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Necrology (Cont'd)

Last name First name Maiden Name
or Nickname
Trade Father Mother Gen Spouse Child
EIDEL     baker     F    
EISENMAN Tzwi         M    
EISENMAN wife         F Tzwi  
EISENMAN Yanek     Tzwi wife M    
EISENMAN Felek     Tzwi wife M    
ERLICH Zelig         M    
ERLICH wife         F Zelig and 2 children
GAD Israel Mordechai         M    
GAD Gute Friedman       F Israel  
GAD Godel Katz       M    
GAD Hannah Reisel         F Godel  
GAD Leah     Godel Hannah Reisel F    
GAD Israel     Godel Hannah Reisel M    
GAD Mordechai         M   and 2 people
GAD Awrahm         M    
GAD Haya Itte         F    
GAD Genia Kaempinska       F Awrahm  
GAD Moshe       Genia M    
GARBINSKI Uri         M    
GARBINSKI Frimet         F Uri and children
GELBART Aaron Leib         M    
GELBART wife         F Aaron Leib and 2 children
GELBART Pese         F    
GELBART Moshe         M    
GELBART Masha Tzirel         F Moshe  
GELBART Awraham         M    
GELBART Beile Gittel         F Awraham  
GELBART Yaakow     Awraham Beile Gittel M    
GELBART Yehuda     Awraham Beile Gittel M    
GELBART Shmulik     Awraham Beile Gittel M    
GELBART Moshe     Awraham Beile Gittel M    
GELBART Tziwia     Awraham Beile Gittel F    
GELER Idel   Photog.     M    
GELER wife     Idel wife F Idel  
GELER son         M    
GERSHONOWICZ husband         M    
GERSHONOWICZ Roize         F husband  
GERSHONOWICZ widow of Mushke         F   and 4 children
GINSBERG Pese         F    
GINSBERG Moshe       Pese M    
GINSBERG Riwkah       Pese F    
GINTER widow         F   and 3 grand children
GINTER Yaakow         M   and 3 people
GLIKSMAN Mendel         M    
GLIKSMAN Esther         F Mendel  
GLIKSMAN Hnde     Mendel Esther F    
GLIKSMAN Gabriel     Mendel Esther M    
GLIKSMAN Shaul Abba     Mendel Esther M    
GLIKSMAN Yossef     Mendel Esther M    
GLIKSMAN Tuvia     Mendel Esther M    
GLIKSMAN Lipman     Mendel Esther M    
GLITZENSTEIN Large family              
GODELEWITCH Riwkah         F    
GOLDBART Awraham         M    
GOLDBART wife         F Awraham and children
GOLDBART Getzel         M    
GOLDBART wife         F Getzel and 2 children
GOLDBERG Mordechai         M    
GOLDBERG Neche         F Mordechai and 2 children
GOLDBERG Zalman Ber         M    
GOLDBERG wife         F Zalman Ber and children
GOLDBERG Dawid         M    
GOLDBERG wife         F Dawid and children
GOLDBERG Fischel         M    
GOLDBERG wife         F Fischel  
GOLDMAN Sarah         F   and children
GOLDRING Reuwen         M    
GOLDRING Hannah Beila         F Reuwen and children
GOLDRING Hershel         M    
GRABINER Yaakow         M    
GRABINER Neche         F    
GRABINER Riwkah         F    
GRABINER Awraham Dawid         M   and 4 people
GRABINER Zelig         M    
GRABINER wife         F Zelig and children
GRABOWSKI Hershel Moshe         M    
GRABOWSKI Riwkah Kozuch       F Hershel Moshe  
GRANIS Esther         F    
GRAWMAN           M   and family
GRINBAUM husband         M    
GRINBAUM Freidel         F husband  
GRINBIERD Ma         M   and 3 people
GRINSHPAN kreindel         F    
GRINSHPAN Mendel         M    
GRINSHPAN Pinhas         M    
GRINSHPAN Tzvi         M    
GRINSHPAN Meir         M    
GRINSHPAN Esther         F    
GRINSHPAN Mania         F    
GROSS Yechiel         M    
GROSS wife         F Yechiel and 3 children
GUTFREUND Shlomo         M    
GUTFREUND Pese         F Shlomo and children
GUTFREUND Henoch Mordechai   Rabbi     M   and children
GUTFREUND Reisel         F Henoch Mordechai  
GUTMAN Zalman Ber         M    
GUTMAN wife         F Zalman Ber and 2 children
GUTMAN Hershel         M    
GUTMAN wife         F Hershel and child
HABER Kopel         M    
HABER wife         F Kopel and children
HAIM SIMCHA           M   and 2 daughter
HABER Kopel         M    
HABER wife         F Kopel and children
HAIM SIMCHA           M   and 2 daughter
HAIM SIMCHA Hersh         M    
HAIM SIMCHA Moshe         M   and children
HAIM YOSSEF Fisher   fisherman     M    
HAIM YOSSEF wife         F Fisher  
HELPGOTT Awraham         M    
HELPGOTT wife         F Awraham and children
HERSHEL     saleslady     F    
HERSHLIKOWIC Leib         M    
HERSHLIKOWIC wife         F Leib and children
HERSHLIKOWIC Yehiel         M    
