hershel
M480 Goldin Mirel Dvora Heshvan 3 1935 Hershel
M480 Nizvestna Aharon Yosef inlaw 1942 Noah
M480 Nizvestna Malka 1942 Ahron Yosef
M480 Nizvestna Itia 1942 Ahron Yosef
M480 Nizvestna Noah 1942 Ahron Yosef
M480 Nizvestna (?) Feivel inlaw 1942
M480 Nizvestna (?) Hersheleh 1942 Fishel
M480 Nizvestna (?) Chaya Rivkaleh 1942 Fishel
M480 Katz Sirka Nizvestna ? Simcha 1942 Noah
M480 Ketz Simcha Raizel cc 1942
M480 Ketz Raizel Simcha cc 1942
M480 Ketz Fishel 1942 Simcha
M480 Kagan Moshe Hinda 1942 Shmuel
M480 Kagan Hinda Moshe cc 1920
D480 Goldin Chaya Appel Yosef
D480 Portogez Malka Appel Yosef
M480 Appel Yosef Leah Shvat 21 1917 Dov
M480 Appel Leah Reichstal Yosef Kislev 15 1941 Yosef-Arie
M480 Heller Fishel Rachel (uncle) 1942
M480 Heller Rachel Fishel (aunt) 1942
M480 Segal Rachel Appel Reuven 1942 Kovel Yosef
M480 Segal Reuven Rachel 1942 Kovel Aizik Leib
M480 Nudelstein Matot (?) 1942 Kovel nephew of Reuven Segal
D481 Barnboim Beril family Tzvi Arie
D481 Barnboim Yosef family Tzvi Arie
M481 Barnboim Tzvi Arie Yenta 1920 Dov - HaLevi
M481 Barnboim Yenta Tzvi Arie 1942 Arie
M481 Barnboim ? Dova son- Hershel Tzvi Arie
M481 Naiman Malka Barnboim Aaron 1942 Tzvi Arie
M481 Naiman Aaron Malka 1942
D481 Meshteler Yosef Arie
M481 Meshteler Arie Chaya Esther Simhat Torah 1918 Yosef
M481 Meshteler Chaya Esther Arie Adar 24 1935 Asher
M481 Meshteler Asher Tz Gdalia 1920 Libechin Arie
M481 Fuks Yaakov Ita 1920
M481 Fuks Ita Yaakov 1920
M481 Fuks Shlomo 1920 Yaakov
M481 Fuks Dova 1920 Yaakov
M481 Fuks Moshe family 1920 Yaakov
M481 Verber Rachel Fuks Yonah cc 1920
M481 Verber Yonah Rachel cc 1920
M481 Fuks ? Malka Mottel cc 1920
M481 Shlechter Hannah 1942
D482 Orda Beril Shlomo
D482 Orda Moshe Shlomo
M482 Orda Shlomo Raizel Adar 8 1938 Avraham
M482 Orda Raizel Shlomo 1942 Libechin Shmuel
M482 Orda ? Fraida c 1942 Libechin Shlomo
M482 Orda Peril 1942 Libechin Shlomo
M482 Schuster ? Miriam Orda Nachum ? 1942 Libechin Shlomo
M482 Schuster Nachum Miriam ? 1942 Libechin
M482 Orda Mordecai 1942 Libechin Shlomo
M482 Orda Yitzhak 1942 Libechin Shlomo
M482 Orda Avraham 1942 Libechin Shlomo
M482 HaCohen Moshe Age 90 Libechin Aaron
M482 HaCohen Shmuel family 1942 Moshe
M482 HaCohen Yisrael family 1942 Moshe
M482 HaCohen ? Peril family 1942 Moshe
M482 HaCohen ? Itia family 1942 Moshe
M482 HaCohen Shlomo 1920 Moshe
D482 Meshteler Gittle Santimmer family Yosef
D482 Santimmer Moshe family Yosef
D482 Santimmer Shmuel family Yosef
M482 Santimmer Yosef Esther Raizel 1942 Shmuel - HaLevi
M482 Santimmer Esther Raizel Yosef 1942 Zisia Leib
M482 Santimmer ? Rachel Santimmer h-cc 1942 Yosef
M482 Santimmer ? Peril Santimmer son- Mosheleh 1942 Yosef
M482 Santimmer ? Yacha Santimmer h-c 1942 Yosef
M482 Santimmer Avraham 1942 Yosef
M482 Santimmer ? Devorah Santimmer 2cc 1920 Yosef
M482 Kaufman Eidel 1920 Avraham
M482 Kaufman Haim 1920 Eidel
M482 Kaufman David 1920 Eidel
M482 Debert Moshe inlaws 1920
M482 Kaufman Golia Abraham 1918
M482 Santimmer Sarah Shmuel 1920
M482 Santimmer Yosef Rifka 1920 Benyamin
M482 Santimmer Rifka Yosef 1920
D483 Sokatsher Yankel w-cc Asher HaCohen
M483 Sokatsher Lippa Mishka Asher HaCohen (grandfather)
M483 Sokatsher Mishka Lippa
M483 Lemberger Dov Chava (Rabbi) 1920
M483 Lemberger Chava Dov 1920
M483 Sokatsher Asher Liba 1942 Lippa
M483 Sokatsher Liba Lemberger Asher 1942 Dov
M483 Sokatsher Getzel "my brother" Asher HaCohen
M483 Sokatsher ? Yaakov uncle
M483 Sokatsher ? Dov uncle
M483 Sokatsher ? Malka aunt
M483 Sokatsher Avraham Liba 1920 Asher HaCohen
M483 Sokatsher Liba Avraham 1920
M483 Sokatsher Nechemia 1920 Avraham
M483 Sokatsher ? Itzel 1942 Avraham ?
