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Chortkov Memorial Register

Aleph Beth Gimel Dalet Hay Vav Zion Tet Yod Caf Lamed Mem Nun Fay Tzadi Kof Resh Shin


ADLER, Joseph ben Israel Leib and family
ADLER, Leib, his wife Lahazia, their son Seli Voizik, and their daughter Batka
ADLER, Michael, (Sofer) and his family
ADER, (LEIBLING), his wife Gitel and their daughter Rosa
ADELSTEIN, Lubish, hsi wife and therie son Jacob ADELSTEIN, Yitzchak and his family
ADELSTEIN, Wolf,Bertha, and Moshe
ADELSTEIN, Mayer and his wife and their sons Milka and Salka
AHARINGAR, Reuven and hsi son Gershon and Joseph
AHARINGAR, Israel and his family
AHARINGAR, Michael and his family
AUERBACH, Moshe, his wife Chana, their daughters Itta and Leah, their sons Yeshayahu and Shloma
AUERBACH, Israel and his wife Adlah
AUERBACH, Achim, Shmuel and Levi
AUERBACH, Zelig, his wife Rozia,their son Izu and their daughter Loysia
AUERBACH, David and his family
AUERBACH, Simon and his family
AUERBACH, Smuel and his wife Zeltah
AUERBACH, Abraham, his wife Honia, their son Doniu Voizik
AUGENSTEIN, Zeinvel and Chaim ben Yitzchak OMANSKI, Jacob his wife Yenta
OMANSKI, Chanhacha and Rivetzi
OKAM (barber) and his family
ORENSTEIN, Moshe ben Levi, his wife Feige, their son Lozer and their daughter Perl
ORENSTEIN, Mayer and his family
EISENSTEIN, Mayer and his family
ATLINGER, Leib and his daughters Hanjia, Esther, and Fruma
EISENBERG, Ethel and Moshe
EISENBERG, David ben Yshayahu and his wife Rivka
EISENBERG, Yenta and Genia
EISNER, Reuven, his wifeTziporah
EITELBERG,Feivish and his wife and their son Jacob.
EINHORN, ( see FINKELMAN) Zinka and her daughter Elya
ALTNEI, Menachem, his wife Rivka Esther, their children Michael, Minda and Yenta
ALBERGER, Tzvi his wife Rachel and theri son
ALTHEIM, Dr. Feivel and his wife
ALTMAN, Nathan
ALTMAN, Simon ben Nathan, his wife Rozia, their daughters Milia and Beila
ALTMAN, (Wolf) Shmuel Zimbel
ALTSHULER, Beryl and his wife Chaya
ALTSHULER, (Kamler) Markus, (Adminsitrator of the local registery) and his family
ALTKORN, Herman ben Tzvi, his wife Sabina, theri daughter Malka and their sons Moshe and Yitzchak
ALTSHULER, Israel-Leib, his wife Tzipah and their sons Motel, Peni and Moshe
ALTSHULER, Chaim,his wife Feige, their children Avid, Sunia, Perl, Rosia, and Itta Machpar Bialah
ALLING, David ben Michal, his wife Henyah and her daughters Andziah, Minia and Didkah
ALLING, (Brickner) Memel and her son Ali
ALLING, Chaim ben Baruch and his wife Rivkah
ALLING, Lazer and his family
ALLING, David, his wife and two children
ALLING, Baruch ben Ali Mayer and his wife Rivkah
ALBERGER, Moshe and his family
AMERNET, Fishel, his wife Zeltah and their children
AMPEL, Efraim his wife Leah, their sons Zeinel and Joseph
ANTZER, Itzia andhis family
ENGEL, David
ENGELBACH, Reuven, his wife Rivka and theri son Simon
ENGELBACH, Esther, Menia and Yosel
UNGER, Leon and his family
EPSTEIN, and his family
AXELROD, Hertz, his wife Slova and their son Dzunia
AXELROD, Shmuel ben Tzvi
AXELROD, Ben Tzion, his wife Gitzia, their children Moshe, Chaim-Aaron, and Chana
AXELROD, Saba bat Mosh
AXELROD, Izzy and his family
AXELROD, Itzik-Lozer ben Natan, his wife Perl, and their children Joseph, Shmuel, Soska, Selka,and Shlema
AXELROD, Bleima bat Getzel
ANDERMAN, Dr. (medical)
ANDERMAN, Itta, and her children Mina, Yehudit, Reuven and Abraham
ADERSTEIN, Moshe and his daughters Reizel nd Debora
AHRENSDORF, Jacob, his wife Tzipa and their children Eitze and Zuzi
ARDREICH, Pesach, his son Moshe and his family
ARONBORG, Moshe, his wife Rachel and their sons Jacob and Henik
ASHKENAZI, Nachman, his wife Itta
ASHKENAZI, Yehosua ben Nachman, his wife Perl
ASHKENAZI, Shmuel ben Nachman, his wife Yenta and two children
ASHKENAZI, Gedalia ben Chaim, his wife Breina and their daughter
ASHKENAZI, Abraham-Hersch, his wife Malka and theri son Muniu
ASHKENAZI, Joseph and his wife Chana
ASHKENAZI, Yidel, his wife Malka and his son Naftali
ASHKENAZI, Mendel, his wife Esther and their daughters Hilda and Eitta Biden, Israel, his wife Leiba and three sons


BEDER, Leon, his wife Gosta and their daughter
BODINGER, Leib, his wife Rachel
BOTSHEFT, Pola, her children Sheprintze and Henya
BUCHHOLEN, Mose his wife Chava and her children Tzila, Tzerl and Yitka
BUCHHOLEN, Manes and his sister Dora
BUCHBERG, Bonia (Kunyuk) his wifeTzela, theri sons Moshe and Hotzkil, Yehoshua and Chaika
BUCHBERG, Breina bat Yehoshua
BUCHBERG, Chaim and his family
BOIMER, Mayer (clerk)
BOIMER, Hersch, his wife Yenta
BOIMER, Baruch ben Hirsch, his wife Koki and their daughter
BOIMER, Yosi, his wife Gitel and theri sones Menya and Efraim
BULCHOVER, Max, his wife Tzela and theri daughter Paula
BULCHOVER, Joseph, Tuni, Kitah, and Alfred
BOLTOCH, David, his wife Beila, their children Nathan and Chana
BONDI, (Shrega) and his wife, thier sons Atke, Avi, and Yakel
BOTZITZER, Dora (Rener) and Bana Repel
BOTZITZER, Mitel bat Shmuel
BOLTOCH, Beryl and his wife Yochber
BOK,Sonia and his wife Golda and their daughter
BOK, Chontzi
BOK,Aize ben Chehetzi, his wife Meiga bat Kalman
BOK, Jacob ben Chenhetzi, his wife Deborah and their daughter
BOK, Aize and Fial ben Berl Megelnitzah
BOK, (Albergar) Ali, Beilhah and Sarah
BOK, Jacob, his wife Leika, their daughters Nosiach, Alkah and Zonka
BOK, Yitzchak ben Berl, his wifeStopa and Benes Dov
BOK, Tuna ben Berl, his wife Botka
BOK, Misia, Sosi, and Dosik ben Berl
BOK, Bertha bat Avraham
BOK, Michael ben Berl, his wife Matel, their sons Moshe and Joel
BOK, Leibish, and his family
BOKSBOIM, Hertz ben Chana and his family
BOKSBOIM, Ben-Tzion ben Abraham
BOTZITZER, Shalom ben Yitzchak his wife Miriam and theri daughter Dena
BOTZITZER, Shalom, his wife Leah and their daughter Matel
BORSTEIN, Boris ben Nachum, hsi wife Rivka and theri daughter Nina
BOZNER, Jacob and his family
BOZNER, Moshe his wife Pepi and her children Hersh, Note and Pesach
BOZNER, Reiva, Blema and Itta daughters of Bachum
BITTERMAN, Chaim-Leib, his wife Yochbar, their sons Aivish, Shmuel and Feiga
BEIGEL, two sister.
BILGORI, Jacob his wife Yehudit and their daughters Rosia and Nosia
BINDER, Mendel ben Shmuel and his family
BINDER, Sabina bat Shmuel and her daughter Yehudit BINDER, Malka and her sons Moshe and Chaim
BINDER, Shmuel and his wife Miriam
BINEM ( prayer leader) and his family
BERNBAUM, Herman and his wife
BERNBAUM, Dr. Aurach Din and his family
BERNBACH, Jacob his wife Chana
BLOOM, Aaron hiswife Ethel and three children
BLOOM, Yehoshua ben Eliezer
BLOOM, Munish his wife and their son Aiza
BLOOM, Jacob, his wife Blema and theri sons Jacob and Chaim BLOOM, Moshe, his brother Beryl
BLOOM, Veltzi, his wife Leiba and their daughter
BLUMENSTEIN, Aidel and her son Joseph
BLAY, Tzvi-Dov his wife Fruma, their children Yitzchak and Feiga
BLEICHER, Dr. Leon his wife Clara
BLUNDER, Fishel and his family
BLEIN, Shmuel and his wife Gitel
BELNICK, Esther-feiga her daughter Beila and Itta
BELNICK, Sara, her son Leibitzi and her daughter Cheitza
BELNICK, Michael ben Nosi and his family
BLUMENTHAL, Yeshiyau, his wife Rachel and their sons Israel and Lazer
BRENDAH, Berish, his wife Ethel and their children
BRENDAH, Maya-Leib, his wife Reizi and their son Nathan
BRENDAH, Benjamin and this son Dorik
BRENDAH, Simon and Adela
BRENDAH, Aitzi, his wife Malka
BRENDAH, Mondzi, Zalman, Yitzchak, Nuni, Lazer and her daughter
BRENDAH, Yitzchak, his wife Naomi and three children
BRENDAM, Jacob ben Joseph, his wife Esther their daughter Sonia
BRENDAH, David his wife Chava, their daughters Rosia and Malka
BERTISH, Pesach ben Shmuel and Shloma
BRAUN, Rozia and ther daughter Lilka
BRAUNSTEIN, Itzik his wife Zlota and their children
BERGKNOPF and family
BRENDAH, Chaim ben Ezreil
BRENDAH, Abraham ben Chaim, his daughters Bleha, Zlata, and Rozia
BRENDAH, Abraham ben Mayer
BRENDAH, Atzi and Pesia
BRENDMAN and family
BERGMAN, Herman and his family
BERGMAN, Israel and his family
BROOKMEIR, Mordechai, Etti, Chaya, and their children
BARCHAR, Leibish and this daughter Yachal
BARCHAR, Mordechai and his family
BRICKNER, Lazer Abraham ben Chaya-Feiga, this wife Sara, their sons Joseph, Jacob, andtheri daughter Pepi
BRICKNER, Lazer,his wife Rachel their son Shmuel-Leib and Nisi
BARTSCHNIEDER, Yehuda and this family
BARTSCHNIEDER, Benjamin and his family
BRANDWEIN, Efraim ben Jacob, his wife Rachel
BRANDHOLTZ, Cili bat Meir
BRANDHOLTZ, Izzy ben Mendel
BRANDHOLTZ, Nathan ben Yitzchak, his brother Motel
BRANDHOLTZ, Regina (from the house of Katz)
BRANDKLO, Dr. his wife Chana bat Zisia and their daughter
BRAKSMEIR, Chaim, Heni and Freida
BARBER, Jacob, his wife Golda ben Joseph and two sons.
BERGER, Yehushia ben Jacob - David, his wife Sara
BERGER, Chaim, his wife Sara, their son Motel and thier daughters Chantzi, Adela, Siuma, and Lotzia
BERGMAN, Liebish ben Mendel, his wife Chana, their sons Brunia and Mendel
BERGMAN, Hanah from the house of Lineal and their daughter Briana
BECKER, Yitzchak - Eliyahu ben Jonah, his wife Sheindel, their children Pesi, Leah, Hasi and Zeev
BERKOWITZ, Kalman, (Carriage Owner) his wife Sara and their sons Mayer and Miltzi
BERKOWITZ, Clara bat Chaim
BERKOWITZ, Matkilda bat Leon
BERKOWITZ, Pinkas his wife Freida
BARASCH, Eli, his wife Yitka and his mother.


