Family Name Given Name
W - (Vav)       return   
Waintraub Hershel
Waintraub Fraindel
Waintraub Moshe
Waintraub Genendil
Wasserman David
Wasserman Sarah
Wasserman Devorah
Wasserman Simcha, his wife and child
Wasserman Rivka
Wasserman Moshe
Wasserman Hinda
Wasserman Baltsha
Wasserman Malka
Wasserman Zlatka
Wasserman Efraim
Wasserman Yaacov
Wasserman Nechma
Wasserman Rivka
Wasserman Shaindel
Wasserman Yechiel
Wasserman Chana
Wasserman Chela
Wasserman Abala
Wasserman Shiya
Weinberg Zlata
Weinberg Meir and his three children
Weisboim Leah-Gitel
Weisboim Mordechai
Weisboim Yochbed
Weisboim Sarah-Rivka
Weisboim Chana-Perel
Weisboim Masha
Weisboim Itka
Volsky Avraham
Volsky Shaindel
Volsky Yisrael
Volsky Mendel
Volsky Yaacov
Weichman Yesheshker
Weichman Elai
Weichman Chana
Weichman Esther
Weichman Yitzhak
Weichman Manes
Weichman Yosef
Weichman Manes
Weichman Chana-Freidel
Weichman Moshe-Baruch
Weichman Henya-Roiza
Weichman Mates
Weichman Tova
Weichman Henech
Weichman Elai
Weichman Braindel
Weichman Moshe-Laib
Weichman Mates
Weichman Baila
Wachhoizer (Tzeshinsky) Chava Tubala
Vanapol Yarme
Vanapol Ahron
Vanapol Andjza
Vanapol Yosef
Weinstein Yaacov
Weinstein Devorah
Weinstein Yitzhak
Weinstein Rachel
Weinstein Bina
Weinberg Nach and wife
Weinberg Yitzhak and wife
Weinberg Yisrael
Weitzman Chaya
Weitzman Leah and children
Weitzenblit Faiga (daughter of Naftely Ekheizer)
Viejzbitsky David and family
Viejzbitsky Simon
Viejzbitsky Hershel
Viejzbitsky Esther
Weinberg Matela
Weinberg Mendela
Weinberg Ita
Weinberg Chana
Weinberg Berela
Wienwurtzel Chaim-Simon
Wienwurtzel Shaindela
Z - Zayin       return  
Zilberklaid Berish
Zilberklaid Rivkala
Zilbergeld Yehusha
Zigman Aba
Zigman Hela
Zilberberg Yisrael-Yosef
Zilberberg Shaindel
Zilberberg Yaacov
Zilberberg Shmuel
Zilberberg Rivka
Zilberberg Perela
Zilberberg Esther
Zilberberg Moshe
Zilberberg Tova
Zilberg Esther
Zilberberg Shmuel
Zilberberg (Perlman) Rivka
Zilberberg Nach
Zilberboim Chava
Zilberboim Marila (Daughter of Menchas-Mendel Ekheizer)
Zilberboim Avraham Meir (son of Moshe)
Zilberboim Moshe David (son of Mendel)
Zusman Yisrael-David
Zusman Motel
Zysman Chava
Zysman Ahron-Moshe
Zyman Fishel
Zyman Yichael-Yitzhak
Zyman Simon and wife
Zilberman David
Zilberman Sarah (Saraka)
Zilberman Chaim (son of Davidel)
Zilberman Leah
Zilberman Chaim (son of Yoska)
Zilberman Tova and family
Zilberben Avraham and family
Zaltzman Henich
Zaltzman Pesil
Zilberstein Moshe-Yitzhak
Zilberstein Sarah
Zamdner Leizor and wife
Zamdner Chaya and sister
Zamdner Ratza
Zaltzhendler Levi-Godel and family
Zaltzhendler Moshe-Hersh and family
Zaltzhendler Yisrael
Zjelichovsky and family
Zjelichovsky Arya and family
Zjelichovsky Yithak and family
Zjelichovsky Motel and family
Zaborovsky Yitzhak