M483 Sokatsher ? Asher 1942 Avraham ?
M483 Sokatsher ? Sirka 1942 Avraham ?
M483 Sokatsher ? Utka 1942 Avraham ?
M483 Sokatsher ? Malka 1942 Avraham ?
M483 Sokatsher ? Eliyahu Fraida 1934
M483 Sokatsher ? Fraida Eliyahu 1934
M483 Sokatsher Simcha family 1942
M483 Saroka Yankel Liba family 1942
M483 Saroka Liba Yankel family 1942
D483 Batter Yaakov Moshe Meir
D483 Batter Yoel Moshe Meir
M483 Batter Moshe Meir Chaya 21 Heshvan 1918 Mordecai HaCohen
M483 Batter Chaya Moshe Meir 1940 Yaakov
M483 Batter Shlomo 1940 Moshe Meir
M483 Batter Yitzhak 1940 Moshe Meir
M483 Batter Sarah h-cc 1940 Moshe Meir
M483 Batter Yisrael 1940 Moshe Meir
M483 Goldin Yitzhak brother in law of Batter 1 Elul 1950 Buenos Aires Tzvi
D484 Kahan Fishel Sonia (?) family Elezar
D484 Kahan Haim-Ber Elezar
M484 Kahan Elezar Esther 1942 Haim Dov HaCohen
M484 Kahan Esther Reichstal Elezar 1942 Yosef Ariyeh HaLevi
M484 Kahan Nehama 1942
M484 Kahan Yosef Leib 1942
M484 Kahan Yaakov Fraida 1942 Haim Dov HaCohen
M484 Kahan Fraida Yaakov 1942
M484 Kahan Haim-Ber 1942 Yaakov
M484 Kahan Shaulik 1942 Yaakov
M484 Kahan Raizel 1942 Yaakov
M484 Kahan Israelik Hannah cc 1942 Haim Dov HaCohen
M484 Kahan Hannah Israelik cc 1942
M484 Kinenzon Wolf Tzirel 1942 (uncle of Fishel Kahan)
M484 Kinenzon Tzirel Wolf 1942
M484 Biber Shlomo Leah 1942 (uncle of Fishel Kahan)
M484 Biber Leah Shlomo 1942
M484 Biber Pesil 1942 Shlomo
M484 Biber Yitzhak 1942 Shlomo
M484 Rozshitz Ben Zion Pincus Sarah 1942 from Klevan (Kahan in-law)
M484 Rozshitz Sarah Ben Zion Pincus 1942
M484 Rozshitz Malka 1942
M484 Rozshitz Shmeril Rifka 1942 (Kahan in-law)
M484 Rozshitz Rifka Kertzman Shmeril 1942
D485 Kipper Mottel family Shia
M485 Kipper Shia Esther 1942
M485 Kipper Esther Shia 1942
M485 Kipper Hershel Hinda 1942 Shia
M485 Kipper Hinda Hershel 1942
M485 Gutman Aidel Haika 1942 (Kipper uncle)
M485 Gutman Haika Aidel 1942
M485 Gutman (?) Yussel Gittle 1919 (Kipper uncle)
M485 Gutman (?) Gittle Yussel 1942
M485 Gutman (?) Meir 1942 Yussel
M485 Gutman (?) Aaron 1942 Yussel
M485 Gutman (?) Mendel 1942 Yussel
M485 Gutman (?) Henia Hershel cc 1942 Yussel
M485 Gutman (?) Hershel Henia cc 1942
M485 Beanstock Yitzhak Rifka 1942 (Kipper in-law)
M485 Beanstock Rifka Yitzhak 1942
D485 Valk Sender Vorva Abraham
D485 Valk Vorva Sender
D485 Gortenstein family
M485 Valk Abraham Sarah Mordecai-Wolf
M485 Valk Sarah Kaufman Abraham
M485 Valk Eliezar family Abraham
M485 Valk Shimon family Abraham
M485 Valk ? Fania family Abraham
M485 Valk ? Baila family Abraham
D486 Lehrer Yoel family Shimshon
D486 Lehrer Israel family Shimshon
D486 Lehrer Moshe family Shimshon
M486 Lehrer Shimshon Sarah Malka 1942
M486 Lehrer Sarah Malka Shimshon 1942
M486 Lehrer Yudel Haika cc 1942 Shimshon
M486 Lehrer Haika Cohen Yudel cc 1942
M486 Deutsch Yishia Esther cc 1942
M486 Deutsch Esther Lehrer Yishia cc 1942 Shimshon