GOODMAN, Heni bat Israel
GOTLIEB, Chaim and his son Yechzekial and Mensha
GOTLIEB, Aaron, his wife Clara and their sons Joachim and Gizla
GOTSFELD, Alter,his wife Gizia and their son Hirsch
GOTSFELD, Aaron ben Alter, is wife Helka and their son GOTSFELD, Israel ben Alter, his wife Reize and his son GOTSDEINER, Moshe his wife Cherni
GOTFRIED, Moshe ben Shmuel, his wife Golda and their son Efraim
GOTFRIED, Mordechai and his family
GOTFRIED, Kalman and this brother Leon ben Israel
GOLDHEBER, Joseph his wife Yochbar
GOLDHEBER, Aaron ben Joseph
GOLDHEBER, Menia bat Joseph
GOLDHEBER, Eli Muti ben Joseph and this son Nachmia
GOLDHEBER, Akiba ben Joseph, his wife Minia and their sons Nachmia and Saba
GOLDHEBER, Akiba,his wife Hadasah, their son Eliyahu and Peptzi.
GOLDHEBER, Mendel Isaac his wife Malka Leiba
GOLDSTEIN, Dr. David his wife Tzila, their son Elfi and Ritah
GOLDHEBER, Pesa ben Mendel Isaac and his family
GLAZER, Mashel, his daughter Sheindel
GLAZER, Lipa, his wife Mindel and their daughters Bitka and Buzka
GLAZER, Zindel and his family
GLAZER,Shlama (Carriage Owner) his wife Elki
GOLDIK, Sara, Chesia and Kreindel (three sisters)
GOLDSTEIN, Mordechai and this wife Perl
GOLDSTEIN,(Dance teacher)
GOLDSTEIN, Mayer and his wife Reiba
GOLINGAR, Feivish and their sons Moshe and Yelka.
GLANTZMAN, Pinchas, his wife Leah, their daughter Yehudit
GLEIM, (barber) and his wife
GELBSTEIN, (Teiber) Yehoshua, and his wife Takua
GOLDBERG, Lazer, his wife Deborah and 2 children
GOLDBERG, Beila bat Yakov
GOLDBERG, Tova bat Yosef
GELER, Lozer, his wife Pepka and theri son Oziash
GETER, Jacob and his wife Chaya
GETER, David ben Mayer, his wife Toube and theri son Yechzekiel
GETER, Elkah bat Mayer
GETER, Wolf, his wife Fruma, theri sons Leib, Muli, and Boni
GETER, Nathan, his wife Feigah, theri son Tosi
GETER, Yehuda his wife Hanatzi, their sons Dunyu and Linkah
GETER, Baruch his wife Yehudit ther son Seli and their daughter Botka
GETER, Moshe his wife their son Mordechai
GETER, Shloma his wife Itta
GETER, Moshe and this family (Hotel owner and Gananka?)
GINZBERG, Shloma and his family
GOTSFELD, (Rotenstreich) Oud, ben Efraim
GIEZLER, Atzi ben Reuven and his wife Bluma
GIEZLER, Yechzekel, his wife Ethel and their daughter Sheindel
GIEZLER, Efraim hsi wife Yehudit and their sons Chaim and Muni
GIEZLER, Jacob his wife Toube, their children Chaim, Rozia and Tzila
GIEZLER, Yehoshua Leizer, his wife Feigah and their son Ben Tzion
GIEZLER, Abraham ben Michal, his wife Sarah Giezler, Chirni bat Michal
GIEZLER, Malka bat Hirsch Weinroiv
GONIK, Mayer-Leib and his wife , their children Melech, Abraham, Frumah, Beryl and Joseph
GELLER, Leitsi, her children Leib, David and Chantzi
GOSNOVUAR, Kahat (Reb) and his wife Chaya
GEFNER, Babtziah bat Yakov Vildiah: Abraham, Fruma, Beryl and Wolf
GREEN, David ben Moshe
GREEN, Adolf and his family
GROZMAN, Chaim and his wife his son Ahartzi
GREENBERG,Tzvi ben Moshe, his wife Clara, their sons Joseph and Rourik
GREENBERG, Yehoshua ben Aaron, his wife Chaya , their daughter Genya (from Shmonkovitzki)
GREENBERG, Getzel, his wife Rachel, their children Shlimah , Heniah, Hinda
GREENBERG, Chaskel, his wife, their children Rosa, Tosya, Chelka, Malka
GREENBERG, Mendel, his wife Zelda, their children Yosel, Heidel and Rachel
GREENBERG, Moshe (barber)
GREENBERG, Jacob-Daivid
GREENBERG, Israel and his family (Chenvi Djibak)
GREENBERG, Feivish ben Jacob-David, his wife Yenta and their children
GREIFEL, Abraham and his wife Malka
GERBLER, Alter and his wife Itka
GRUBERG, Yechiel and his wife Chana
GRUBMAN, Lazer and his wife their son Hirsch and two daughters
GRUER, (Tzelm)
GRISTNER, Moshe and his family
GRISTNER, Susi and his family
GRADSTEIN, Beryl, his wife Chaya, their children Shmuel, Yula, Tusia
GRUM, Mayer and his family
GRUM, Buzi and his family
GRUM, Naftali, and his family
GRUM, Itta and her son Chaim Bear
GRUM, Buzia Soltzhitatar and his wife
GRUM, Tosia (Ayen vav "dalet)
GRUM, Feiga bat Natan, her children Dziubik, Reizel, Antzel, and Chana
GRUMER, Aaron and Yehoshua ben David
GREENBERG, Bertzi and his wife Butzia
GREENFELD, Itka and her children Tzunia from the house of Zimmerman
GREENFELD, Breina Rivka
GREENSPAN, Chaim, his wife Altah, their children Abner, Joseph and Miriam
GREENSPAN, Lazer and Mayer
GRUM (Reis) and tow daughters
GOTLIEB, Muniu, his wifeTzila, and their daughter Sarah
GRUBER, Moshe and his wife theri daughter Lusia


DOHAL, Benjamin ben Mendel, his wife Dora, ther sons Hertzel and Mendel
DOHAL, DR. Peliks, ben Dov, his wife Rozia and theri children Risiu and Niutka
DOHAL, Mordechai-Leib, his wife Altah, their daughter Debora
DOHAL, Benjamin and this son Muni
DEINER, Samson, his wife Fruma and heir children Matthiew, Leib, and Yenta
DEIKER, Lazer, his wife Chava, their childen Muniu and Nuniu
DUNEIR, Abraham, his wife Chana, their son Izzy
DENAR, Eliahu , his wife Yenta and their children Moshe and Toube
DENAR, Moshe
DIAMANT, Leon, his wife Beila bat Nuska
DEITSHER, Moshe and his family
DEITSHER, Genya bat Moshe
DIK, David and his wife Mizia
DENKBERG, Tuli, Eizi, Chaika, Beni, Shmuel
DENKBERG, Zelig, hise wife Esther, and their son Pesach
DENKBERG, Leipa, Vikel two brothers
DENKBERG, Aaron, his wife Liuba and their son.
DENKBERG, Joseph, his wifeLeiba and two sons
DENKBERG, Abraham-Aaron his wife, their sons Revtzia and Jacob DROHOVICHER, Leon, his wife Pepa
DRESLER, (Grozman) Uska bat Chaim
DRESLER, Mayer-Hersh ben Jacob-Chaim
DRESLER, Meli bat Jacob-Chaim
DRUKER, Abraham, his wife Freid and their son.


