Wielun Memorial Book

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Translation of
Sefer Zikaron le-Kehilat Wielun

Publisher: Wielun Organization in Israel and the Memorial Book Committee in USA

Published in Tel Aviv, 1971

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This is a translation of: Sefer Zikaron le-Kehilat Wielun (Wielun Memorial Book),
Publisher: Wielun Organization in Israel and the Memorial Book Committee in USA,
Tel Aviv, 1971 (H,Y,E, 558 pages)

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Wielun

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Translated by Yocheved Klausner

Part One
The history of the Jews in Wielun [H] Dr. Yakov Goldberg 19
The history of the Jews in Wielun Dr. Yakov Goldberg 30
The history of the Jews in Wielun (sources and bibliographies) [Polish]   43
Wielun in the year 1827 [Polish]   44
The Jewish Community in Wielun Fabian Kahn 45
The murder in Pantnew, near Wielun Moshe Mendelewitz 47
The horrible murder in Pontnew   47
Wielun Noah Prilutzki 50
Details about the Wielun history   51
Part Two
I love you, my town [H] Yitzhak Lachman 55
Memories [H] Chaim Kashepitzki 56
Social help during WWI Moshe Mendelewitz 63
Festivities in the cemetery M. Ben–Yosef 66
”Messiah is coming” Yehoshua Eibeschitz 67
Life in the Bet Hamidrash Yitzhak Lachman 68
Figures in Wielun of long ago Baruch Meirantz 69
Chana Avraham Israels – Ite the vinegar–maker Gavriel Kanyarski 71
Spring water for Sabbath Yitzhak Lachman 72
The Bet Midrash for young unmarried men B. Meirantz 73
Memories from my childhood days Rozhke Silberberg 74
The old market Yakov Eliash 76
My parents and my little town Wielun Pearl Rosenberg 78
My town [H] Michael Konopnitzki 81
Promise of a dowry – and its consequences [H] Yehoshua Eibeschitz 82
Farewell, my town! [H] Efraim Besserglick 83
The deportation of Jews from Germany [H] Shlomo Unikovski 84
Events in Wielun I. Eliash & Ch. L. Moscowitz 85
Memories from old days Mordechai Schenitzki 87
The “Clothing the Naked” Society M. H. 90
Family festivities   91
The shtetl Wielun Yaffa Besserglick 92
A story Baruch Meirantz 94
The cemetery in Wielun (photographs)   96
Charitable and pious women [H] Yechiel Gelbard 98
My rabbi Moshe Aharon Shimon Horontchik 99
Types in town Chana Yakobowitz 100
Life in town (photographs)   101
Part Three
The Wielun Jews – a creative and productive element M. Mendelowitz 107
The Small–Businesses Association M. M. 114
The Jewish Craftsmen Association Moshe Mendelowitz 115
Part Four
The Rav R'Menachem Greenberg [H] Yitzhak Lachman 119
My grandfather R'Menachem Greenberg and his family [H] Yitzhak Sela 120
Rav Menachem Greenberg [H] Feivisk Katz 122
The rabbi ADMOR R'Chanoch Heinich Gad Justman z”l [H] Yitzhak Lachman 123
R'Heinich Serbernik z”l Yitzhak Lachman 125
The Rav R'Moshe Besser z”l [H] Avraham Chanoch Besser 126
The Jewish Wielun [H] Yehoshua Eibeschitz 127
The Jewish Wielun Yehoshua Eibeschitz 130
Part Five
Teachers and educators 135
The teacher Lea Mendelewitz Henia Skashinya–Steier 140
Melamdim and teachers in Wielun Yitzhak Lachman 142
Melamdim in Wielun Yehoshua Eibeschitz 144
Soldiers without weapons Batia Gotthilf (Bronka Itzkowitz) 147
Wielun is spreading “Enlightenment” Yehoshua Eibeschitz 149
Jews in Medicine Yitzhak Lachman 150
Kindergartens in Wielun (photographs)   152
Students and High–School pupils (photographs)   153
Young people studying (photographs)   154
Elementary Schools (photographs)   155
Part Six
Chovevei Zion S. Marcus 159
The beginning of Zionst activity and its development Moshe Mendelewitz 160
The Zionist association [H] Karola Shaya 165
The Hechalutz in Wielun Avraham Mendel 170
The Jewish Youth Society Moshe Mendelewitz 171
