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List of Ivye martyrs
who perished in the Holocaust

Surname Head of household Other family
"The Rebel" - and wife and children
Abelovitz Moshe wife Lea and children: Areya, Tzvi, sima
Abelovitz Yoshi-Ber wife Gutka
Abelovitz Chana-Rebeka wife and 3 children
Abelovitz Isarael wife Sheina and children
Abramowitz Aba ben David Hakoben wife and children
Abramowitz Abraham and wife
Abramowitz Chaim wife Chaya and children: Kalman and Tzipora
Abramowitz Yakob wife and sons
Abramowitz Moshe-Itzak wife Reiza and children: Mordechai and Tzipora
Abramowitz Sini --Vita  
Abramowitz Sender wife and sons
Abramson Musia  
Abramson Shmuel wife Zelda and children: Chaim, Aizik, Nechama, Tzvi and Yeta
Aharonovitz Mordechai wife Sarah
Albershtein Abraham and wife Sara and children: Leiba, Chaya-Liba, Yehudit
Albershtein Khasha and daughter
Albershtein Ekutial wife Feigl and son: Ali-Zalman
Aloivitz Israel-Kalman wifeYora and children: Yakob-Moshe and Shimeon
Aloivitz Aharon-Itzak and wife Feigl and children: Shabtai and Rashka
Aloivitz HaRav Mordechai and wife Sara and sons: Itzak and Nachum
Aloivitz Yehuda wife Masha and son: Tzvi
Amsovitz Zavel-Mendel and wife Musha-Reizel
Arevitz Eliezer wife Bila and children: Shlomo, Mikla, Shprintza, and Tzipora
Arkin Abraham and wife Mashka
Arkin Abraham-Eli and wife
Arkin Yehoshy wife and children
Arkin Yosef wife Reiza
Arkin Hirshl-chaim wife Bluma and children
Arkin Iitzak-Meir wife Nechama and children: Liba, Shimon, and Akoi
Arkin Moshe-Leib wife Reiza and son Hirshl
Asterkas Sana wife Reikka (Broka's) and 3 children
Atlovski Sender wife Miriam and children
Aulshenski Chava nee Blok and son Shlomo-Yehuda
Aurlin Meir  
Ausrovski Sara  
Ausrovski Shmuel wife Rakhel and children: Golda, Shushka, Tzila
Ausrovski Abraham wife Golda and children
Austerovski Yakob wife Sara and children
Baksht Abraham wife and 2 children
Baksht Abraham wife Hodes and 2 children
Baksht Aharon-David wife Heska and daughter Sheina-Sheila
Baksht Aharon wife Reizel and children
Baksht Binyamin wife Hodel
Baksht Berl wife Rakhel and children: Eliahu and Gusia
Baksht Berl (the Klezmer) wife and children
Baksht Zalman wife Fruma and children
Baksht Zisha and son Arela
Baksht Chaim wife Leah and daughters: Beilka and Yehudit
Baksht Yosef-Itzak wife and Tzipora
Baksht Yosef wife Hinda and ?
Baksht Yosef wife Ester and 5 children
Baksht Yakob and wife Rakhel (Eli's)
Baksht Ekiel and wife Sara-Nechama and children: Mikal, Chaim, and Yehudit
Baksht Itzak wife Kheika and children
Baksht Itzak, Amo wife and 3 children
Baksht Itzak, wife Chaya-Reba and children: Aharon, Moshe, Sara, Leah, and Sheina
Baksht Mendel wife Rebeka and children
Baksht Yesheya wife Fruma and 2 children
Baksht Yesheya wife Tila (Sloivke's)
Baksht Yesheyah (ha ruka) wife Sofia and children: Shmuel, and Yehudit
Baksht Chaim-Berl  
Baksht Itzak wife Etl and son Daniel
Baksht Leibka  
Baksht Nachum wife Rebeka and children: Yosef, Shmuel, and Yehudit
Baksht Ashka (mother of Akiba)  
Baksht Akiba wife Hadasa and children: Shlomo, Yocheved, Ester and still Idel
Baksht Pesia and childern: Ekhial, Ida, Rakhel, and Eliahu
Baksht Shlomo wife Masha and children
Baksht Shimshon wife and 2 children
Baksht Shimshon wife and son Leibel
Baksht Shimshon wife Golda (nee Binder) and son Moshe
Baksht: see Blok, Aba    
Baksht: see Kagan, Itzak    
Baksht: see Milikovski, Leib    
Baksht: see Mordechovitz, Mordechai    
Baran Eliezer wife Tzvia and children: Leib, Elka, Golda and Eliahu
Baran Gershon and children
Baran Chaya and son Berl, and daughter Yenta and wife Rakhel
Baran Chaya and son Rafael (Faly)
Baran Chaim wife Sara and daughters Lipsha, Debora and still
Baran Yakob-Shimcha and children: Moshe, Berl, and still five children
Baran Itzak wife Tzila and children: Eliahu and Ester-Leah
Baran Mordechai (Mokucher) wife Ester-Gita and daughter Sara
Baran: see Kaganovitz, David    
Baran: see no surname, Breina    
Beker Sara and sons: Aizik, Shepsel, and Binyamin
Beker Reuben wife Rakhel and son Rekhebem
Berger Hirshel wife Henia and sons: Binyamin and Chaim-Akiba
Berger Yosef  
Bergman Mendel wife Henia (nee Shmukler) and children: Zeidel, Bobel, Hilel, and even two children
Bergman Boruk wife Yeta (daughter of Rabbi Shtzkes) and daughter
Berka: see Goldshmid, Shmuel    
Berkman Gedeliah wife Rakhel-Beila and daughter Etel
Berkman: see Enkelvitz    
Berkovitz Rafal-Moshe and wife Sheina
Berkovitz Ben-Tzion wife Etka (daughter of Sara Rafal's) and children
Berkovitz Yehuda-Leib wife Sara-Elka, and children: Chaim-Zev, Dov, ISarael-Eliezer. and Feiga
Berkovski David wife and 4 children
Berman Batya (Bashy) and son Leibl
Berman Mordechai (Moty) wife Chaya and 3 children
Berman Asher wife Reizel and children: Fruma and Hirshl
