Kobryn; an Overview of Jewish Kobryn
(Kobryn, Belarus)

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Translation of
Kobryn; zamlbukh (an interblik ibern yidishn Kobryn)

Edited by: Melech Glotzer, Kobryn Book Committee

Published in Buenos Aires , 1951


Project Coordinator

Haim Sidor


This is a translation from: Kobryn; zamlbukh (an interblik ibern yidishn Kobryn)
Kobryn; an overview of Jewish Kobryn, ed. Melech Glotzer, Kobryn Book Committee. Buenos Aires, 1951

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Kobryn (1951a)

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Translated by Gloria Berkenstat Freund

Introduction 11
Part 1

General Features

General Features M. Glotser 17
The History of Kobrin Yitzchak Pinchuk 28
Kobrin Personalities (song) M. Glotser 34
Between Two World Wars M. Ginzburg 36
Part 2

Traditional Features

Tradition and Culture B. Kupicki 49
Kobrin Rabbinate M. Tsinowitz 51
The Tzadek [righteous man] (poem) B. Adler 58
The Kobriner Rabbinical Seat A. Lebnshul 60
Hasidus A. Kobriniets 62
Kobriner Hasidim M. Glotser 67
Dynasty of Kobriner Rebbes B. Adler 69
Customs and Holidays A. Lebnshul 70
The Kobriner Synagogue M. Glotser 76
Legends and Types B. Adler 79
Kobriner Old Age Home B. Adler 82
Reb Moshe Chaim the Shoykhet [ritual slaughterer] Noakh Timianker 174
Part 3

Social-Economic Features

The Jewish Economics M. Glotser 87
Social Characteristics A. Lebnshul 91
Kobrin on a Market Day M. Glotser 98
A Remembrance of Kobrin Y. Bervikunkin 99
Part 4

Political and Professional Movement

Political Parties A. Lebnshul 103
The Poalei-Tzion Movement L. Sirote 109
A stranger and a resident Z. Lipshuts 116
A Dead City B. Glazman 120
The Professional Workers Union M. Kaminietsky 126
Artisans B. Adler 132
Part 5

Personalities and Professionals

Dr. Yakov Meir Zalkind M. Glotser 135
Community Rabbi Y. Priluk 136
Dr. Priblusky A. Kobriniets 137
Helo Priblusky A. Kobriniets 138
Noakh Olkon M. Glotser 139
Ben-Tzion Pontol A. Lebnshul 141
Itshe Pintshuk L. Sirote 142
Ari the Royfe [old-time doctor] L. Sirote 143
Weisman the Feldsher [barber-surgeon] M. Glotser 144
Jewish Professionals A. Lebnshul 145
Part 6

School System and Culture

Khederim [religious primary schools],Teachers and Schools A. Lebnshul 149
Todreser Kheder [religious primary school] Y. Novik 151
Alchovitz Pro-Gymnazie [preparatory school for high school] Y. Novik 152
Dwoyra's Library A. Lebnshul 154
Brener's Library A. Lebnshul 155
Shmuel the Melamed [religious teacher] M. Glotser 156
Morgolise's Barracks (Song) M. Glotser 157
Part 7

Kobriner Press

The Tzadek [righteous man] in Film N. Morkuzi 161
The Tragedy of Sabine Y. Sh. 163
Angry Winds Frolic, Frolic Y. Schwartz 164
“If amongst the cedars…” A. Kobriner 166
Jubilee Thoughts A. Holtsman 166
Month of Adar A. Kobriner 167
A Greeting to my Son in Galilee A. Kobriner 168
Trivialities A. Kobriner 169
The Two Symbolic Groshns A. Kobriner 169
Traits A. R. 170
Tel Hai Fund A. Kobriner 170
War Josifus 171
An Open Letter L. Sirote 173
Part Eight


The Student Years R. Ginzburg 177
My Shtetele Kobrin (song) S. Ebram 183
Unforgettable Home City A. Shtilerman 184
Proud Youth Y. Begun 186
My Youth H. Avruch 187
Episodes from Kobrin B. Bil 188
A in Kino [movie theater] S. Glas 189
Brisker Street Y. Begun 190
Memories H. Avruch 193
Traits of a Healer Y. Lerner 199
Young Traits Sh. Kelmenzon 200
Several Memories M. Glotser 201
Kobrin - Kazakhstan M. Priluk 204
My Home City L. Avruch 206
Memories Y. Blezshovsky 219
My Teachers Sh. B. Priluk 220
Home City Jurozditski 222
Part Nine

Popular Characteristics

Kobrin Sand (Poem) M. Glotser 225
The Military Conscription N. Priluk 226
A Rare Occurance A. Bil 227
Episodes of Kobrin Rabbis A. Lev 228
The Story of the Bear M. Glotser 229
Jewish Pride (poem) B. Adler 230
A Simple Morning Y. Lerner 230
Two Fasts A. Lebnshul 231
My Old Memory A. Lev 233
Kobrin Wigs (poem) A. Lebnshul 234
The Blessing of the Kalushiner B. Adler 235
Disturbed Types B. Adler 236
Kobrin Popular Characteristics A. Lebnshul 237
Part Ten

Kobrin Destruction

Call for Revenge (poem) S. Glas 244
On the Highway to Death B. Kupitsky 245
Kobrin Ghetto and Fall G. Bil 249
On the Ruins of Kobrin B. Kupitsky 274
Kobrin Survivors G. Plotzker 279
Dr. Chabivecki A. Kobriniets 280
Sheyme Fajnsztajn Noakh Priluk 281
Nostek Noakh Priluk 281
Reb Moshe the Shoykhet [ritual slaughterer] Noakh Timianker 282
Part Eleven


Memorial (drawing) 285
Our Martyrs (necrology) 286
Our Martyrs (pictures) 290
List of Kobrin Survivors 301
Part Twelve

Additional Lines

Kobriner Across the World A. Lebnshul 305
Kobriner Families in Argentina Noakh Priluk and Berl Adler 306


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