Deblin-Modzjitz Book
(Dęblin, Poland)

51°34' / 21°50'

Translation of Sefer Deblin-Modzjitz

Edited by: D. Stokfish

Published in Tel Aviv, 1969 (H, Y)

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Nolan Altman

This is a translation from: Sefer Deblin-Modzjitz (Deblin-Modzjitz Book),
editors: D. Stokfish, Tel Aviv, Association of former residents of Demblin-Modzjitz, 1969 (H, Y, 694 pages).

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Demblin-Modzjitz Book

Demblin-Modzjitz Book

Editor: David Stokfish


Publishing Organization
Demblin-Modjzitz in Israel and abroad

Printed in Israel, 1969

Printing Press "Arazi", Tel Aviv, Telephone 34-294

Translation from English to Polish

Translated by Andrzej Cieśla

  Forward and Acknowledgements to English Translation 8
  Preface 10
A. Once there was a Town 12
  History of Irena-Demblin, According to Historical Sources 14
  The Destruction of Jewish Demblin in Numbers 17
  B. Demblin - The City on the Threshhold of this Century 18
      The Modjzitz Market Place
      The Fifth Year [1905] in Modjzitz
      The Rabbi's House
      Pesach Melamed's little School
  Abraham Shmeltzstein - Memories from the First World War 38
  Andja Shmeltzstein-Tishman - What I Remember of My Home Town 42
      Forced Labor - 1914 Version
      Czarist Expulsion
      New Rulers - Austrians and Poles
      My Father
      The Professional Union
      The Burial Society
      The Synagogue
      Purim in the Town
      The Teacher and the Angel of Death
      They called us little boys
      We make Aliyah to Israel
  Chaim Traler - Demblin-Modzjitz 50 Years Ago 55
      A Young Community
      The Fortress and Train Center the important sources of Making a Living
      The Religious Life
      In the First World War
      A New Source of Income - Smuggling
      The New Epic
  Velvel Tishman - Of the First World War, and afterwards 63
  Mindel Zinger - The Beginning 65
  Meckla Kaplansky-Buckspan - A Town like all Towns 67
  Dr. Kalman Paris - My Memories of Demblin 69
  Benyamin Smit - Memories of once upon a time 74
  David Waichman - Memories and Images of my Birthplace 75
      Demblin Piety
      Jewish Families and Types
  Yithak-Ahron Yom-Tov - A Big, Jewish Family 80
  Yitzhak Apelgot - About My Family and Town 82
  Yisrael Rozenwein - Childhood Memories 84
  About the Demblin Way of Life; from the Newspaper "The Observer" 88
      Grabbed by the Hand
      Important News
  Fidelis Stamphian - The Jews of Demblin Until the Holocaust 92
      The History of Demblin
      In the First World War
      Poland's Independence
      Religious Life
      Matters of Health
      Education and Culture
      Other Institutions
      Industry, Crafts and Trade
      The Count of Jews becomes smaller
  Chaim-Meir Goldberg - People and Events in Demblin 107
  Arye Buckspan - Political Parties in Demblin-Modzjitz 117
  Laibel Buckspan - Hasidic, Zionist and Communist 121
  Avraham Goldberg - The Searching of the Youth 127
  Laibel Nodelfodim - The First 7-Grade Jewish Co-educational School 128
  Benyamin Zilberman - Parties and Figures 130
  Moshe Wasserman - Professional Activity, Cultural Work, Personalities 146
  Benyamin Zilberman - Artisans and Merchants 158
  Hershel Nisenboim - Of the Life of Workers in Demblin 160
  Roiza Heldman-Bantman - Our Jewish Bank 166
  David Shulman - The Home, Revisionist Organization, Modzjitzer Hasidim 167
  Tzvi Eichenbrenner - The High Holidays in Our Town 170
  A. B. Yader - In the Singing Hall 174
  Photo Section A 178
B. Pesonalities 196
  M. Kipnis - Rabbi Yisrael, The Admor of Modzjitz, and his Nigguns 198
  Shmuel Rotstein - The Life, Creation and Death of the Modzjiter Rabbi, Saul Taub 208
  Hasidic Songs of the Modzjitzer Rabbi 213
  N. Bar-Oryan - From Modzjitz to Dizengof Street 219
Musical Score A Meloday of the Modzjitzer Rabbi 222
  Arye Buckspan - Rabbi Avraham Shmeltzstein 223
  Andzja Shmeltzstein - Letters and Responses 224
  Ze'ev Shmeltzstein - My Father Avraham Halevy Shmeltzstein 229
  Mordechai Halamish - Benyamin-Demblin (Taitelboim) 232
  Benyamin Demblin Taitelboim - From Lexicon of New Jewish Literature 234