M486 Lehrer Tova Sivan 2 1938 Lanos, Argentina Shimshon
D486 Kogan Asher Poland
D486 Tchizshik Family Argentina
M486 Kogan Chaya 1942
M486 Kogan Shimon 1942 mother- Chaya
M486 Kogan Moshe 1942 mother- Chaya
M486 Kogan Hinda 1942 mother- Chaya
M486 Tchizshik Yitzhak Peril 1942
M486 Tchizshik Peril Yitzhak 1942
M486 Tchizshik Miriamel 1942 Yitzhak
M486 Tchizshik Moshe 1942 Yitzhak
M486 Tchizshik Hershel 1942 Yitzhak
M486 Tchizshik Beril 1942 Yitzhak
D486 Kleiman Tulia age 26-died 1950 Poland
M486 Liplevski David w-cc 1942 Kovel
D487 Gilshlak Meir w-cc Haim
M487 Gilshlak Haim Mirel 1942
M487 Gilshlak Mirel Haim 1942
D487 Galperin Julio
D487 Galperin Malka Gilshlak
D487 Galperin Paulina Litmanovitch
D487 Galperin Sarita
D487 Galperin Avraham Yosef Fania
D488 Fleiderman family
D488 Weinstein Family
M488 Fleiderman Shlomo Rav 1937 Kovel
M488 Goldberg Rifka Fleiderman age 32 Cordova, Argentina
D488 Weinstein Velvel family mother- Sara
D488 Weinstein Liovtza family mother- Sara
M488 Weinstein Sara Sheva age 62 Buenos Aires
D488 Stolier Yekutiel Haika cc Dov
D488 Stolier Haika Yekutiel cc
M488 Stolier Dov Batya 1927
M488 Stolier Batya Dov 1942
M488 Reiter Hannah Stolier Wolf 2cc 1942 Dov
M488 Reiter Wolf Hannah 2cc 1942 Melnitza
M488 Stolier ? Esther Stolier h-cc 1942 Kovel Dov
M488 Stolier Bezalel w-2cc 1942 Dov
M488 Stolier Rifka 1942 Dov
D489 Raider ? Rikel Raider family
D489 Raider ? Sarah Raider Family
D489 Raider ? Raizel Raider Family
D489 Raider ? Fruma Raider Family
D489 Raider ? Barter Raider Family
M489 Raider ? Yenta h-cc
M489 Gloz Esther Raider ? Hersh Leib 1942 mother- Yenta
M489 Gloz Hersh Leib Esther 1942
M489 Raider ? Laibel Faigel 1942 Velodimiretz
M489 Raider ? Faigel Laibel 1942 Velodimiretz
M489 Raider ? Hersheleh 1942 Velodimiretz Laibel
M489 Raider ? Chayaleh 1942 Velodimiretz Laibel
M489 Raider David uncle 1942
M489 Raider Haika family 1942
M489 Raider Haim Tzipa grandfather 1914
M489 Raider Tzipa Haim grandmother 1942
D490 Mandler Paya Kartoflia family Yitzhak-Moshe
D490 Krakover Zelda Kartoflia family Yitzhak-Moshe
M490 Kartoflia Yitzhak Moshe Malka Sara 1942
M490 Kartoflia Malka Sara Yitzhak Moshe 1942
M490 Kartoflia Zissa family 1942
M490 Kartoflia Elezar family 1942
M490 Kartoflia ? Pessia family 1942
M490 Kartoflia ?? Paulia (Pessia's daughter) 1942
M490 Kartoflia ? Haika family 1942
M490 Kartoflia ? Paulia family 1942
M490 Kartoflia ? Mina family 1942
M490 Kartoflia Meir c. 1917
D491 Mandler Betzalel family Leib
M491 Mandler Pinchas 1942 Kovel Leib
D491 Krakover Hirsh family Moshe
M491 Krakover Moshe Henia 1942 Kovel Pesach
M491 Krakover Henia Fierstein Moshe 1942 Kovel David
M491 Krakover Dov family 1942 Kovel Moshe
M491 Krakover Pesach family 1942 Kovel Moshe
M491 Krakover ? Rivka Krakover family 1942 Kovel Moshe
M491 Krakover ? Sonia Krakover family 1942 Kovel Moshe
