Memorial Book of Strzegowo
(Strzegowo, Poland)

52°54' / 20°17'

Translation of
Strzegowo yisker-bukh

Editors: Florence and Rubin Youkelson

Published in New York 1951

Our sincere appreciation to Yad Vashem
for the submission of the necrology for placement on the JewishGen web site.

Our sincere appreciation to Helen Rosenstein Wolf for typing up the
English text to facilitate its addition to this project.

This is a translation of: Strzegowo yisker-bukh (Memorial Book of Strzegowo),
Editors: Florence and Rubin Youkelson, New York 1951 (H,Y,E 135 pages)

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Strzegowo

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Translated by Yocheved Klausner


Part One
Foreword R. Youkelson 5
With bowed heads (Introduction) P. Bery 8
“Strzegowo, we will not forget you!” Joseph Bisberg 9
The foundation and development of Strzegowo Yitzhak Bogen 17
Strzegowo is alive in my imagination Yosef Rosenberg 25
This is the way the Shtetl lived Yitzhak and Treine Tandiszarsz- Pikhotke 48
My town Strzegowo, as I remember it Rechl Novogrodski-Steinman 54
Three unforgettable righteous Jewesses Feigel Bisberg-Youkelson 58
“Father Nathan-Aizik” and “Mother Rachel” Sheine-Malke Bogen-Lichtig 61
Memories from Strzegowo Yona Berlin 62
My town Rachel Kleinkoz (Klapman) 63
Heinich Meirantz and his family Fishel Meirantz 65
My parents Yosef and Miriam Meirantz Mordechai Meirantz 68
Memories from my beloved town Elie Gordon 73
The town of my birth Avraham-Meir Bolna 76
The Strzegowo “Kempiska” [Park] Feigel Bisberg-Youkelson 78
Memories from the Strzegowo Community Yitzhak Tandiszarsz 80
“If your son will ask you: What is this?” Yosef Rosenberg 82
Part Two: The Destruction of Strzegowo
How it all began Ben-Zion Bogen 85
The end of the Jews in Strzegowo Fishel Meirantz 97
Suffering and heroism of the Strzegowo Jews Hinde Berlin 107
My great catastrophe Malka (Fabian) Goldblum 112
Memories from my family Yosef Rosenberg 114
How I and my daughter have survived Malka Pyotrikovski 117
Mey beloved Novogrodski family, who have perished Esther-Lea Novogrodski 119
In eternal memory Malka Wieser 122
On the eve of War and Destruction Israel Silberstrom 123
Sheindel from Strzegowo Feigel Bisberg 127
Two letters Beinush Wieser 129
Two letters Avraham'l Pinkert 132
Part Three:
Necrology (16 Pages)
In memory of Strzegowo II
Introduction F. and N. Youkelson III
Preface R. Youkelson VI
Strzegowo, We Will Nor Forget You! Joseph Bisberg IX
Map of Strzegowo - page 16    
Photos on pages: 7, 13, 14, 15,20, 21, 24, 55, 59, 68, 71, 72, 79, 84, 103, 106, 116, 119, 121, 127, 128, 130, 136


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