The Memorial Book of Iwieniec,
Kamien, and the Surrounding Region

(Ivenets, Belarus)

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Translation of
Sefer Iwieniec, Kamien ve-ha-seviva; sefer zikaron

Published in Tel Aviv, 1973



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Ellen J. Eisner
Judy Prigal
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This is a translation from Sefer Iwieniec, Kamien ve-ha-seviva; sefer zikaron
(The memorial book of Iwieniec, Kamien, and the surrounding region),
Tel Aviv, Iwieniec Societies in Israel and the Diaspora, 1973. Volumes: 1, Pages: 484 Languages: H,Y

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Ivenets

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Translated by Yocheved Klausner


[Y] = Yiddish
Introduction   7
Foreword [Y]   13
The town until September 1939
History of Ivenets (Iwieniec) Shimon Oshrowitz 17
Ivenets, My Hometown, at the End of the 19th Century Shlomo Bar Tzvi Milikovsky 18
Our town in the last century - from the newspapers Hamelitz and Hatzefira Shimon Osherowitz 62
The “Taxa” [tax collector] Shimon Osherowitz 72
I was the first Oleh [immigrant to Eretz Israel] from Ivenets Mordechai Silber 74
Memories Michael Rubinstein 76
The Zionists in Ivenets [Y] Michael Rubinstein 78
Jewish livelihoods, institutions and parties in Ivenets [Y] Meir Perski 82
The Bund [Y] S. Osherowitz 86
There once was a town… [Y] Moshe-David Zak 88
Memories from mu youth [Y] Melech Zisl Parent 127
The way of life in Ivenets [Y] Avraham Milikovski 129
The Eliezer Katz family [Y] Reuven Katz 143
The history of one family Shaul Frentchik 145
Memories from the years of my youth [Y] Shaul Frentchik 147
Ivenets [Y[ Yakov Funt 152
Hashomer Hatza'ir in Ivenets Avraham Rogov 158
BEITAR in Ivenets Reuven Katz 169
The Grosmanist movement in Ivenets Zlata Farbstein-Reichman 173
Days of long ago Mordechai Ben-Yehuda, Reuven Katz 175
A wedding in Ivenets [Y] Yitzhak Kuznietz 179
The dispute about the new rabbi [Y] Mordechai Ben Yehuda 181
A town with two rabbis [Y] Avraham Kalatzik 182
My visit in Ivenets in 1938 [Y] Zlata Farbstein-Reichman 183
Memories from childhood and adolescence [Y] Wolke Reznik 185
The destruction of a community [Y] Rav Zev Gordon 194
My home Eidele Sirotkin-Dekel 199
My town Ivenets Rachel Katz-Gringer 201
History of a family [Y] Dvora Sabinik 203
The history of a family Nechemia Akon 206
My home Rachel Kovalski-Reznik 209
Childhood memories Shimon ben Michael Luski 212
Ivenets, my origin Reuven Katz 213
A single one - from the entire family [Y] Miriam Nir Sabinik 214
The fate of a family [Y] Tzila Schuman Berkman 215
Velma and Ivenets Bella Germaiza-Weinberger 217
Ivenets [Y] Avraham Baranowitz 217
Ivenets Personalities
Personalities and rabbis in Ivenets Meir Aran (Arnovski) 225
Izjik Rabbi Zev Gordon 242
Rav Michael Gronitzki Rabbi Zev Gordon 243
Rav Yechezkel Simcha Rabinowitz Moshe-David Zak 244
In memory of my brother Yosek Zak Moshe-David Zak 245
R'Hirschel Klemens Moshe-David Zak 246
R'Mordechai Luski Moshe-David Zak 248
The convert to Judaism Avraham Vazjniak Moshe-David Zak 248
In memory of my friend Yochanan Rubinstein Moshe-David Zak 249
Zelig Tzernin Moshe-David Zak 251
R' Zev Leder, the cantor Moshe-David Zak 252
Noah Zwiniatch Moshe-David Zak 252
Shayel the barber [Y] Moshe-David Zak 255
My father, the shochet (slaughterer) R'Mordechao Luski Chaim Luski 256
Our father R'Avraham Schieff Nyonia Aberment-Schieff 258
In memory of our brother Herzke Schieff Salva Binder-Schieff 261
Leibel Darer Rachel Katz-Gringer 262
In memory of my brother Leibel Katz [Y] Sonia Katz-Farentzik 263
My three war medals [Y] Meir Perski 264
Leibel Katz Yosef Rolnik 265
In memory of Aharon Debinik [Y] Zusia Debinik 265
Defending the Homeland and Building the Country
Rolnik Arie, Rolnik Yitzhak, Doa Yitzhak Aizik   268
Shimon Luski, Arie Luski, Yosef Sirotkin   269
The Town Kamin
History of the town Kamin S. Osherowitz 273
My town Kamin Shulamit Steif-Osherowitz 274
My sister Shulamit Steif-Osherowitz Rivka Ferber 276
Kamin and its Jews Shimon Osherowiyz 277
Holocaust and Struggle
Holocaust dates in Ivenets and surroundings 282
My town Ivenets Moshe-David Zak 283
From Ivenets to Varkota [Y] Hirshel Rolnik 284
Six years in the Communist Paradise [Y] Sara Rolnik 296
We flee to Russia [Y] Hirshel Segalowitz 302
I was a refugee in Russia Nechemia Akon 307
I traveled to visit my family Arie Karp 308
From Ivenets to Shanghai [Y] Rabbi Zev Gordon 313
The battle for life [Y] Avraham Baranowitz 318
The great camp   320
The road of affliction [Y] Avraham Oshers 322
Years of suffering and heroism [Y] Mordechai Rolnik 335
Destruction of a Jewish community [Y] Dvora Sabinik 355
Memories from a Jewish community [Y] Eliezer Gurion 373
Times of horror [Y] Yakov Ushman 377
On the way to Eretz Israel Yakov Ushman 392
We remained a few… Rachel Katz-Gringer 394
The beginning of destruction [Y] Hatzkel Pozniak 395
In the hands of fate [Y] Mordechai Morduchowitz 397
With the Partisans [Y] Reuven Segalowitz 399
Two years in the pit of death Shmuel Slutzki 401
Memories from the time of the Holocaust Zvi Leder 408
Ivenets in 1956 [Y] Israel Magaday 409
The first Jewish partisans [Y] Yehoshua Yafe 411
In memory of the Ivenets martyrs Mordechai Ben Yehuda 415
The fallen among the fighters against the Nazis   416
Ivenets Jews deported to Siberia   421
Ivenets Jews who fled to Russia at the outbreak of the German-Russian war   422
Memorial Pages
Ivenets and Kamin former residents who died in Israel   424
List of Martyrs from Ivenets, Kamen' and Environs   425
Obituaries   439
Ivenets Landsleit (former residents) in Israel   482


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