Horchiv Memorial Book
(Gorokhov, Ukraine)

50°30' / 24°46'

Translation of Sefer Horchow

Edited by: Y. Kariv

Published in Tel Aviv, 1966



Project Coordinator

Toby Brief


Our sincere appreciation to Ruth Banias, of the Horchiv Committee in Israel,
for permission to put this material on the JewishGen web site.

Our sincere appreciation to Yad Vashem
for the submission of the necrology for placement on the JewishGen web site.

Sefer Horchow (Horchiv Memorial Book), Editor Y. Kariv, Tel-Aviv,
Horchiv Committee in Israel, 1966 (379 pages H,Y,E)

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Gorokhov

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Notes on abbreviations and spelling
[Hebrew = H; Yiddish = Y; ? = unknown from title whether Hebrew or Yiddish]
[The letters KH are used for those names whose pronunciation when transcribed as CH may be unfamiliar and erroneously confused with CH as in "champion"Thus: Chaim or Chana (familiar names pronounced KH), but Khumesh. Of course there are other names where CH is pronounced simply as K.]

Introduction (H) 9
From Generation to Generation  
History of the Town – Chaim Dan (H) 15
[Same article in Yiddish] 16
Epochs in the History of the Jewish Community – Baruch Zimmerman (H) 17
[Same in Yiddish] 19
My Town and its Residents – David Tahori (Zuberman) (H) 20
[Same in Yiddish] 22
Our Street – Malka Vered (Palite) (H) 24
[Same in Yiddish] 25
My Hometown – It was dear to me – Nachum Milstein (H) 26
During the First World War – Noam Zacai (H) 26
Self-Defense in Harkhiov – Noam Zacai (Y) 30
Between Rulers – Shlomo Zimmerman (H) 32
Yossi Eisen – Pinkhas Wallach (?) 34
Days of Excitement – Zvi Bar Yesha (H) 35
How Jews Earned a Living – Baruch Zimmerman (H) 36
The Decline in Economic Life – H.L.P. (H) 36
In the Cemetery 37
Father's House  
Father's Traditions – Khalya Schechter-Kriss (H) 45
Holidays in Town – Moshe Benyahu (H) 45
Holiday Pleasures – Malka Vered (Palite)(H) 46
Each Holiday with its Aroma – Malka Vered (Y) 47
Synagogues, Prayer Leaders, Chassidim and Men of Good Traits – Chaim Dan 48
[Same in Yiddish] 51
Our Shtibl [Small neighborhood synagogue] – Herzl Zucker, Michael Weizman (Y) 54
The Singing of R. Yekutiel – Noam Zacai (H) 54
[Same in Yiddish] 56
The "Looker" Wakes Up to Psalms Chaim [no last name] (Y) 57
Itzik Mordechai the Tailor and the War for the Rabbinate – David Tahori (H) 58
The Excommunication – Noam Zacai (H) 59
[Same in Yiddish] 61
Family Trees 63
Mothers and Fathers 64
Education and Culture  
Teachers, their Assistants and their Livelihoods – Pinchas Wallach (H) 67
[Same in Yiddish] 69
R. Feissy – Teacher of Children – Malka Vered (Palite) (H) 71
Talmud Teacher – Binyamin Schwartzman – Bluma Schwartzman (Cherbatov) (H) 71
The Rebbe and the Cantor – Benzion Tahori (Zuberman) (H) 72
[Same in Yiddish] 73
Young People Travel to a Torah Center – Noam Zacai (H) 74
Yosel Keisar – Director of the First Modernized Heder [Children's School] - Sarah Flumin Berger (H) 75
The Workers' Cultural Association – David Shapiro 75
[Same in Yiddish] 76
First Buds of Hebrew Education – Noam Zacai (H) 77
Simkha Perlmutter, One of the First [Secularist] Teachers in Town - Noam Zacai (H) 80
Moshe Khoshchevotsky, Hebrew Teacher During WWI – Sarah Flumin Berger (H) 80
Sources of our Education – Chaim Dan (H) 80
The Hebrew School – Chaim Dan (Y) 86
The Hebrew School Between 1927-1939 – Rachel Birman Mitavsky (H) 88
The Hebrew School Between 1932-1935 – Aminadav Yisraeli (Yoselvitz) (H) 91
The First Year of Teaching – Menachem Halevi (H) 94
The Final Years of the Hebrew School – Yaakov Berger (H) 95
The Drama Club Gets Organized – Noam Zacai (H) 96
The Drama Club: Its Performances and Actors – Zvi Berger, Yosef Khomesh (H) 97
[Same in Yiddish] 98
The Yiddish Folks School and Library – Rachel Eisen (Y) 100
Molya Bergman – Aminadav Yisraeli (?) 103
Movements and Institutions  
The First Zionist Collection Funds – Sarah Flumin Berger (H) 107
Zionist Organizations Before and After WWI – Zvi Berger (H) 107
[Same in Yiddish] 110
Zionist and Public Activities – Yaakov Khomesh (H) 115
[Same in Yiddish] 121
Yosef Khomesh, Community Leader – Baruch Zimmerman (H) 126
Deputy Mayor – David Tahori (Zuberman) (H) 126
The Zionist Collection Funds – Rachel Birman Mitavsky (H) 127
How We Emptied the JNF Charity Boxes – Moshe Binyahu (H) 128
The Keren Hayesod Appeal in the 1920s – H.L.P. (H) 128
On a Zionist Mission in 1930 – Yisrael Ritov (H) 129
Training and Immigration to Palestine – Shlomo Korekh (H) 130
"The Pioneer" – Moshe Binyahu (H) 131
The History of Hekhalutz [The Pioneer] Movement in our Shtetl – Moshe Binyahu (Y) 133
In Klosovo – Chaim Dan (H) 136
Hekhalutz Hatsa'ir[Young Pioneer Movement] – Chaim Dan (H) 140