Berman Shmuel-Leizer  
Berman Shlomo wife and 2 children
Berman Itzak wife and 2 children
Berman Lea (daughter of Shmuel-Leizer) husband and 2 children
Bernshtein Hirshel wife Sara-Yaka and son Yosef-Chaim
Bershtovitzki Hirsh wife Khaska and son Shaul
Bilovski Binyamin wife Grunia-Reizl and children: Henia, Khesia, Yuri, and Leizer
Bilovski Sender wife Geila and daughter Sonia
Bilovski Ben-Tzion wife Reizel and children: Sender, Pesach, and Lea
Binder David wife Yochoved and daughters: Yona (Teibl), Rakhel, Chaya-Beila, Malka, and Nechama
Binder Beila  
Binder Aharon wife chana and children: Lipa and Dvosha
Binder Naftali wife Miriam and children
Binder Paiya (Lipe's) and children: Abraham-Itazak, Shlomo, Chaim, Chaya-Feigl, and Sheina-Malka
Binder Liba and children: Tubia-Zelig, Shmuel, and 2 sons
Binder Reuben wife Sara and children
Binder Efraim (Groiky) wife Sara and children
Binder Freida (daughter of Moshe Binder) and husband
Binder: see Baksht, Shimson, wife Golda    
Binder: see Khan    
Binder: see Maibski, Gershon    
Bishkin Dov (Berl) wife Malka and children: Zelda and even more
Bishkin Aharon wife Paiya and 3 children
Bishkin Tzvi (Hirshl)  
Bishkin Feivel wife Liba and children: Moshe and Debora
Bishkin Pesia-Feiga  
Bishkin Shmeya (the tailor) wife and children
Blaker Eli wife Eska and children: Mota, Yakov and even a boy
Blakinod Yosef wife Liba and children: Moshe and Debora
Blbereiski Hilel wife Yenta (need Lidski)
Blok Elimelik wife Khaska and children: Beila and even 2 children
Blok Efraim wife Feigl and children: Khasha-Henia and Yosef
Blok Asher (Moshe-Leib's) wife Rakhel-Keila and children: Freida, ISarael, Velvel, Sheina-Paya, and Leah
Blok Golda and children: Freidl, Kreina, Noach,, and Mantzel
Blok Hinda and children: Henia, Mutka, and Eli
Blok Chaim wife Yenta-Miriam and son Khona
Blok Hirshely and wife Yakka
Blok Khona wife Rakhel and child Leah
Blok Yakob wife Gitl and children: Itzak, ISarael and Alta
Blok Ehushy (ha mura=the frightening?)  
Blok Yael wife Golda and son Chaim-Nisen
Blok Ekhezkal wife Doba and 2 children
Blok ISarael wife Reizl and 3 children
Blok ISarael-Hirshl wife Beila (nee Sheftel) and child
Blok Khona wife Henia-Reizel and children: Keila, Yosef, and even a child
Blok Erukhmial and sons: Efraim and Asher
Blok Mordechai-Yosef and family
Blok Mordechai wife and child
Blok Meir ben Shaul wife and child
Blok Moshe and wife
Blok Feiga (wife of R' Abraham-David) and children: Mordechai-Yosef and Itzak
Blok Pesach and wife Shifra
Blok Tzvi wife Sara and 3 children
Blok Tzvi-Moshe wife and children
Blok Shmuel-Leizer wife Yakka and 2 children
Blok Shishka  
Blok Shlomo wife Mera
Blok Motl (son of Shishka)  
Blok Mikal and sister Sheindel (Shem Dortzik family) and son Misha
Blok Aharon wife Guta and daughter Asna
Blok Aba wife Reizel (nee Baksht) and children
Blok Aizik wife Henia-Leah and 3 children
Blok Eliahu and wife
Blok: see Aulshenski    
Blok: see Dardik, Sheindel    
Blok: see Peslin, HaRav Yakob    
Bogdanovski Aharon wife Tzipora (ha nefa-bezemtzer)
Bogdanovski Zev wife and 2 children
Bogdanovski Velvel wife Ester-Rakhel and children: Shabtai and Elka-Sara
Bogdanovski Chaya  
Boyarski Moshe and wife Freidy
Boyarski Aba wife Sara-Reizel
Boyarski Tzvi wife Reizel and children Sara and Lea
Boyarski Zalman wife Chaya and 2 children
Boyarski Aidla and daughter Mikla
Boyarski Beila and daughter Pesia
Boyarski no name and wife Aidla and children
Boyarski Moshe wife Rakhel and daughter Yeta
Broida Boruk wife Sara and daughter Nechama
Brok Matitihu (Motl) wife Fania and sons Hertzl and David
Budner Abraham wife Chana-Reizel and sons: Moshe-Mota and Zishka
Budner David-Meir wife Rebeka and 2 children
Bugen: see Levit, Yakob    
Byten Liba (Bashy's) and daughter Sonia
Byten Zalman (Z'mky) wife and son
Byten Berl wife Rakhel and children: Moshe, Shlum and even daughter
Dardik Sheindel (nee Blok) and son Moshe
Dbortzki Berl wife Henia and 2 children
Dbortzki Meir and wife Guta
Dbortzki Meir wife Shifra (nee Dltitzki) and son Yudl
Dbortzki Shmuel wife Ester-Rakhel and sons: Asher-Zelig (Uska) and Chaim-Leib (nfl Bmlkhmt ha shiarur)
Diner Itzak  
Diner Shmuel wife Rakhel and son Ekhanon
Dktitzki: see Dbortzki, Meir    
Dltitzki Bluma and girl
Dltitzki Khona wife Shoshka and daughters: Rodka and even a firl
Dnitzik: see Leibman, Shmuel    
Dardik Aizik wife Yetka and daughter Tzipora
Davidovitz Feivel and wife Chaya
Dortzik: see Block, Mikal    
Dubin Yakka  
Dublianski Abraham wife Motl and 4 children
Engel Geila Ester Shmuel-Yakob
Engel Rafael-Hirsh wife Malka and children: Yakob and still
Epshtein Eliezer and wife (the duder: fifer)
Epshtein Berl wife Beila and children
Epshtein Betzalel wife Shifra and children
Epshtein David-Boruk  
Epshtein Moshe-Ester and Chaya (Ha mildet: the milk/fish?)  
