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Translation of List of Kamen Holocaust Victims

Prepared by: Leonid Guryevitch, a citizen of Lepel

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Project Coordinator and Translator

Eliyahu Tavger

This is a translation of List of Kamen Holocaust Victims. Prepared by: Leonid Guryevitch, a citizen of Lepel

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The following is a list of Jewish victims of the Nazis from the shtetl Kamen (distance of 18 km. from Lepel), which I received from Leonid Guryevitch, a citizen of Lepel . They were shot on October 17, 1941 on the outskirts of the town of Borki. A monument was erected on the site.

Eliyahu Tavger

List of Kamen Holocaust Victims


Family Name First Name(s) Year of birth
ABEZGAUZ Doba Chaimovna 1879
ABEZGAUZ Morduch Davidovich 1882
AKSEL Abram Mirovitch 1921
AKSEL Doba Abramovna 1921
AKSEL Risa 1926
AKSEL Faiga Leibovna 1901
AKSENTZOVA Dasha Mostovna 1923
AKSENTZOVA Manya Mostovna 1927
AKSENTZOVA Sara Mendelevna 1869
AKSENTZOVA Eska Mostovna 1918
AKSENTZOVA Yandel Mostovna 1931
BARASHMAN  Return Basya 1874
BARASHMAN Benyamin Ulnovitch 1876
BARASHMAN Braina Sh. 1921
BARASHMAN Rosa Yelizarovna 1902
BARASHMAN Shaya Chaimovitch 1889
BINYAMINSON Boris Benyaminavitch 1936
BINYAMINSON Benyamin Chaimovitch 1902
BINYAMINSON Malka Yeliseyevna 1880
BINYAMINSON Manya Benyaminovna 1931
BINYAMINSON Rosa Menovna 1907
BINYAMINSON Riva Zalmanovna 1877
BOSEVITCH Dora Michalovna 1914
BOSEVITCH Minya Abramovna 1888
BOSEVITCH Mendel Yaroitayevitch 1885
DUBMAN  Return Abram Chaimovitch 1874
DUBMAN Zlata Mendelevna 1876
DVORKIN Zalman Naumovitch 1875
ESKIN  Return Boris Borisovitch 1934
ESKIN Mendel Yevnovitch 1902
ESKINA Glika Chaimovna 1869
ESKINA Dora Mendelevna 1905
ESKINA Riva Mendelevna 1939
ESKINA Chasya Mendelvna 1938
FUTERMAN  Return Rosa Berkovna 1935
FUTERMAN Tamara Berkovna 1920
GURYEVITCH  Return Bosya Menovna 1889
GURYEVITCH Berk Elkovitch 1921
GURYEVITCH Doba Elnovna 1920
GURYEVITCH Zlata Shlemovna 1992
GURYEVITCH Manya Zalmanovna 1934
GURYEVITCH Samuil Samuilovitch 1876
GURYEVITCH Tamara Zalmanovna 1936
GURYEVITCH Chava Berkovna 1887
GURYEVITCH Chana Elkovna 1939
IRZAK  Return Masya Abramovna 1890
IRZAK Rosa Chanovna 1928
IRZAK Chan Abramovitch 1886
IRZAK Chana Chanovna 1933
KATZEVA  Return Chasya Naumovna 1918
KOZINETZ Aba Chaimovitch 1904
KOZINETZ Rosa Abovna 1934
KOZINETZ Chaba Abovna 1931
KRASLOV Zusya Menovitch 1880
KRASLOVA Rosa Zuslovna 1922
KRASLOVA Riva Zuslovna 1917
KRASLOVA Chana Zuslovna 1937
LIBERMAN  Return Besya 1869
LIBERMAN Mendel 1867
LIBERMAN Chana Berkovna 1875
LIBERMAN Shaman Chaimovitch 1873
LIVSHITZ Abram Yefimovitch 1929
LIVSHITZ Sonia Chaimovna 1906
LIVSHITZ Chaim Berkovitch 1872
LIVSHITZ Yefim Berkovitch 1907
NANOS  Return Zalman Berkovitch 1894
NANOS Riva Zalmanovna 1934
NANOS Fanya Berkovna 1896
NEMTZOV David Leizerovitch 1897
NEMTZOV Boris Davidovitch 1929
NEMTZOV Zyama Davidovitch 1937
NEMTZOVA Raya Davidovna 1940
NEMTZOVA Bella Zalmanovna 1938
NEMTZOVA Manya Zalmanovna 1936
NEMTZOVA Masya Chaimovna 1902
NEMTZOVA Chana Yangelmovna 1916
PLOTKIN  Return Shalom Berkovitch 1867
PLOTKINA Riva Chaimovna 1874
RAICHELSON  Return Boris Kukovitch 1869
RAICHELSON Chana Kukovna 1882
RATNER Doba Davidovna 1888
RATNER Zyaba Leibovna 1885
RATNER Izrail Tzilkovitch 1884
RATNER Itzka Chaimovitch 1872
RIGERMAN Basya Mendelevna 1972
RIGERMAN Mendel S. 1867
RUPA Bella Michailovna 1902
RUPA Doba Simonovna 1903
RUPA Zyama Sh. 1936
RUPA Tamara 1936
RUPA Tamara Sh. 1903
RUPA Shaya Mendelevna 1900
SHAPIRO  Return Girsha Itzkovna 1915
SHAPIRO Dora 1930
SHAPIRO Ginda Itzkovna 1905
SHMOTKIN Simon Chaimovitch 1869
SHMOTKINA Genya Abramovna 1872
SHMOTKINA Ida Simonovna 1907
SHMOTKINA Masha Shlemovna 1897
SHTEINGARDT Rivka Mendelevna 1937
SHTEINGARDT Basya Mendelevna 1934
SHTEINGARDT Breina Mendelevna 1928
SHTEINGARDT Mendel Mendelevitch 1926
SHTEINGARDT Dora Chaimovna 1869
SHTEINGARDT Chana Chaimovna 1902
SHTEINGARDT Itska Zalmanovitch 1866
SHTEINGARDT Luba Shlemovna 1902
SHTEINGARDT Chaim Simon 1897
SHTEINGARDT Matlya Itzkovna 1902
SHTEINGARDT Shlema Itzkovitch 1869
SHUCHMAN Abram Israilevitch 1876
SHUCHMAN Braina 1880
SVERDLOV Itzka Leibovitch 1872
SVERDLOVA Basya Izrailevna 1876
SVERDLOVA Chana Kukovna 1924
TZADIKMAN  Return Peisa M. 1872
TZADIKMAN Shlema Berkovitch 1867
YOFFE  Return Bella M. 1877
YOFFE David Chaimovitch  

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