HEBER, Baruch and his wife Golda
HEBER, David ben Baruch, his wife Zeltah, 3 children, Hirsch, Shia, and Amcha
HEBER, Mendel ben Baruch, his wife Feiga and two children
HEBER, Zigmunt, and his wife , theri daughters Esther, Sabina, and Genya
HEBER, Israel and his wife Chana, theri children Betka, Peptzi, Duniu and Koba
HEBER, Yenta, ther daugher Rozia and her son Sholam
HEBER, Itti widow of Shalom HEBER
HEBER, Rozia bat Shalom (wed Wieser)
HEBER, Fredzia
HOIZNER, Daniel, and his family
HOIZNER, Chernid
HOIZNER, Jacob and his wife and his sons Yitzcak and Israel
HOIZNER, Muniu ben Jacob and his family
HOIZNER, Godel ben Daniel, his wife Miltzi, their son Shloma
HOIZNER, Jacob , his wife Mina
HOIZNER, Rozia bat Daniel
HOIZNER, Pepi bat Daniel
HOIZNER, Sreki (from the house of Fish), her son Tzvi HOIZNER, Izzy and his family
HOIZNER, Rachel, ther daughter Chana and her son Shmuel
HUT, Shmuel, his wife Freida and their daughter
HUT, Aaron
HOCHMAN, Rebecca-Rachel bat Reuven
HOCHMAN, David, his wife Mintzia and two children
HOCHMAN, Kalman, his wife Blima and two children
HOCHMAN, Joseph, his wife Aidel, ther son Muni
HOFRICHTER, Abraham ben Moshe, his wife Sara
HOLLANDER, Moshe, his wife Mindiah, ther daughters Esther, Penina, and Rozia
HOLLANDER, Leib ben Chaim and his wife Pepi
HOLLANDER, Shmuel and his family
HONE, Aaron and his family
HOFFMAN, Max, his wife Nesi and their son Tzvi
HOROWITZ, Itzik, his wife Misha, ther son Nathan and Joseph
HOROWITZ, Muni ben Pinchas
HOROWITZ, Abraham ben Joseph, his wife Freva and ther daughter Tzila
HOROWITZ, Regina bat Beryl and her daughter Geiza, and Finia
HORN, Yitzchak and his wife Esther
HEITNER, Nathan, his wife Bertha, their son Muni
HEITER, Feibish, his wife Rivka, their children Aaron, Tzvi and Itka
HINDAM, Israel ben Yitzchak, his wie Itta and theri sons Hersch and Nachman
HINDAM, David ben Yitzchak, his wife Pearl, their sons Velvel and Poldik
HINDAM, Velvel and his family
HITZENGAR, Nathan, his wife Rivka and theri daughter Chnea
HITZENGAR, Moshe Aaron his wife Leah and two children
HERSCHBEIN, Miriam and ther daugher Rozia
HORVITZ, Joseph, his wife and their children Gizah, Zusia, Poldie
HOIZNER, Gitel bat Gershon
HILBERG, Jacob and this wife Pearl
HECHT, Gedayahu and his family
HECHTLINGAR and his family
HILD,Hertz (from the house of Kosnik)
HILD, Jacob, his wife Nachmah and their children Velvel, Moshe, and Chaya
HILD, Moshe, his wife Deborah, ther children Liubah, Kalman and Shachna
HALIJAR, Mayer, his wife Gitel and their daughter Chana
HILSTOCH, DR. Carl and his son Adam
HELLER, Feibish, his wife Rivka and their children Aaron, Tzvi and Itka
HELLER, Hirsch, his wife Sarah, their children Izzy and Tuni
HELNER, Fishel, his wife and their children Tzvi and Muni
HALPERN, Abraham ben Jacob-Hersch
HALPERN, Yechzekiel ben Jacob-Hersch
HALPERN, Tzvi, his wife Chana, their daughter Matil, their son Soli
HANIGSBERG, Bernard, his wife Halah, theri daugher Lucia and their son Genik
HANDSHU, Moshe his wife Tzerl, their son Muti their daughter Batia
HASS, Yehudit
HASS, Dziuni, (Isaac) ben Yehudi their son Yolik
HASS, Izzy and his wife and their daughter Yulik
HASS, Muni ben Izzy, his wife Leibah
HASS, David, his wife Ittah, their son Yunah
HASPEL, Tzvi ben Gabriel, his wife Rachel and theri children Simon and Monik
HEKER, Shloma ben Pinchas
HARTMAN, Muni, his wife Reizi, thier son Touli
HARTMAN, Israel, his wife Matel and their daughter Tuli
HILBROUN, Toube bat Chaim and her sons Moshe and Joseph
HILBROUN, (Sharpstein) Miriam bat Machal
HILBROUN, Sarah bat Moshe
HILBROUN, Malka bat Moshe
HILBROUN, Israel ben Chaim, his wife Libtzi, theri daughters Sarah and Feiga
HILBROUN, Jacob ben Chaim, his wife Blumah
HILBROUN, Shalom ben Jacob
HILBROUN, Rivkah bat Jacob
HOLREICH, Yeshayahu, his wife Ethel, their children Yehudah, and Sarah
HERTZBERG, Chaim and his daughter Minna
HERSHBERG, Mose (known as Koursh) his wife Miriam and ther son Feivish, Lieb, and Jacob


UBER, Yenta
UNSHEL and his family
VLOBICH, Shahora (Vlubich) Tzvi
VLITZER, Wolf and his wife
VLOCH, Mendel, his wife Yehudit and his daughter Lucia
WOLF, (Svebel) Sarah bat Yosi, his daughters Gizlah , Yozpah
WOLF, (Fishtel) Chana bat Wolf and her son
VLOKOVITZ, Pinya bat Joseph, their daughter Rozia and Yula
VLOKOVITZ, Gitel, their daughters Minya, Rachel and Esther
VLOKOVITZ, Shaul ben Abraham and his family
VLOKOVITZ, Yitzchak ben Abraham and his wife
WEISENTHAL, Zelig, his wife Yenta and theri son Moushik
VITLER and his family
VEIDMAN, Mayer and his wife Chanhatzi
VEIDMAN,Shia and his wife Leizia
WEISER, Velvel, his wife Rachel and their son David
WEISER, Zeidi and his wife
WEISER, Yankah
WEISER, Tzipah
WEIKERT, Dr. Simon, his wife and 2 daughters
WEISBROD, (father-in-law of Shteiger) and his family
WEISGLOSS, Sarah Rozia, her son Zelig her daughter Etti and Chiuni
WEISGLOSS, Motel ben Baruch, his wife Blima
VIND, Zisia and his family
WINTER, Jacob his wife Feiga their son Sondar, their daughters Matal and Esther
WINTER, Dr. Israel ben Abraham Yitzchak, his wife Netti
WINTER, Jacob and this son Shlomah
WINTER, Velvel and his wife Ros
WINTER, Izzy and his wife and their son Minik
WINTER, Itta bat Reuven and her daughter Regina
WINTER, Malkah bat Hersch, her sons Buni and Reuven
WINIKOV, Tzvi his wife Sheima
WINKLER, Lazer, his wife Freida, their daughters Feiga, Sarah, Beilah Rivkah
WINKLER, Mashel ben Chaim
WINKLER, Scheindel bat Chaim
WINKLER, Selki bat Chaim
WINKLER, Rachel bat Chaim
WINKLER, Rozia bat Tzvi
WINKLER, Pepi bat Leon
WINKLER, Chaim Hersch, his wife Regina, theri sons Leiki , Shloma, Reuven, Chana, David and Abraham
WINKLER, Abraham
WINKLER, Muni ben Abraham, his wife Altzia, their children Feiga, nd Leib
WEINROB, Machal ben Tzvi, his wife Tzippi Golda
WEINROB, Joseph ben Yehuda
WALDHITER, Hirsch, his wife Yippa, theri children Nusia, Pepi, Mundzi
WALDMAN, Chaim Hantzi
WALDMAN, Moshe and his wife Sarah, their son Shepsel
WALDMAN, Aaron his wife Bebi and her daughter
WALCH, Itzia, his wife Deena, their children Jacob and Chana
VASLANA, Chaya and her son Shmuel
WASSERMAN, Leibish ben Joseph, his wife Sousi, their son David
WASSERMAN, Israel ben Leibish, his wife Sarah their children Pesi and Joseph
WASSERMAN, Rachel Bat Sheloma
WASSERMAN, Reuben ben Abraham
WASSERMAN, Hersch-Leib ben Jacob
WASSERMAN, (Tiber) Mini bat Chaim
WASSERMAN, Brunia bat Hersch-Leib
WEISSMAN, Efraim ben Moshe Isaac
WEISSMAN, Joseph ben Chaim, his wife Ethel , their children Yehoshua, Breinah and Chaya
WEISSMAN, Ben Zion: Yehoshuah Lazer and his family
WEISSMAN, Bebi and his son Moshe
WEISSMAN, Asher and his wife Sarah
WEISSMAN, Tzvi ben Akeba
WEISSMAN, Zalman ben Chaim, his wife Chana bat Adzia
WEISSMAN, Shloma, his wife Pesia and ther son
WEISSMAN, Shmuel ben Menachem and his family
WEISSMAN, Yesheshechar
WEISSMAN, Simon ben Getzel, his wife Esther, their children Fruma and Yerochmiel
WESLER, Zisia and his family