D491 Pomerantz Hershel family Shmuel
M491 Pomerantz Shmuel Yosef Devorah 1942 Kovel Shmaryahu
M491 Pomerantz Devorah Shmuel Yosef 1942 Kovel Yehoshua
M491 Pomerantz ? Sarah Pomerantz Noah family 1942 Kovel Shmuel Yosef
M491 Pomerantz ? Noah Sarah family 1942 Kovel
M491 Pomerantz ? Batia Pomerantz family 1942 Kovel Shmuel Yosef
M491 Pomerantz ? Avraham family 1942 Kovel
D491 Feintuch Golda Shmuel
D491 Verba Alte Shmuel
M491 Verba ? Shmuel Chaya Rivka 1942 Kovel Tzvi Arie
M491 Verba ? Chaya Rivka Boim Shmuel 1942 Kovel Avraham from Niskech
M491 Kerchner Bella Ita Verba ? Aaron family 1942 Kovel Shmuel
M491 Kerchner Aaron Bella Ita family 1942 Kovel
M491 Verba ? Gittle Verba ? h-cc 1942 Kovel Shmuel
D492 Weissberg Moshe family Shmuel
D492 Weissberg ? Hanacha Weissberg family Shmuel
D492 Weissberg ? Rivka Weissberg family Shmuel
D492 Weissberg ? Itka Weissberg family Shmuel
M492 Weissberg Shmuel Yochevet 1942 Kovel
M492 Weissberg Yochevet Shmuel 1942 Kovel
M492 Weissberg Shaika Cheniya 1942 Kovel Shmuel
M492 Weissberg Cheniya Shaika 1942 Kovel
M492 Weissberg Berish 1942 Kovel Shaika
M492 Weissberg Saraleh 1942 Kovel Shaika
M492 Weissberg Haim w 1942 Kovel Shmuel
M492 Faigeles Asneh Weissberg Moshe c 1942 Kovel Shmuel
M492 Faigeles Moshe Asneh c 1942 Kovel
M492 Feldman Yosef uncle family 1942 Kovel
M492 Shiter Michael Sarah family 1942 Kovel our inlaws
M492 Shiter Sarah Michael family 1942 Kovel our inlaws
D492 Weissberg Fraida Nesanel Moshe Shmuel Wolf
D492 Weissberg Moshe Fraida
M492 Nesanel Shmuel Wolf Miriam
M492 Nesanel Miriam Blonder Shmuel Wolf Yaakov
M492 Nesanel Michael Shmuel Wolf
M492 Nesanel Laibel Shmuel Wolf
M492 Nesanel Asneh Shmuel Wolf
D493 Kahan Adolpho Tuvia Lederhandler
D493 Kahan Gittle Shapiro Menachem Mendel Leib
M493 Rozenzweig Yidel Mindel greatgrandfather of Adolpho
M493 Rozenzweig Mindel Yidel greatgrandmother
M493 Gershonovitch Haim Fraida-Rivka grandfather of Adolpho
M493 Gershonovitch Fraida-Rivka Haim grandmother
M493 Lederhandler Tuvia Golda 1931 Kovel father of Adolpho
M493 Lederhandler Golda Gershonovitch Tuvia 1942 Kovel Haim
M493 Kagan Mindel Lederhandler Moshe cc 1942 Kovel Tuvia
M493 Kagan Moshe Mindel cc 1942 Kovel
M493 Lederhandler Luva 1942 Kovel Tuvia
M493 Lederhandler family Kovel
M493 Steinbach family Kovel
M493 Susid family Rovno
M493 Malier nbsp; family Rovno
M493 Gordin family Brisk
M493 Shapiro Menachem Mendel Leib Sheinah Riva Adar 1925
M493 Shapiro Sheinah Riva Menachem Mendel Leib erev Yom Kippur 1937
M493 Shapiro Henuch Rivka 6 cc 1942 Pultisk Menachem Mendel Leib
M493 Shapiro Rivka Henuch 6 cc 1942 Pultisk
M493 Shapiro Esther 1942 Pultisk Henuch
M493 Shapiro Yechezkiel 1942 Pultisk Henuch
M493 Shapiro 4 cc 1942 Pultisk Henuch
M493 Kreizelman Malka Shapiro Avraham 2 cc Yadov Menachem Mendel Leib
M493 Kreizelman Avraham Malka 2 cc Yadov
