Commemoration Book Chelm

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Translation of Yisker-bukh Chelm

Edited by: M. Bakalczuk

Published in Johannesburg, 1954

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This is from Yisker-bukh Chelm (Commemoration book Chelm)
Editors: M. Bakalczuk-Felin, Johannesburg, Former Residents of Chelm, 1954 (Y, 731 pages).

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Chelm (1954)

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Mellech Bakalczuk-Felin Preface           I
Dr. P. Friedman The Beginning and the History of a Yiddish Community     13-36
Dr. S. Milner The History of the Jews of Chelm     39-40
I. Janasowicz The Myth of Chelm in Jewish Literature     45-52
Joseph Gotfarsztajn The Chelm Stories Are Not So Foolish     53-60
S. Wasserman Chelm     61-62
Hersh Sziszler My Home Town   99-100
K. Winik “Bund” and its Social Revolutionistic Work 129-130
S. Winer How Chelm Was Saved From a Pogrom in 1905 149-152
Shmuel Szargel The History of the Jewish Workers Party Poalei-Zion (Left) in Chelm 153-178
K. Winik Jewish Life and Work in Chelm 179-202
Chava Biderman-Biale Chelmer Jewish Gymnasie 203-204
J. Floimenbolm The Fate of the Chelm “Tarbut” School 207-208
S. Beker Concerning the “Zeirei-Zion” Party 209-210
J. Zilber The Revisionist Party 213-214
B. Aminodov Chelm Help Zbonsziner Refugees 215-216
W. Gotlib The Scouts Association 217-218
B. Binsztok Chelm, An Old Beautiful Jewish Town 221-222
I. Achtman How the Peretz Library was established in Chelm 225-226
I. Achtman Jewish Theatre 229-230
Berl Naturman About Posters in Yiddish at the First Anniversary of the Death of Sholem Aleichem 233-234
J. Beker The Poalei Zion Party in in the Chelm City Council 235-248
H. Handelsman The Artisans Union 249-250
D. Goldreich Chelemer Cultural Life 255-256
Yisroel Aszendorf Skhus Oves un Skhus Katoves [Ancestral Merits and in the Merit of a Jest] 259-260
J. Milner Men of Fame and Personalities 265-286
R. Henes Shmuel Mordekhai (Arthur) Zigelboim 287-294
R. Zygielboim Al Kiddush HaShem [In the sanctification of God's name] 295-302
K. Winik Dr. Yitzhak Sziper – Deputy from Chelm in the Polish Sejm 303-310
Yakov Frydman A Poem About a Chelemer Malamed, a Customs House and Shabbos Shire 309-310
A. Ajzen Moshe Lerer 311-316
S. Kaczergyynski About Moshe Lerer: Extracts of the “Lexicon of Yiddish Literature”
“Yivo Bleter”. Vol 26. No.6 Destruction of Vilna
Moshe Lerer A Jewish Wedding in Chelm in the Old Days 317-318
N. Gris About Joseph Milner 319-320
H. Herz The Sixty Years of Joseph Milner 321-322
Ch. Wilner-Winer Samuel Winer 321-324
H. Shishler Personalities and Types Who Are No More 325-326
M. Unger The Rebbe, Reb Note 337-338
J. Kornblit Famous Rabbis 341-342
R. Richtszrajber Shlomo Samet 345-346
K. Wasserman The Fighting Girl of Chelm – Chava Szafran 347-348
J. Nunison Sholom Goldhar 349-350
S. Winner Captain S. Winer – A Brave Fighter against the Enemies of our people 351-352
Baliar (Stoler) Motel Baliar 357-358
Ben-Aaron Teachers of Chelm 359-360 
J. Linherz Motl Tovya's; Moshe Zamler 361-362
H. Sh. Feiwl Fryd, K. Waserman and A. Y. Dubelman 363-365
M. Tenenboim Leibele Stol, Mendl Stam, and Dr. Yisroel Oks 365-366
Y. Ceber Yisroel Yitzhak Nankin 368
Sh. Tenenboim The Uncle from Chelm 369-370
Alkwit-Blum Moonlit Nights 371-372
Hilel Szargel Chelm A Poem 377-378
Lerer Those I Remember 381-382