The Rise of Hekhalutz Hatsa'ir – Chaim Dan (Y) 140
I Always Remember Them – Chana Kliger-Ravid (H) 142
Leah Fisch – Melekh Noy (?) 147
In Opposition (Collection of Letters) – Leah Fisch 148
Beitar and [abbrev. possibly Revisionist Zionists] – David Tahori (H) 152
[Same in Yiddish] 157
Pinkhas Kriger, Educator of Beitar [abbrev. for Beit Trumpeldor] Youth Movement - Elkhanan Karniel (Kahat) (H) 160
His Place Was In The Warsaw Ghetto – Batsheva Kriger-Mendelson (H) 162
Mizrakhi [Religious Zionists] and Agudath Israel [Non-Zionists] – A Town Resident (H) 162
Back to Myself – Shlomo Einbinder (H) 163
[Same in Yiddish] 166
Communist Underground Members – Devorah Ben-Zvi (H) 171
Chana and Freida Zutler – Sarah Berger Flumin (H) 171
Mutual Credit Institutions – Yosef Khomesh (H) 171
Horkhiov Financial Institutions [probably the same article] – Yosef Khomesh (Y) 173
Branches Overseas  
Parting Was Hard For Me – Esther Zuberman (H) 179
Places of Settlement in the USA – Leonora Auerbach-Aryeh (H) 179
Max Auerbach – Charles Wald (?) 181
Brought Up in Horkhiov, Moved to America – Yenta Mishna-Kriger (Y) 181
Horkhiov Society in America – Pinkhas Wallach (Y) 181
The Town of My Parents and Ancestors – Yehoshua Wallach (Y) 184
From Stage to Stage – Noam Zacai (H) 184
From America to Orchards in Herzliya – Zvi Berger (H) 185
Emigrants from Horokhov in Argentina – Alexander Manur (H) 186
[Same in Yiddish] 187
From Argentina to Israel – Yehoshua Gelin (H, Y) 189
List of Horokhov Emigrants in Argentina (H, Y) 191
Horokhov Emigrants in Brazil (H, Y) 191
We Moved to Palestine  
Our Town's First Pioneers – Noam Zacai (H) 195
[Same in Yiddish] 197
Pioneers of the Third Aliyah to Palestine – Abraham Hirschfeld (H) 200
This is how the first pioneers traveled – Avraham Khaklay (H) 201
A Pioneer Woman Moves to Palestine – Sheindel Flemeister-Zacai (H) 203
[Same in Yiddish] 206
Emigration to Palestine in the 1920s – Shlomo Zimmerman (H) 208
Parents Following Their Children – Devorah Green-Ben-Zvi (H) 209
Over Mountains, Across Borders – Nakhum Milstein (H) 211
Families Say Goodbye to their Emigrating Children (H) 213
I Was 14 Years Old – Tsila Horowitz (H) 216
In An Illegal Cargo Ship – Duva Dagan (Goyer) (H) 217
Three Generations – Noam Zacai (H) 218
Yitzchak Ze'ev (Itzik Wolf) Zacai – David Tahori (?) 220
From an Ein Harod Diary – The Image of a Pioneer – Zvi Berger, Avraham Khaklay, Noam Zacai (H) 220
Horokhov Emigrants in Israel 224
The Holocaust  
Budding Youth Before the Holocaust (H, Y) 229
Before the Destruction – Moshe Rivzis (H) 232
From Before and After the War – Miriam Berger (H) 233
[Same in Yiddish] 249
The First Months of War – Benzion Tahori (Zuberman) (H) 279
Russian Rule at the Beginning of the War – Aharon Greiber (H) 281
A Day in the Ghetto of Horokhov – Yehudit Schwartzman (H) 282
From the Ghetto Until the Bitter Day – Shlomo Dickstein (H) 283
The Child Saw Everything – Nekhama and Esther Stricker (H) 284
My Pursuers Didn't Catch Me – Sonia Tessler-Zhiroff (H) 285
My Memories of the Nazi Period – Sonia Tessler-Zhiroff (Y) 291
[Both Tessler articles may be the same]  
They Were Together in Death and in Life (H) 303
Gorokhov Families Killed in the Holocaust (H) 304
In Forests and at the Front  
Escape to Vilna – Abba Meisels (H) 315
[Same in Yiddish] 316
Wandering in the Forest and Meeting Partisans – Yokhanan Kanfer (H) 319
I Took Revenge on the Murderers – Bolek Katko (H) 320
[Same in Yiddish] 323
From Stalingrad to Berlin – Serving in the Red Army – Ephraim Schwartzman (H) 327
[Same in Yiddish] 334
All Roads Led to Palestine – Yaakov Sprakh (H) 342
[Same in Yiddish] 344
With the Polish Army to Palestine – Chaim Ravina (Litvan) (H) 346
Memorial Candle (H) 353
Brothers Zusia and Moshe Blakhman – Aharon Kahane (H) 355
Yosel Hoshchiver (Shargal) – Avraham Hirschfeld (?) 356
Avraham Weitz – Avraham Hirschfeld, Chaim Dan (?) 356
Menachem (Mantzy) Horowitz – Sarah Horowitz Khumesh (H) 357
R. Dov Kliger – Zvi Berger (H) 357
Yeshayahu Hering – Zvi Ben-Yesha (?) 358
Elimelekh Mordechai Eisenstein – Aharon Eisenstein (?) 359
Doctor Margolis – Sarah Flumin Berger (H) 359
Hersh Weizman and his Family – Michael Weizman (H) 360
Yaakov Khumesh and his Family – Yosef Khumesh (H) 360
He Didn't Linger – Eliezer Smolly (H) 362
Miriam Zacai – Noam Zacai, Chaim Dan (?) 362
Meir-Yaakov Kahane – Aharon Kahane (?) 363
Niumke Fisch – Zvi Dan (?) 365
From His Writings - David Fisch (H) 365
Shlomo and Henya-Beila Flumin – Sarah Flumin-Berger, Chana Orly-Flumin (H) 367
Shmuel Flumin and his Family – Zvi Berger, Shoshana Rozen-Flumin (H) 368
Teenage Girls Groups – Chana Orly-Flumin (H) 370
My Family – Dov Zamir (H) 371
Moshelakh, Shlomelakh [affectionate names] (Y) 373
Dashed Hopes and Destroyed Expectations (H, Y) 374