ZOMER, Israel ben Nathan
ZOMER, Nathan (grain sales)
ZOMERMAN, Yor and is daughter Rozia
ZOMERSTEIN, Court Clerk and his family
ZONENKLECH, Herman, his wife Hinda and 2 Children
ZONENSHEIN, David Mordechai ben Mendel
ZONENSHEIN, Abraham ben Mendel
ZONENSHEIN, Isaac and his daughter Giza
ZONENSHEIN, Kalman, his wife Reizi nad their son David
ZONENSHEIN, Nachman and his wife Esther
ZONENSHEIN, Wolf ben Nachman, his wife Beilusia and their son Kuba
ZONENSHEIN, David ben Chaim, his wife Leiba, their children Zigmunt and Brunik
ZONENSHEIN, Israel ben David and Asher and Yehudit
ZONENSHEIN, Leib ben Israel, his sons Pesi and Yeshayahu
ZONENSHEIN, Rachel, her children Betya and Yehudit
ZONENSHEIN, Zalman Hersch, his wife Helka and ther son Benjamin
ZONENSHEIN, Benjamin ben Zalman, his wife Chana, their children Lev and Shloma
ZEIDEN, Yehoshua, his wife Heni, their children Chaim and Silva
ZEIDENBERG, Chaim Shaul and his wife
ZEIDENBERG, Hersch and his wife Esther
ZEIDENBERG, Leah bat Yitzchak
ZEIDENBERG, Gitel bat Dov
ZEIDENBERG, Rachel bat Abraham
ZILBERG, Joseph, his wife Feiga, their son Benjamin
ZILBERMINTZ, Menachem, his wife Chana, ther children Aizi and Luye
ZILBERMAN, Menachem and his wife Reizel
ZILBERMAN, Dulik ben Menachem, his wife Bozka and theri daughter Duska
ZILBERMAN, Nachmia, his wife Shifra and four children
ZILBERROTH, Chaim, his wife Rustka, their daughter Gizlah
ZILBERROTH, Feivish ben Gershon, is wife Clara,ther daughte Lusiah, their son Vili
ZILBERROTH, David ben Abraham, his wife Reizi, ther children Lerka, Fenka, Nusiah and Seva
ZILBERROTH, Chaya and ther son (Asher Lulah)
ZILBERROTH, Muniu ben David and his wife Jeniah
ZISBERG, Michael, his wife Aitta, their son Paul
ZISLERROTH and his family
ZELTZINGER, Isaac, his wife, theri children Clara and Esther
ZELTZINGER, Aydel ben Muti-Mayer
ZELTZINGER, Dr. Shloma ben Muti-Mayer, his wife Selah and their daughter Reniah
ZELTZINGER, Mordechai his wife and their son Nuniu
ZELTZINGER, Tuni ben Mordechai, his wife Sonia, their son
ZELTZINGER, Beili Sarah, her children Bertzi and Esther
ZELTZINGER, Zalman, his wife, their children Sheiki and three other children
ZELTZINGER, Lazer, his wife Mintzi, their daughter Nusia
ZELTZINGER, Hersch and his family
ZALTZMAN, (BLANK) Sonia bat Nesi and her son
ZALTZMAN, Baruch and his family


TUZMAN, Abraham,his wife Ethel and two daughters
TUTMAN, Elki,her sons Nuni and Milu
TEIBER, Aisa bat Israel
TEITELBAUM, Nachman, his wife Heida
TEITELBAUM, Shloma ben Nachman and his family
TAIFER, Moshe, his wife Leah, their children Nunia, Maltzia and Rozia Timmer, Yochnan ben Ali-Hersch, his wife Aida and two children
TEICHHOLTZ, Shalom, his wifeFeiga, ther children Sonia, Nina, and Izzy
TISCHLER, Feibish ben Israel, his wife Beila and ther son Bomik
TEHELER and his family (wife and two children)
TANNENBAUM, Sarah bat Moshe, her sons Ziki, Feiga, and Peretz
TANNENBAUM, David, his wife Sarah and their son Israel
TANNENBAUM, (cohen) Reizi bat David and her daughter
TIFFLER, Chaya Rozia, her daughter Feiga
TIFFLER, (Hozner) bat Israel, her sons Israel and Daniel
TIFFER, Hersch, his wife Esther and their son Benjamin
TIFFER, Reizi, and her children Shaya, Aidel, and Meli
TISHLER, Esther Feiga bat Israel and two daughters
TETTER, Herman, his wife Sarah
TREINER, Israel-Mordechai ben Pinchas, his wife Matal and their daughter Bina
TREISTER, Avish ben Yehoshua
TROMBOBLER, Naftali, (Malamed) ,his wife Rivkah and their daughter Babtzi
TROMBOBLER, Nathan, his wife Poliah, their children Sarah and Jacob
TERKEL, M, Zigmund


YEGET, Jacob, his wife , their daughters Cheika and Selka
YIGENDORF, Aaron, his wife Minah, their children Bomik and Genia
YIGENDORF, Israel-Wolf ben Moshe-Chane his wife Fenyah
YEGER, Hersch, his wife Ribah, their son Muni
YEGER, Zinah and her children Yehoshua and Leiba
YEGER, Ben Zion and his family
YOZEF, Isaac, his son Muniu his daughter Nosyah
YONEG, David, his wife Chaya-Bracha, their son Feivel
YOUNGER and his family
YOMPEL, Sarah and Rachel daughters of Sandar
YORMAN, Moshe ben Joseph
YORMAN, Abraham ben Joseph, his wife Miriam and ther son Pesach
YORMAN, Abraham
YORMAN, Joseph


COHEN, Mordechai ben Shmuel
COHEN, Ben Zion ben Yitzchak, his wife Sarah, ther daughters Rivka and Feige
COHEN, Peretz (Poiti) ben Aizi, his wife Clara, their children Vovi and Aizebla
COHEN, Feige
COHEN,Yehuda ben Tzvi, his wife Chenia and their daughter Tzevia Cohen, Jacob ben Gedalia and his family Cohen, Beila bat Wolf
COHEN, Dr. David, his wife Regin and their children Risik, and Jacob Cohen, Fridkah bat Leon (from the house of Karf) Cohen, Israel and his wife Pesi
KAHANA, Kalman, his wife Susia, their daughters Shulamit and Gosta
KAHANA, Henia and her daughter Mina
KATZ, Yehuda, his wife Sarah, their children Pinchas, Yerachmael, and Marcus
KATZ, Mendel, his wife Rachel, their children Miriam and Yehuda
KATZ, Isaac and his wife
KATZ, Abraham, his wife Adah and their daughter
KATZ, Elisha, his wife and two children (Clerk )
KATZ, Yerachmiel and his family
KATZ, Dreizi bat Mendel, her children Lazer, Hersch, Abraham, Risi
KATZ, Lezer, his wife Milka and ther son Koba
KATZ, Zigmund, his wife Sarah and their daughter
KATZ, Pini, his wife Golda and ther daughter Chadva
KATZ, Shalom, his wife Chana
KATZ, Shmuel ben Yehuda, his wife Rivka, their children Ali, Abraham,and Yitzchak
KATZ, Yehuda and his wife Yehudit