Epshtein Yakob-Velvel son Itzak and daughter Simka (Sima)
Epshtein Ekutial wife Fruma-Ester and 2 children
Epshtein Leib wife and 3 children
Epshtein Leib wife Rebeka and 2 children
Epshtein Leizer ("Marener") wife Yoky and son
Epshtein Itzak-Yakob (the sieve?) wife Feiga-Beila, and children: Abraham-Moshe, Itzak-Eli, Chaim and still
Epshtein: see Knfs, Malka    
Feder Itzak  
Feikin Dov wife Gitl, daughter Sheindel, husband and children
Feiyer Ekhezkal wife Lea and children: Daniel, Shlomo, and Broka
Fridman Betzalel wife Rebeka-Lea and children: Mordechai and Sheina
Fridman Zelik (Yankel-Note's) and son Kutrial
Fridman Mordechai and son Hirsh-Dov
Fridman Shlomo and wife Debora
Gershov Tzvi wife Chana and daughter Sara-Liba
Gershov Chaim-Hirsh (the Shamash-synagogue official) and wife Chana
Gershovitz Abraham wife Sara and children: Tzvi, Lea, Gela, Elka, Mashka, and Nechemiah
Gershovitz Alter wife Rodka
Gershovitz Aryeh wife Malka and sons: Moshe, Eliahu, and Efraim
Gershovitz Yael wife Chaya and children: Rebeka, Yocheved, and Chaim-Akiba
Gershovitz ISarael wife Rebeka and chidlren: Elka, Shoshka, Chaim-Hirsh, and Debora
Gershovitz Itzak wife and children
Gershovitz Moshe wife Chaya and daughter Nemi
Gershovitz Feigl, wife of ISarael  
Gershovitz Yakob wife and 3 children
Gershovitz Shlomo wife chana and sons: Yosef, Yeshaya, dov, and Yehuda (Mkerlitz)
Gershovitz Eli wife and 2 children
Gilinski David wife Hinda and children: Debora, Elka, Zev, Henia and Shlomo
Ginzburg ISarael (ha ruka) and wife
Ginzburg Mordechai wife Lea and daughters: Sara-Feigel, Teibl, Chana, and Chaya
Ginzburg Aharon-Hirshl wife Roza and children: Yakob, Itzak, Shimcha, and Sheina
Ginzburg Feigl and son Betzalel
Ginzburg Abraham wife and sons
Ginzburg Yosef-Eli and wife
Ginzburg Leizer-Lipa and wife
Ginzburg Nachum-Leib, (nefach) wife and daughters
Ginzburg Yosef-Yakob wife Rakhel and son Moshe
Glazer Moshe wife Merka and children
Gnlm Mordechai wife Gitl and children: Zelig, Abraham and even a daughter (Rakober)
Goldberg David wife Alta and son Itzak
Goldberg Aharon wife Freida (nee Smulitzki) and children
Goldshmid Avigdor wife Rakhel and children: Eli-Zalman and Debora-Beila
Goldshmid Abraham-Itz'a (Heglin) wife Lea and 3 children
Goldshmid Aharon wife and 2 children
Goldshmid Betzalel wife Yura and 2 children
Goldshmid Doba and 3 children. Shem Hakhat Meita
Goldshmid David wife Rebeka and chidlren: Chaya, Sara, dvora, and Berl
Goldshmid David-Zisl wife Debora-Masha and children
Goldshmid Hirsh wife and children
Goldshmid Hertzel wife Alta and children
Goldshmid Zalman-Eli (the tailor) wife and 3 children
Goldshmid Khona and wife
Goldshmid Yehuda wife Ester and children: Naftali, Shlum, and dina
Goldshmid Yosef wife Sonia and children: Mendel and Miriam
Goldshmid Yosef wife Zelda and children: Broka and Liba
Goldshmid Yaka (daughter of Itzak the butcher) husband Binyamin and 2 children
Goldshmid ISarael wife Khasha-Reizl and daughter: Fruma and Chaya
Goldshmid Yakob wife Breina and 2 children
Goldshmid ISarael wife Chana and son Zalman
Goldshmid Erukhmial wife Musha and children
Goldshmid Itzak and wife Chana
Goldshmid Mordechai-Shmuel (butcher) and wife Chaya-Leah
Goldshmid Moshe wife Yeta (Frade's) and children
Goldshmid Moshe wife and sister
Goldshmid Moshe wife Chaya-Lea and sons: Pesach and Pinchas
Goldshmid Shmuel (butcher) and wife and children: Gensia, Yaka, Rebeka, and Yehuda
Goldshmid Shmeya wife Dobka and 2 children
Goldshmid Meir wife Yehudit and children: Malka, Henia, Moshe, Abraham and Liba
Goldshmid Mordechai wife Nechama and children: Gita-Batya, Abraham-Leizer, Zalman, and Moshe-chaim
Goldshmid Nachum wife and 5 children
Goldshmid Roda and son Sender
Goldshmid Shmuel and wife Lea (daughter of Nachum Berka)
Goldshmid Pesach and wife
Goldshmid: see Shmukler, Tzvi-Hirshl    
Goldshtein Sara and Sheina
Gordon Abraham wife Sara and children
Gordon Abraham wifeBadna and children: rebeka, Golda, and Miraim
Gordon Eliezer wife Chaya and daughter Henia
Gordon Sara and son Kalman
Gordon Debora (nee Yakob) and children
Grenberg Falka wife Lea and daughter liba and even a son
Grenhoiz Yael (butcher) wife Lea and children: Henia, Malka, Itzak, Getzl, and Feigl
Grodner Mendel and wife Rebeka
Grodner Yael wife and 3 children
Grup Berl wife Feigl and children: Yehuda, Moshe and Etka
Grup Markl wife Hetzela and sons: Yakob and Nioma
Grup Sara husband and children
Gumkind Chaim-Yozer wife Rashka and children: Resia, Miriam,a dn Shlomo
Gumnitz Aharon wife Paiya and children
Gumnitz Iser wife Freida (daughter of Masha)