Zaborovsky Esther
Zaborovsky Betzelal
T - (Tet)       return  
Teichman Leizor
Teichman Aida-Rachel
Teichman Hershel
Tenner Yisrael-Tovya
Tenner Henich
Tishlerman Yosef
Tishlerman Yosef
Taishinder Avraham
Tenenboim Shmuel-Laib
Tenenboim Sarah
Tenenboim Chava
Tenenboim Hodes with her two children
Tenenboim Chaim
Tenenboim Hershel and family
Treger Pinchas and wife
Traler Laibel and children
Traler Sasha
Traler Pesach and family
Traler Shmuel
Traler Chaya
Traler Leizor
Traler Efraim and family
Traler Yehudit
Traler Perel
Traler Sarah
Tishelman Natan
Tishelman Yosef
Tishelman Yochbad
Tishelman Yitzhak
Tishelman Yaacov
Turbiner Natan David
Turbiner Mala
Turbiner Basha, her husband and child
Turbiner Yehudit, her husband and child
Turbiner Leizor-Ber
Tirangel Elai
Tirangel Leah
Tirangel Esther-Nesha
Tirangel Mindel
Tirangel Tzirel
Tirangel Roza
Tirangel David
Tirangel Yidel
Tirangel Chana
Tirangel Chaya
Tirangel Osher
Tirangel Yisrael-Ahron
Tirangel Moshe-Melech
Trokenberg Yekotiel
Trokenberg Shmuel
Trokenberg Yekel
Trokenberg Minchas
Trokenberg Rivka
Trokenberg Esther
Tshatzkes Matil and family
Taitelboim Faivel
Taitelboim Moshe
Taitelboim Rafael
Taitelboim Hinda
Taitelboim Faiga
Taitelboim Sima
Taitelboim Michal
Taitelboim Dova
Taitelboim Hershel
Taitelboim Davidel
Taitelboim Moshe
Taitelboim Aidel
Y - (Yod)       return  
Yom-Tov Yisrael
Yom-Tov Rivka
Yom-Tov Miriam
Yom-Tov Sarah
Yom-Tov Yichel-Nachmiya
Yom-Tov Mindel
Yom-Tov Nata, his wife and 6 children
Yom-Tov David, his wife and child
Yom-Tov Moshe-Eleizor
Yom-Tov Tzirela and child
Yom-Tov Saul
Yom-Tov Devorah
Yom-Tov Moshe-Chaim
Yom-Tov Sara-Tzirel
Yom-Tov Hinda
Yom-Tov Tzedok
Yamovitch Chaim-Yitzhak
Yamovitch Leah
Yamovitch David
Yamovitch Yisrael
Yamovitch Tzvi
Yamovitch Hershel
CH/C - (Chaf/Kaf)  return   
Cholewinsky Yosef Nata, his wife and children
Cholewinsky Shmai
Cholewinsky Mendel and family
Cholewinsky Simcha
Cholewinsky David
Cholewa Mendel
Cholewa Lina
Kohen Yitzhak
L - Lamed       return  
Lindower Avraham
Lindower Chana
Lindower Mendel
Lindower Perela
Lindower Chayala
Lindower Nesha
Lindower Leizor
Lindower Moshe
Lindower Shmaiyela
Lindower Gershon
Lubrecht Elai
Lubrecht Devorah
Lubrecht Yisrael
Leicht Simon
Luxenburg Berel
Luxenburg Chaya
Luxenburg Laibel
Luxenburg Elai
Luxenburg Yedidia
Luxenburg Yechiel and family
Luxenburg Genya
Luxenburg Shaindel
Luxenburg Peretz
Luxenburg David
Luxenburg Tzapora and her 3 children
Luxenburg Freida
Luxenburg Monis
Luxenburg Leahtasha
Luxenburg Shmuel-Nachum
Langleben Akiba
Langleben Sara-Gitel
Langleben Shmuel
Langleben Faiga
Langleben Yaacov
Langleben Tzirel
Langleben Roza
Lachman Chaim
Libnitzky Moshe
Libnitzky Rachel and her three children
Lewin Mordechai-Laib
Lewin Shaindel
Lewin Shloma
Lewin Devorah
