The Book of Bortschoff
(Borshchiv, Ukraine)

48°48' / 26°03'

Translation of Sefer Borszczow

Edited by: N. Blumenthal

Published in Tel Aviv, 1960



Project Coordinator

Myrna Neuringer Levy


This is a translation from: Sefer Borszczow; (The book of Bortschoff), ed. N. Blumenthal, Tel Aviv,
Association of former residents of Borszczow in Israel, 1960 (H, Y, 341 pages)

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Borszczow

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TOC translated by Yocheved Klausner

Foreward Myrna Neuringer Levy  
Foreword Moshe Blumenthal 5
Nachman Blumenthal 8
Political History 11
The town, its streets and buildings 20
The function of the Jews in town 27
Statistics 31
Memories: a little from everything 38
Legends, stories, sayings and the like
Children's folklore
Food 56
Jewish young “recruits”
Elections to the Austrian Parliament
Figures in Borszczow
The “Miracles” of Shaykele Kron Shlomo Reibel 77
How They Spent Leisure Time 79
Institutions 89
How They Made A Living 103
The Water Carrier 113
First World War 122
After the Russian Revolution 131
Sayings from the First World War 134
Between the two World Wars 138
Our protest Mendel Dol 145
Streets and places in Borszczow Shlomo Reibel 148
Rivers 151
Types in Borszczow Shlomo Reibel 153
Social Aid 158
Talmud Torah 161
Our theater Pinchas Remer 165
Social Life and Culture Between the Two Wars Shlomo Reibel 167
The Second World War 172
Questions to be asked Israel Schachter z”l 224
Poems Brita Soifer z”l 226
Documents: Letters from Yakov Meizel z”l 238
“Die Aktion rollt” Aharon Rosenblatt z”l 250
How I survived Mendel Soifer 277
Pesach Massacre Yakov Schwartz 284
In the German prison Bernard Kremer 287
I, a “Karaite” [a Jewish sect] Mendel Dol 291
Borchover Gang B. W. Ben Barak 303
Celia Zucker's Account   308
Swatchok, the representative of the Court of Justice Isidor Feuerstein 309
Our Victims 312
Yizkor Dvora Bar Et (Segal) 321
“And in their death they did not part” Gedalyahu Lachman 322
Grandfathers and grandsons Mendel Dol 325
The Borchover Landsmanshaft In New York 328
Report of the former Borszczow residents' committee Moshe Blumenthal 331
Anthony Werski 335
List of members of our organization in Israel 337


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