Gumnitz Asher wife and children
Gumnitz Chaim-Leib wife Chaya-Sara and children Etl and even a child
Gumnitz Chaim-Leib wife Batya and sons
Gumnitz Yakob wife Hodes and children: Benyamin and Golda
Gumnitz Nechamaya  
Gumnitz Yesheya and wife
Gumnitz Moshe-Yehuda wife Henia and children: Masha and Sheika
Gumnitz Moshe wife Chaya (daughter of yosef Lebovitz) and 2 children
Gumnitz Shebach wife and children
Gumnitz Shepsel wife Henia and children: Gedlia and Fruma
Gumnitz: see Kagan, Yakob    
Hamershlag (from Simiatitz) wife and son Yosef and 2 daughters
Hefman Hertzel and wife Yeta
Henger: see none, Efraim    
Izralit Zav (Velvel) wife Beila and children
Kabak Yudl wife Roza and children: Fania and Yosef
Kabak Yesheya wife Miriam and daughters
Kabak Malka  
Kabak Yehudit husband and children
Kabak Zelda husband and children
Kabak Erukhem wife and children
Kagan Abraham wife Sara and children: Sender, Yakob and Doba
Kagan Abraham-Zalman wife and children
Kagan Yakob wife Feigl (nee Gumnitz)
Kagan Eliahu wife and chilren
Kagan Eliezer-Yakob wife Broka and children: Itzak-Yosef (aitz h-Yosa), Eliahu, Liba, and Kat
Kagan Zalman wife and children: Pesia, Reizl, and Rakhel
Kagan Eli wife Miriam and children
Kagan Yakob wife Sarah-Hinda and 3 children
Kagan Yosef wife Batua (ha Tufrt) and 6 children
Kagan ISarael-Itzak wife Yenta (Slovski) and daughters: Rosa and Rebeka
Kagan Moshe wife Rakhel and sons: Asher and Eli and famiies
Kagan Feiva wife Keila and 3 children
Kagan Shmuel wife and sons: Yakob, Eli, and Mordechai and 2 sons
Kagan Shakna wife and son Moshe
Kagan Yakob-Leib (Akhoi)  
Kagan Itzak wife Hinda and children: daughter and husband Bashkt and children: Henia-Lea and husband Zizik and daughter Sara
Kagan Berl wife Ester (nee Krlitzki) and children
Kagan: see Korn    
Kaganovitz Chaim-Aharon wife Fruma
Kaganovitz David and wife Leah (nee Baran)
Kaganovitz Reuben wife Shosha and children: Chaya, Masha, and Yakob
Kahan Hirshl-Yudl (ha nefa) wife and 3 children
Kalmenovitz Leib wife Yakna and daughter Guta
Kalmenovitz Leibl wife Roda and daughters: Yenta and Rebeka
Kalmenovitz Chaim, wife Marium and daughter Rebeka
Kalmenovitz Moshe wife Shosha and children: Shmuel, Itzak and Yosef
Kaminski Yakob-David (ha Ngr) daughters and their husbands and children
Kaminski Ashka and Itzak
Karpel Sara (bat ha Dein)  
Katz Eli wife Sara and son Gershon
Katz Lfidut wife and children
Katz Moshe wife and children
Katz Feivy and wife Mariasha
Katz Pesach and wife Freida
Katz Yosef wife Khashka and children: Nechamiah, Fruma and ester
Katz Abraham-Itzak wife Golda and children: Meir, Yakka, Mashka, Yosef, and Rebeka
Katz Moshe-Zev wife Rodka and children: golda and Hirshl
Katz Berl-Dov and daughters: Peshka and Geila
Katz Shmuel wife and children
Katz: see Shnider, Dvora    
Katzenelengoben Chaya-Breina  
Katzenelengoben Eliezer (Leizer) wife Shoshka and 5 children
Kesler Bashka and children: ISarael, Elka, Sara, and Melik
Kesler Matly and child
Khan Moshe (ha shukt) wife Hinda and child Rakhel
Khan Shabtai and wife Sara (nee Binder), son Abraham and even a daughter
Kheimovitz Aba wife ester and children: Alter and Mina
Kheimovitz Aharon wife Fruma and children
Kheimovitz Eliezer wife Miriam and children: Lipa and Mina
Kheimovitz Chaya-Beila and children: Eliahu, Mendel, and Mina
Kheimovitz Meir wife Mina
Kheit Debora and children: Yakka, Mashka and Tzipora
Khesda Mordechai wife Elka and son Dov
Kidushin none and wife Zishka and children
Kinkolkin Efraim (hanefa) wife Risha and daughter Zelda
Kinkolkin Elimelik wife Reiza and son Zeidl
Kinkolkin Zev (Velvel) wife Lea and children: Feivl, Feiga, Musia, and Fruma
Kinkolkin Zeidl wife Yehudit and child
Kinkolkin Moshe-Zalman (nefl b' Mlkhmt ha shikhror)  
Kinkolkin Moshe wife Chana and children: Fruma, Feivl, and Shimon
Kinkolkin Feika and children: Fruma, Shimon, and Elka
Kinkolkin Shimon wife and children
Kivelovitz Boruk wife Lea and sons: Shmuel and Nachum
Kivelovitz Mordechai  
Klatzki HaRav Yosef-Chaim wife Sara Baya and sons: Aharon, Eliezer, Haniniya, and Feivl
Klatzki Ester husband and 3 children
Klatzki Aidla husband and child
Klatzki Musia  
Knfs Malka (nee Epshtein) and daughter Reiza
Kobanski Shimon wife Miriam and seven children
Kofold Moshe wife Khesia and children: Broka, Beila, Itzak and Chaya
Kogut Yitzak and wife
Kopshtein Yosef wife Chaya and children: Yael and Musia
Korn Rakhel (daughter of Mordechai Kagan) husband and 2 children
Krlitzki: see Kagan, Berl    
Krupilovski Ester-Reizel  
Krupilovski Eli wife Ester and children