M493 Kreizelman Mendel age 18 Yadov Avraham
M493 Kreizelman Devorah age 14 Yadov Avraham
M493 Garbarski Misha Shapiro David 3 cc Yadov Menachem Mendel Leib
M493 Garbarski David Misha 3 cc Yadov
M493 Garbarski Mindeleh Yadov
M493 Garbarski Basia-Blima Yadov
M493 Garbarski Sheinah Riva Yadov
D494 Zaltzhandler Aaron family Nuchum
M494 Zaltzhandler Nuchem Rachel 1942 Kovel
M494 Zaltzhandler Rachel Nuchem 1942 Kovel
M494 Zaltzhandler Yehuda Sheindel 1942 Kovel Nuchum ?
M494 Zaltzhandler Sheindel Yehuda 1942 Kovel
M494 Neimark Yaakov 1942 Kovel
M494 Neimark Sara Zaltzhandler ? 1942 Kovel Nuchem ?
D494 Goren Leon family Mottel
M494 Goren Mottel Sarah
M494 Goren Sarah Mottel
M494 Goren Yosef Liba Mottel
M494 Goren Liba Yosef
M494 Goren ? Disia Goren Feivel family Mottel
M494 Goren ? Feivel Disia family
M494 Goren ? Sheina Rachel Goren Mottel
M494 Goren ? Yaakov
M494 Goren Haim Mottel
M494 Goren Moshe Mottel
M494 Ox Shia Fishel family sisters' children
M494 Goren ? Reuven Ber family sisters' children
M494 Goren ? David family sisters' children
M494 Goren ? Paysi family sisters' children
M494 Goren ? Ita h-cc sisters' children
M494 Goren Yaakov Freida family uncle
M494 Goren Freida Yaakov family
M494 Ainbinder Shmeril Henia family Goren inlaws
M494 Ainbinder Henia Shmeril family Goren inlaws
D494 Meshichik Haim family Paysi
M494 Meshichik Paysi Faiga 10 Heshvan 1912
M494 Meshichik Faiga Paysi 1942 Kovel
M494 Meshichik Moshe family 1942 Kovel Paysi
M494 Meshichik ? Rivka Meshichik family 1942 Kovel Paysi
D494 Shpaizman Zishia David
M494 Shpaizman David Rachel 1942 Kovel
M494 Shpaizman Rachel David 1942 Kovel
M494 Shpaizman Heni 1942 Kovel David
M494 Shpaizman Dvora 1942 Kovel David
D495 Kimmel Mordecai Menachem Yitzhak Tzvi
M495 Kimmel Yitzhak Tzvi Tova Sheindel
M495 Kimmel Tova Sheindel Yitzhak Tzvi
M495 Kadish Bracha Kimmel Yitzhak Tzvi
M495 Kadish Menachem Mendel
M495 Kadish Shlomkeh Menachem Mendel
D495 Pak Samuel w Yisrael
D495 Pak wife of Samuel Weiner Yitzhak Hirsh
M495 Pak Yisrael Chaya Zissel
M495 Pak Chaya Zissel Yisrael 1918
M495 Pak Yossel 1942 Kovel Yisrael
M495 Pak Gutman 1942 Kovel Yisrael
M495 Pak ? Malka Pak 1942 Kovel Yisrael
M495 Pak ? Gittle Pak 1942 Kovel Yisrael
M495 Weiner Yitzhak Hirsh Dova 1942 Kovel
M495 Weiner Dova Yitzhak Hirsh 1942 Kovel
M495 Weiner Avraham family 1942 Kovel Yitzhak Hirsh
M495 Weiner Asher family 1942 Kovel Yitzhak Hirsh
M495 Weiner Leib family 1942 Kovel Yitzhak Hirsh
M495 Weiner Feibush family 1942 Kovel Yitzhak Hirsh
D495 Nis Mottel Malka Yitzhak Wolf
M495 Nis Malka Wax Mottel Buenos Aires
M495 Nis Yitzhak Wolf Esther Heny Kovel
M495 Nis Esther Heny Yitzhak Wolf Kovel
M495 Nis Shlomo Yitzhak Wolf
M495 Nis Yitzhak Wolf Shlomo
M495 Borstein Rivka Nis Hershel cc Yitzhak Wolf
M495 Borstein Hershel Rivka cc
M495 Shochat Feivel Aidel
M495 Shochat Aidel Borstein Feivel Hersh