LAYIM, Chaim Munish (Chazan), his wife Sonia LAYIM, Bernard ben Chaim Munish, his wife Gerta, their son Herbert LEBEL, Hugia, her son Reuven
LEBERT, Shmuel and his wife Esther
LEBERT, Moshe, his wife Rivka, their sons David and Chaim
LEBERT, Feivish, his wife Golda, their daughter Tzila
LEBERT, Jacob, his wife Gitel, their children Chaim and Freida
LEDERMAN and his family
LOIT and his family
LUTZKER and his family
LOKER, (Druk) Reizel bat Shmuel, her daughter Beiltzi
LIEBELING, ( from Biltzia) Yehoshua, his wife Fruma and ther son Beni and Israel
LIEBELING, Ainje and his family
LIEBELING, Mensha, his wife Bracha and thier daughter
LEIBLICH, Mendel, his wife Feiga, their son Efraim
LEIBMAN, Fishel and his family
LEIBMAN, Moshe ben Isaac (Aitzik), his wife Ethel and two children
LEIBMAN, (Aitzik) Isaac, his wife and their son Shmuel
LIEBER, Moshe and his wife
LEIBMAN, David, his wife Rivka and their son Moshe
LITVAK, Chana and her children Izzy and Geni
LITVAK, Yekotiel ben Asher, his wife Sarah and their daughter
LITVAK, Shmuel and his wife Bitka
LEICHTER, Beryl and his family
LEISTNER, Abraham ben Moshe, his wife Nusia and their daughter
LEISTNER, David ben Moshe and his family
LEISTNER, Abraham ben Anshel
LICHTENTHAL, Shalom ben Hersch, his wife Sheindel, their children Velvel, Meshhal and Hersch
LICHTENTHAL, Mendel, his wife Feiga and their daughter Esther
LICHTENTHAL, Moshe and his wife
LICHTENTHAL, Yerachmiel ben Moshe, his wife Rivka
LILIENFELD, (Berghofer) Simon ben Jacob, and his wife Susi
LILIENFELD, (Berghofer) Israel ben Simon, his wife Bethshiba and their son Jacob
LINEAL, Shloma ben Israel-Lieb his wife Tzasi
LINEAL, David ben Israel-Leib, his wife Fridzia, their daughter Leiba
LINEAL, Samson and is wife and ther children Aizu and Veltzi
LINDBAUM, Ali and his wife and ther children David, Joseph, Wolf and Yetta
LINEAL, Chaya bat Schmuel and her son Lazer
LINEAL, Nathen ben Shmuel and his family
LINEAL, Aitzi, his wife Gitel
LINEAL, Jacob and his wife and their son Chaim
LINEAL, Abraham, his wife Rudi
LINEAL, Aitzik Ali, his wife Bertha, ther children Arthur and Foldi
LINEAL, Moshe, his wife Betka, their children Chaim and Esther
LIPSHITZ and his family
LIEBSTER, Zelig, his wife Altah and their daughter Rozia Lem, Chaya bat Mayer
LANGER, Joseph, his wifeEtta and ther children Rachel and Aizi
LANGER, Moshe,his wife Pesia, ther children Rachel and Touvia
LANGERMAN, Aaron ben Moshe, his wife Ethel and their children Esther and Yechzekiel
LANGERMAN, Israel ben Moshe, is wife Leitzi, ther children Adzya and Nuni
LANGERMAN, Jonah ben Moshe, is wife Etta, their son Moshe
LANGERMAN, Mitchel, his children Fruma and Simon
LANDOW, (LANGERMAN) Itzik Yitzchak ben Nachum
LANDOW, Sarah bat Itzik Yitzchak and two girls
LANDOW, Sarah and her husban and their daughters Simone and Rivka
LANDA, Zachariah , his wife Friva
LANDA, Yehuda ben Zachariah and his family
LANDA, Michael ben Leibish and his family
LANDA, Jacob ben Leibish
LANDA, (Pomerantz) Hodi bat Hersch
LANDA, Mayer, his wife Leika, their children Nuni, Kreintzi, and Susi
LANDA, Shive
LANDA, Akiba ben Moshe and his family
LANDA, Shmuel ben Moshe and his family
LANDA, Abraham ben Shloma, his wife Chava, their daughter Bertha
LANDA, Tzvi ben Shloma
LANDA, Zev and his wife Sarah
LANDA, Fruma and her son Yehuda
LANDOW, (T he Rebitzin) Scheintzi bat Shalom-Mordechai
LANDOY, Zisa ben Shmuel, his wife Rosa and their children Bumik and Regina
LANDOY, Yoachim
LANDMAN, Tzvi ben Israel-Mayer, his wife Dina, ther daughrer Yosima
LISCHOVER and his family


MEYER, Mayer-Leib and his wife
MEYER, Israel, his wife and their daughter Pepi
MEYER, Israel ben Reuven, his wife Sarah and their children
MEYER, Tzvi and his family
MODNIK, Moshe, his wife Rachel, theri children Muni, Leib, Gabriel, and Feiga
MOZLER, Dr. Isaac and his wife
MOZNER, Fini, his wife , their son Lazer
MOZNER, Yolka ben Fini, his wife Clara and their children
MOZER, Kahat, his wife Feiga and thier daughter Tzila
MOZER, Hodi and her children Jacob, Feiga, Kolik
MOZER, Ritzi and her children Rivka, Michael, Etta, Yomtov and Zeev
MONDSCHEIN, Zalman and his wife Henia
MONDSCHEIN, Shoshana and ther daughter Deborah
MORGENTHAL, Monshia and his wife Robetzia
MORGENTHAL, Asher, his wife Frieda
MORGENTHAL, Moshe and his wife Beilak (from the house of Brenda)
MORGENTHAL, Rozia and Bleimtzia (sisters)
MEIZELMAN, Dov, his wife Shoshanah and their children Tzvi, Areye and Linkah
MEIZELMAN, Shmuel ben Dov, his wife Misia, and their son
MEIRHOFER, Chaya and her children Leon, Fishel, and Blima
MEINHARD, Moshe his wife Sarah
MEINHARD, Sheva Genendal and her children
MILGRAM, Herman and his family
MILGRAM, Deborah and ther son Hertz
MITZEL, Broria and her son Chaim-Joseph
MEIDENIK, Nesi bat Moshe
MILLER, Chaya Roisa
MILLER, Israel-Abraham ben Chaim Roiza his wife Chaya and ther children Tovah and Shifra
MILLER, Baruch ben Chaim Roiza, his wife Yehudit and ther daughters Sara and Bluma
MILLER, Asher ben Roiza, his wife Atti and their son Perl
MILLER, Hersch
MELTZER, Jacob his wife Rivka and ther daughter Fruma
MELTZER, Chaim, his wife Chaya and thier son David
MAHLER, Moshe, his wife and ther daughter Chana
MAHLER, Benjamin
MILLELER, Anij Joseph , his wife Lena
MEMTZIS, Moshe and his wife
MENDELBAUM, Abraham ( known as Dybuk) and his wife
MENCHER, Deborah
MENCHER, (HOCHBERG) her daughter
MENCHER, Jacob and Leah
MENDEL, and his family
MISOTAH, Gosta and her husband
MESSING and family
MARBACH, Mayer and his wife Chana
MARGOLIS, Dr. David ben Mendel, his wife Sarah
MARGOLIS, Vili and his wife Adela
MARGOLIS, Clara bat David
MARGOLIS, Mordechai ben Mendel, his wife Charlotta, their children Loula, Dora, Rozia, Solu and Joseph
MARGOLIS, Shifrah bat Israel
MARGOLIS, Penina bat Getzel
MARGOLIS, (SHAPIZER) Miriam bat Abraham
MARGOLIS, Adolf ben Michael, his wife Leah
MARGOLIS, Dr. Rivkah bat Michael
MARGOLIS, Leah bat Michael ( wife of Dr. BERGHOLTZ)
MERINSKY, Isaac , his wife Freida and ther children Joseph, Ricka, and Gosta
MARMORICK,Tzvi, his wife Aydel and their son Shmuel
MITZEL, Simcha, his wife Charna, their sons Mendel and Shmuel
MARIASH, Abraham , his wife Machla
MARIASH, Shmuel ben Abraham, his wife Munia, their son Joseph
MARIASH, Moshe-Hersch ben Abraham, his wife Rozia
MARIASH, Moshe, his wife Atla
MARMARUSH and his wife
MARKUS, Mirel and her son Abraham-Aaron
MASLER, Chana bat Zachoria and her children
MASNICK, Abraham Jacob, his wife Chaya, their children Aaron and Yehudah Tzvi


NAGLER, Melech, his wife Toube
NAGLER, Aaron ben Melech, his wife Deborah
NADLER, Ben Zion ben Mayer and his w