The first activities of Tzeirei Zion and Poalei Zion Moshe Mendelewitz 176
The Hechalutz organization in Wielun Mordechai Mendel 178
Photographs   180
Tzeirei Zion (Z.S.) Moshe Mendelewitz 184
Renewal of the movement in Wielun [H] Avraham Brom 186
Freiheit [Freedom] Organization in Wielun Yakov Eliash 189
Festive opening of the new Poalei Zion Hall   193
The Revisionist Movement in Wielun [H] Chaim Kshepitzki 194
The Revisionist and BEITAR Movements in Wielun G. Kanyarski 197
History of the Mizrachi in Wielun [H] Yitzhak Lachman 200
Poalei Zion in Wielun Avraham Brom 203
The youth of Poalei Zion in Wielun David Granek 206
Theater in Wielun I. Rozhewitz 210
Borochov's Evening School in Wielun Zev Levkowitz 212
Hashomer Hatza'ir Branch [H] Moshe Mendelevitz 214
The Hit'achdut [Union] party Zev Levkowitz 216
Hechalutz Hacharedi [ultra–religious pioneers] [H] Yechiel Yerucham Gelbert 221
The religious Wielun [H] Yehoshua Eibeschitz 223
The scholarly and cultural Wielun Eliyahu Katz 228
Revolutionary movements in Wielun M. Mendelewitz 230
Part Seven
* * * M. G. 237
God's Justice   239
Two sisters Shimon Horontchik 272
Part Eight
Photo–montage of Wielun newspapers 279
Remember and never forget B. Hermanowitz 280
O Lord, righteousness belongs to You (from Daniel 9:7) Chaim Bronstein 281
Dr. Feitel Levin Yosef Shaya 282
The departure of Moshe Mendelowitz and family to Eretz Israel P. M. 283
The annual meeting of “Linat Tzedek” [sleeping facility for the poor]   284
A priest mentions in his will a cherished memory of a Jewish merchant   284
Farewell, our brother, the commander! [H]   285
Founding the Shekel Committee in town   285
The departure of Avraham Heinich Besser to Eretz Israel Ben–Zvi 286
The Wielun “Aguda” M. C. 287
The creation of the Aid–Committee for Jewish refugees from Germany   288
A thank–you–letter to Hachnasat–Orchim in Wielun   288
Jewish children helping the refugees   288
Part Nine
Personalities 291
In memory of Carola and David Shaya Chaim Kashpitzki 312
The Golden Era in Wielun Yitzhak Lachman 313
Part Ten
We shall never forget them [H] Yitzhak Sela 327
Remember what Amalek has done to you Slomo Itzkowitz 329
The beginning of destruction Mordechai Seiff 331
Ten Jews sentenced to death   335
In the German hell Moshe Herschberg 336
The last years before the war and the occupation [H] Mela Gewirtz 339
Friendship between Wieluner in foreign lands [H] Beruria Beiski 341
The ruin of Wielun M. Besserglick 343
In the squeeze of the Nazi fist David Chemora 345
The liquidation of Wielun and other towns in 1942 Tova Boraks 347
Tragic experiences Chaim Levkowitz 349
Ten were hanged and one escaped [H] Moshe Prager 352
From my arrest until liberation Godel Boraks 353
Catriel Brom z”l   357
A mother choked her baby to death… [H] Fania Brom–Eibeschitz 358
To report (to the authorities) or to hide [H] Chaim Levkowitz 358
Wandering and staying home [H] Yerachmiel Helfgott 360
Letters from the ghetto [H] Mordechai Brom 363
Tragic memories A. Ehrlich 366
Good deeds of a Wielun Jew during the Hitler regime Eliezer Korn 367
The gestapo murder bath in Wielun   367
Upon the ruins of Wielun in 1966 Tzipora turner 368
A wakeful dream Yoel Kanyarski 370
Lights in the darkness Yitzhak Sela 371
We were five Yakov Rogovski 375
Sometimes it is too late… Ch. Moskowitz 376
After liberation Pinchas Brom 378
The experiences of a Wielun prisoner–of–war A. L. Helfgott 380
A letter from the Wielun Town Council   385
After the liberation, in Germany   386
El Male Rahamim   387
List of Martyrs (Necrology)   389
Memorial   401
Foreword M. Mendlevitch 4
The History of the Jews of Wielun Dr. Jakob Goldberg 9


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