D495 Pikis Benyamin family Avraham Yona
M495 Pikis Avraham Yona Raizel 1920
M495 Pikis Shmuel Betzalel 1920 Avraham Yona
M495 Pikis Raizel Rosenson Avraham Yona Shimon - from Kremna
M495 Melamed Sirka Pikis Avraham Livevna Avraham Yona
M495 Melamed Avraham Sirka Livevna
M495 Melamed Yona Livevna Avraham
M495 Melamed Vitia Livevna Avraham
M495 Grodner Baila Feivel Kovel Avraham Yona
M495 Grodner Feivel Baila Kovel
M495 Pikis Hannah Avraham Yona
M495 Pikis Yenta Avraham Yona
D496 Treister Moshe w Arieh
M496 Treister Arieh Faiga Karliner Hasid Kovel Menachem Mendel HaLevi
M496 Treister Faiga Tenenbaum Arieh Kovel Benyamin from Kobrin
M496 Treister Gershon Kovel Arieh
M496 Lamdan Kasia Treister from Rovna Kovel Arieh
M496 Treister Raizel Kovel Arieh
M496 Treister Gittle Kovel Arieh
M496 Lantze Chaya aunt of Moshe Kovel
D497 Boimel Manny Shimon
M497 Boimel Shimon Tammuz 1 1910 Kovel Shmuel Avigdor
M497 Boimel Gittle Elul 1 1919 Kovel Avraham Moshe
M497 Fidel Falik brotherinlaw 1942 Kovel
M497 Fidel Rivka 1942 Kovel Falik
M497 Fidel Gittle 1942 Kovel Falik
M497 Fidel Yankel 1942 Kovel Falik
M497 Fidel Yisrael 1942 Kovel Falik
M497 Fidel Berta 1942 Kovel Falik
D497 Kaminski Isser Dintza
D497 Kaminski Dintza Isser
M497 Weiner Shlomo Elka cc 1942 Kovel
M497 Weiner Elka Kaminski Shlomo cc 1942 Kovel
M497 Weiner Avraham Faiga-Malka cc 1942 Kovel Shlomo
M497 Weiner Faiga-Malka Prigal (?) cc 1942 Kovel
D498 Galst Naftali Hertz Haim David ?
D498 Galst Vera Haim David ?
D498 Galst Victor Haim David ?
M498 Galst Haim David Raizel family 1942 Kovel
M498 Galst Raizel Haim David family 1942 Kovel
D498 Kupperstein Shmuel Taivel
M498 Kupperstein Taivel Batia 1942 Kovel Yaakov
M498 Kupperstein Batia Taivel 1942 Kovel
M498 Kupperstein Avraham 1942 Kovel Taivel
M498 Kupperstein Moshe 1942 Kovel Taivel
M498 Kupperstein Gedalyahu 1942 Kovel Taivel
M498 Kupperstein ? Shmuelik w-cc 1942 Kovel uncle'
D499 Shapira Yaakov Sara Raizel
D499 Shapira Sara Raizel Hasid Yaakov Israel Arieh
M499 Hasid Yitzhak Isaac Feivel Israel Arieh
M499 Hasid Rechtzi Wax Dov
M499 Hasid Haika
M499 Hasid Israel family
M499 Hasid Dov
M499 Hasid Gershon David Bini Tzvi Dov
M499 Hasid Bini Eptzok Gershon David Moshe
M499 Hasid Sonia Gershon David
M499 Hasid Haika Gershon David
M499 Hasid ? Israel Tzvi Dov- grandfather
M499 Citrin Golda Hasid Zisia Tzvi
M499 Citrin Zisia Golda
M499 Citrin Rivka
M499 Citrin Devorah
M499 Citrin ? Tova daughter Bini
M499 Citrin Tzvi Dov
M499 Hasid Moshe Yehuda Tzvi Dov
M499 Hasid Zelda Prizant Zalman
M499 Hasid Shlomo Bunim Moshe Yehuda
M499 Hasid Yaakov Moshe Yehuda
M499 Hasid Yosef Moshe Yehuda
M499 Hasid Mendel Moshe Yehuda
M499 Hasid Reuven Ber Tzvi Dov
M499 Hasid Ranya Mordecai
M499 Hasid Faiga Reuven Ber
M499 Hasid ? Binya Faiga's daughter
M499 Hasid ? Rivka Faiga's daughter
M499 Hasid ? Miriam Faiga's daughter
