Book of Kielce. History of the Community of Kielce.
From Its Founding Until Its Destruction

(Kielce, Poland)

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Translation of Sefer Kielce. Toldot Kehilat Kielce.
Miyom Hivsuduh V'ad Churbanah

Edited by: Pinchas Cytron

Published in Tel Aviv, 1957


Project Coordinator

Warren Blatt

Our sincere appreciation to Ron Peled, of the Kielce Landmanshaft in Israel,
for permission to put this material on the JewishGen web site.

(Note the Kielce Landsmanshaft maintains a web site at: http://www.kielce.org.il)

This is a translation from: Sefer Kielce. Toldot Kehilat Kielce. Miyom Hivsuduh V'ad Churbanah
(Book of Kielce. History of the Community of Kielce. From Its Founding Until Its Destruction)
Edited by: Pinchas Cytron, published in Tel Aviv, 1957

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Kielce

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Forward 1
Opening Remarks 7
Introduction 9
The Beginning of Jewish Kielce 11
The Development of the Kielce Community 16
The Economic Life of the Jews of Kielce 21
Relations Between the Jews and the Poles 47
Intellectual, Cultural and Social Life 57
Educational and other Learning Institutions 71
Social Welfare and Charitable Institutions 91
Political Parties, Movements and Organizations 102
Economic and Social Organizations 139
Rabbis, Religious Leaders and Scholars 154
Parnassim, Benefactors and Public Figures 188
Leaders of the Kielce Community 201
Authors and Scientists 214
Folk Artists 222
Portraits and Characters 226
The Story of the Ghetto and Liquidation 237
The Pogrom in 1946 248
Closing Words 252
Testimony of Mr. Jechiel Alpert 253
Kielce, from the Sketches of M. Tzanin (in Yiddish) 264
The Day of Mourning in 5666 [1906] 270
The Diary of Rabbi Jeruzalimski (in Yiddish) 271
Kielcer Organizations in Israel and the Diaspora 297
Appendix. A History of the “Poalei Tzion” Movement (Left) 307
Memorial to Natives of Kielce who Fell Defending the Land and the State 311
Index of Names 313

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