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List of the Martyrs – Bieżuń, Poland

Last Name First Name Gender Father's First Name Mother's First Name Profession Page number
ANZILIVITZ Mordekhai Male       4
APROTO Avraham Male       4
ARPER Anshel Male       4
ARPER Yaakov Male       4
BELDAK Avraham Male       4
BELDAK Yitzkhak Male       4
BERGER Feige Dvora Female       4
BINENFELD Bentzion Male       4
BLEKHMAN Eliezer Male       4
BLEKHMAN Moshe Male       4
BLUMAN Moshe Male       4
BLUMAN Yisrael Male       4
BOEHM Avraham Male       4
BRAHN Aharon Male       4
BRAINA Edel Ester Female       4
BRANA Avraham Male       4
BRANA Eliahu Male       4
BRANA Eliahu Avraham Male       4
BRANE Shlomo Male       6
BRANE Yosef Male       6
BRESLER Note Male       4
BUKHMAN Bunim Male       4
BUKHMAN Volf Male       4
DANILIVITZ Avraham Male       4
DIDAKUV Yosef Male       4
DIMKOVSKI Aizik Male       4
DIMKOVSKI Ester Roza Female       4
DIMKOVSKI Khaim Male       4
DIMKOVSKI Leib Male       4
DIMKOVSKI Moshe Male       4
DIMKOVSKI Moshe Aharon Male       4
DIMKOVSKI Shmuel Male       4
DIMKOVSKI Yaakov Male       5
DIMKOVSKI Yaakov Male Khaim     6
DIMKOVSKI Yosef Male       4
DOBROSHKLANKE Azriel Male       5
DOBROSHKLANKE Yosef Male       4
DOMB Yehuda Male       4
DOMB Yosef Male       4
DZHALDUV Elimelekh Male       4
FELDHEIM Menakhem Male       6
FELDHEIM Roza Female       6
FLIDERBLUM Shaul Male       6
FRIDLENDER Eliezer Male       6
FUKS Motel Male       6
GARTAL Khaim Lipman Male       4
GARTAL Meir Male       4
GARTAT Yisrael Male       4
GERLITZ Avraham Male       4
GERLITZ Mikhael Male       4
GERLITZ Rafael Male       4
GERLITZ Yekhiel Male       4
GOLDENBERG Anshel Male       4
GOLDREIKH Yehuda Leib Male       4
GRANT Avraham Male       4
GROSVIRT Betzalel Male       4
GROSVIRT David Faivel Male       4
GRUDA Avraham Male       4
GRUDA David Male       4
GRUDA Shmuel Yitzkhak Male       4
GZEBINARZH Alter Male Avraham     6
GZEBINARZH Avraham Male       4
GZEBINARZH Avraham Male   Khana   6
GZEBINARZH Eliahu Male Hirsh Leib     6
GZEBINARZH Hirsh Leib Male       4
GZEBINARZH Khaim Male   Khana   6
GZEBINARZH Khana Female       4
GZEBINARZH Lipman Male       4
GZEBINARZH Melekh Male Avraham     6
GZEBINARZH Mordekhai Male Lipman     6
GZEBINARZH Reuven Male Moshe     6
GZEBINARZH Yaakov Male   Khana   6
GZEBINARZH Yaakov Male       4
GZEBINARZH Zelig Male Moshe     6
HARPA Hinda Female       5
HERTZBERG Dvora Female       6
HERTZBERG Ester Rakhel Female       6
HERTZBERG Hertzke Male       5
HERTZBERG Lea Female       6
HERTZBERG Roiza Female       6
HERTZBERG Simkha Bonem Male       6
HOFMAN Khaia Sara Female       5
HOFMAN Reuven Shmuel Male       5
HOFMAN Yitzkhak Male       5
HOFMAN Yona Male       5
HOKHMAN Yekhiel Meir Male       5
HUPKE Yisrael Male       5
HUTNIK Avraham Male       5
KAHANA Henekh Male       5
KAHANA Moshe Male       5
KALMAN Leibel Male       6
KANET Khaim Fishel Male       6
KAPLAN Yisrael Male       6
KAPLOVITZ Moshe Male       6
KAPLOVITZ Motel Male       6
KARMEL Mendel Male       5
KARMEL Yekhezkel Male       5
KARNISHIK Khaim Mendel Male       6
