The Community of Horodlo
(Horodło, Poland)

50°53' / 24°02'

Translation of
Di Kehila Fon Horodlo

Editors: Y.Ch. Zawidowitch, Former Residents of Horodlo in Israel

Published in Tel Aviv, 1963

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This is a translation of: Di Kehila Fon Horodlo (The community of Horodlo),
Editors: Y.Ch.Zawidowitch, Former Residents of Horodlo in Israel, Tel Aviv 1963 (Y)

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Horodlo (1966)

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Translated by Gloria Berkenstat Freund


A. Forward:
A Word from the Publisher The Editoral Committee 7
May Their Memory Live Forever! Josef Chaim Zawidowicz 11
B. Eulogies and Appreciations
Remember the Jewish Destruction Dr. M. Dwarczecki 14
Remember What Was Done To Us The Rabbi Chaim Berman 17
A Yizkor Book Henekh Berman 21
An Eternal Headstone Shaul Kupersztok 23
Kadish for our Birthplace Mordekhai Herbst 25
C. The City Horodlo, its Residents and its Jewish Kehile [Organized Jewish Community]
A General Description Josef Chaim Zawidowicz 31
D. The Horodler Jews and Their Spiritual, Social and Communal Life
The City Rabbi, the Horodler Rabbi,
blessed by the name of the righteous man
The Rabbi, Chaim Berman 45
Horodlo and Its Residents Henekh Berman 54
The Horodler Jews and their Studies Moshe Biderman 68
Horodlo, My Shtetele [small town] (Memories) Ben-Tzion Bergman 74
Memories of Horodlo Ruchl Bergman 88
The Young and their Communal and Cultural Work Moshe Zauberman 96
Memories about the Life of the Horodler Young Tzvi Plat 101
About the Young of Horodlo Ruchl Plat 107
E. Horodlo During the First World War
Shmuel Frajnt 117
Zeev Frocht 126
The Destruction of Horodlo (Descriptions from the Survivors)
The Horodler Kehile [organized Jewish community]
During the Capture of the City and the Bitter End
Fradl Sziffer (Perlmuter) 131
The Horodler Jews During the War and their
Savage Death
Arya Berger 161
The German Occupation and the Liquidation of
the Horodler Kehile [organized Jewish community]
Abish Berger 184
Events During the Time of Occupation Ahron Fuks 198
The Last Road Fradl Sziffer (Perlmuter) 202
The Way of Life and Images
Dearest and Most Beloved Josef Chaim Zawidowicz 210
Unforgettable Images Ahron Pfluk 236
The Matis Melamed Yisroel Barg 243
My Home City Horodlo Avraham Kulesz 249
The Blessing of Reb Yitzhak Saler Melakh Szechter 254
Norodler Images Mordekhai Herbst 263
Welcoming Shabbos in Horodlo Mordekhai Herbst 273
The First Theatrical Presentation in Our City Yisroel Barg 277
Stories from the Not Distant Past Josef Ari Herbst 280
Remembrances of My Family Ruchl Bergman 283
Hirsh Zuberman 286
Matzeyvah [headstone] for Horodler on Mount Zion - Jerusalem the Holy City 292
In Rhyme
Sad Experiences Fradl Sziffer (Perlmuter) 299
Prayer in the Grave Fradl Sziffer (Perlmuter) 302
Longing for My Home Fradl Sziffer (Perlmuter) 303
List of the Horodler Martyrs 307
List of the Martyrs from the Village of Strzyżów 317
Supplement 321

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