Antopol Yizkor Book
(Antopolí, Belarus)

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From Antopol (Antelpolie); sefer zikaron

Ed. Benzion H. Ayalon. Antopol Societies in Israel and America

Published in Tel Aviv, 1972

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From Antopol (Antelpolie); sefer zikaron; Antopol yizkor book
Ed. Benzion H. Ayalon. Tel Aviv, Antopol Societies in Israel and America, 1972

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Dedication by Carol Wagner Feldherr Skydell

In memory and honor of Mordecai and Benyomin SKIDELSKY, who as young teens in 1880 walked from their home in Slonim to Antopol, where they found support, comfort and work. Both grew up, married, and raised families there before coming to America in 1920. Mordecai and his wife, Frumme Tzaytel Gurstein, came with their children, Samuel, Sarah, and Ruth. Benyomin was followed by his wife, Genia Dina Kotlar, and children--Hilda, Rita, Aaron (Harry), Edith, Isidore (Adrian), and Shoshana (Rose). Their two younger children, Irving and Anita, were born in the U.S. All the children married, had families, and grandchildren. To the memory of Benyomin and Mordecai, their parents, Yitzhak and Beile, this page is lovingly dedicated.

Chapter One - History

Foreword Dr. Herschel H. Burston   
Antopol P. Czerniak  5
Our town A. Ben Ezra 7
The Synagogue Court Dr. P. Berman 17
R. Pinchas Michael O.B.M. 31
Rabbi Moshe Berman O.B.M. P. Licht 45
The Belachovitzes Rabbi M. Berman 47
The Roof Corroded A. Warsaw 49

Chapter Two - The Holocaust

War Years in Antopol  P. Czerniak 61
The Ghetto of Antopol. P. Czerniak 79
Memoirs of a physician partisan P. Czerniak 89
Verdict without appeal P. Czerniak 99
The story of a martyr P. Czerniak 103
Survival Ila Wolinets 105
Antopol in the years 1957-1959 P. Czerniak 107
In Fire A. Warsaw 111

Chapter Three - Personalities

Yudel der Schreiber  121
Moshe Stavy (Stavsky) P. Czerniak 123
Dr. Phoebus Berman A. Ben-Ezra 125
Dr. Herschel Burston P. Berman 127
Akiva Ben Ezra E. Leidiger 127
Pintche Berman A. Baraban 129
Abraham Warsaw A. Baraban 131
Abraham H. Lieff H. Lieff 133

Chapter Four - Landsleit Organizations

Antepoler Aid Associations in the USA  Ruth Rosenblatt 141
Antepoler Ladies Auxiliary of Harlem Mrs. Lifshe Seidberg and Mrs. Mirke Seidel 143
A short history of the Antepoler Y.M.B.A Leon Wolowelsky 147
From Antopol to Argentina E.H. Torniansky 151
The Gmilus Hassodim Fund M. Polak 157
Necrology 667
List of pictures

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