FEDER, Yeshaya, his wife Miriam and ther son
FEDER, Chaim ben Yeshaya and his family
FEDER, Hersch ben Yeshaya and his family
FOGEL, Hilda
FOGELFINGER, Israel, his wife Simah
FODIM, Feiga Reiba
FODIM, Shmuel ben Shomah
FOHOROLA, Hersch, his wife Liuba
FOHOROLA, Moshe ben Hersch and his family
POLAK, Melech andhis children Chaim, Zelig, Moshe and Miska
POLAK, Nathan, his wife Sarah and their children Simtzi, and Tzila
POMORANTZ, Yeshaya, his wife Regina and theri children Andzia and Rita
POMORANTZ, Jacob ben Fishel, his wife Rosa, ther children Ittka, and Fischel
FOOS and his family
FUFIL, Jacob and his wife Yenta.
FUFIL, Susia and her children Simon and Chava
FOKEM, Shmuel, his wife Blima and their daughter Frieda
FOKEM, Peretz ben Shmuel, his wife Sofia
FOKEM, (DORSLER) Oli, his wife Toube and their son Mundek
FOKEM, Itzi and his family
FOKEM, Sheindel
FOKEM, Zelig ben Aitzi, his wife Shaintzi and ther children
FOKEM, Hersch, his wife Reba
FOKEM, Muti ben Hersch, his wife Malka and their children Menia and Altzi
FOKEM, Yitzchak ben Michael, his wife Bertha, and their children Milu, Clara and Tzila
FOKEM, Leib, his wife Betia and their children Yehuda Vieltzi, Pini, Fruma and Tahila
FOKEM, Moshe ben Yitzchak, his wife Sofia, their son Shloma
FOKEM, Abraham, his wife Ati
FOKEM, Zeida, his wife Hania and their children Chana and Marik
FIDERER, Shmuel, his wife Chana and 2 daughters
FEIGENBAUM, Aaron, his wife Chana, their daughter Sima
FEINGOLD, Nachum Hersch ben Yeshaya, his wife Rivka, their children Israel, Abraham, David, Rachel, Muni, Leiba FEINGOLD, Yitzchak-Hersch ben Yeshaya
FEINGOLD, Ati bat Yeshaya
FEINGOLD, Shloma be Yeshaya
FEIRSTEIN, Aaron ben Abraham Yehuda
FEIRSTEIN, Azriel, his wife Pearl, their children Leizer, Nachum, Muni and Ati
FEIRSTEIN, Leib, his wife Rivka and their son Israel
FEIRSTEIN, Joseph, his wife Rieza
FEIRSTEIN, Peretz ben Joseph, is wife Toube their daughter Mina
FEIRSTEIN, Ayzig ben Joseph, his wife Fenia, their son Dudi
FEIRSTEIN, Peretz, his wife Hinda, their children Shia, Shloma, David, and Malka
FINGER, Leib, his wife Pesi, their children Jacob and Gitel
PINIK,Israel and his family
FINKELMAN, Chaim, his wife Yenta, theri children Beinish and Miriam
FINKELMAN, Aytzi, his wife, their daughter Lusia
FINKELMAN, Dr. Sima bat Aitzi
FINKELMAN, Libik and her children Yechzekiel and Hudel
FICHNIK, Leibish, his wife Matilda and their son
FICHNIK, Motel, his wife and their son Asher Jonah
FISH, Leah bat Mechel
FISH, Shmuel ben Jacob and his wife Adzia
FISH, Chana bat Beryl, her children Ali and Leopold
FISHBEIN, Hersch and his daughters Risi and Feiga
FISHBACH, Ali ben Jacob, his wife Sara and their children Avish and Menia
FISHBACH, Shmuel ben Jacob, his wife Chana
FISHBACH, Yenta Valki, daughter of Jacob
FISHBACH, Leibish ben Israel, his wife Susi and their son Beryl
FISHBACH, Benjamin ben Leibish and his family
FISHBACH, Malka bat Leibish and her family
FISHBACH, Deborah bat Hendil
FISHTEL, Shmuel, his wife Chana, and threir children Ruzi and Susi
FISHTEL, Wolf, his wife Ester and theri children David, Gitel and Muni
FISHTEL, Duni and her daughter Shlima
FISHTEL, Aytzik ben Zalman, his wife Sara and theri children Gitel, Chana and Moshe
FISHER, Two sisters (Vigenika)
FISHER, Israel Yehuda, his wife Beila and their children Buzi and Rachel
FELDMOIS, Naftali and his wife Meltzi
FELDMAN, Dr. , his wife and their daughter
FLOSER, DR. Olga and her son Abraham
FLEISHER, Israel ben Toube, his wife Peptzi
FELTZMAN, Nathan, his wife Esther and their children Shmuel, Simone, Nathan Henich and Pepi
FELTZMAN, Leibish ben Nathan, his wife Beila
FELTZMAN, Muti ben Hersch
FELTZMAN, two sisters daughters of Hersch
FALK, (ROKA) Mauritz and his wife and their son Alfred
FELER, Toubia and his family
FELSHNER, Fredel, her children Miriam and Meli
FELSHNER, Golda, her daughters Reizi and Chanhatzi
FELSHNER, Shia ben Aaron, his wife Breina, their children Mayer, Ezra and Taube
FELSHNER, Yitzchak ben Aaron, his wife Sarah and their daughter Regina
FELSHNER, Mendel ben Aaron, his wife Fruma
FENTZERER, David and his family
FENTZERER, Hersch and his family
FESTING, Abraham and is family
FESTING,Joseph and his family
FESLER, Beryl, his wife Ruza and their daughter Malka
FESLER, Shmuel ben Beryl, his wife Sabina, their daughter Livka
FESLER, Leon, his wife Chantzi, hteri daughrer Pinya
FEKT (LEBER) his wife Matel
FERBER, Moshe ben Chaim Michael and his family
FERBER, Jacob ben Chaim Michael and is family
FRUM, Moshe, his wife Pesi
FRUM, Shmuel, his wife Maltzi
FRUM, Michael, his wife Buntzi and their children Ati, Hersch, Sarah and Jacob
FRUM, Rosie bat Yeshaya Moshe
FRUM, Abi, his wife Bluma, their daughter
FRUM, Hersch ben Abi, his wife Feiga and two Daughters
FRUM, Freida and her children Nissan and Carl
FRUM, Bronah
FRIEDMAN, Shloma ben Leibish
FRIEDLAM, Nachman, his wife Toube and their sons Israel and Elimelech
FRIEDMAN, Susia nd ther sons Israel and David
FRISH, Shomah ben Simcha, his wife Chava
FRISH, Abraham
FRISHLANDER, Chaim Bar (Melamed)and his son Peretz
FRISHLANDER, Mendel and his wife Leah
FRISHLANDER, Israel Yitzchak, his wife Sara and their children Abraham, Moshe and Rachel
FRISHLANDER, Rivka and her son Tzvi
FRISHLANDER, Eliyahu, his wife Rovah and their children Itzi, Shaul and Yehoshaya
PERLMUTER, Wolf and his wife Genia
PERNAM, Israel ben Shai, his wife Sarah, theri childrne Rosie, Buzi, Clara, Minna, Chana, Deborah
PERNAM, Shaul ben Shai, his wife Breinah
PERNAM, Megr Leon his wife Tunia
FRANKEL, Joseph ben Yehuda and his family
FRANKEL, Meshulam, his wife Chava
FRANKEL, David ben Meshulam, his wife Rozia, their son Dan
FRANKEL, Shaul and his wife
FRANKEL, Jacob and his family
FRANKEL, Dolik ben Minna, his wife Luti and ther son Yolik
FRANKEL, Yolik ben Minna
FRANKEL, Israel ben Wolf Bear
FRANKEL, Simon ben Wolf Bear
FRANKEL, Fruf Reuven ben Wolf Beryl
FRANKEL, Joseph and his family
FRANKEL, Bela bat Wolf Bear and her son Max
FRANKEL, Dr. (son-in-law of Shaul Rozentzvieg)
FRECHTER, Herman, his wife Bertha and their children Dulik, Menya
FRECHTER, Benjamin and Huryu
FRECHTER (Grain Salesman)
FRESTER, Cherni and her childrne Chana, Deborah, Feisi and Moshe
PRESSER, Leiba and her son Joseph
PERSEL, Lozer, his wife Ethel and ther son Menachem
PERSEL, Chaya Deborah and her son Yodel
PERSEL, Benjamin, his wife their children Moshe and Leah
PERSEL, ( Store Manager ) and his family
PERSEL, Moshe, his wife Leiba, and ther children Shmuel and Hendel
PERSEL, Baruch Hersch ben Moshe, his wife Genia and their sons Chaim and David
PERSEL, Hersch and Paula
FRISHKO, Bertzi and his family
PERLMUTER, Shlomah, his wife Feiga and their daughter
PERLMUTER, (Sewing Machine Saleman) and his family


Tzubek, Chanan, his wife Rosie and their son Jacob Tzubek, Reuben, his wife , their children Sarah, Shmuel, and Abraham and four other children
TZULER, Mendel Misnakovitzky, his wife Freida
ZUKERMAN, Dr. Maks, his wife and their son Yorik
ZIMMERMAN, Wolf, his wife Tzirel, their children Moshe and Nisel
ZIMMERMAN, Tzely, his wife Rosa, and their children: Yitka and Leibel
ZIMMERMAN, Chaim Israel, and his wife (Neger), their son Menasha
TZIN, Herman
TZIN, Sabina and sher son Herman
TZERING, Izzy, his wife Leiba
ZALTNER, Moshe, his wife Utzi, their children Benjamin and Asher
ZELLER, Bluma bat Reuben, her children Mordechai and Chana
ZELLERMEIR, Godel and his family
ZELLERMEIR, Moshe, his wife Rozia
ZELLERMEIR, Aydel, his wife and theri chidlren Alice and Betem


