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Victims of the Holocaust


To The Reader

by Yerachmiel Moorstein

In White Russia, on the banks of the Zelvianka River, in the Grodno Province, on the rail line from Warsaw to Moscow, there was a city in which about two thousand Jews lived for hundreds of years, simple people, who made do with very little, who worked hard for their meager sustenance, and observed the mitzvot of the Torah, among them spiritual people, that were inclined to a love of Israel, a life of tradition, honesty and justice. The few who were well off, took care of the poor, the sick and the widowed. The creative and educational life was centered in the synagogues, that were overflowing with Torah scrolls, scholarly works, and it was from them that the people drew comfort and hope of salvation.

At the end of the First World War, when the Balfour Declaration was announced, most of the people believed that this was the beginning of the Messianic era, and the youth began preparing itself in various ways to fulfill the Zionist ideal, and to make aliyah to the Land of Israel.

Yet, only very few accomplished this. The remainder were interdicted by the terrorizing Nazis, and their accomplices, our neighbors, who killed and burned them, and the survivors were herded off to horse stables in Volkovysk.

In the winter of 1942, they were roused in a deep snowfall, and in their tattered clothing, were hauled into death trains which brought them to Treblinka. There, they were taken into gas chambers where they were suffocated to death, and then cremated, and all that was left of them were piles of ashes... only very few were saved from the death camps, these were the partisans who came to us, in order that we do all that is in our power to preserve the sanctified memory of our brothers and sisters. And, indeed, this is what we are doing. We are assembling the names of our dear ones, and we are entering them in the annals of martyrs and heroes. And now, reader of this book, bow your head as a sign of mourning and respect in memory of these innocent souls that were destroyed in the terrible Holocaust.

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The List of the Holocaust Victims of Zelva

[The list in the original text was alphabetized in Hebrew. This list has been re-arranged to be in English alphabetical order for ease of reference.]

A name followed by an asterisk (*) indicates that the entire family that goes with this name was destroyed.

Alpert, Israel, Michal, Tzipa, Rivkah *

Becker, Tuvia *
Becker, Moshe Yitzhak *
Beckenstein, Jacob Chaim *
Bereshkovsky, Friedel *
Bereshkovsky, Zalman *
Bereshkovsky, Yitzhak *
Bereshkovsky, Jacob *
Bereshkovsky, Abraham and Rasha
(of the Slutsky family) *
Bliecher, Zvi *
Blizniansky, Yitzhak *
Blizniansky, Mottel and Hinda
Beckenstein, Leib *
Bobovik, Zeidel *
Bobovik, Shmeril *
Bobovik, Mottel *
Borodetzky, Herzl *
Borodetzky, Zevulun (Zavel) *
Borodetzky, Hillel *
Borodetzky, Israel *
Boyarsky, Zvi *
Boyarsky, Eliezer *
Bublecki, Jejna*

Chazan *
Chilovitzky, Menahem and Zlota, Esther, Moshe, Yehuda, Leibel, Frumah, Dora

Dubchinsky *
Dumbrovisky, Alter *

Eliovitz, Jekuthiel *
Einstein *

Fishkin, Moshe *
Fishkin, Leizer *
Freidin, Yitzhak Jonah *

Freidin, Shmuel Boruch and Hannah
Freidin, Joseph and Esther
Freidin, Yitzhak and Atarah
Futritzky, Berel, Beileh, Sonia, Jacob, Bella, Mindel

Gelman, Moshe *
Gelman, Liza *
Gelman, Joseph *
Gerber, Moshe, Feigel and their son, Yitzhak
Gerber, Yitzhak Nahum
Gerzuk, Jacob *
Goldberg, Jacob *
Grazvisky *

Iber, Leib *
Iber, Isaac
Ilvitzky, David
Inderstein *
Inditzky *

Kaninovitz, Michel, Chana, Chaya, Yenta, Jacob Moshe
Kaplan, Jekuthiel *
Kaplan, Todras *
Kaplan, Shammai and Taibel *
Kaplan, Samuel *
Kaplinsky, Leib *
Klotnitzky, Aharon, Rivkah, Lyuba, Melech, Menuha, Ziesel, Sarah
Koleshevsky, Getzel and Basha, Feigel
Konkevitz *
Kottlierisky, Rivkah
Kozlovsky, Jedediah *
Kozlovsky, Samuel *
Kreiness *
Krisnovisky, Samuel *
Kubelsky, Isaac *