Lewin Tzesha
Lichtesh Malka
Lichtesh Yechiel
Lichtesh Chaina
Lichtesh Perel
Lichtesh Itche
Lichtesh Rivka
Lichtesh Laibel and wife
Lichtesh Sarah
Lichtesh Perel
Lichtesh Fruma
Lichtesh Kalman and his children
Lakerman Sarah
Lechbroit Pinchas
Lechbroit Rachel
Lechbroit Benyamin
Lazvert Makes
Lazvert Ziesel and children
Lorberboim Dina
Lorberboim Yoel (son of Moshe)
Lichtenstein Mendel (teacher)
Lichtenstein Esther
Lichtenstein Yisrael
Lichtenstein Moshe
Lichtenstein Berel
Lichtenstein Chaim
Lichtenstein Chaya
Levkovitch Sarah
Levkovitch Yisrael-David
Levkovitch Menucha
Levkovitch Chaya
Laibebruder Yoska
Laibebruder Baila
Laibebruder Isaac
Laibebruder Shmai
Laibebruder Etil
Laibebruder Chana
Laibebruder Nachum-Laib
Laibebruder Chaya-Basha
Laibebruder Moshe
Laibebruder Nesha
Laibebruder Leizor
Laibebruder Moshala
Laibebruder Gershon
Laibebruder Henela
Laibebruder Chaim
Laibebruder Velvel
Laibebruder Leah
M - (Mem)       return  
Melaver Neshela
Melaver Chaim
Melaver Royzela
Melaver Yitzhak
Mandelboim Itche-Meir
Mandelboim Hersh-Nachman
Mandelboim Frumit
Mandelboim Yechiel
Mandelboim Hersh-Nachum
Mandelboim Neftaly
Mandelboim Laibel
Mandelboim Sheva
Mandelboim Neftaly
Mandelboim Zjeni
Mandelboim Basha
Milgroim Hinda
Milgroim Yaacov
Milgroim Miriam
Milgroim Motel
Milgroim Esther
Milgroim Panya
Milgroim Tzvi
Milgroim Chana
Milgroim Avraham
Milgroim Sarah
Milgroim Zeb
Milgroim Yedidia
Milgroim Godel and family
Mikowsky Mindel
Mikowsky Avraham
Meltzer Yerchamiel and family
Mandelail Mendel
Mandelail Rochtsha
Mandelail Laibel
Mandelail Meir-Shmuel
Mync Yisrael
Mync Sarah
Mync Moshe and wife
Mync Malka
Mync Minka
Mync Rivka
N - (Nun)       return  
Nisenboim Chaim with his wife
Nisenboim Ahron-Yitzhak, his wife and children
Nisenboim Efraim-David, his wife and children
Nisenboim Simka
Nisenboim Yaacov
Nisenboim Rivka
Nisenboim Nesha
Nisenboim Titzhak
Nisenboim Nechma
Nisenboim Chaya
Nisenboim Moshe
Nisenboim Hersh
Nisenboim Basha
Nisenboim Egraim
Nodelfodim Eleizer
Nodelfodim Devorah
Nodelfodim Leah
Nodelfodim Luba
Nodelfodim Avraham
Nodelfodim Sender and wife
Nodelman Yaacov
Nodelman Malka
Nodelman Shmuen
Nodelman Shloma
Nodelman Kalman
Nodelman Beniek
Novomaisky Avraham
Nelkin Yaacov
Nelkin Tzevya-Leah
Nelkin David-Yechiel
Nelkin Luba
Nisenblatt David
Nisenblatt Baila
Nisenblatt Leah
Nisenblatt Shaindel
Nisenblatt Chanatsha
Nisenblatt Gutsha
Nisenblatt Yachtsha
Nisenblatt Itche
Nisenblatt Bracha
Nisenblatt Avraham
Nisenblatt Lolek
Nisenblatt Avraham
Nisenblatt Itchela
Naihaviz Yosef, his on Yaacov and family
Naihaviz Hersh and family
Naihaviz (Shulman) Bracha
Naihaviz Chaya-Tasha
Naihaviz Nora
Nai Mirel (daughter of Minchas-Mendel)
Nai Nachmiya and family


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