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Paid Family Memorials

Translated by Don Mopsick


Square #1:

The memorial plaque of the Bobruisk martyrs on Mt. Zion, Jerusalem:



To the Memory of the Martyrs of the Kehila Bobruisk and Her Daughters Ozritsh, Osipovitsh, Berezin, Doroganove, Hlusk, Kholoy, Yosen, Lapitsh, Liobonitsh, Starye-Dorogi, Svislovitsh, Zhedrin, [mntskhim yotsai] Bobruisk [v'bnoti'eh]

Square #2:

In Bright Memory of the Bobruisk Martyrs of Blessed Memory Killed by the Nazi Murderers, May Their Names be Blotted out Forever, November, 1941

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Square #1:

To the Eternal Memory of All Martyrs of the Village of Zhedrin of Blessed Memory, Cut Down by the Nazi Murderers, May Their Names be Blotted out Forever, March 10, 1942


Square #2:

To the Eternal Memory of All Martyrs of Blessed Memory Killed by the Nazi Murderers, May Their Names be Blotted out Forever, 1941-1942 in Osipovitshi, Hlusk, Kholoy, Liubonitsh, Lapitsh, Svislotsh, Stareh Dorogi, Paritsh, and Other Villages and Hamlets

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Square #1:

In Memory of the Brilliant Personality Berl Katsenelson,
Bobruisk Countymen in America


Square #2:

In Memory of Bobruisk Countymen in America

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In Eternal Memory

Hershl and Sara Yokhe Krumer, d. 1941 sister of Khana Nekhshin and Miriam Itkin
Genieh Kutikoff-Hurvitch, d. 1952
her husband Shaya Hurvitch, d. 1963, writer and teacher
parents of Vikhne Hokhstat
her husband Moshe and children
Zloteh Futter, her husband Khaim, and children
David Nidelman (husband of Perleh Kutikoff), d. 1962
Sheyneh Rukhel Kutikoff-Orsher, d. 1960
wife of Zusheh Orsher, d. 1927
parents of Vikhneh Rubinshtayn
her husband Daniel and grandchildren
Rita and Norman Moss
Mendl Elkin, b. in Bobruisk 1873, d. New York, 1962
his wife Rivkeh, b. in Bobruisk 1879, d. New York, 1947
father and mother of Esther Vinogradov
Issac Sverdlov, Hebrew teacher,
his wife Keyles, parents Nekhamieh and Malkheh Kral
father and mother of Harry Sverdlov
and his wife Soreh
David and Simeh Itkin, d. in Tsfat 1892; grandfather and grandmother
Zev Volf Yurzditski, d. in Bobruisk 1915; grandfather
his wife Kheytseh, d. in New York, 1929; grandmother
Nokhm Zalman Itkin, d. in New York, 1932; father
his wife Alteh Bathsheba Sertsheh d. in New York, 1942; mother
their son, Pinkas Itkin, d. in New York, 1954
Felix, Menakheh,
Moyshe, Shimon,
their wives Malkha, Miriam, Khashe,
and grandchildren

brothers and father of Ada and Diana
Tsilia Drapkin, writer and poet,
daughter of Feygl and Yosef Yoneh Levin
mother of John Jay Drapkin
Matus Reykhman
and his wife Shtisheh
parents of Ahron Yitskhok, his wife Elke,
and the children (in the States, of 1905)
Moshe Yitskhok and Stisheh Goldman parents of Dr. Max Goldman

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In Eternal Memory

Mordekhay Leyb and Tsvieh Rozovski - grandfather and grandmother
Berl and Rukhl Rozovsky - father and sister killed by Nazis in Babi-Yar, 1941
Reyzl Rozovski (Mitelman)
Reuven and Shimon Rozovsky -brothers
Avigdor and Elke Minkin - grandfather and grandmother
Dovid and Laneh Minkin- father and mother killed by Nazis
Soerh Rukhel and Leah Minkin aunts killed by Nazis
Noakh, Meyer, Zalman, Sasha and Boris - brothers
Maguleski Family