M499 Shapira Yitzhak family Matot
M499 Shapira ? Perel Shapira family Matot
M499 Shapira ? Bracha Shapira family Matot
D499 Fogatch Falik Yosef
M499 Fogatch Yosef Chaya Yoel Haim
M499 Fogatch Chaya Yosef
M499 Fogatch Berel Yosef
M499 Fogatch Chaya Yosef
D500 Gutman Aaron w Haim Avraham
D500 Gutman (wife) Rozenbaum Moshe
M500 Gutman Haim Avraham Gnendel Kovel
M500 Gutman Gnendel Haim Avraham Kovel
M500 Gutman Shepsil 1942 Haim Avraham
M500 Gutman Malka WW I Haim Avraham
M500 Gutman (?) Golda Gutman cc 1942 Kovel
M500 Rozenbaum Moshe Esther 1942 Kovel
M500 Rozenbaum Esther Moshe 1942 Kovel
M500 Rozenbaum Sarah 1942 Kovel Moshe
M500 Rozenbaum Kayna 1942 Kovel Moshe
M500 Rozenbaum Riva 1942 Kovel Moshe
D500 Steinberg (Richter) Haim family Yehuda Meir
M500 Richter Yehuda Meir Malka Yehudit
M500 Richter Malka Yehudit Yehuda Meir
M500 Richter Batia Yehuda Meir
M500 Richter Chaya Leah Yehuda Meir
M500 Richter Manya Yehuda Meir
D501 Bokler Laibel family Eliezar
M501 Bokler Eliezar Ita Adar 19 1940 Yitzhak Zev
M501 Bokler Ita Eliezar Av 25 1937 Arieh
M501 Kenenzon Sosiya Bokler Baruch cc 1942 Kotishav Eliezar
M501 Kenenzon Baruch Sosiya Kislev 17 1942 Kotishav
M501 Halperin Faiga Bokler Avraham cc 1942 Kovel Eliezar
M501 Halperin Avraham Faiga 1942 Kovel
M501 Melamed Ethel Bokler Shaika cc 1942 Kovel Eliezar
M501 Melamed Shaika Ethel 1942 Kovel
D501 Zemel Yaakov Rachel
D501 Zemel Rachel Zilberstein Yaakov
M501 Zilberstein Oren Yehudit cc 1942 Kovel Rachel's brother
M501 Zilberstein Yehudit Oren cc 1942 Kovel
M501 Lippelevski Shia Fishel 1942 Kovel uncle
D501 Tannis Baruch family
D501 Tannis Betzalel family
M501 (general memorial)
D502 Golish Meir Feivel family Itzik
M502 Golish Itzik Shvat 20 1920 Aaron
M502 Golish Nechama Mazoski Zev
M502 Golish ? Hannah Guta Golish son- Itzik Itzik
M502 Golish ? Leah Golish h Itzik
M502 Golish Mindel Itzik
M502 Golish Aaron Itzik
M502 Golish Moshe Itzik
M502 Faierstein Noah Yenta Tzirel uncle
M502 Faierstein Yenta Tzirel Noah aunt
M502 Rozenberg Dova 3cc-aunt
D502 Glaz Avraham Hannah Poland
M502 Glaz Hannah Avraham 1942
M502 Diner Chaya Sarah inlaw 1942
D502 Boimel Nota Tova Hinda family
D502 Boimel Tova Hinda Katz ? Nota Tzvi
D502 Katz Moshe family Tzvi
M502 Katz Tzvi Sukkot Isru Hag 1917
M502 Katz ? Rachel Asher Shmuel Avigdor
M502 Katz ? Asher Rachel Tzvi
M502 Katz ? Sarah Golia Asher
M502 Katz ? Perel Asher
M502 Boimel Isser Shavuout 1919 Shalom
M502 Boimel ? Rikel 1942 Mordecai
M502 Boimel ? Shlomo 1942
M502 Boimel ? Mishka 1942
M502 Boimel ? Sheindel 1942
D503 Vainer (Breeder)- brothers? Uruguay mother- Raizel
M503 Vainer Raizel
M503 Alperin Henia Vainer Mendel mother- Raizel
M503 Alperin Mendel Henia
M503 Alperin Haim Mendel
M503 Alperin Natan Mendel
M503 Verba Henia cc relative
M503 Vainer ? Malka h-cc relative
M503 Oxman Moshe Rivka relative