Krupilovski Hilel-Itzak wife {esoa and daughters
Krupilovski Hirshl wife Batya, and children: Sara, Reizl, and Bekhum
Krupilovski Mordechai wife and children
Krupski Eli-Kalman wife Sara and 4 children
Krupski David wife Henia and 4 children
Krusilov Abraham wife Chaia-Feigl (nee Kushtzer) and children: Asna-Aidela, Khesia, Sloba, Mira, and Liba
Kulik Matitihu (shoemaker) and wife Zelda
Kulik Chaim-David wife Elka and children: Tzirna, Rakhel, Leiba, Miriam, Menachem, and Lea
Kulik Alter wife and children
Kulik Moshe wife Pesia and 3 children
Kunogovski Natan wife Aidela and children: Moshe, Chaya, Yetka, and Mira
Kushtzer Aharon and wife Keila
Kushtzer Takob wife Beila and children
Kushtzer Meir wife and children
Kushtzer Yakob wife Sara and 2 children
Kushtzer Khashka (Shmuel Nachum's) and children: Chaya and Motl
Kushtzer Khesia-Sara  
Kushtzer Mordechai-David wife Beila and children: Itzak, Reiza Slova, and Aharon-Idl
Kushtzer Moshe wife Khashka (sister of Beiba)
Kushtzer Moshe  
Kushtzer Itzak  
Kushtzer Khashka and children: Sara and Nachum
Kushtzer Chaya-Liba and sister Bat-sheva
Kushtzer: see Krusilov, Abraham    
Kusovski Abraham-David  
Kutler Lifsha  
Kutler Aharon wife and children
Kutler Leibka wife Zelda and child
Kutler Mula wife and daughters
Kuzelovski Leib wife Sheina, and son Shlomo
Kuzelovski Chaim, wife Batya and children: Shaul and Heshl
Kuzelovski Yudl wife Rebeka and children: Yosef and Eli
Kuzenoitz David wife Sima and children: Asher, Fruma, Shlum, Mordechai and Hirsh
Lapidus Nachum-Broka  
Lebovitz: see Gumnitz, Moshe    
Leib Yakob and wife Henia
Leib Yakob and wife Minka and 4 children
Leib Shlum and wife Musha
Leib Shmuel wife Rebeka and children: Shraga, Pesia, and Feigl
Leibman Shmuel and wife Yenta (Dnitzik's)
Leibman Eli-Chaim and wife
Leibman Aryeh-Velvel wife and 3 children
Leibman Breina and children: Mikal, Batya, Berl and Hirshl
Leibman Berl wife Elka and 2 children
Leibman Henia and son Leiby
Leibman Meir-Itzak wife Rashl and children
Leibman Meir (Meitz'ik) and wife Bat-sheva
Leibman (from Smorgon) wife and son Shlum
Leibman Moshe wife Mashka and children: Leibl and daughter
Leibman Moshe wife Ester and child Miriam
Leibman Shimeon wife and 4 children
Leibman Gabriel wife Nechama, and children: Chaim-Yankel, Sheina-Leah, and Shral
Leibman David wife Freida and children: Hendel, Velvel, and Gitl
Leibman Yosef wife Rebeka and 2 children
Leibovitz Yosef (from Grodno)  
Leibovitz David wife and 2 children
Levin Abraham wife Mashka
Levin Abraham-Yakob wife Ester and 5 children
Levin Aharon wife Rebeka and 2 children
Levin Eli-Moshe wife Yenta and children: Hirshl and Tzila
Levin Binyamin wife Sara and 2 children
Levin Hendel  
Levin Zev (Votzik) wife and children
Levin Zelik (Yankel-Note's) wife Zelda, and daughter Elka
Levin Rafael-Chaim wife and children
Levin Zisl wife Elka-Nota and children: Leiba, Meir, Chaim-Aharon, Bat-Shaky, Eshka and Rakhel
Levin Chaim, wife Shoshka
Levin Chaim, wife Miriam and child
Levin Chaim, wife Musha and children: Rodka, Freida, Henia, Teibl, Zelik, and Daniel
Levin Yael (from Horodich) wife Chana and children
Levin Yudl wife Mariasha and son Yosef
Levin Ester and Sara  
Levin Yukhnon wife Chana and five children
Levin Leiba (the Shen) wife and children
Levin Meir (Meitz'ik) wife and Bat-sheva
Levin Mulka wife and sons
Levin Mendel wife and child Kreina
Levin Meir wife Chaya and children
Levin Motl wife Henia and children
Levin Matitihu wife Hitzla and children
Levin Matitihu wife Bluma and children: Basha and Leiba (Mrkh Gubredker)
Levin Shuel (Mula) wife and children: sisters Pesia-Liba and husband and children
Levin Nisen wife Golda and children
Levin Pesach wife Tzvia and 3 children
Levin Pesach (Ben-Meir) wife and children
Levin Feivl wife Teibl and 3 children
Levin Reuben wife Zelda and children: Rodka, Mina, and Shebach
Levin Shlomo wife Yenta and children: Shoshka, Malka, and Rodka
Levin Shlomo wife Elka and children: Rina, Abraham, Aharon, and Moshe
Levin Shlomo wife Ester (Alter Gele's) and 2 children: Abraham and Nechemiah
Levin Shmuel wife Toba and children: Mendel and Tzerna
Levin Shmuel wife Rakhel and children: Shifra and Itzak
Levin Sara and Batya Gela
Levin Shmuel wife Rakhel (Alter Gele's) and child
Levin Kopl wife Feiga-Rakhel and 5 children
Levin Moshe wife Liba-Beila and daughter
Levin Yehuda wife and children
Levin Eliahu wife Doba and children
Levin Mina and son Leibl
Levin ISarael wife Shoshka (bat Meir) and children
Levit Yakob (Kobrin) (brother of Chana Bugen)
Lidski Elimelik wife Reizel and children: Eli, Yosef, Sara, and Yokoved