KUBEL, (Newman) Chana
KUHAL, Sarah, Rosa and David
KOHALENBERG, Kalman, his wife and their children Abraham and Fredzia
KOCH, Omnia
KOCH, Muti and his family (Shamis in the community)
KOCH, Yosel, his wife Feiga and their children Abraham and Adzia
KOCH, Beryl and his famiy (painter)
KOCH, Shabatai and his family
KOPLER, Dr. Oswald
COOPERMAN, Baruch and is family
KOSHNEIR, Nachum, his wife Zinya and their children Shoshana and Moshe
KOSHNEIR, Chana, her children Nittel, Hody and Chava
KOSHNEIR, Feivel, his wife Millie
KORIDONOVKA, Abtzi, his wife Esther, their daughter Dubtzhi
KORNBAUM, Yossi, his wife and their son Mumi KORNBLAT, Bluma, her son Moshe
KORNGREEN, Leib and his family
KORNGREEN, Akiba, and his children Hentzi and Shebe
KORTZROOK, Reuben and his family
KORTZROOK, Jacob, his wife Beila, their children Moshe and Reiba
KORTZROOK, Moshe Itzik
KIMMEL, Yeshaya, his wife Sema, and their daughter Clara
KIMMELMAN, Dr. Joseph ben Zelig and his family
KIMMELMAN, Dr. Surin ben Selig
KIMMELMAN, Shmuel, his wife Aetah, their children Feivel and Sonia
KIELMAN, Buni ben Jacob, his wife Rosa and ther childrne Selah, Miriam and Tuni
KIMMELMAN, Dr. Aaron, his wife Arna, their children Yitzchak and Nina
KIRSCHNER, Matthew, his wife Shaindel and two daughters
KLINGER, Shabatai, his wife Aita, their daughter Rozia
KLINGER, Shloma, his wife Rozia, their children Penina and Paula
KLINGER, Shmuel and his wife Rosa
KLINGER, Moshe, his wife Malka and their daughter Adzia
KLEIN, Motel and Amu
KLEIN, Gershon
KLEIN, Freida
KLEIN,Simcha, his wife Gezia and their sons David and Jacob KLEIN, Nachum, his wife Rachel and theri daughters.
KLEIN, Yekel and his family
KLEINMAN, DR. and his family
KLEINER, and his family (Laundry Owner)
KELHER, Moshe, his wife Fruma and thier children Feiga, Sarah and Motel
KLERSFELD, Abraham, his wife Bluma
KLOPERMAN, Abraham, his wife Telta
KLISHER, Yossi and his wife Feiga
KLISHER, Mendel, his wife Feiga and their sons Israel, Shmuel, and Ytizchak
KLISHER, Tzvi ben Moshe, his wife Yitka and their son Shloma
KLISHER, Sarah (from the house of Heitzengar)
KIMMELMAN, Miriam and her daughter Tunka
KNIGSBERG, Shuft and his wife and their son Milu
KNIGSBERG, Mara (Bakatriulug)
KNECHT, Deborah
KNECHT, Moshe ben Deborah, his wife Beili and two children
KEGEL, Shmuel, his wife Malka and theri daughter Dora
KESSLER, Yekotiel, is wife Breina, their childrnen Chava and David
KESSLER, Wolf, his wife Deborah, and theri sond Yozik
KAPUSTA, Isaac, his wife, ther daughter Minia
KROW, Dr. Shmuel and his wife Tzila
KRUHAN, Aaron, his wife Aidie and their daughter Sheindel
KRUNERD, Fridel and his family
KEREM, (train official) and his family
KREMER, Mendel, his wife Fredel, their children Anshel,Soli, Moshe
KREMER, Baruch, his wife Sarah
KREMER, (Margolis) Mltzi and hter sister Pemtzhi
KREMER, Mordechai
KREMER, Baruch ben Mordechai
KREMER, Alki ben Mordechai
KREMER, Mendel ben Mordechai
KREMER, Leah bat Baruch and her daughters Henni and Pepi
KERNER, Dr. (Shuft)
KARPF, Aita bat Mendel
KARPF, Dr. Benjamin, his wife Brunia, their son Alexander
KARPF, Dr. Joseph, his wife Tulia and their son Leopold
KARPF, Dr. Michael ben Kupel
KARPF, Leon, his wife and their daughter Clara
KERPEL, Michael
KERPEL, Mordechai


ROCHBERG, Rivka and David, daughter Ali
REGENBOIGEN, Chaim ben Moshe, his wife Pearl, and their children Yehuda and Clara
REUBEN, Chenuch, his wife Keila and their son Alisha
ROVENER, Chenuch ben Moshe
ROVENER, Deborah
ROVEL and his family
ROJENKA, Aaron, his wife Deborah and their children Isaac and Hosha
ROJENKA, Motel, and his wife Hinda
RODOLF and his family
ROVITCH, Moshe and his wife Nizi
ROSEN, Yitzchak, his wife Deborah and their children Moshe and Henya
ROSEN, Shloma and his family
ROSEN, Muni ben Mohse
ROSNER, Jacob Official at Romler
ROSENBAUM, Max and his family
ROSENBLIT, Dr. and his family
ROSENBLUM, Joseph, his wife Ati and ther son Ali
ROSENBLAT, Hersch, his wife Chana, their children Tuva, Mayer, and Shachna
ROSENBLAT, Muni, his wife Nosia
ROSENBLAT, Chaim, his wife Freida
ROSENBLAT, Alter and his family
ROSENBLAT, (Heker) Moshe, his wife Hentzi, and their children Leib, Mendel and Chaya
ROSENBLAT, Shloma, his wife Rachel and their daughter Rozia
ROSENBERG, Yidel, his wife Sarah and their daughter Rivka
ROSENBERG, Tina bat David, (from the house of Zilberut) and her daughters Hilda and Hinda
ROSENBERG, (watchmaker) and his family
ROSENFELD, Miriam and ther children Jacob and Debora
ROSENTZVEIG, Shaul (President of the Community) and his son Mauritz
ROSENTZVEIG, Zalman and his wife and their son Moshe
ROSENKRANTZ, Dolik ben Feivel, his wife Chentzi, and their daughters Zuzi and Fifka
ROSENKRANTZ, Abraham ben Feivel, his wife Tina and their children Paula, Feivel, and Zuzia
ROSENKRANTZ, Dr. Yitzchak ben Feivel and his daughter Paula
ROSENKRANTZ, Pepka bat Feivel
ROSENSTRUCH, Rachel bat Israel and her daughter
ROSENSTREICH, Chaya Debora and her son Lazer
ROSENSTREICH, Shia ben Chaim and his wife Sara and ther son Chaim
ROSENSTREICH, Chentzi from the house of Polik and her son Menik.
ROTENSTREICH, Shia (Melomed), his wife Nesi and their children Feiga, Rochma and Liza
ROTENSTREICH, Dudi, his wife Necha and 3 children
ROTENSTREICH, Leib, his wife and theri children Dutzi and Neti, Itmar and Moshe
ROTELDAR, Hersch and his wife and their children Dutzi and Neti
ROTMAN, Shivtel ben Susi and his wife Reisi
ROTMAN, Chaim, his wife Beila and their children Ethel, Nachum, Sara and Mendel
ROTENBERG, and his family
ROTMAN, Abraham and his family
ROTER, Yosel, his wife Mindel and ther children Feiga, Aitta, Clara, and Chaim
ROMBERG, Mendel, his wife Breina Aydit and 6 children
ROMBERG, Abrham and his family
ROMBERG, Joseph Sendler
ROST, Chana
ROST, Shivtil ben Chena, his wife Cheitzi and their son Hersch
ROST, Gedalya ben Chena and his wife Sarah
ROST, Leib ben Chena and his family
ROST, Shloma Baruch and this son Velvel
ROKA, Jacob and his wife Yitka
ROKA, Lozer and his family
RETNER, Hersch, his wife Deborah and 4 children
RETNER, Leib, bis wife Deborah
RIETEL, Bevtzi, and her son Shloma
RIETEL, Yeshischar and his wife
RIETEL, Israel ben Yeshischar
RIETEL, Feiga bat Yeshischar
REITER, Kuba, his wife Tzila and their daughter Renia
REICH, Rachel (Mother of TuniaREICH)
REICH, (Mieldet)
REICH, Jacob and his wife and 2 Daughters
REICH, Bertha
REICH, Mauritz
REICH, Rachel
REICH, (of the house of ROTENSTREICH) Beili bat Chaim
REIN, Jacob and his wife Razel
REIN, Yehuda ben Jacob and his wife Deborah
REINSTEIN, Munia, Dr. and his family
RICHTER, Joel ben Yehuda and his wife Miriam
RICHTER, Wolf ben Yehuda and his wife Clara
RITZER, Munyu, his wife Chesia and their son Hanik
RITZER, (the youth) and his wife Dora (from the house of Schwartz)
REMLER, Benjamin, his wife Rivka and ther children Max and Lutzia
REMLER, Ange and his son Milik
RAPPAPORT, Abraham, his wife Lieba and their family
RAPPAPORT, Dr. Yeshiyahu Mayer, his wife Genia and their children Kuba and Touba
RAPPAPORT, Abraham ben Israel and his wife Leah
RATZKOBLIT, Velvel, his wife Tzila and their sons Abraham and Aizyu


