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Necrology (Cont'd)

Last name First name Maiden Name
or Nickname
Trade Father Mother Gen Spouse Child
RABINOWICZ Sheindel         F    
RABINOWICZ Nahum         M    
RABINOWICZ Frimet         F    
RABINOWICZ Gute         F    
ROTENBACH Yaakow         M    
ROTENBACH Esther         F Yaakow  
ROTENBACH Yeshayahu     Yaakow Esther M    
ROTENBACH Alte     Yaakow Esther F    
ROTENBACH Yaakow         M    
ROTENBACH wife         F Yaakow and 2 children
RUBINSTEIN Mendel         M    
RUBINSTEIN Itte         F    
RUBINSTEIN Riwkah         F    
RUBINSTEIN Baruch         M    
RUBINSTEIN Hannah widow of Reuven Shames     F    
ROSENSTEIN Mendel         M    
ROSENSTEIN wife         F Mendel and 2 children
ROSENSTEIN Moshe         M    
ROSENSTEIN Esther         F    
ROSENSTEIN Gitel         F    
ROSENSTEIN Shimeon         M    
ROSENTHAL Yaakow         M    
ROSENTHAL Riwkah         F    
ROSENTHAL Beile         F    
ROSENTHAL Itte         F    
ROSENTHAL Zalmen         M    
ROGOZINSKI Yaakow Dawid         M    
ROGOZINSKI wife         F Yaakow Dawid and child
ROSENBERG Israel         M    
ROSENBERG wife         F Israel and children
ROSENBLUM Menachem         M    
ROSENBLUM Andze Wolkowicz       F    
ROSENBLUM Awraham     Menachem Andze M    
ROTSCHIELD Wolf Ber         M    
ROTSCHIELD wife         F Wolf Ber and 7 children
RUBINOWICZ Itzke   baker     F    
RUBINOWICZ Yossel         M    
RUBINOWICZ Hannah Shprintze         F Yossel and 2 daughters
RUBINOWICZ Srul         M    
RUBINOWICZ wife         F    
REISSHOLTZ Rachel Sarah         F    
SCHNAPER Zalmen         M    
SCHNAPER wife         F Zalmen and 6 children
SHTAYER Mordechai         M   and 3 people
SHAYAWITZ Wolf Leib         M    
SCHMIDT Shlomo         M    
SCHMIDT wife         F Shlomo and children
SHPILER Yehiel         M    
SHPILER Gitel         F    
SHPILER Yudel         M    
SHTOK Moshe         M    
SHTOK Haya Gitel Rosenroit       F Moshe and children
SHTERNBERG Shmuel         M   and family
SHTERNBERG Leibish     Shmuel   M   and family
STCHUPAK Mordechai         M    
STCHUPAK Frimet         F Mordechai  
STCHUPAK Awraham Wolf     Mordechai Frimet M    
STCHUPAK Yehiel Mendel     Mordechai Frimet M    
STCHUPAK Koppel     Mordechai Frimet M    
STCHUPAK Reisel     Mordechai Frimet F    
STCHUPAK Blume     Mordechai Frimet F    
STCHUPAK Sarah     Mordechai Frimet F    
STCHUPAK Ben Zion     Mordechai Frimet M    
SHLOMO Dawid's wife         F    
SHLOMO Ele [Eliyahu]       M    
SHLOMO Zlate         F Ele and children
SARAH daughterter of Hebrew   teacher     F    
SHIA from Leah         M    
SHIA BER husband [the quiet one]       M    
SHIA BER wife         F husband and 3 children
SHMULEWICZ Hawa         F husband and 2 children
SHMULEWICZ husband         M    
SHMULEWICZ ItzhakEisik         M    
SHMULEWICZ Sarah         F    
SHMULEWICZ Yossef     Itzhak Eisik Sarah M    
SHMULEWICZ Zelde     Itzhak Eisik Sarah F    
SHMULEWICZ Hannah     Itzhak Eisik Sarah F    
SHMULEWICZ Awraham     Itzhak Eisik Sarah M    
SHMULEWICZ Rachel     Itzhak Eisik Sarah F    
SHMULEWICZ Yoshke deported from Paris       M    