M503 Oxman Rivka Moshe relative
M503 Vainer Yossel Perel cc relative
M503 Vainer Perel Yossel relative
M503 Torcheniuk Berel Shoshanna relative
M503 Torcheniuk Shoshanna Berel relative
M503 Vainer Shmuel cc relative
M503 Vainer ? Buzia h relative
M503 Vainer ? Zuzia family relative
D503 Litvak Pesach Belka
D503 Litvak Belka Naiter Pesach Haim
D503 Naiter Berel family Haim
M503 Naiter Haim
M503 Naiter Leah Bokser Yitzhak
M503 Naiter Yitzhak Leah Haim
M503 Naiter Bloimele Yitzhak
M503 Naiter ? Malka inlaw
M503 Naiter ? Baruch inlaw
M503 Naiter ? Gittle inlaw
M503 Naiter ? Mottel inlaw
M503 Naiter ? David inlaw
D504 Kramer Yisrael family Eliezar
D504 Kolav Esther Kramer family Eliezar
M504 Kramer Eliezar Miriam
M504 Kramer Miriam Eliezar
M504 Kramer Manish Eliezar
M504 Kramer Eliyahu Leib Eliezar
M504 Kramer Moshleh Eliezar
M504 Kramer Chaya Gittle Eliezar
D504 Fried V. B. family Kahat
M504 Fried Kahat Perel Zev Dov
M504 Fried Perel Kahat 1936 Meir
M504 Marder Avraham Yitzhak uncle 1942 Kovel Yehuda
M504 Marder Henia aunt 1942 Kovel Meir
M504 Balter Shimon Leola cousin 1942 Kovel
M504 Balter Leola Shimon cc 1942 Kovel Avraham Yitzhak
D505 Fisher Yaakov Haim
M505 Fisher Haim Menucha family 1942 Kovel
M505 Fisher Menucha Haim 1942 Kovel
D505 Verba Zisia mother- Rivka
M505 Verba Rivka 1942 Kovel
M505 Verba Berel 1942 Kovel mother- Rivka
M505 Verba Shaul 1942 Kovel mother- Rivka
M505 Verba Shepa 1942 Kovel mother- Rivka
M505 Verba Shalom 1942 Kovel mother- Rivka
M505 Verba Haika 1942 Kovel mother- Rivka
M505 Verba Sosiya 1942 Kovel mother- Rivka
D505 Muz Shai family Tzvi
M505 Muz Tzvi Hudel Yehoshua
M505 Muz Hudel Tzvi Shmuel
M505 Muz Dov w-cc Tzvi
M505 Muz ? Sarah Muz family Tzvi
M505 Muz ? Chaya Rivka Muz Berel cc Tzvi
M505 Muz ? Berel Chaya Rivka
M505 Muz Rifka Tzvi
M505 Muz ? Shimon w Natan
D506 Zak Gershon Zalman
M506 Zak Zalman Ethel 1942 Kovel Tzvi
M506 Zak Ethel Zalman 1942 Kovel
M506 Zak Hannah 1942 Kovel Zalman
M506 Zak Avraham 1942 Kovel Zalman
M506 Zak Perel 1942 Kovel Zalman
M506 Zak Hinda 1942 Kovel Zalman
M506 Zak Sarah Baila 1942 Kovel Zalman
D506 Schneider Shimon family
D506 Schneider (wife) Langer Shlomo
M506 Schneider Avraham Yaakov family Livevna brother of Shimon
M506 Schneider Yosef Pincas family Kovel brother of Shimon
M506 Langer Shlomo Gittle Vizshva
M506 Langer Gittle Shlomo Vizshva
M506 Langer Mordecai family 1942 Kovel uncle
D506 Lieberman Batia Berel
D506 Lieberman Berel Seltzer Batia 1942
M506 Seltzer Moshe Raniya 1942 brother of Batia
M506 Seltzer Raniya Volk Moshe 3 cc 1942
D507 Deceased Members of the Kovler Organization
D507 Gashevmacher Mottel
M507 Bokser David
M507 Erlich Oren
M507 Plinek Falik
M507 Lieberman Yisrael
M507 Englesberg Hershel
M507 Golish Shlomo
M507 Kaveberg Laibel
M507 Melamed Michal
M507 Shliam Yitzhak


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