Keyleh Rosovsky, Zalman Rozovsky, Sonia Berlind and Dr. Yehuda Minkin
Yosef and his wife Rosheh Guskov (Guskin) parents of Breyneh and her husband Meyzelson
Yehuda and Khoeh Belenki d. he in 1934, she in 1931
Leon and Anna Lozinski
Yanke Yeshia Lozinski, d. New York, 1941
parents of sister and brother-in-law and the husband of Manya Belinki-Lozinski
Barukh Mordekhay and his wife Rozeh Mazin d. 1941 parents of Khana Levin (Mazin)
Leybe and Khashe Lokernik (Paritsh)
Etl and Rikeh Lokernik
brother and sister of Gnesheh Altshul
Barukh and Kheyneh Efron
Yeshayahu and Elia Efron
Sore Minkin, Henyeh Moguleski and Khayeh
Itshe and Elia Minkin
parents, brothers, aunts, and uncles of Menenboim and her husband Ben Efron
Margolin Leybe Feyes his wife Eydl (daughter of Khayim Levin), parents
Benjamin, husband
Zalman Shefsl, Shimon and Mordekhay, brothers
Khaya Soreh Dekelbaum
Moshe Yitskhok Marshak and his wife Mariasheh,
daughter of Shmuel Yitskhok Levin (of the Kreytlokh)
parents of Irving Marshak and Khashe Itkin, her husband Shimon and grandchildren

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In Eternal Memory

Motel ben Nisn
Rukhl bas Shefsl
Meyer ben Zelig
Elke bas Bodoneh
Ahron Zelig ben Meyer
Sara Frida basElke
Miriam bas Yisroel
Saideh bas Nisn
Soloviov Family
Reuven bar Yisroel Fridman (Liuban) , Nftr trts'a
Yokheh bas R. Manem Fridman and her daughters, mother
Alteh and Beyleh and their families (Liuban)
sister of Khaim Fridman, Albany
Berl and Dineh Stanovits and their daughters,
sister, brother-in-law, and neices of Devorah, Masheh, and Rozeh (Liuban),
Devorah bas R. Moshe Ziml Levin (Liuban), nftrh trn't, mother of Shifreh and Khayim Fridman
Shifreh Fridman
Zusman Rozovski, d. 1940
his wife Rozeh d. 1938
parents, grandfather, grandmother
their daughter Rukhel and family
and their son Reuven, killed by Nazis
Zelig Rozovski, died in 1967
Sonyeh Rozovski,
Leo and his wife Erika Rozovski,
Dineh and her husband Zosl Berkman
Mireh Rosovski, children and grandchildren
In fine memory of
Reuven Rozovski, killed by Nazis
husband of Mireh Rozovski,
father of Oscar, his wife Idit and children
Khaim Ayzenshtat, d. 1928
Masha Ayzenshtat, killed by Nazis
father and mother of
Mika and Vadim Wolf
Khaim Levin, the the rabbi of Kholoy, his wife Tsifeh-Soreh parents of Foygl (Levin) Fridman
Yeshia Yankev ben Zev Vulf Kestin,
his wife Feyeh, bas Nokhm,
Beyleh bas Avrom
father, mother, and wife
of Zev Wolf Kestin

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Square #1:

In Eternal Memory

Gorbatshevski, Avrom and Motel, killed by Nazis father and brother of Feni Fekelni
Ferlin, Rukhel and Shmuel, d. 1931 parents of Yankev Ferlin
Nisn - Noteh and Libeh Fikus, Avrom and Yoel parents and brother of Yisroel Fikus
Alter Avrom Meyer the Scribe d. in 1912
his wife Neshe d. (in Fahast) in 1895
parents of Yankev Freeman and his wife Soreh
Yehuda and Khaneh-Rukhl Kof
Sem and Avrom Kof
parents of brothers of Dovid Kof
and his wife Brokheh (Sigel)
Sheyne Feygeh Kashdan
and Ben-Tsion Kashdan
parents of Nisn Kashdan (America)
Soreh and Shmuel Kagen their father and nephew Nisn Kashdan
Moyshe-Khayim bar Dov-Ber Frid,
Zeldeh bas Moyshe,
Yoysef bar Moyshe Khayim, Ester,
Rozeh bas Moyshe Khayim,
R. Yakov Kaminer
Sonia and Yakov Lifshits, Yakov and Enye Frid
Khaya and Yeshieh Kurtsman, Rineh and Reuven Neuman
and their family in Israel
Our Dear Parents Yakov and Fasyeh Rozovsky
Our Brother Avrom,
Sonyeh and Zelig Rozovsky, Boris and Fasyeh
Rozovsky, Ester Mov, Raful Rozovsky,
Our Parents Mendl and Khasye Altshul (Plotkin),
My Brothers Avromel, Elye, and Mikhl,
who were killed in the last World War
from Leah Muzh (Altshul) Ashkelon, Israel
Our Parents Keyleh and Zev Goldbort of Blessed Memory son Yehuda Goldbort

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In Eternal Memory

Tsvi-Hirsh and Ester (Eskeh) Lozinski
Menakhem Mendl and Khaneh Kantarovits
Kadish and Rukhel Luz
father Rabbi Alkhenen Ben-Tsion Halevi bar Yekhiel of Blessed Memory,
mother Khanyeh bas harov R. Meyer Feymer,
nkhdto of R. Yosef Maslutsk
brothers Shneur and Yikhiel (Harry) Krop
sister Khayeh Itl (Ida) Krop
Hadasah Afrti (Krop)
Our Dear Parents Yosef and Mosyeh Katzenelson
Shloymeh and Eliahu
Ben-Tsion of Blessed Memory
Ruth, Khayeh, Yakov Katsenelson, Israel
Aryeh and Shimon Slutsovski,
Frideh and Tsvi Slutsovski,
son Benjamin ben Rukhel and Lifah Soleh
killed in the war
Lifah and Nisan Soleh (Slutsovski)
Our Dear Parents
Zev ben Yitskhok Tumshov, d. in Bobruisk, 1925
and Khasyeh bas Gadlihu Tumshov, d. in Israel 1942
Moshe and Banihu Tumshov,
Khaneh Silverman-Tumshov, Israel
Zev Katsenelson, b. Bobruisk, 1888 The Family
My Father Shabati ben Moshe Rozenberg
My Mother Keyleh bas Leyzer-Leyb Rozenberg
Their Daughter Miriam Brookson
Itkeh Dovres bas Berel and Khasyeh Kaganovitch Her Husband Simkheh, Her Sons Yakov and Zev

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In Eternal Memory

R. Dovid and Badaneh
Zalman Hirsh
Soreh Leah
Khaneh Miriam
Soloviov Family
My Father Elieh Epshteyn
and Sister Resheh
who were killed in the Second World War
Reyeh Epshteyn
Sonyeh Mayzner
Yisroel Mayzner
In Memory of Father Benjamin Ayzenshtat
Mother Khayeh
Sister Malkheh, Rozeh, and Khaneh
Brother Iser
Sonyeh Ayzenshtat-Katsenelson, Chaifa
In Memory of Dovid Shloymeh Katsnelson of Osipovich
His Wife Soreh Gitel niece of Mordekhay Tsvi Manvi
(The Blind Hermit)
Their Son
Shmuel Katsenelson of Tel-Aviv

[Page 854]

To the Holy Memory of Ester bas Moyshe-Zelig Solof of Blessed Memory
Born 1890 - Died 1957

With bowed heads, with sorrowful eyes, and with broken hearts we stay with you who left us -

Ester Solof

Our dear and beloved friend!...

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