Lidski Elimelik wife Reiza and children: Yakka and even 2 children
Lidski: see blbereiski, Hilel    
Liktenshtein Chaya-Zelda and children: Rebeka and Rakhel
Lipshitz Yesheya wife and children
Lipshitz David wife Merka and children: Nechemiah, Rebeka, Mina, Sara and Aharon
Lipshitz Masha (sisters) husband Asher and 3 children
Lubin Zelik wife Zelda and daughter Alta
Maibski Gershon wife Sara-Merka (nee Binder) and son Moshe
Margolin Yakob-Itzak wife Rakhel and child Hinda
Margolin Chaim-Yozer wife Batya and child
Margolin Aharon-Noach wife Pesia and daughters: Chana, and one ___
Margolin Rafael wife Shifra and children: Boruk, Broka, Shlomo and Asher
Margolin Chaya and husband and children
Margolin Hinda  
Marlinski Zelik (Yankel-Note's) and wife Chana and one, name unknown
Maselovta Tzipora and children: Rakhel-Lea and Shifra
Mboritzki Moshe wife Nindl and children: Liba and Zev
Meibls Yakob  
Meiken Zalman wife Peshka and 3 children
Meilovitz David wife Kona and sons: Binyamin, Aitzia, Abraham, and even one
Meilovitz Itzak wife Rebeka and children: Yakla and Binyamin
Meirovitz HaRav Moshe wife Chaya-Rakhel and son Meir
Meirovitz Zelig wife Sara and son Gershon
Meirovitz Yakob (Nontzik) wife Resha and child Yankla
Meishlovitz Aryeh wife Mashka and children: Abraham, yosef, Sara-Rebeka, Yenta-Yehudit, and Ester-Rakel
Melamed Efraim (Fima), son of David Melamed  
Mened Aharon-Leizer wife Nechama and sons: Nota and Liba
Menpl Erekhmial wife Henia and 2 children
Menpl Reuben and wife Henia
Mepshinski Alter (tailor) wife Feigl and children: Shaul and even more
Meyerov (the shoemaker) wife and 5 children
Mikal Moshe-Mordechai wife Chaya-Rakhel and 4 children
Mikolitzki Mina and son Velvel
Mikolitzki Sara-Leah and daughter
Milikovski Leib and wife (nee Baksht)
Milikovski David wife Batya and children: Betzalel and Miriam
Milikovski Heshel wife Rebeka and children
Milikovski: see Rutshtein, Ema    
Milinerski Bernard wife Brita and daughters: Zlin and Rut
Milkovski David wife Frume and sister Khashka
Milkovski Khenon wife Tzvia and children: Motl and Tzipora
Minken HaRav Abraham-Itzak and wife Sara
Mordechovitz Efraim and wife Feigl
Mordechovitz Mordechai wife Chaya (sister of Akiva Baksht) and child
Mordechovitz Shoshka and children: Chaya, Reba and Reizl
Movshovitz Yosef wife Reiza and children: Nechama and Shula
Movshovitz Yitzak wife Chaya-Mushka and children
Movshovitz Yitzak and wife and children
Msilovta: see Rabinovitz, HaRav Shlum    
Mtorov: see no surname: Leah-Reba    
Mtosvitz Henok (Henak) Eli wife Ester and children: Leah Mashka and Berl
Mtosvitz Sima  
Mtz'rkes Mera and child Yakhia Moshe
Mulotznik Moshe and son Reuben
Mushkt Itzak and wife Chaya
Nachomzein Yehuda wife Zelda and 3 children
Nachum Feivy  
Nachum David ha Tzuly)  
Nachumovski Chaim, wife Sara and son Dan
Nah Ekutial (Kushy) wife and daughter Nemi
no surname Breina (daughter of Mordechai Baran husband and children (ha Khfr?)
no surname Velvel, the tailor and wife Sara
no surname Chaim (Voronover) wife Gitl and children
no surname Itzak and wife Mina (the Gzira)
no surname Leah-Reba and husband Iosef (Mtorov) and son
no surname Moritz (Mordechai) and wife Freida
no surname Moshe (tailor) and wife and children
no surname Pesach (Kheimatz) wife Malka, daughters, husbands, and children
no surname Sara-Dina'ke and husband Khona and children
none Efraim and wife Rebeka (bat Yakov-David Henger and son
Novoprutzki Leib wife Sara and children
Paretzik Abraham wife Pesia and 3 children
Paretzik Noach wife Tzirl and children
Paretzik (tailor) and wife Debora
Perski Tzadok wife Beila and children
Peslin HaRav Yakob wife Estera-Malka (daughter of Abraham-David Blok
Pilshtzik Khona wife Reizl and children: Itzak, Mordechai-Yakob, and Reuben
Piselovski Moshe wife Chaya and children: Perl and Rakhel
Plotnik Itzak (the shoemaker) wife Chana-Ester and children
Pltial Mendel wife Yeta and children: Fruma-Gela, Itzak, Berl, and even a[nother] child
Podverski Noach wife Sara and child
Prverman Abraham wife Chaya and son Yesheya Moshe
Pupkiin Yitzak wife Gitl and children: Shprintza, Miriam and Itzak
Pupko Leizer wife Shimka (nee Levin) and son
Pupko Yantzia (from Lida) wife and children
Rabinovitz HaRav Shlum wife Henia (daughter of R' ISarael Msilovta)
Rabinovitz Beila (nee Boyarski) and daughters: Golda and Pesia
Rabinovitz Leah and children: Mula, Zeidl, and Sara
Rabinovitz Meir wife Henia and daughters: Tzipora, Sara, Elka, and son Velvel
Rafal Khonan wife Liba and children: Mariasha, Nechama, and Bekhum-Meir
