The Book of Horodenka
(Horodenka, Ukraine)

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Translation of Sefer Horodenka

Edited by: Sh. Meltzer

Published in Tel Aviv, 1963


Project Coordinator

Mark Heckman

Donated translations

Ellen Biderman

This is a translation from: Sefer Horodenka,
published in Israel in 1963 by “Former Residents of Horodenka and Vicinity in Israel and the USA.”
It is written in both Yiddish and Hebrew (with some old records written in German); 432 pages.

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Horodenka

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A short English preface states that the authors' reason for publishing the book was to give the children of those who came from our little birthplace some idea of the fate of their grandparents and kinfolk, in order that they may from time to time remember those thousands who were slaughtered by the Nazis during the Second World War.

In that spirit we've copied and translated some portions of the book and put them here, so that those of you whose family came from Horodenka, but who can't read Yiddish or Hebrew or who have no access to the book, can know something of the fate of your kinfolk.

Sefer Horodenka Table of Contents

This is a partial translation of the table of contents for the memorial book, Sefer Horodenka. The entries listed first are for the chapters that are written in Yiddish. There are also some chapters written only in Hebrew. They appear at the bottom.


Chapter Title Author Page #
Preface [English]   V
About the Publishing of the Horodenker Book M. Fleshner 1
Report on the Activity the Organization M. Fleshner 9
A Sad Walk Around Our Town Y. Shapira 11
Upon the Publishing of the Book S. Meltzer 14
The Town and Its Environs    
The History of the Jews of Horodenka Dr. N. M. Gelber 86
Great Scholars In Our Town Y. Halevy-Shnitzer 97
Horodenka In the Years 1890-1907 S. Kirshner 99
The Horodenker Landsmanschaft in America S. Kirshner 106
Green-Blue Tongues L. Yorman 112
About the History of Our Town W. Ofenberger 114
Our Town As I Remember It G. Lindenberg 117
Eight Chapters From Horodenka A. Granach 137
Our Town in 1929 M. Fleshner 160
A Visit to Horodenka in 1934 Max Bahr 164
The Villages Around Horodenka B. Mossberg 164
The Village of Serafinitz A. Bergman 166
The Village of Korniv Dr. B. Lagstein 167
The Village of Daleshova P. Bider-Gofer 168
Institutions and Organizations    
Jewish Institutions in Our Town H. Sucher (Deceased) 169
The Yad Harutzim (Industrious Hand) Association M. Berkover 172
The Bund in Horodenka R. Kasvan-Kot 172
The “Abraham Reisin School" A. Fink 175
Memories of the Jewish School F. Blatt 178
The First Hebrew School G. Lindenberg 179
The "Bait Yaakov" School B. Feder 180
The "Shomer" Organization M. Strum 181
The Activities of the Hitachdut Y. Streit 182
The "Gordonia" Movement N. Bergman 184
My Journey to Eretz Israel Y. Yeger 185
Theatrical Activities Yeshoah Shtreyt 187
The "Sholom Aleichem" Club S. Sucher 189
Hashomer's Ball Henya Birnboym 200
The First Pioneer Group Asher Yungerman 203
The First Pioneer Group M. Streyt 204
Gordonia's Summer Camp Bella Shtachel 211
Ehodyah - The Academic Youth Association Moshe Shtachez 212
The Zionist Youth Kuka Yiskar-Greif 213
The WIZO Branch in our Town Hava Meir-Orner  215
The Zionist Movement In Our Town Gavriel Lindenberg  216
The Songs of the Desperate Yizhak-Aryeh Berger  219
Memories and Descriptions    
The "Shabbos Seminar" of Shlomo Beker Dr. H. Bluthal 242
Self sacrifice for the fulfillment of a mitzvah Y. Shapira 244
Rabbi Nachman from Horodenka S. Meltzer 247
With the Chassidim of Vizhnitsa S. Sucher 249
With the Chassidim of Chortkov M. Stachel 251
What I Have Seen and Heard M. Stachel 254
What Used to Be K. Sucher-Griff 256
Nationalist Activity Y. Roykhverger 258
Some Memories of Childhood Haim Yiskar 260
A Bunch of Memories L. Spirer 261
The Polish High School S. Yaron-Yungerman 262
Two Encounters N. Bergman 263
Jews and Non-Jews in Serafinitz N. Hoffman-Shen 265
The Village of Serafinitz N. Bergman 267
Laughter and Tears Kuka Iskar-Greif 268
The Destruction of the Town    
The destruction of the Jews of Horodenka Meyer Sukher 273
My Walk Through the Seven Levels of Hell R. Priffer 275
In the Time of Murder K. Kaufman 286
In Horodenka and In Tlusta E. Priffer 293
How I Survived Y. Vermuth 296
A Confrontation With the Police Y. Nudelman 301
How I Stayed Alive M. Blazenstein 302
The Ones Who Saved Us P. Vitzling 307
With The Russian Army M. Shuchner 322
How I Saved Myself Y. Kiehl-Piekarek 323
Escape to Romania Z. Reiss 324
How We Saved Ourselves S. Yungerman Alfert 326
The Murder of the Jews of Serafinitz Y. Hoffman 327
The Tragic End of the Korniv Jews A. Lagstein 328
The Fate of a Picture M. Doll 329
My Father M. Birnbaum 331
My Last Visit to Horodenka H. Burg 332
Letters from Hell Dr. Hirsh Bluthal-Prifer 333
The Soup Kitchen and the Orphanage Rueven Prifer 338
Before and After the War B. Berkover 339
The Town After the Destruction M. Goldberger 340
About My Bitter Experience D. Glazer 341
Personalities and Figures    
Personalities and Figures 343
Yaakov Eldstein (Deceased) 355
The Heroes of Thierezenstadt Dr. Max Brod 356
Dov Cohen (Deceased) Coca Yisachar-Griff  357
A Final Tear Moshe Fleshner 358
Yizkor List 413
List of Jewish Taxpayers, 1789-1791 42
Pictures and Maps 
Design of Horodenka, 1939-1944 [map] 272
Additional materials that are not part of the Yizkor book
The Fate of the Thirteen Jewish Orphans Left in the Care of the Zionist Youth Group in the Ghetto of Horodenka 1941-1942 Reuven Prifer
Gorodenka Lists of Victims
Some Libraries and Archives that Have Sefer Horodenka

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