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The Surviving Remnant

The Yizkor Book committee

Translated by Ala Gamulka

“Ye shall be gathered one by one. O ye children of Israel” (Isiah 27:12)

“But in Mount Zion there shall be those that escape and it shall be holy” (Obadiah 1:17)

While we were searching for ways of strengthening the ties among our former residents in Israel and abroad, we came up with the idea of publishing the names and addresses of our townspeople in all countries. We intended to publicize, at the very least, the partial lists in our possession or those we could obtain. Our townspeople in the Diaspora stopped us from doing it, with good reasons. We were obliged, therefore, to limit our effort to Israel. Still, we are not prepared to give up on the idea. However, it is not for this book. We contacted our active members in the United States, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Cuba and European countries. We asked them to find a way to prepare these lists and to send them to us. We will look after their publication either in another booklet or as an addendum to this book.

In Israel, there are–according to the enclosed list– about 90 households of townspeople ( in many of them, both members of the couple came from Ustiluh). Many of them made Aliyah in the period between the two wars. Some arrived after the Holocaust and a very few were here before WWI. Our people are scattered throughout the country, in towns, settlements and kibbutzim. A great majority are in Haifa and surrounding areas. Most of them are workers: artisans, laborers, farmers, clerks, teachers, etc. There are a few in business and industry.

Once a year, on 19 Elul, we gather in one of the larger towns to hold a Memorial Assembly for our Holocaust victims. We also discuss issues pertaining to the organization. In addition, there are occasional meetings and celebrations when visitors come from abroad. Members from the entire country come to these events. Also, we have many occasions to celebrate together weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, etc.

This mutual feeling of closeness is also evidenced in collective help to the needy. We do not have a specific fund for this purpose. However, when the need arises we can collect the funds. For some time, to our great delight, there was no need for such a fund. Two years ago, a family of survivors arrived. They were in poor health and we must support them. It is probably a good idea to create a permanent fund for this case and other future ones. Let us hope we will not need it!

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List of Former Ustiluh Residents in Israel

Translated by Ala Gamulka

AHARONI, Leah, 15 Habanim, Ramat Gan
AVINADAV (Tabakhandler), Aryeh, Kfar Ganim B., Petach Tikvah
BEN-YOCHANAN (YOKHENZON), Menashe, 29 Hagefen, Haifa
BEKER, Avraham, Uziel street, Kiryat Motzkin
BERGENZON, Hava, 83 Sheinkin, Givatayim
BERGER, Mendel, Shikun Motzkin, Bloc 6, Apt. 3, Kfar Saba
BINSHTOCK, Yafa, 25 Grandos, Ramat Gan
BITERMAN, Yaakov, Shikun Noah Zait 69, Lod
BLECHMAN, Miriam, Haifa
BOIM, Shmuel, Bustan Hagalil, Doar Haifa
DIMANT, Shmuel, Gan Warburg, Azor
DROR (SHOVALEV), Leah, 71 Daled, Kiryat Haim
EICHENBOIM, Yehoshua, 5 Sde Boker, Givatayim
EIDELSHTEYN, Manis, Hamatmid 19, entrance 3, Ramat Gan
EIDELSHTEYN, Eliezer, 28 Hacherut, Ramat Gan
EIDELSHTEYN, Bella, 36 Fireberg, Tel Aviv
EIGER, Gershon, 6 Yekhezkel, B'nei Brak
EINIS, Baruch Zvi, 15 Gideon, Haifa
EINIS, Yosef, 46 Hatavor (Michael), Haifa
FARBER, Yitzhak, 15 Yael, Kiryat Motzkin
FEFER, Esther, (KREMER), 66 Kibbutz Galuyot, Haifa
FLEISHER, Mordechai and Tzila, 162 Ibn Gevirol, Tel Aviv
GOLDHOVER, Yosef, 29 Reines, Tel Aviv
GOLDHOVER, Avner, 18 Bar Giora, Haifa
GOLDMAN, Menucha, 6 Hevron, B'nei Brak
GROBER, Rivka, Neve Shaanan, near Haifa
GUR-ARYEH, Sara, 28 Anzio Sereny, Givat Rambam
GURFINKEL, Malka, 10/1 Akiva, Shikun Rasko, Holon
HADARI (POMERANTZ), Zvi, Kibbutz Amir, Upper Galilee post
HALPERIN Betzalel and Penina, 104 Bialik, Ramat Gan