SHOVEL, Sheintzi
SHOVEL, Efraim ben Yossi and his wife Breintzi
SHOVEL, Bertha and her son Muni
SHOVEL, Baruch and his children Emil, Yozik, and Talia
SHOVEL, Fruma: Hanah, Leah, Rivka (Daughters of Sumar)
SHOVEL, Chaim ben Jacob
SHOVDRON, Godel and his family
SCHWARTZ, Abraham, his wife Feiga, their daughter Miriam
SCHWARTZ, Nachum, his wife Tzuvtel and their daughter Feigi
SCHWARTZ, Shmulki, his wife Heni and their son Leopold
SCHWARTZ, Jacob: his wife Reize, their children Nunia, Joseph and Feiga
SCHWARTZ, Moshe, his wife Netti and their children Joseph, Cherni and Benjamin
SCHWARTZ, Abraham, his wife Feiga and theri daughter Henia
SCHWARTZ, Hersch, his wife Feiga and their daughter Matilda
SCHWARTZ, Joseph, his wife Chana and their children Benjamin, Sandar, Chaim Leah, Feiga, Bernard, Netta and Ali
SCHWARTZ, Abraham Jacob, is wife Miriam and their children Isreal and Heni, Jacob and Yitzchak
SCHWARTZ, Esther and her children Shifrah, Hentziah, Clara
SCHWARTZ, Baruch and his wife Bluma
SCHWARTZ, Yitzchak, his wife Cheintzi and their daughter Golda
SCHWARTZBACH, Zeev, his wife Lieba
SCHWARTZBACH, Samson ben Mendel, his wife Feiga Leah and their children Toube, Chaya, and Esther
SHVEFITZ, Leah and her son Arnold
SHULWOLF, his wife and their son Muni
SHULFEND, Nachum, his wife and ther son David
SHOMER, Dr. Ayzig ben Jacob, is wife Aidah and their children Yehudit and Rena
SHOMER, Jacob, his wife Leah and theri children Toube and Etta
SHOMER, Elekim ben Mendel
SHOMER, David his wife Ethel
SHUSTER, Shmuel and his family
SHUSTER, Velvel ben Shmuel, his wife Rena Shur, Dov ben Abraham, his wife Peppi
SHUR, Reizel
SHUR, Shabatai and his wife Esther
SHUR, Hersch ben Nathan, his wife Feiga and ther son Nathan Shur, Berish ben Nathan, his wife Matilda Shur, Leib, his wife Rachel and their daughter Freida
SHUR, Rivka bat Nathan
SHUR, Yitzchak, his wife Kreinah and their son Chaim
SHUR, Hersch, his wife Rivka
SHUR, Sendar and Horyo
SHACHAR, Yitzhcak, is wife Rivka and their son Vilus
SHACHAR, Leib, his wife Rachel and their daughter Freida
SCHTOK, Menasha ben Yechiel, his wife Reizi and their children Chana, Esther, Feivish, and Chaya.
SHTOLTZBARG, and his family
STOKMAN, Gitzi and theri children Zalman and Fredel
STEIN, Jacob and Moshe
STEIN, Mordechai, his wife Ethel, their children Ahron, Minna, Clara, and Gitzi
STEIGER, Israel ben Herzel, his wife Genya, and their children Hertzel and Liubah
STEIGER, Bertzi ben Hertzel and his family
STEIGER, David Ben Hertzel and his family
STEINBERG, Nachman ben Ben Zion, his wife Matel and their son Tuni
STEINBERG, Moshe, his wife Rachel
STEINER, Michael, his wife Sarah
STEINER, Jacob David
STEINER, Zelig, his wife Breini
SHETKEL, Nachum ben Shai, his wife Helki and theri children Atki and Moshe
SHETKEL, Gershon ben Shai, his wife Beila and their daughter Rosiah
SHETKEL, Jacob, his wife Chana and their daughters Sarah and Gitel
SHETKEL, David, his wife and their children Aizi and Masi
SHETKEL, Hinda bat Jacob
SHETKEL, Helka ben Jacob
SHETKEL, Moshe ben Shai and his wife Toube
SHETKEL, Shloma ben Shaul, his wife Gosta and their daughter Shrlota
SHETKEL, Nachum ben Shaul and his wife Lola
SHETKEL, Chaim ben Nachman, his wife Aitah, and their daughter Dzunia
SHETKEL, Godel ben Nahman
SHETKEL, Mirtzi (Meiledet)
SHETKEL, Feiga (Wife of Shaul)
SHETKEL, Yochenan ben Jacob Shalom
SHETKEL, Shevteil
SITRON, Berlyl ben Abraham David, his wife Deborah and their children Feiga and Chana
SITRON, Mordecai and his family
STRODLER, Kopel and his wife Hodel
STRODLER, Mendel ben Kopel and his wife Rachel
STERNSHEIN, Reuven, his wife Rosa and their childrenTzila and Rozia
STERNSHOM, Miriam bat Mordechai
STERNBERG, Hilel and his family (head of the library)
STERNBERG, Abraham ben David and his wife Mina
STERNBERG, Breina and her children Gosta, Machla, Rachel, Tzvi and David
STERNBERG, Chaya Rochel
STERNBERG, Pinchas ben Israel Leib, his wife Chania and their daughter
STERNBERG, Aizzi ben Israel Leib and his wife Selka
STERNBERG, Hersch ben Israel Leib and is wife Rachel
STERNBERG, David ben Mayer, his wife Mina and their son and daughter
STERNBERG, Chaim ben Mayer, is wife Etta and their children Mayer and Chava
STERNBERG, Lozer, his wife Charna and their children Bluma, Leah, Chania and Bela
STERNBERG, Abraham, his wife Rachel and their son Joseph
STERNBERG, Mendel, his wife Chantzi, their children Hersch, Deborah, Broma and Yehoshua
STERNBERG, Shmuel, his wife Betya and their children Fredzia and Shloma
STERNBERG, Leivish, his wife and their children Shloma and Lola
SHETROVER, Zeidi, his wife Miriam and their children Leon and Fifkah
STREICHER, Tzeitel bat Israel Leib
SHEINBERG, Abraham, his wife Deborah
SHITZER, Moshe and his family
SHITZER, Yitzchak and his family
SHIFRIM, Pinchas, his wife Milli and their children Nachma and Shmuel
SHIFRIM, Hendel and his family
SCHECHTER, Jacob ben Chaim, his wife Aytka
SCHECHTER, Israel ben Zalman, his wife deborah and thier children Abraham Aaron, Zalman, Saul, Yehoshua, and Toube
SCHECHTER, Mendel ben Israel and his family
SCHECHTER, Jospeh and his family
SCHECHTER, Eliezer ben Abraham David, his wife Breina Reizi
SCHECHTER, Dina and her daughter Doid
SCHECHTER, Mordechai ben Abraham and his wife Rachel SCHECHTER, Ariye ben Mordechai
SCHECHTER, Aaron Mordechai ben Matthiew and his wife Alka
SCHECHTER, Mordechai ben Shloma, his wife Dina
SCHECHTER, Leah and her children Michael, Yehudit, Rivka and Sosi
SCHECHTER, Abrhaham Yehuda and his family
SCHECHTER, Chava and her sons Israel and Beryl
SCHECHTER, Nissim ben Abraham, his wife Rachel and theri daughter Tzila
SCHECHTER, Mayer ben Nissim, his wife Libsha, and their children Esther and Minkah
SCHECHTER, Shmuel, his wife Bebi and their children Rivka and Tzirel
SCHECHTER, Israel ben Nisim
SCHECHTER, Benjamin, his wife Miriam and their daughter Bluma
SCHECHNER, Abraham, his wife Mintzi; their daughter Batya
SCHECHNER, Yitzchak and his family
SCHECHNER, Eti (from the Frish family)
SCHECHNER, Nathan ben Mayer
SCHECHNER, Zeidi and his wife Leba
SCHECHNER, Miriam Sheindel
SCHECHNER, Aydel ben Zeidi, his wife Sarah and their children
SCHECHNER, Rachel bat Zeidi and her family
SCHLEICHER, Moshe, his wife Malka and their children Sarah, Shoshana and David
SHLEMOVITZ, Shneior, his wife Pearl and their son Shmuel
SHLEIN, (SHACTER) Gitzi bat Zalman
SHMID, Chaim, his wife and four children
SHMID, Beryl and his family
SHMID, Jospeh, his wife Feiga and their two children
SHMID, Nathan, his wife Rachel
SHEMERBACH, Shmuel Leib, his wife Rozia and two sons
SHIMTERLING, Beresh ben Chana and his family
SHIMTERLING, Velvel be Chana and his family
SHEMERBACH, Veltzi, their mother and sisters
SNEITLICH, Abarham ben Moshe Isaac, his wife Rosa and 6 children
SCHNEIER, Zeida, his wife Esther and 3 daughters
SCHNEIER, Dina bat Shalom and ther children Mayer, Yitzchak, adn Feiga Sima
SCHNEID, Shloma, his wife Susi and to children
SCHNEIDER, Hershel, his wife Heda and two children
SCHNEIDER, Shloma, his wife Yenta and their children
SHENKELBACH, Joseph, his wife Rivka, Menes and Wolf
SHENKELBACH, Simon ben Melech, his wife Arna and ther son Poldek
SHENKELBACH, Jospeh and his family (chasan and mediator)
SPEIZ, Sabina
SPEIZER, Abraham and his wife Rachel
SPEILBERG, Israel, his wife Malka and their children Muni and Dora
SPEILBERG, Leib and his family
SPEILER, Abraham, his wife Bevtzi and their children Sheba, Fruma, Joseph and Beryl
SPITZER, (Melomed) and his family
SHAPIRO, Daniel and his wife and their son Yitzchak
SHAPIRO, Moshe, his wife Pearl and two children
STERNBERG, David ben Yeshishchar
STERNBERG, Aser ben Yeshishchar
SEFEM, Efraim
SPERLING, Chaim, his wife Regina

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