HERSHLIKOWIC Hersh Mendel         M   and family
HERSHLIKOWIC wife         F Hersh Mendel and children
HERSHLIKOWIC Hersh Yaakow         M    
HERSHLIKOWIC wife         F Hersh Yaakow  
HERSHLIKOWIC son in Germany     Hersh Yaakow wife M    
HERSHLIKOWICZ Itte         F    
HERSHLIKOWICZ Bracha       Itte F    
HERSHLIKOWICZ Nathan         M    
HERSHLIKOWICZ wife         F Nathan and children
HUDI Yaakow         M    
HUDI wife         F Yaakow and children
HUDI Yehiel Meir         M    
HUDI Libe         F Yehiel Meir  
HUNA The Tailor   tailor     M    
HUNA wife         F The Tailor  
IGLICKI Aaron         M    
IGLICKI wife         F Aaron  
IGLICKI Moshe         M    
ILAND Zelig         M    
ILAND Rosa         F Zelig and children
ISRAELSKI Itzik Mord         M    
ISRAELSKI wife         F Itzik Mord and children
IZBICKI Awraham         M    
IZBICKI Riwkah         F Awraham  
TANDOWSKI Nahum         M    
TANDOWSKI wife         F Nahum and children
TILA GARBERS wife         F    
TRAKASH Yaakow         M    
TRAKASH wife         F Yaakow  
TRUSKOLOWSKI Yossef         M   and family
TRUSKOLOWSKI Michael         M    
TRUSKOLOWSKI   Dos Kozikel       M    
TRUSKOLOWSKI Awigdor         M    
ULEZALKE   Pitashinska       F   and children
ULEZALKO Zlata         F   and 4 children
UNIKOWSKI Faiwel         M    
UNIKOWSKI Trishel         F Faiwel  
UNIKOWSKI Reitze Do     Faiwel Trishel F    
UNIKOWSKI Yehuda Le         M    
UNIKOWSKI wife         F Yehuda and 2 children
UNIKOWSKI Zule         M   and family.
UNIKOWSKI Aaron         M    
UNIKOWSKI wife         F Aaron and child
URINOWSKI Leib         M    
URINOWSKI wife         F Leib and children
WARSHAWSKI Froyemte         F    
WARSHAWSKI           F    
WATTENMAHER Zalman         M    
WATTENMAHER wife         F Zalman  
WATTENMAHER son     Zalman wife M    
WEINBERG Leibish         M    
WEINBERG wife         F Leibish and child
WELTMAN Tzwi         M    
WELTMAN Hannah Freund       F    
WELTMAN Moshe Aaron         M    
WELTMAN Esther Tzirel         F Tzwi  
WELTMAN Raphael         M    
WELTMAN Deworah         F    
WELTMAN Riwkah         F    
WELTMAN Itzhak         M    
WELTMAN Meir         M    
WELTMAN Shmuel         M    
WERUSHEWSKI Yehoshua         M    
WERUSHEWSKI Riwkah         F Yehoshua  
WERUSHEWSKI Yehiel         M   and family
WERUSHEWSKI Zelig         M   and family
WERUSHEWSKI Awraham Beinish         M    
WERUSHEWSKI Esther Tzirel         F    
WERUSHEWSKI Yaakow         M    
WISHNIEWSKI Noah         M    
WISHNIEWSKI Pearl         F Noah  
WISHNIEWSKI Bnedit     Noah Pearl M    
WISHNIEWSKI Paula     Noah Pearl F    
WOLKOWICZ Rachel widow of Shimon       F    
WOLKOWICZ Naomi     Rachel Shimon F    
WOLKOWICZ Awraham     Rachel Shimon M    
WOLKOWICZ Lube     Rachel Shimon F    
WOLKOWICZ Elisa widow of Nathan       F    
WOLKOWICZ Nathan     Nathan Elisa M    
WOLKOWICZ Dawid         M    
WOLKOWICZ wife         F Dawid  
WOLKOWICZ Heniek     Dawid wife M    
WOLKOWICZ Izio     Dawid wife M    
WOLKOWICZ Yehezkel         M    
WOLKOWICZ Moshe         M    
WOLKOWICZ wife         F Moshe and 2 children
ZALTZBERG Awraham         M    
ZALTZBERG wife         F Awraham and children
ZALTZBERG Yaakow         M    
ZALTZBERG wife         F Yaakow and children
ZEHLER Shmuel         M    
ZEHLER wife         F Shmuel and 6 children
ZEHLER mother         F Shmuel  
ZEHLER Fishel         M    
ZEHLER Hannah         F Fishel and 2 people
ZEHLER Hiller         M    
ZEHLER wife         F Hiller and children
ZEMEL Yehoshua Ber         M    
ZEMEL Reisel         F Yehoshua Ber  
ZEMEL Mania     Yehoshua Ber Reisel F    
ZEMEL Shmuel     Yehoshua Ber Reisel M    
ZEMEL Aaron Itzhak         M    
ZEMEL wife         F Aaron Itzhak and children
ZEMEL Yaakow Shlomo         M    
ZEMEL Shindel         F Yaakow Shlomo  
ZIEGLER Hersh         M    
ZIEGLER Rose         F    
ZIEGLER Itte         F    
ZILBERBERG Yakow         M    
ZOMMER Blume         F    
ZOMMER Moshe Melech         M    
ZOMMER wife         F    
ZOMMER Dawid         M    
ZOMMER Rachel Danele's       F Dawid  
ZOMMER Itzhak Boujniner   Dawid Rachel M    
ZOMMER Yaakow     Dawid Rachel M    
ZOMMER Yossef     Dawid Rachel M    
ZOMMER Gitel     Dawid Rachel F    
ZOMMER Lipman         M    
ZOMMER           F   and children

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