Shmuel Winer Why Y.L. Peretz Did Not Deliver his Lecture in Chelm, Shavous, 1912 389-390
Hilel Szagel Spring in the Old Country 405-406
I.Milner Kalayev, the Great Russian Revolutionary – A Chelemer… 407-408
S. Wasserman The Hrubleszower Street 421-422
M. Grinberg The Chapel of the Belzer Chassidim 439-440
“Chelm” A Poem 443-444
B. Binsztok A Page of Reminiscences 445-446
B. Orensztajn Chelm and its Environs 457-458
Furman Apolin 465-466
C. Worzorger Chelm between 1924-1931 469-470
Zygielboim Chelm As I Remember It 477-482
B. Alkwit A Few Memoirs 483-484
I. Kelner Woislowicz 485-486
C. Ajzn Reminiscences 487-488
R.Szrojt Jews of My Town 489-490
Zeber Light and Shade 493-494
E. Szindler A Day in Chelm 495-496
J. Z. Szargel My Sister Pearl 497-498
L. Kahan The Slaughter of the Jews in Chelm 505-506
B. Bruker The Death March – Chelm-Hrubieshow-Sokal 513-514
J. Herz The Death March 523-524
Schneur Wasserman Lipa the Butcher from Chelm (Poem) / Whose Am I, Who Is Left for Me? / My Heart Is Rising with Thorns 533-536
J.Groskop Chelm ar the Time of the Hitler Occupation 537-538
J. Grinszpan About the Two Last Actions in Chelm 545-546
I. Iser Zilber Eyewitness Testimony 547-554
G. Libhober Eye Witness Account 555-556
G. Libhober Not a City, but a True Cemetery 559-560
Yoel Ponsczak Eye Witness Account 561-562
Manis Zitrin Eye Witness Accounts 563-564
Shloime Brustman Eye Witness Accounts 567-568
H. Akhtman Between Life and Death 569-570
Yoshe Akhtman In the Chelm Work Camp 581-582
  Revenge! Revenge! 585-586
J. G. In Those Days 587-588
  Habeit Mishamayim U'Reeh 589-590
M. Hochman Eyewitness Tesimony of Moshe Hochman 591-600
Avrohom Lew A Bottle of Ashes 599-600
  A Conference on Social Self Help 601-602
Khaim Sobol During the Days of the Destruction 621-622
Shlomo Wahrzorger Chelm 623-624
M. Milchteich-Lorber The Last Action 625-626
H. Binsztok Jewish Heroism 629-630
I. Fainsztok Gruesome Summary 631-632
A. J. Kornblit Ester Terner Takes Revenge 633-634
  Jews Take Revenge 635-636
J. J. Jarfest On the 10th Anniversary of the Slaughter of Chelm 637-638
B. Micffliker The Miracle of the Last Jews of Chelm 639-640
A.Goldman Suffering,Annihilation and Heroism 643-644
S. Brier The Great Misfortune 647-648
B. Alkwit Chelm during the Ghetto Rising 649-650
Moishe Gantz Chelm After the Liberation 653-656
  What I Lost Will Never Be Again 655-656
J. Z. Szargel When Chelm Fell 657-658
B. Szargel Eye Witness Account 661-662
J. J. Segal Chelm 663-664
R. Engiender Witness Testimony 665-666
S. Sztern Arise O Jews To The Service of God Almighty 667-668
H. Sziszler The End of a Jewish City 669-670
H. J. Monty The Chelemer Landsmanschaften in South Africa 677-678
B. Binsztok Chelm in America 694-702
S. Winer The First 26 Years of the Chelemer Branch of the Workman's Circle in New York 703-794
B. Alkwit A Chelemer Story in an American Way 705-708
Dr. B. Orlean The Chelemer Landsmanschaften in Paris 709-710
J. Eplboim Chelm and Surrounding Areas Society for Mutual Aid in Argentina 715-718
R. Zeber Chelm Landsmanschaften in Australia 719-720
I. Achtman Chelmer Jews in Montreal, Canada 723-724
I. Achtman Chelemer Jews in Cuba 725-726
M. Jakobowicz Chelemer Jews in Brazil 727-728
L. R. Chelemer Relief in Mexico 728
  We Plant Trees in the Forest of the Martyrs 729-732
  Memorial dedications
  Necrology (based on memorial dedications)

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