The Jewish Community of Wieliczka
A Memorial Book
(Wieliczka, Poland)

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Translation of
Kehilat Wieliczka; sefer zikaron

Editor: Shmuel Meiri

Published in Tel Aviv 1980

Our sincere appreciation to Yad Vashem
for the submission of the necrology for placement on the JewishGen web site.

This is a translation of: Kehilat Wieliczka; sefer zikaron (The Jewish community of Wieliczka; a memorial book),
Editor: Shmuel Meiri, The Wieliczka Association in Israel, Published: Tel Aviv 1980 (H,Y,E,P 262 pages)

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Wieliczka

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Translated by Sara Mages


Forward Dr. Moshe Yahrblum 7
Historical survey of the Jewish community from
its inception until the days of the Holocaust
Wieliczka - The salt city; The Jewish community in Wieliczka Dr. Moshe Yahrblum 11
From the “Haskalah” Press   21
Klasno the city of my birth Zipora Klienman 31
Outline for the image of the Jewish community in Wieliczka at the beginning of the 20th century; Between monarchies Dr. M. Yahrblum 36
Personalities in the town
From my memories of Wieliczka; Rejzele' Ferber Dr. Giza Frenkel 54
The first members of the Friedmann family Arye Friedmann 56
Typical families in our town Zipora Klienman 59
Two sisters Miriam and Sara Gafni 61
Movements and Parties
Zionism in our city in the second and third decade of this century Yehoshua Ofer 66
About the Zionist Youth Movement “Betar” Chanoch Holzer 75
“Hatzohar” and “Betar” Movements in Wieliczka Levi Frenkel 77
The chapter of the Zionist Youth Movement “Akiva” Yehoshua Ofer 79
“Hashomer Hadati”;Poalei Agudat Yisrael” Zipora Klienman 81
Days of Atrocities and Destruction
There was a city, and behold, it no longer exist Miriam Sekora 87
The Nazi Atrocities in Wieliczka Michael Zellner 88
Wieliczka – A city without men Lena Kuchler 94
Testimony – Historical presentation Yakov Tilles 98
About one of the Righteous Among the Nations Zelig Goldstein 103
The final liquidation of Wieliczka's Jews Menasche Hollander 104
The annihilation of the Jewish Hospital in Wieliczka in 1942 Dr. M. Skulimowski 107
The death of Rabbi Frenkel from Wieliczka Yosef Hertzog 113
During the war and after
About the Nazis' atrocities Sida Sarvo 117
Playing hide and seek with death M. Shmuel Perlberger 121
Home, home Lena Kuchler 130
My wandering in Russia during the Holocaust period I. Klein 134
My winding road to Israel Haim Brand 142
From Poland to Israel via Russia Yehoshua Freifeld 144
In memory of our townsmen who fell in the wars of Israel
Fridenfeld Meir Of blessed memory; Pistol Adam Of blessed memory, Schnur Avraham-Yitzchak Of blessed memory   147
The Wieliczka and the vicinity Association in Israel   149
In Memory of the Missing
R' Moshe Klinghoffer Lena Kuchler 151
About R' Moshe Plattner Yehoshua Ofer 154
Testimony – Historical act [Yiddish] Yakov Tilles 155
In Memoriam …
The names of Wieliczka's Jews who perished in the Holocaust   163
The English Section
Wieliczka – The Salt City Dr. Moshe Yahrblum 7
Zionism in Our City in the Second and Third Decade of This Century Yehoshua Ofer 29
Evidence Michael Zellner 36
Yom Kippur 1942, The First Sacrifice Yoachim Wimmer 44
My Wanderings in Russia During the Holocaust Period I. Klein 45
From Poland to Israel via Russia Yehoshua Freifeld 53
Years of Hardship J. Kornhauser 57
The Polish Section
Includes: Testimony, diary, research and memories by: Menasche Hollander, Maria Bill-Bajorkowa, Dr. M. Skulimowski, Tzvi Brand, Heniek and Moniek Salamon 59-93

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