A memorial to the Jewish community of Baranow
(Baranów Sandomierski, Poland)

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Translation of
Sefer yizkor Baranow

Editor: N. Blumenthal

Published in Jerusalem 1964


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This is a translation of: Sefer yizkor Baranow
(A memorial to the Jewish community of Baranow),
Editor: N. Blumenthal, Jerusalem, Yad Vashem, 1964 (H,Y,E, 236 pages).

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Translated by Yocheved Klausner

Words from Yad Vashem   9
Introduction The association of former Baranow residents in Israel 11
The Town and its Jews
Baranow - a short review of its history Nachman Blumenthal 15
Baranow - a short review of its history [Y] Nachman Blumenthal 25
A Kadish for you, my little town [Y] Yosef Menachem Hollander 36
Once upon a time, there was a town [Y] A. Nachliel 58
The little houses and their occupants [Y] Chaim Scheller 63
The Bet Hamidrash in Baranow [Y] Zvi Mitz 66
Conversations with the elders of Baranow Shmuel b'Chaim Scheller 69
Baranow, a long time ago [Y] Reuven Brand 75
The town as I knew it [Y] Yakov Fleischer 76
From my childhood [Y] A. Teichman 81
From Tarnobrzeg to Baranow [Y] Shmuel b'Chaim Scheller 90
On the eve of Yom Kippur Sara Birnbaum (Scheller) 95
The fathers and the sons Frumtzie Schlisel-Baniel 97
The years 1918-1919 [Y] Mendel Fenster 99
Thanks from the Mayor concerning a military coat [Y] Baruch Nussbaum 101
Jewish settlements surrounding Baranow [Y] Moshe Blumenkehl 102
Culture, Social Life and Parties
The social life in our town, Hasidim, Zionists and the “Hamizrahi" Baruch Weinreb 107
The beginnings of the Zionist activities [Y] Moshe Weinreb 120
The activities of Mizrahi Yeshayahu Lasser 124
The Balfour Declaration [Y] Zvi Mitz 126
The Hebrew school [Y] Zvi Mitz 127
The Y. L. Peretz Association and its founder [Y] Refael Kestenbaum 130
Help for the needy Zvi Magen 139
A hot kitchen for children Zvi Magen 142
Hospitality Aharon Blitzer 144
Figures and Personalities
Hersch Leib Fenster Rivka Kape 147
Various characters in town [Y] Hersch Fenster 152
Types in Baranow Eliezer Nachliel 162
Shimon Teichman and his son the Halutz [pioneer] A. Nahari 166
Itzie Gelber z”l   168
Meir Chaim Heuser z”l   169
Chanina Heiman   170
Moris Heiman   171
Moshe Aharon Wiesen z”l   172
Yehuda Leib Weinreb z”l   174
Yehiel Meir Tennenbaum z”l   175
Menachem Mendel Lasser z”l   176
Dr. Yakov Meller z”l   177
Avigdor Meschel z”l   178
Refael Rosenzweig z”l   180
Chaim Schaller z”l   182
Pesah Schlisel z”l and his family   184
The Destruction
* * * Ester Weinreb Donner  
My home Baranow in ruins [Y] Hersch Leib Fenster 188
The first days under the German rule [Y] Zvi Magen (Magenheim) 191
The beginning [Y] Avraham Nord 193
Tales from those years [Y] Yeshayahu Lasser 195
The murderers [Y] Pinchas Goldner 201
At work under the Germans [Y] Yeshayahu Lasser 204
The deportation [Y] Yehoshua Kalech 205
Nathan Heuser tells the story of the destruction of Baranow [Y] Jakob Brand 208
After the destruction [Y] Meir Beker 212
A letter from Poland [Y] Eliahu Kirschenbaum 216
Our martyrs [Y]   220
The Associations of Baranow Former Residents Over the World
A short review of the activities of the Baranow Landsleit in New York [Y] Baruch Nussbaum b'Moshe Chaim 225
The beginnings of the organization of the Baranow former residents Zvi Magen 228
List of people from Baranow in Israel   231
People from Baranow living in other countries   234
Supporters of the Yizkor Book in America [Y]   235
Baranow [English] Jacob D. Brand I



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