The Book of Jadow
(Jadów, Poland)

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Translation of
Sefer Jadow

Editor: A.W.Jassni

Published in Jerusalem 1966


Project Coordinator

Eden S. Joachim


This is a translation of: Sefer Jadow (The book of Jadow),
Editor: A.W.Jassni, Publisher: The Encyclopaedia of the Jewish Diaspora, Jerusalem 1966 (H, Y,E 472 pages)

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Jadow

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Translated by Gloria Berkenstat Freund

Title Author Page
The Shtetl [town] Jadów
Map of the Town 13
A Word from the Editorial Committee 19
Jadów and its Jewish Kehile [organized Jewish community] 21
Jewish Jadów and its Surroundings Tzvi Sztutszka 37
The Jews of Jadów, My Birthplace Kopl Berman 61
Jewish Life in Jadów Until the Second World War Shmuel Lichtblum 78
Hasidism, Communal Activities
Hasidus and Hasidim Yeshayahu Matika 101
The HaShomer HaTseir Ahron Potasznik 108
The Betar Organization Moshe Jedwabnik 117
The Professional Union Ben-Tziyon Schlesinger 122
The Cultural Activities in Jadów Motl Grzenda 124
Memories in Images
From Chasidic Synagogue to Revolutionary Activity Max Goodman 131
The Strike of the Needle-Workers in Jadów Yisroel Zabranicki 145
Memories from my Home Town Malia Kleinman – Perkal 151
Memories from my Old Home Shalom Blyashke 154
My Hasidic Home Hinde Lakecz 157
My Home–Town Jadow Yakov Minski 166
Stories from Jewish Jadow Chaim Neta Perlmutter 169
Once, Long Ago, This was my Home Leibel Grzende 172
My Poor Home And Pious Mother Tzvi Burshteyn 176
The Rise of the Synagogue and Study Hall Yossel Gurshteyn 179
My little Yiddish Shtetele Jadów, A Eulogy Josl Bursztayn 181
The Old Home that Lives in my Memory Berl Glikman 183
Additional Notes on the Jewish Community in Jadów Tzvi Sztutszka 185
Jews in the Villages Around Jadów Shepsel Khrinovitzki 189
The Potasznik Family Avraham Potashnik 191
Types and Images
Moshe Itsl - The Blacksmith in the City Zalman Pelman 197
Feywele Melamed [religious teacher] Betzalel Fargman 199
Reb Josel Ditman the Balbekhi [Cantor who prays with a cry in his voice] K. B. 201
Reb Sholem Kotsker Sh. L. 212
Reb Yisroelkele the Joker H. L. 221
Rabbis in Jadów Shmuel Lichtblum 224
Destruction and Death
Life and Death in the Jadów Ghetto 231
In the Struggle for Life Chana Dzbanowicz 252
Experiences in the German Extermination Camps Leah Glikman 260
“Henrich Kalakowski” Meir Dzbanowicz 267
My Life in the Forest Yisroel Yankl Czelanogura 282
My Experiences in the Shtetl Jadow Henia Garbovski (Friedman) 282
On the Aryan Side Kopl Berman 308
The Liquidation of the Ghetto in the Shtetl [town] Tluszcz Michael Kassover 337
In Jadów After the German Extermination of the Jews Shmuel Bibitka 341
Experiences of Jadówers
During the Second World War Dovid Szmietanka 349
List of Martyrs 367
   Jadów 367
   Ostrówek 382
   Baczki 383
   Jasiorówka 384
   Łopianka 385
Jadów Jews in Israel and America
Organization and Activitys of the Jadów Landsleit [people from the same town] 389
Jadów Survivors in Post-War Poland and In Israel 396
Necrology 413
Final Comments 457
The Town of Jadów
Jadów and its Jewish Community 461
The Jewish Community of Jadów VII


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