English Table of Contents

(Addendum - not in original)
Introduction 3
History of the Town – Chaim Dan 5
Stages (Epochs) in the History of the Jewish Community – Baruch Zimmerman 6
Houses of Worship, Cantors, Chassidim and Men of Good Virtue – Chaim Dan 11
The Hebrew School – Chaim Dan 14
Yiddish Public School and Library – Rachel Eisen 15
The Leader of the Community - Yaakov Chumasch – Baruch Zimmerman 18
The Deputy Mayor – David Tahori (Zuberman) 18
He Halutz – Moshe Binyahu 19
He Halutz, Ha-Tsair – Chaim Dan 21
Beitar and Hatsohar – David Tahori 22
The Jewish Peoples Bank in Horchiv – Chumesh 25
It Was Hard to Leave – Soberman 26
Memories of My Father – Leonora Auerbach-Aryeh 27
My Friend Max – Charles Wald 29
Memories from Horkhiv – Yenta Mishna-Kriger 30
Some Memories of the Old Home – Paul Wallach 31
On Horchiv – Yehoshua Wallach 33
Shalom Friedman – Zvi Berger 35
The First Pioneers From Our Town – Noam Zakai 36
The War – Miriam Berger 39
Memories from the Nazi Period – Sonia Tesler-Gyraph 59
With the Red Army from Stalingrad to Berlin – Ephraim Schwartzmann 68
Horchiver in the USA - 1964 78
Louis Prepon oral history


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