Rafalovitz Mordechai (Model) wife Teiba
Rafalovitz Alter wife and children: Yehushy and even one [more]
Rafalovitz Naftali wife and 2 children
Rafalovitz Berl wife Chaya and daughter Sonia
Rafalovitz Mutka wife Tova and boy
Rafals: see Berkovitz, Ben-Tzion    
Rogov Aitzia-Yoshi wife Golda and son Leiby
Rogov Eliahu and son
Rogov Berl wife Chana and children: Moshe, Alta, and even a boy
Rogov Chana-Sara  
Rogov Hinda Asher Eliahu
Rogov Khona wife Ester and daughter Chaya
Rogov Yehuda wife Sara, husband, and 2 children
Rogov Itzak wife Rebeka and children: Binyamin and Freida
Rogov Itzak-Yosef wife Golda and son Abraham
Rogov Peshka husband Khona
Rubinovski Alter wife Fruma and children: Yehuda, and even one [more]
Rubinovski Sara (Rafal's)  
Rudnik Moshe wife Merka and 3 children
Rudnik Shimcha and wife Miriam
Rutshtein Avigdor wife Zlata and daughters: Sara-Feigl, Rebeka, Chaya, and Ester
Rutshtein Jendel  
Rutshtein Ema (nee Milikovski)  
Rutshtein Boruk wife Heina, and daughters: Bobl and Sara
Rutshtein Meir wife Feiya and children: Rebeka, Sarah-Feigy, Nechemiah, Moshe and Eliahu
Savitzki Abraham wife Liba and child
Savitzki Itzak wife Mashka and children: Yudl and Nachman
Savitzki Matitihu wife Nachman and 2 children
Savitzki Shmuel wife Khashka and children: Yakla and Yael
Segalovitz Aharon wife Malka and 6 children
Segalovitz Itzak (Aizia-Abe's) wife Alta and 4 children
Segalovitz Itzak (Aizia) wife and son (Tz'ibenvitzer)
Segalovitz Moshe wife Hoda and children: Rebeka and Miriam
Segalovitz David wife Malka and children
Shafetz Chaya-Lea daughter Yora and husband Shaul and 3 children
Shafetz Khona (bnoa)  
Shaktmeinsmer Pesach wife Shoshka and children: eli, Guta, Rebeka, and Sima
Sheftal Israel-Moshe wife Feigl and children: Shabtai and Beila
Sheftal Reizl (asht Notl) and 2 children
Sheftal Moshe (Munie's) wife Rakhel and children Shlomo and even [more]
Sheftal Yehuda (Akhoi) wife Dina and 5 children
Sheftal Yosef (Akhoi), wife Reiza and children
Sheftel: see Blok, Isarael-Hirshl    
Shimenovski Pinchas and wife Tzvia
Shishko Aharon-Meir wife Lea and duaghter Boba
Shishko Moshe-Aharon (the tailor) wife Ester and 3 children
Shishko David-Meir wife Feigl and 3 children
Shkolnik Alter wife Yakka and children
Shleiker Israel and wife Gitl
Shlosberg Yosef wife Lea and children: Aharon and Kreina
Shlosberg Resha and son ISarael-Shimcha
Shlovski: see Kagan, ISarael-Itzak    
Shmuelovitz Abraham-Chaim wife Khasha, and children: Tubia, Yosef-Dob, Guta-Batya, and Slova-Lea
Shmuelovitz Betzalel wife Lea and children: Sara and Hinda
Shmuelovitz David  
Shmuelovitz Feigl  
Shmuelovitz Mendel wife Zishka and children: Sara, Yeta, Teibl, and Aharon
Shmukler Abraham (ha nfa) and wife Freida
Shmukler Binyamin (Noima) wife Sara and children
Shmukler Tzvi-Hirshl wife Rakhel (nee Goldshmid) and 3 children
Shmukler HaRav Mordechai wife Zlata and daughter Rebeka
Shmukler Yakob-Hirshl wife Henia and daughter Freida-Musia
Shmukler Chaya-Rakhel, wife of Zalman  
Shmukler Hirshl wife Shifra and duaghters: Yokoved and Badna
Shmukler Khona-Moshe (the shoemaker) and son
Shmukler Aharon (Ary) wife Shein[de]l and 3 children
Shmukler Abraham daughter Dvosha and husband and children (from Radin)
Shmukler Abraham-Berl wife and children
Shmukler Aharon-Zav wife Sara and children: Chaya, Chaim-Leib, and Reuben
Shmukler Yosef (son of Chaim-Ruben)  
Shmukler Sara daughters and son Kalman
Shmukler Shmuel and wife
Shmukler Moshe wife and 7 children
Shmukler Avigdor wife and children: Leizer and Lipa
Shmukler Gutl wife and son Nachum
Shmukler Nachum  
Shmukler Naftali (Tola)  
Shmukler Golda and 3 children
Shmukler Diba and 3 children
Shmukler Hirshl (Khetzkal's) wife Chaya-Lea and 3 children
Shmukler Hirshl (from Rz'iner)  
Shmukler Chana-Sara and boy
Shmukler Leibka (nfl beurot ha Frtiznim)  
Shmukler Itzak and wife Rebeka
Shmukler Yakob wife Tzvia and boy
Shmukler Yakob and wife Chana
Shmukler Yosef wife and children
Shmukler Yosef wife Nechama and daughter Doba
Shmukler Moshe wife Lea and 6 children
Shmukler Mikal wife Elka and 2 children
Shmukler Nakhman wife and 2 children
Shmukler Mikal (son of Karpel) wife and children: Dvora, Lea, Feiga, Eliahu, and Aharon
Shmukler Shmuel-Leizer (akhoi) wife Neky and children
Shmukler Malka and children: Fruma, Eshka, Yenta, and Feivl
Shmukler Nisen wife Golda and 3 children
Shmukler Ruben (the tfr) wife Chana Sheina and 2 children
Shmukler Shabtai wife Yakka and sons: Eli and Hirshl
Shmukler Feigl  
Shmukler Rudka (asht Moshe the shoemaker)  
Shmukler: see Bergman, Mendel    
