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Forever remember and forever sanctify the truncated lives of your parents, brothers and sisters.

Forever remember and forever seek to revenge their murders.

List of the Byten martyrs and pure souls,
who were killed by the Germans and their collaborators in the three mass slaughters

First slaughter – Shabes Nakhmu[1] 25th of July 1942
Second slaughter – Saturday 29th of August 1942
Third slaughter 19th of September 1943

And later at various times in the forests, fields, and other places:


OLEYNIK Khaim (Khaim Brokhe's) Unknown
OLEYNIK Rivke his wife (Zeydl Vishnyatski's daughter) First Slaughter
OLEYNIK Gershon his son First Slaughter
ABULANSKI Minye (Itshe, the house painter's, daughter-in-law) Second slaughter
ORLOVSKI Moyshe (Yosl Nekhe's son-in-law) First slaughter
ORLOVSKI Sime (Yosl Nekhe's daughter) First slaughter
ORLOVSKI Yosl their son First slaughter
ORLOVSKI ? daughter First slaughter
ILYOVITSH Yitskhok (the deaf blacksmith) First slaughter
ILYOVITSH Mirtshe his wife First slaughter
ILYOVITSH Mushke daughter First slaughter
ILYOVITSH   her husband (Yitskhok's son-in-law) Unknown
ILYOVITSH   her daughter First slaughter
ULANSKI Moyshe-Ayzik   First slaughter
ULANSKI Ester wife First slaughter
ULANSKI Shloyme (Moyshe-Ayzik's son) Second slaughter
ULANSKI Sheyndl his wife (Leybl Tshernikhovski's daughter) First slaughter
ULANSKI Leybl her son First slaughter
ULANSKI Sore daughter First slaughter

Translator's footnotes
  1. The Sabbath after Tisha B'av. return
  2. All of the following names begin with alef, in Yiddish. The names on these lists are not necessarily in alphabetical order. return

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EFRAIMSKI Mordkhe son First slaughter
EFRAIMSKI Khashe daughter First slaughter
EFRAIMSKI Khaim (Moshe Efraimski's son) Unknown
EFRAIMSKI   his wife First slaughter
EFRAIMSKI   his child First slaughter
EFRAIMSKI   his child First slaughter
ABRAMOVITSH Leye-Rodke   Second slaughter
ABULANSKI Berl the cripple Second slaughter
ABULANSKI Leyke his wife Second slaughter
ABULANSKI Kreyne his daughter Second slaughter
ABRAMOVSKI Dinke (Khaye Hodke's) First slaughter
ABRAMOVSKI Shloyme (Khaye Hodke's son) First slaughter
ABRAMOVSKI Freyde his wife Second slaughter
ABRAMOVSKI Yentl (Shloyme Alter Krashe's) 3/30/1943 In the woods
ABRAMOVSKI Shayele her son 3/30/1943 In the woods
ULYANSKI Gute (Nyokhke's wife) First slaughter
ULYANSKI Henye-Rivke her daughter First slaughter
ORLANSKI Ester (Shayke's daughter) First slaughter
ORLANSKI   their daughter First slaughter
ORLANSKI   their daughter First slaughter
OSTROMETSKI Yudl (Khane Galershteyn's son-in-law) First slaughter
OSTROMETSKI Moyshe his son First slaughter
OSTROMETSKI Beylke his daughter First slaughter
OSTROMETSKI Yokheved his daughter First slaughter
OSOVSKI Sheyndl (Alter the shoemaker's daughter First slaughter
OSTROVSKI   Sheyndl's 3 children (names unknown) First slaughter
ULYANSKI Kalmen (Moyshe Ayzik's son) Second slaughter
ULYANSKI Shifra his wife (Keyle Yoshke's) First slaughter
ULYANSKI ? his daughter First slaughter
AYNSHTEYN Zalmen (Sore-Reyzl's son-in-law the deaf one) First slaughter
AYNSHTEYN Rivke his wife First slaughter
AYNSHTEYN Yoyna his son First slaughter
AYNSHTEYN Merke his daughter First slaughter
AYNSHTEYN ? his daughter First slaughter
ITSKOVSKI Ahron (Avrom-Yitskhok Peretz's son-in-law) First slaughter
ITSKOVSKI Khaye-Eydl his wife First slaughter
ITSKOVSKI Rokhl their daughter First slaughter
ITSKOVSKI Etl their daughter First slaughter

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