KEMPNER Moshe Yosef Male       6
KHIL Avraham Male       5
KHIL Beniamin Male       5
KHIL David Male       5
KHIL Moshe Ber Male       5
KILANI Yosef Male       6
KIRSHENBOIM Shual Khaim Male       6
KLEINMAN Henekh Male       6
KLETZEVSKI Meir Male       6
KOHEN Yaakov Male       5
KROTOSHINSKI Matatiahu Male       6
KUTZULIAK Feivel Male       6
LERER Alter Male       5
LEVI Hinda Bluma Female       5
LEVI Nekha         5
LEVI Nekhama Female       5
LEVIN Efraim Fishel Male       5
LEVINSON Moshe Male       5
LEVINSON Pinkhas Eliahu Male       5
LEVINSON Shmuel Noakh Male       5
LEVINSON Yehuda Leib Male       5
LEVINSON Yitzkhak Male       5
LEVKOVITZ Yaakov Leib Male       5
LIFSHITZ Avraham Male       5
LIFSHITZ Avraham Eliezer Male       5
LIFSHITZ Brakha Female       5
LIFSHITZ Hinda Female       5
LIFSHITZ Lea Female       5
LIFSHITZ Leib Male       5
LIFSHITZ Moshe Avraham Male       5
LIFSHITZ Nakhum Male       5
LIFSHITZ Reuven Male       5
LIFSHITZ Zelig Male       5
LIKHTENSHTEIN Yekhiel Meir Male       5
LISOVITZKI Beniamin Male       5
LISOVITZKI Leib Eliezer Male       5
MALEVIAK Yaakov Moshe Male       6
MALOVANCHIK Yaakov Male       5
MARGALIT Khanikh Male       5
MARGALIT Pinkhas Male       5
MARGALIT Shmuel Male       5
MARVIL Beniamin Male       5
MARVIL Hersch Male       5
MARVIL Shmuel Shia Male Hersh     6
MARVIL Yaakov Male       5
MILIVIEK Volf Male       5
MITTELSBAKH Shimshon Male       5
MITTELSBAKH Yosef Pesakh Male       5
MONDRA Khaim Yitzkhak Male       5
NADULNIK Rafael Male       5
NADULNIK Sara Female       5
NAGI Leib Male       5
NAGI Tzadok Male       5
NUTKEVITZ Shmuel Male       5
PADUSHEMSKI Yaakov Male       6
PAUL Reuven Male       6
PAZMENTER Asher Male       6
PERL Yaakov Shia Male       6
PERL Yaakov Yehoshua Male       6
PERLMUTER David Male       6
PESSE Elazar Male       6
PESSE Yaakov Male       6
POZNANSKI Moshe Male       6
PROKHAVNIK Leizer Male       6
RAGENSTEIN Yitzkhak Male       6
REICHIK LIFSHITZ Moshe Male       6
ROKETNITZA Shimon Male       6
ROPATZKI Eliezer Male       6
ROPATZKI Yekhiel Meir Male       6
ROTSHILD Avraham Moshe Male     Town Rabbi 4
ROZEN Avraham Male       6
ROZEN Meir Male       6
ROZEN Moshe Male       6
ROZEN Yitzkhak Mordekhai Male       6
ROZENBERG Eliahu Male       6
ROZENBERG Shlomo Male       6
ROZENSHEIN Mordekhai Male       6
ROZENSHTEIN Lipman Male       6
RUBIN Bentzion Male       6
RUBINSHTEIN Moshe Leib Male       6
RUBINSHTEIN Yitzkhak Male       6
SHEINAK Yehuda Leib Male       6
SHEINAK Yisrael Male       6
SHOSHTAK Leib Male       6
SHOSHTAK Yekhiel Male       6
SHPERLING Khana Female       6
SHTROM Betzalel Male       6
STAL Avraham Male       5
STAVITZKI Yosef Male       5
TURKEVITZ Eta Female       5
VARSHAVIAK Ratza         5
VEISMEL Shmuel Aizik Male       5
VOLMAN Meir Male       5
VOLMAN Yisrael Male       5
VROTZLAVSKI Moshe Male       4
WEISMAL Zalman Male       5
YACHIMOVITZ Yosef Male       5
YACHIMOVITZ Yosef Male       5
YUKHPE Avraham Male       6
ZAVITKSY Nakhman Male       5
ZILINIVSKY Moshe Male       5

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