Tiszowic book
(Tyszowce, Poland)

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Translation of
Pinkas Tishovits

Editor: Y. Zipper

Published in Tel Aviv 1970

Our sincere appreciation to Yad Vashem
for the submission of the necrology for placement on the JewishGen web site.

This is a translation of: Pinkas Tishovits (Tiszowic book),
Editor: Y. Zipper, Association of Former Residents of Tiszowic in Israel, Published: Tel Aviv 1970 (H,Y 324 pages)

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Tyszowce

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Translated by Gloria Berkenstat Freund

5 In Memory of Tyszowce  
7 Map and Explanation of Map P. Landau
10 The History of Tyszowce D. Sztokfisz
17 Additional Material about Tyszowce Y. Z.
21 Tyszowce – Sunrise and Sunset D. Sztokfisz
26 The Year 1920 in Tyszowce M. Dornfeld, z”l
32 Tyszowce, As It Was Yehoshua Sztengel
39 Tyszowce, My Shtetele [small town] Hersh Cwilich
46 My Shtetele Tyszowce Ruth Szerer
50 The Tyszowcer Moshiakh ben Yosf [Redeemer son of Yosef] R' Avraham Sztern, z”l
58 My Teacher Motele's [son] Yankele Yehiel Sztern
63 Shlomo Hersh Spodik's Kheder [religious primary school] Berel Zinger
68 The Market Chana Bitsz (Cwilich)
70 What I Remember HaRav Avraham Moshe Brener z”l
73 My Grandfather Haimtche Hazan Hersh Cwilich
77 The Trisker–Kuzmirer Shtibl [one–room synagogue] Tuvia Eneg
80 Reciter of Psalms Sholem Sztern
82 During the Elul Days Sholem Sztern
84 Memories of the First World War Shmuel Knobl
86 Peyshe Sherer z”l Ruth Sztern
88 In Memory of the Painter Adolphe Milich z”l [H] P. Landau
89 The First Strike Shmuel Knobl
92 The Artisans' Interest–Free Loan Fund Hershl Diamant
101 Remember Them Favorably… Dr. Yisroel Sztern
106 The Left Poalei–Zion [Workers of Zion] Party Moshe Socher
110 The Betar Movement Moshe Zimri (Zinger)
113 Memories of days gone by [H] Dov Szpiz
117 The Hebrew School in Tyszowce [H] S. Hechtman
120 Pages from a Diary Shifra Krisztalke
134 Survived by a Miracle Pinchas Landau
136 The Burned Post P. Landau
141 Ten Synagogue Jews Write a Sefer Torah [Torah Scroll] Yakov Cwilich
143 Carried Out the Bequest Sender Gelber
144 The Corpse Calls Him to an Accounting Berel Zinger
145 In Memory of Personalities from Tyszowce [H] P. Landau
146 In Memory of my father R' Shlomo Landau Segel z”l [H] P. Landau
150 In Memory of my uncle and father–in–law R' Pinchas Netta Ginzburg z”l [H] P. Landau
154 Reb Avraham Sztern z”l Sholem Krisztalke
161 Gitl the Shoykhetke [wife of the ritual slaughterer] z”l M. Fiszer
170 Memories and Reflections on the Town [H] Zvi Cwilich
173 The Purim Ball that Did Not Happen Menya Goldman
176 A Charming Town [H] Michael Drori
178 The Funeral of Yosl Socher z”l Moshe
179 The Tyszowce Klezmer [musicians] Moshe
181 Yakov Szpiz z”l [H] Dov Szpiz
182 Rachele Wakerman z”l Peshe Socher
183 Zvi Rajfer, Arye Kahlenberg z”l, Yosf Sherer z”l [H]  
In the Days of Horror
186 Tears Sholem Sztern
187 Woe to Me… Sholem Sztern
188 Watchman, what will be of the night? Ish Yair
190 I will remember them Avi Goel
191 Destruction of Tyszowce Berish Finger
208 Zvi Naor (Finger) [H]  
214 The Labor Camp in Tyszowce Dr. B. Arensztajn
219 Labor Camp in 1940 Ringelblum Archive
236 Minutes of Eyewitness Testimony Yakov Cuker
238 A day of horror [H] Zvi Naor
241 From the First Day Moshe Aszpiz
249 Toba Kornblit z”l Mindl Dum
250 The Valley of Slaughter [H] Efraim Kuperstein
252 Memories of the Second World War Shasha and Hersh Engelsztajn
256 Episode Which Is Engraved in My Memory Ester Bluzer–Kizel
258 Chaya Helfman z”l [H]  
259 Shaya Sztengel z”l Sholem Krisztalke
263 Memories [H] Tova Mendelowic (Pamp)
265 A Visit to Tyszowce after the Holocaust Berl Eidlsberg
269 Letter from Tyszowce after the Holocaust Sholem Sztern
273 I Returned to My Destroyed Home Yakov Ziper
283 Last Fair Khene Marder
284 Brother Ish Yair
285 Messenger Ish Yair
286 We Ask Ish Yair
287 Remember what Amalek did to you… Dr. Yisroel Sztern
296 Open Up Sholem Sztern
In Memory of the Martyrs
298 Memorial Tablet on Mt. Zion in Jerusalem  
299 List of Martyrs from Tyszowce  
309 Supplement to List of Martyrs  
310 Pictures from Memorial Services in Honor of the Tyszowce Martyrs  
315 Minutes from the founding meeting of the “Association of Former Residents of Tyszowce in Israel” [H]  
315 Minutes from the first memorial [H]  
317 Activities of the Tyszowce Committee in Israel  
320 Members of the Committee of the “Association of Former Residents of Tyszowce in Israel”  
321 Additional Comments from the Editorial Committee  


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