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HARKABY (REITER), David, 53 Nachmani, Tel Aviv
HERBST, Ben Zion, 20 Gruzberg, Tel Aviv
HOVAL, Issachar, 44 Vav, Kiryat Haim
ILAN (Boim), Shmuel, Kibbutz Rosh Hanikra, Western Galilee post
KARSH, Eliyahu, 5Aleph, Azor
KATZ, Shmuel, 10 Hahashmonaim, Tel Aviv
KATZ, Miriam, 19/4 Shikun Rasko, Kiryat Motzkin
KESSEL, Menachem, Bustan Hagalil, Doar Haifa
KHAZENWALD, Yaakov, 21 Alexander Yanai, Tel Aviv
KOHAN (FLEISHER) Devorah, 91 Abas, Haifa
KORNFELD, Hillel, Atlit
KORNFELD, Shlomo, 2 Pevsner, Haifa
KORNFRACHT, Moshe Aryeh, Shikun Hapoel Hamizrachi A, Shal Street, Kfar Saba
KREITZER, Bracha, 40 Atzmaut, Bat Yam
KRIGSHER, Moshe, 26 Sderot Chen, Tel Aviv
KOKVA, Sheindel, 15 Kaplan, Kiryat Ono
KOPIT, Esther, (née VURTZEL), 27 Yehuda Hanasi, Kiryat Tivon
LANGA, Bluma (nee GOLDHOVER), 91 Derech Hashalom, Yad Eliyahu, Tel Aviv
LICHTMAN, Yaakov, 36 Hatzipornim, Kiryat Tivon
LIPINSKI, Libel, 25 Hatichon, Neve Shaanan, Haifa
LIPINSKI, Shmerl, 2 Betzalel, Haifa
LISHTCHENKER, Mordechai, 58 Hatavor (Michael), Haifa
MASTBOIM, Etel, 47 Moshe Shapira, Ramat Yitzhak
MATEH (SHTEKN), Yeshayahu, Kibbutz Afek, Doar Haifa
MELTZMAN, Yeshayahu, Kfar Hamesubim (Hiria), near Tel Aviv
MILLER, Avish, 42 Hashiluach, Haifa
MIROTZNIK, Moshe, 71 Shikun Ein Hatchelet, Netanya
OVENTAL, Zeev, Carmela Hotel, 8 Deganiot, Tivon
PERLMUTER, Elchanan, Rabbi, 48 Shikun Ezrachi, P.B. 23, Hadera

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POMP, Zvi, Shikun Zafon 26/3, Acco
RAFNER, Yona, 30 Haportzim, Ramat Gan
REITER, Peretz, 7 Hanotrim, Holon
ROSENFELD, Natan, Shikun Oved Ben Ami, Netanya
ROSMARIN, Binyamin, 45 Gideon, Ramat Gan
ROTENBERG (GOLDBERG), Sima, 44 Vav, Kiryat Haim
ROTENSHTEYN, David, Talmei Yechiel, Doar Na, Hof Ashdod
SAPIR-CHEN, Yehudit (nee HELFMAN), 4 Betzalel, Tel Aviv
SCHARBROT, Menashe, 19 Aliya, Bat Galim, Haifa
SHTIMER, Aryeh, 69 Shlomo Hamelech, Tel Aviv
SHTIMER, Mordechai Zvi, Marmorek St., Tel Aviv
SHMUKLER, Esther, 2 Aminadav, Ramat Yitzhak, Kiryat Borochov
SHLECHTER, Eliyahu, 20 Zhabotinsky, Acco
SHLECHTER, Nissan, 15 Zayin, Kiryat Haim
SHEINMAN, Zvi and Mina, Kibbutz Afek, Doar Haifa
SHPRINGER, Rashi, 62 Keren Kayemet, Kiryat Bialik
SHLESINGER, Malka, 3 Betzalel, Hadar Hacarmel, Haifa
SHNEIDER, Feiga, 20 Balfour, Bat Yam
SOBOL, Bluma, 4 Pinat Herzl, Haifa
SOBOL, Miriam
STOLIAR, Azriel, 11 Ben Ziv, Ramat Gan B
STOLIAR, Haim, Kibbutz Tel Amal, Doar Beit Alfa
TAGERMAN, Pinchas and Leah, 27 Yehuda Hanasi, Tivon
TERNER, Eliezer, 59 Yahalom, Ramat Gan
TESSLER, Bella, 60 Sheinkin, Tel Aviv
TVOL, Yosef, 7 Hanotrim, Holon
VEIGER, Moshe, Beit Hakerem, Shikun Amami, Bloc B, entrance 7, Jerusalem
VINSHEL, Yosef, 75 Kaf Het, Kiryat Haim
VOPNIARSKY, Moshe, 30 Arlozorov, Holon
ZEHAVY, Shamai, 25 Kish, Netanya
ZEMEL, Moshe, Atlit
ZMIRIN, Golda, 24 Samech Bet, Kiryat Haim


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