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List of Figures (cont.)


Figure Page no. Title Thumbnail[Click to expand]
Institutions of Public Good
72 173 The main entrance of the Jewish Hospital kal173s.jpg
73 174 A section of the building of the Jewish Hospital kal174s.jpg
74 175 The extended committee that manages the funds of “The Gemilut Chesed Society” - the “Benkal” kal175s.jpg
75 176 The “Benkal” committee of 1928 kal176s.jpg
76 177 The “Benkal” committee of 1932 kal177s.jpg
77 178 Picture of the author - Sara Truker kal178s.jpg
78 179 Poor children on vacation at the kibbutz - during meal time kal179s.jpg
79 181 The committee “Help for the Poor” and its active members in the summer-camp for needy children kal181s.jpg
Political Groups, Youth Movements
80 189 Picture of the author - Yitzchak Koren kal189s.jpg
81 191 Picture of a group of Kalarashians in Israel kal191s.jpg
82 193 Chamber orchestra of young Zionists - established in the year 1921 kal193s.jpg
83 194 Group of Zionist women. In the year 1933 kal194s.jpg
84 195 People gathered near the train station when Nakhum Sokolov passed through it on his way to Kishinev kal195s.jpg
85 199 Picture of the author - Moshe Shechtman kal199s.jpg
86 200 Youth group the “Maccabi” “the male group” kal200s.jpg
87 201 Members of the “Maccabi”. In the year 1934 kal201s.jpg
88 202 Military riding company of “Maccabi” kal202as.jpg
89 202 Gymnastic instructors of “Maccabi” kal202bs.jpg
90 203 Picture of the author - Rivka Feinstein-Broshi kal203s.jpg
91 204 The “Scout” group of “Gordonia” in the year 1933. The homes of the town in the background kal204s.jpg
92 205 Alumni group of “Gordonia” kal205s.jpg
93 206 Day of collecting donations for the National Fund (Keren Kayemet) - an unusual campaign kal206s.jpg
94 207 A group of “The Awakened” from the “Gordonia” movement kal207s.jpg
95 208 Members of “Gordonia” kal208s.jpg
96 209 The youth “dream” about contact with nature - but in the meantime they have fun under a “fantastic” tree kal209s.jpg
97 210 “Dress rehearsal” with agricultural working tools before leaving for the Halutz training kal210s.jpg
98 212 Members of “Maccabi” in the year 1929 kal212s.jpg
99 213 Some members of the orchestra of the “Maccabi” - Witiminiasa forest kal213s.jpg
100 215 Youth group of the school kal215s.jpg
101 216 Graduate group of the school kal216s.jpg
102 219 Young Zionist graduates, friends of “the Chalutzim” in the year 1926 kal219s.jpg
103 221 Operation “Stealing” the bookcase kal221s.jpg
104 225 Picture of the author - Daniel Portugali kal225s.jpg
105 227 Yechiel Reznik “points” to his son Nachum in the “direction East” - to Eretz Israel. In the year 1906 kal227as.jpg
106 227 The eldest son Yehudah Vinokur says farewell to his younger brother Yosef as he is sent to Eretz Israel kal227bs.jpg
107 228 One of the anonymous - Moshe Gruman (“Moshela Tantz”) in the year 1906 kal228s.jpg
108 229 Bentsion Gluzman kal229s.jpg
109 232 Maika Srulman kal232s.jpg

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