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List of Figures

Translated by Terry Lasky & Yocheved Klausner


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Nostalgia for Kalarash
1 15 Picture of a group of Kalarashians in Israel kal015s.jpg
2 16 A section of the Commissioners Street (Fishtein's house) kal016s.jpg
3 17 Picture of a group of Kalarashians in Israel kal017s.jpg
4 18 Part of the town and the “Shus” (meadow) near the train station kal018s.jpg
5 19 A section of the Commissioners Street (opposite Itzik-Aharon's house) kal019s.jpg
6 20 Picture of a group of Kalarashians in Israel kal020s.jpg
7 21 ….father telling his son a story about his small town in the Diaspora (amateur drawing - drawn by Yitzchak Halperin of Kibbutz Yagur) kal021s.jpg
8 22 Picture of the author - David Broshi (Broshik) kal022s.jpg
9 24 …there is a tendency of the young people to have their photos taken in the very impressive garden at the City Hall kal024s.jpg
10 25 The “Yitzchak-Aharon” house where the “Tarbut” school was located, and later the “Bessarabia Bank" kal025s.jpg
11 27 Section of the city bordering on the “Shus” (Youth group) kal027s.jpg
12 28 The youngsters of the town shake off the frozen winter season and go out and enjoy the “Shus” (meadow) kal028s.jpg
13 29 A group of youngsters on the stage of the “Maccabi Orchestra” in the town garden kal029s.jpg
14 30 The Days of Awe (Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur) - Residents of the town go to the synagogue kal030s.jpg
15 31 Face of the town on a winter's day (The “Mall” building of Yankel Gershman) kal031s.jpg
16 32 Train depot kal032s.jpg
Kalarash - Its Place and History
17 36 Picture of the author - Aharon Kadron (Kandel) kal036s.jpg
18 38 Residents of the city at the dedication of the “Yavneh” building kal038s.jpg
19 39 Picture of the author - Yitzchak Halperin kal039s.jpg
20 41 The remaining survivors of the people of Kalarash - remembering the saints of the Holocaust kal041s.jpg
21 42 The town residents at the “Witiminiassa” forest on the day of “Lag Baomer" kal042s.jpg
22 43 The residents of Kalarash, after the war, holding communion for the memory of those destroyed, in the “Witiminiassa" forest kal043s.jpg
23 46 Picture of the author - Seni Kandel (Kadron) kal046s.jpg
24 48 Picture of the author - Aryeh Karasnushinsky kal048s.jpg
25 52 Picture of the author - Dov Yosilovitz kal052s.jpg
Landscape, Work, and Business
26 57 Picture of the author - Uriah Feldman kal057s.jpg
27 58 A section of the railway that passes through the length of the town (Youth group) kal058s.jpg
28 59 Example of a picket fence restriction continuing for the length of the train tracks kal059as.jpg
29 59 This is how the town looked when you pass through it on the train kal059bs.jpg
30 61 View of the “Shus” (Youth group) kal061s.jpg
31 65 Fruit (plum) drying building “Duchovoya” (sketch) kal065s.jpg
32 67 “Diben” - Fruit (nut) drying (sketch) kal067s.jpg
33 68 Typical dress of the man and woman owners of a “grocery store” kal068as.jpg
34 68 The expectation of the buyer …. kal068bs.jpg
35 69 A view of the street fair “Hamotzei” kal069s.jpg

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