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Lafin, Raphael and Rachel *
Lansky, Joseph *
Lansky, Chaim
Lantzevitzky, Samuel *
Lantzevitzky, Joel *
Lantzevitzky, Aharon *
Lantzevitzky, Jacob *
Lantzevitzky, Yitzhak *
Lantzevitzky, Hillel *
Lev, Chaim and Ida *
Levine, Chana
Levine, Peretz *
Levine, Shimshon *
Lifshitz, Gershon *
Lifshitz, Mordechai *
Lifshitz, Nathaniel *
Lifshitz, Nissan
Lipsky *
Lisitzky *
Loshovitz, Berel *
Loshovitz, Chaim *
Loshovitz, Moshe *

Maggid, Chaim *
Maggid, Mottel
Meitzik *
Melamed, Chaim *
Merril, Reuben *
Minsky, Sholom *
Minsky, Bezalel *
Moltzedesky *
Moorstein, Shifra and Sarah
Moskovisky, Ephraim *
Moskovisky, Shabtai *
Moskovisky, Velvel *
Motlovisky, Kalman *

Nosatsky, Shayna, Sarah, Simeon, Rachel
Novickovsky, Chaim *
Novick *
Noznitzky, Rachel Leah, Shlomo, Michal, Asher, Chaim*

Peikovitz, Shlomo *
Peskin, Gruna
Pintlivitz, Moshe *
Pintlivitz, Michel *
Pintlivitz, Fishel *

Plonsky, David and Rachel
Plonsky, Simeon
Poltzik, Chaim Shlomo *
Pomerantz, Shmuel Yossel *
Potztiveh, Abraham *
Potztiveh, Noah *
Potztiveh, Hannan [Elchanan] *
Poupko, Abba *

Rafilovitz, Ephraim and Tzipa
Rafilovitz, Moshe and Bashka *
Ravitz, Pesach, Tzeitel
Ravitz, Yitzhak David, Chana
Ravitz, Rivkah, Hillel
Ravitz, Velvel *
Ravitz, Shabtai, Simeon *
Ratner, Eliezer *
Ratner, Hillel *
Rosenberg, Akiva *
Rotni, Elihu Chaim, Gittel, Samuel, Jacob
Rusiansky *

Sakorovsky, Elihu *
Sakarnik, Malka and Leizer
Sedletsky, Leizika *
Sedletsky, Benny *
Sedletsky, Dr. Jacob *
Sedletsky, Chava *
Selman, Yehuda and Freda, Rivkah and Zalman
Selman, Katriel, Alteh, Deborah, Sonia, Joseph, Zalman
Selman, Zvi and Leah, Zalman, Benny, Yitzhak, Batia
Shapiro, Motti
Shevach, Deborah and Leah
Shevach, Jekuthiel *
Shilovitzky, Nahum Itcheh, Freydeh Leah
Ephraim, Abraham, Shabtai, Berel
Shoysky, Dov *
Shturmakevitz, Attel
Shulman, Joseph, Shifra and daughters
Shulyak, Moshe, Lipman, Bashka *
Shulyak, Eliezer and Sula *
Shulyak, Itcheh and Beilkeh *
Shulyak, Frumah
Shulyak, Blumah
Shulyak, Sarah Rivkah *

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Shulyak, Benjamin and Esther *

Slutsky, Yitzhak *
Slutsky, Gedalia
Slutsky, Shayna
Slutsky, Shachna *
Slutsky, Abraham *
Slutsky, Saul *
Slutsky, Mordechai, Hannan, Ephraim, Nathan, Nehama*
Spector, Leib
Srybnik, David and Esther, Rivkah, Rosa, Zalman

Vishniatzky, Mordechai, Shifra and son, Moshe
Vishniatzky, Elihu *
Vishniatzky, Ephraim *
Vishnivisky, Jacob and Sarah
Vishnivisky, David, Sarah Rivkah *
Vishnivisky, Leib, Sarah *
Vishnivisky, Tuvia *
Vishnivisky, Ephraim *
sons - Lipman, Mottel
daughter - Rivkah
Vishnivisky, Chaim *
Vishnivisky, Mula *
Vishnivisky, Moshe Fishel *

Wallstein, Yitzhak and Nacha *
Wallstein, Jacob and Mina
Weissbord, Abraham *

Yablonovsky, Pesach *
Yarnivisky, Leibush, Mottel, Rachel, Velvel*
Yarnivisky, Samuel *

Zackheim, Menahem, Sarah Feiga *
son - Moshe
Zackheim, Avigdor and Sonia
Zalman, Chaim *
Zelikovitz, Bezalel, Sarah *
Zelikovitz, Mordechai, Golda, Jacob, Abraham
Zhchinsky *
Zhchinsky, Mottel
Zlotnitzky, Leib and Leah, Getzel, Jacob,
Zlotnitzky, Yitzhak *
Zlotnitzky, Alter


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