  G. Kersel - Binyamin Tene 236
  Wolf Tenenboim - Chaim Traler 237
  Benyamin Zilberman - Of Our Personalties 239
  Arye Buckspan - Shmuel (Oralis) Rubinstein 253
  Shapiro-Brandshpigel - To the Memory of My Near and Dear Ones 254
  Tzvi Eichenbrenner - Nuach Ekheizer; Shmuen, The Hoarse One 255
  Mendel Goldstein - The Sendwitzer Family 258
  Moshe Wasserman - Reb David Ben-Shmuen Zilberman (Fahkers) 259
  Zehava Amitz - The Road of Her Life - Only Good Deeds 260
  Chaya Goldfarb - The Memory of Alter and Bina-Rachel Friedman 262
  Yithak Apelhot - Reb Yaacov Apelhot 263
  S. Perelmuter - Yarmeyohu Vanapol 265
  Chaim Golberg - Avraham Abramowitz and Yosef-Nata Cholewinski 266
  Yithak Shtamler - In Memory of the Martyrs of the Shtamler Family 267
  Avraham Shulman - Immortalizing My Parents, Sisters and Brothers 269
  In Defense of the Land of Israel  
  Al Hamishmar Daily (Newspaper) - Alexander Kestenboim (Armon) 270
  Hadassa Eichenbrenner - The Martyred Child Alek Kestenboim 271
  The Paratrooper Shamaiye Shayevitch 276
  Michael, Sarah-Leah and Dinela Shayevitch - Our Son Shamaiye Shayevitch 277
  Tzi Eichenbrenner - "Faster Than an Eagle, Stronger Than a Lion" in Memory of Paratrooper Shamaiye Shayevitch 279
  Arye Agassi 281
  Photo Section B 284
C. The Holocaust 290
  Binyamin Tene - Childhood 292
  Moshe Wasserman - We Establish You As a Living Monument 294
  Arye Buckspan - Yizkor (Remember) 296
  David Shulman - Do Not Forget! 297
  Yaacov Ekheizer - The Destruction of Demblin 298
  Stamphian Fidelis - The Jews of Demblin During the German Occupation 310
  Tzvi Eichenbrenner - Thus Was Jewish Demblin Destroyed 336
  Andzja Tupolsky - In the Ghetto and in the Camps 384
  Aida Milgroim-Tzitrinboim - How We Taught, Gave Courage and Saved Jewish Children of Demblin 387
  Chaim Shtamfater - Koryov - Modzjitz - Buchenwald 394
  Devorah Reznik - We Saw the Children No More 398
  Rhoda Lindover - Memories of Hitler's Hell 399
  Binyamin Shtamler - On Their Last Journey 402
  Jews of Demblin Tell About the Holocaust 404
  S. Perelmuter - The First Passover in the Camp of Demblin 416
  Chaya Shildkroit - The Destruction of My Hometown 418
  Ahron Katshka - From Demblin to Bergen-Belsen 421
  Chana Goldberg - My Road of Torments from Demblin to Dachau 425
  Esther Apelboim - From Warsaw Ghetto to the Demblin Camp 439
  Pesa Kanner (Golderet) - My Father's Vow 444
  Chaya-Brocha Rosenberg-Urbach - Tragic Fate of a Jewish Demblin Family 450
  Mendel Shteinbach - From Camp to Camp 452
  Meir Eichenbrenner - The First Half Year of Horror 458
  Miriam Tzimbrovitch - Survival of Hell 464
  Aba Bronspigel - I Was Born in 1938 466
  Chaya Zilberberg-Weinberg - Tales of a Survivor 467
  Esther Shapiro-Tenenboim - The Russians Liberated Us 473
  Zaheva Amitz - The Second Expulsion 475
  Yosef Daitsher - I don't have the Strength to describe everything 478
  Malka Lederman-Flek - The 6th of May, 1942 484
  Matityahu Zukerman - The Only One of Two Thousand Souls Who Had the Horror of Being Buried 485
  Esther Kaminsky - Only Me and My Children Were Saved 486
  Chaya Goldfarb-Rozenberg - Survived with My Daughter 494
  Avrohmele Abenshtein - I Succeeded in Saving Various Jews 496
  Avrohmele Abenshtein - Murdered After Liberation 500
  Shavti Perelmuter - Jewish Resistance in the Ghetto and the Camp 501
  Aba Bantman - The Martyr Like Way of Yechiel Bantman 505
  Dr. Kalman Paris - The Destruction of Jewish Demblin 514
  Zipporah Schilling - I'll Never Forget That Day (17th of Cheshvan) 525
  Yisrael Bubis - The Year 1942 528
  Arye Albert - "Circling" In Memory of the Martyrs in the Rabbi of Modzjitz House of Learning in Tel Aviv 531
  Photo Section C 532
D. Those from Demblin-Modzjitz, in Israel and abroad 538
  Arye Buckspan - Account of the Activities of the Demblin-Modzjitz Émigré Organization in Israel 540
  Wolf Tenenboim - The Demblin Society in France 543
  Photo Section D 546
E. Pages that immortalize 552
  List of Martyrs 554
  Obituaries 572
History of Demblin (Submitted as an insert to the Yizkor Book)

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