To Tell Our Stories:
Holocaust Survivors of Southern Arizona



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To Tell Our Stories: Holocaust Survivors of Southern Arizona,
Translations by Richard Fenwick and Raisa Moroz, Published by Jewish Family and Children's Services of Southern Arizona

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To Tell Our Stories: Holocaust Survivors of Southern Arizona

Translations by Richard Fenwick and Raisa Moroz

Published by Jewish Family and Children's Services of Southern Arizona

Original book edited by Raisa Moroz and Richard Fenwick


During World War II's Nazi onslaught, six million Jews were systematically and brutally killed. Yet millions survived, their lives altered permanently by the terrors they faced. After the war, many left long-established homes to settle in Israel and the United States, hoping to find renewal. These are the stories of survivors who made Southern Arizona their home. Each is an intimate slice of the Holocaust as it occurred throughout Europe and the Soviet Union, and each story is a dedication to loved ones and friends lost and brutalized during a portion of history that has since defined 20th century history and modern-day genocide.

Presented as small vignettes of memories, you'll read the survivors own words as they recall their lives as they navigated the treacherous paths of World War II. Of particular interest here are the inclusion of Holocaust Survivors from the former-Soviet Union, whose stories often include the arduous journey east from Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia, and the subsequent harshness of life in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Siberia.

These 36 stories were personally written by:

Liliya Beskina Russia Liza Iakover Ukraine Sara Rozenfeld Ukraine
Michael Bokor Hungary Lyubov Krimberg Romania David Rubinstein Ukraine
Vilyam Bukhman Ukraine Ida Kvartovskaya Belarus Eva Seibert Hungary
Frida Chausovskaya Ukraine Pawel Lichter Poland Mary Sterina Belarus
Erika Dattner Hungary James Lieber Hungary Miklós Szilágyi Hungary
Theresa Dulgov Hungary Tsilya Lipkina Belarus Manya Tepelboym Ukraine
Annique Dveirin Poland Yakov Makaron Ukraine Mirjam Wheeler Czechoslovakia
Walter Feiger Poland Boris Nayshtut Ukraine Wanda Wolosky Poland
Yulia Genina Ukraine Mariya Nayshtut Ukraine Valentina Yakorevskaya Belarus
Paulina Goldberg Ukraine Adelya Plotnikova Ukraine Rakhil Yakover Ukraine
Wolfgang Hellpap Germany Mikhail Rabinovich Ukraine Ita Zeldovich Belarus
Valeria Himmel Hungary Klara Raykh Ukraine Maryasha Zlobinska Ukraine


Selected Stories

Walter Feiger Poland
Lyubov Krimberg Romania
Boris Nayshtut Ukraine


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