SHMULEWICZ Zelde deported from Paris       F Yoshke  
SHMULEWICZ Sarah         F    
SHMULEWICZ Hannah Freide         F    
SHMULEWICZ Rachel         F    
SCHILER Itzhak         M    
SCHILER wife         F Itzhak and 2 children
SCHILER Hershel         M    
SCHILER Haya Dine         F Hershel and 2 children
SHIERACKI Awraham Nahum         M   and family
SHIERACKI Lipmele         M   and 3 people
SHIERACKI Mordechai         M    
SHIERACKI Gitel         F    
SHIERACKI Eidel         F    
SHLOMKOWICZ Ephraim Yossef         M    
SHLOMKOWICZ Tziporah         F Ephraim Yossef  
SHLOMKOWICZ Sala     Ephraim Yossef Tziporah F    
SHLOMKOWICZ Rushka     Ephraim Yossef Tziporah F    
SHLOMKOWICZ Shlomo     Ephraim Yossef Tziporah M    
SHLOMKOWICZ Dusza         M    
SHLOMKOWICZ wife         F Dusza and children
SHLOMKOWICZ Itzhak [kishke]       M    
SHLOMKOWICZ Feige         F Itzhak  
SHLOMKOWICZ Motele     Itzhak Feige M    
SHLOMKOWICZ Hayale     Itzhak Feige F    
SHLOMKOWICZ Haya         F    
SHLOMKOWICZ Sarah         F    
SHLOMKOWICZ Matush         M    
SHLOMKOWICZ Moshe Melech         M    
SHLOMKOWICZ wife         F Moshe Melech and 4 children
SHLOMKOWICZ Zalmen [the limper]       M    
SHLOMKOWICZ Esther         F    
SHLOMKOWICZ Miriam Sarah         F    
SHLOMKOWICZ Awraham Eliyahu         M    
SHLOMKOWICZ Motel Yossel         M    
SHLOMKOWICZ Arieh         M    
SHLOMKOWICZ Hertzke         M    
SHLOMKOWICZ Moshe Melechel         M    
SHLOMKOWICZ wife         F Moshe Melechel  
SHLOMKOWICZ son     Moshe Melechel wife M    
SHLOMKOWICZ Yona         M   and family
SHER Awraham         M    
SHER wife         F Awraham and children
SHER Hudes         F    
SHER Itzhak         M    
SHER Yehazkel         M    
SHER Zelig         M    
SHER wife         F Zelig and children
SHER Freidel [the limper]       F    
SHTERN Raphael         M    
SHTERN Freidel         F Raphael and 2 children
SHTERN Hershel         M    
SHTERN Yerachmiel         M    
SHTERN wife         F Yerachmiel and children
SHTERN Mordechai         M    
SHTERN Haim Gershon     Mordechai   M    
SHTERN Rachel         F Haim Gershon  
SHTERN daughterter     Haim Gershon Rachel F    
SHTERN Rachel         F Berl and daughter
SHTERN Berl         M    
SHTCHUKOWSKI Awraham Moshe         M    
SHTCHUKOWSKI wife         F Awraham Moshe and children
SHTCHUKOWSKI Awraham Hersh         M    
SHTCHUKOWSKI Freidel         F Awraham Hersh and children
SHTCHUKOWSKI Abba         M    
SHTCHUKOWSKI Mindel         F    
SHTCHUKOWSKI Tamar         F    
SHTCHUKOWSKI Keile         F    
SHTCHUKOWSKI Eliezer         M    
SHTCHUKOWSKI Mordechai         M    
SHTCHUKOWSKI Regina         F    
SHTCHUKOWSKI Pithiya         F    
SHTCHUKOWSKI Leib         M    
SHTCHUKOWSKI Hela         F    
SHTCHUKOWSKI Haim         M   and 5 people
SHTCHUKOWSKI Shabtai         M    
SHTCHUKOWSKI Mendel         M    
SHTCHUKOWSKI Freidel         F   and 5 children
SHTCHUKOWSKI Abbale         M    
SHTCHUKOWSKI wife         F Abbale and children
SHENICKI Yossel         M    
SHENICKI Rachel         F Yossel  
SHENICKI Moshe     Yossel Rachel M   and family

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