The memorial book of Zychlin
(Żychlin, Poland)

52°15' / 19°37'

Translation of
Sefer Zychlin

Editor: Ami Shamir

Published in Tel Aviv 1974

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This is a translation of: Sefer Zychlin (The memorial book of Zychlin),
Editor: Ami Shamir, Zychliner Organization of Israel and America, Tel Aviv 1974 (H,Y,E 350 pages)

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Translated by Sara Mages[Hebrew] and Yocheved Klausner [Yiddish]


Introduction in Hebrew   VII
Introduction in English   XIII
This is the History   15
Zychlin – 600 years of history   17
Zychlin – A metropolis Yakov Ben-Bina 21
The rabbinical dynasty of Zychlin Ester Zigler-Zychlinski 31
The mother town   37
My town Zychlin Yosef Rozengarten 39
A bundle of memories M. Koren 44
Our little town Miriam Jacobi 45
A town full of charm Santze and Rashe Verman 48
A small humanitarian town Bracha Berman-Kroshinski 49
The cradle of Zionism in our town Bracha Yair (Olsztyn) 51
The town of my childhood H. Bodek 53
Images from the town Ben-Nachum 54
Light and Joy on Purim Y.B.B. 56
Avremale Galech Gil 57
Parties and Organizations   59
The General Zionist Federation – “Agudat Bnei-Zion R. Yosef 61
The Organization of Jewish Athletes Gil 63
Hashomer Hatzair” in Zychlin B. Shamir 67
The Labor Movement in our town Moshe Ziger 75
In the name of the common people Yehosua Wojdyslawsk 79
Active public life M. Schwartzberg 81
The founders of “Bnei-Zion” in Zychlin and its activists Rivka Kanarik 87
The Community Committee Yakov Neufeld 90
The Zychliner Organization of Israel Yehusua Wojdyslawsk 92
Figures   97
The righteous RíAharon-Yehudah Yakov Ben-Bina 99
85 years to RíMenachem-Mendel Rosenbojm Yosef Rozengarten 100
My father-in-law Rí Menachem Meir Rosenbojm of blessed memory Yakov Noy (Neufeld) 101
David Shamir (Steinberger) of blessed memory Yosef Rozengarten 103
Tova Shamir (Steinberger) of blessed memory Yosef Rozengarten 105
Michael Lejzerowicz of blessed memory Yosef Rozengarten 106
Aharon Zamir (Kanarik) of blessed memory Yosef Rozengarten 107
Menachem Olsztyn of blessed memory Yosef Rozengarten 108
Arye Olsztyn of blessed memory Yosef Rozengarten 109
Moshe Kelmer of blessed memory – From Zychlin to the Knesset Yosef Rozengarten 110
Three Zychlinaim David Shamir (Steinberger) 112
Ajzik Yakov Ben-Bina 114
My fatherís house Gershon Yakov 115
Avraham Ben Yakov (Getzel) Y. Lemberg 118
My father Helina Tzinamon 120
Yakov David Wojdyslawski of blessed memory Yehusua Zev 121
Itche Jakubowicz of blessed memory Shmuel Jakubowicz 122
An artist in town – Yisrael Zafran Moshe Lemberg 123
Eliyahu Goldfarb of blessed memory Y. Meiri 124
Yosef Rozengarten of blessed memory Yeshayahu Meiri 125
The Holocaust   127
Life in the Zychlin Ghetto A Goldfarb 129
The liquidation of Zychlinís Ghetto Helina Burek- Tzinmon 133
Zychlinís last days Moshe Kilemer 138
From Zychlin to here Zipora Maroz 141
Act of heroism   144
The bitter end Michael Szwarcberg 144
The Yiddish section   147
History of the Town   151
Zichlin (according to various historical sources)   153
Zichlin (from the book “Polish Towns During one Thousand Years”)   155
Zichlin, a Jewish Metropolis Yakov Ben Bina 158
The Rabbinic Dynasty of Zichlin Ester Zigler (Zichlinski) 173
A Metropolis   179
This is What Our Town Looked Like Yosef Rosengarten 181
A Bundle of Memories M. Korn 186
A Beautiful Youth, Beautiful Surroundings Miriam Yakoby (Mania Ellstein) 188
A Town with Jews and Jewish Life [“Yiddishkeit”] Sontzie & Rashe Herman 192
Memories from Zychlin Bracha Berman-Kroschinski 193
From “Benei Zion” in Zychlin to The State of Israel Bracha Yair (Ellstein) 198
The Town of my Childhood Halina Bodek 200
Figures and Events in Zychlin Ben Nachum 202
Eliyahu Hanavi [the Prophet] at Chaim'ke Melamed's “Seder Yosef Rosengarten 204
Purim-Time in our Town Yakov B. B. 205
Parties and Organizations   207
The General Zionist Organization - “Agudat Benei Zion R. Yosef 209
The Jewish Gymnastics Association Y. Gil 211
The "Hashomer Hatza'ir" in Zychlin Bunim Shamir 214
Jewish Socializing in Zychlin Moshe Sieger 223
In the Name of the "Common Man" [lit. "man of the people"] Yehoshua Woydislawski 230
A Lively Social Life Michael Schwarzberg 234
The founders and the "doers" of Benei Zion in Zychlin Rivka Kanarik 241
The Jewish Community Yakov Neufeld 244
On the Religious Ways Yosef Ben Yehoshua 248
The Organization of Former Zychlin Residents in Israel Yehoshua Woydislawski 254
Former Zychlin Residents in The United States Y. B. 259
Figures   267
R'Aharon Yehuda - the Judge of the Religious Court Yakov Ben Bina 269
"Hasidic Wars" in Zychlin Avraham Razon 271
My Father-in-Law R'Menachem Mendel Rosenbaum z”l Yakov Noy 275
About the Figures in our Town Yosef Rosengarten 276
Three Figures David Shamir (Steinberger) 285
My Grandfather R'Avraham Itche Boim z”l Yakov Noy 288
My Home [lit. My Father's House] Gershon Yakov 289
Avraham Ben Yaakov (Getzl) z”l Yakov Lemberg 293
My Father, may he rest in peace Halina Tzinamon 295
Eliyahu Goldfarb z”l Yeshayahu Meiri 297
My Father's Home Shmuel Yakobovitz 298
My Brother Yakov Yastchembaski z”l Blume Schwarzberg ( Yastchembaski) 299
Yosef Rosengarten z”l Yeshayahu Meiri 300
Israel Zafran z”l Moshe Hemberg 301
The Shatin Family Bar-Yosef 301
Avreimele Galech Yakov Ben Bina 302
Aizik Kelmer z”l Yakov Ben Bina 304
A Memorial candle for my Father and the Family Yehosua Zeev 305
Michael Schwarzberg A. Z. 306
Figures in Town and their Names Yosef Profen 307
The Destruction   309
In the Zychlin Ghetto Eli Goldfarb & wife, Sandberg, Kwent and Rosenkopf 311
The Annihilation of the Zychlin Ghetto Halina Bodek (Tzinamon) 315
The Last days of Zychlin Moshe Kelmer 322
From the Ghetto and Camps to a Free Life in Israel Tzipora Maroz 326
Jews from Dombrovic in the Zychlin Ghetto (A Document) 329
In Auschwitz and in Buchenwald Leibish Todelis 333
The Holy Heroism Yakov B. 334
War Memories Moshe Sisslander 335
The Tragic End Michael Schwarzberg 337
Yizkor [A Memorial]   341
List of the Martyrs   343

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