Shnider Dvora (nee Katz) and children: Yokoved, Masha, and Tzipora
Shofer Abraham-Yudl and wife
Shofer Hirshl wife and children
Shofer ISarael wife Shulamit and children
Shofer Erekhmial wife Musia and children: Shmuel-Mikal and Mina
Shofer Nechama and children: Feiby, Berl and Miriam
Shofer Pinchas wife Frida and children
Shofer Rafael wife Gitl and children: daughts and Pinchas
Shpsenvol Yakob wife Musia and son Chaim
Shtzkes: see Bergman, Boruk    
Shvartz Hirsh-Nachum wife Mina and children: Perl and son
Shvartz Hirsh (ha ngr), wife Sara and daughter Tzivia
Shvartz Aharon wife Lea and daughter Fruma
Shvartz Tzvi wife Reiza, and children: Chaim, Sheina, Mendel, and Mina
Shvartz Kopl wife Batya and children
Shvartz Henok wife and child
Shvartz Itzak  
Shvartz Pesia and child Rebeka
Shvartz Tzirl and children: Yakob, Feigl, and Perl
Shvurtz Alter wife Sara and children: Yosef, Chaya-Rakhel, and Chaim-Yosef
Smulitzki: see Goldberg, Aharon    
Snitzki Elimelik wife Roza (nee Yelinski) and children (from Baksht)
Sokol Nachum (shoemaker) wife and children
Solodoka Zisha and children: Rakhel and Henia
Stutzki Alter  
Stutzki Moshe wife Brita and son Shlum
Tzadok (the sofer=Torah scribe) wife and children
Tzigelnitzki Shmuel wife Chana and child Rebeka
Tzirolnik Moshe-Itzak wife Pesia-Rashka and son Leizer
Tzirolnik Meir wife Sara and sons:Yosl and Abraham
Tzirolnik Yudl wife Blumka and son Aharly
Tzlokovitz ISarael wife Sara and son Yakob
Tzonzer Aharon and son Itzak
Tzonzer Shmuel wife Rakhel and son Eliahu
Veinshtein Ekhial wife Guta-Baya and sons: Abraham and Iser
Velinski Ester and husband Boruk and children
Velinski Chaim wife Ester and children: Misha and Mordechai
Velinski Mordechai wife Feigl and children: abraham-Mendel and Itzak
Vesterman Aba wife Matla and children: Yosef-Chaima nd Khesia
Vigodski Leib wife Malka and children: Mina and Roikhum
Vilkomirski Moshe ben Yakob  
Viner Shimeon wife Liba and child
Vismanski Reuben and wife Freidel
Vlanski Meirim wife Sheina-Gitl and daughters: Sara, Feigl, and Rebeka
Vlapovitz (the shoemaker) and wife and children
Vlokianski Shabtain wife Nechama and daughter Sara-Shifra and even a daughter
Voronovski David wife Miriam and children: Shuel-Leib and Rasha
Yakob (Iokov) Yosef-Itzak wife Yenta and children: Hirshl and Tzila
Yakob (Iokov) Bunia  
Yakob (Iokov) Shlomo wife and children
Yakob: see Gordon, Debora    
Yelin Dov wife Tzipa and children: Chana and Yakob
Yelinski: see Snitzki, Elimelik    
Yenkelevitz Aharon wife Henia and 2 children
Yenkelevitz Berl wife Masha and 3 children
Yenkelevitz Hirshl wife Lea and children: Zeidl and Reizl
Yenkelevitz Yakob wife Lea and children
Yenkelevitz Leah husband and children
Yenkelevitz Kopl wfie Rakhel and children: Leizer and Liba
Yenkelevitz Shmuel (Mula) wife Chana-Reizl (born Berkman) and children
Yenkelevitz Rebeka and children: Dobka and Zav
Yenklovski ISarael wife Chaya-Shraky and daughters
Yermitzki Berl-Dov wife Sima and son Tuvia
Yofkhalovitz Meir wife Rakhel-Beila and children: Zelda and Paiya
Yofkhalovitz Moshe wife Peshka and children: David and Eli
Yofkhalovitz Aharon and wife Musha
Yofkhalovitz Pesia husband and sons: Daivd and Eliahu
Zak Shlum wife Beila and children: Yaka, Masha, Yakob, gitl, and even more
Zaks Boruk wife Etl and children: Yosef-chaim, Freidl, Li_r and Feivel
Zeifert Hilel wife Miriam and two children
Zigman Shlm wife Shifra and daughter Sheina
Z'ikovski Shmuel wife Rashka and children: (Frad's)
Zinger Chaim-Hirsh (tailor) wife Simka and daughters: Batya and Elka
Zinger Leib wife Sara and sons
Zinger the shoemaker and wife (daughter of Yakob-David)
Zkroiski Yakob wife Beila-Rebeka and children
Zkroiski Leibl wife Toiba and children
Zkroiski Moshe (tailor) wife Reizel and sons: Itzak and Yehuda and Mordechai
Zkroiski Shimcha wife Reizl and children: Alta and Zeidl
Zlebianski Abraham wife Chana and children
Zlebianski Yosef wife Reizel and children
Zlebianski Esheya wife Yokaved and children: Lipa and gutka
Zlebianski Shimeon wife and children
Zlebianski Sara (Sheliver) and child
Zlebianski Efraim wife Golda and 2 children
Z'orbski Yakob wife Reba-Rashka and children: Melek, chaim-Leib, and Chaya-Rakhel
Z'ukovitzki Moshe wife Rishka and children
Zusman Shmuel  
Zusman ISarael (Khasha-Leah's) and family
Zusmanovitz Aizik (butcher) and wife Shula and children
Zusmanovitz Chaim (butcher) wife Yeta and children
Zusmanovitz Moshe wife Debora and daughter
Zusmanovitz Shmuel-Chaim wife Leah-Genesia and 2 daughters


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