A Memorial to the Jewish Communities
of Stolin and Vicinity

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Translation of
Stolin; sefer zikaron le-kehilat Stolin ve-ha-seviva

Editors: A. Avatichi, Y. Ben-Zakkai

Published in Tel Aviv 1952



Project Coordinator

Joshua Perlman


Our sincere appreciation to Israela Weinberger, of the Stolin Landmanshaft in Israel,
for permission to put this material on the JewishGen web site.

Our sincere appreciation to Yad Vashem
for the submission of the necrology for placement on the JewishGen web site.


This is a translation from: Stolin; sefer zikaron le-kehilat Stolin ve-ha-seviva
(Stolin; a memorial to the Jewish communities of Stolin and vicinity),
Editors: A. Avatichi, Y. Ben-Zakkai, Tel Aviv 1952, Former Residents of Stolin and Vicinity in Israel (H 263 pages)

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Stolin

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Translated by Laia Ben-Dov

Edited by Irit Dolgin


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An Eternal Light for the Stolin Community The Editors 5
A Vow (Poem) A. Shlonsky 6
Map of Stolin Y. Strosky 7
Remember the Holocaust of Israel… Dr. M. Dvorezhetzky 8
Yizkor… A. Avatichi 9
How She Sat Alone Y. Ben-Zakkai 11
The Town of My Birth M. Gal 13
The Holy and Pure Ones Y. Strosky 13
This Will Be Our Revenge… S. Tchernichovsky 14
Stolin (Of the History of the Town) A. Avatichi 15
The Town 65 Years Ago R. Eisenberg 17
With the Russian Revolution A. Avi-Menachem 19
From the Annals of Hardship During the Years 1919-1920 Z. Patchnik 21
Between the Hammer and the Anvil Y. Globerman 22
A Change of Regimes M. Belohousky 24
Refugee and Survivor Y. Avital 25
The Beginning of Zionism in Stolin A. Kolodny 26
The Aliyahs to the Land of Israel M. Eisenberg 28
“HaTechiya” [Zionist] Association A. Kolodny 31
The Death of Herzl A. Z. Huberman 33
From the Period of the Second Aliyah M. Eisenberg 34
The Political Parties and Bnei Zion A. Zioni 36
Bowls on Yom Kippur Eve Z. Ben-Yishai 37
The Zionist Beit Ha'Am [People's House] B. Brandes-Zeldin 39
With the Balfour Declaration Dr. Pekker, Dr. Yardeni 41
The opening of the University in Jerusalem B. Brandes-Zeldin 42
The Shivat Zion Settlement Organization M. Barzali 43
The Echo of the Events of 5689 [1929] in the Land of Israel A. Lifshitz 45
The Kfirim [Zionist Children's Movement] Y. Ginsburg 46
HaShomer HaTzair [Socialist-Zionist Youth Movement] M. Gal 48
The Founding of Gordonia A. Levin 60
HaChalutz [Zionist Youth Movement] A. Avatichi 61
Youth Movements in Stolin P. Doron 63
Beitar [Revisionist-Zionist Youth Movement] Y. Zerach (Zarchowitz) 64
Poalei Zion [Zionist Workers] P. Rimmer 65
The “Bund” A. A. 66
Tiferet Bachurim [Torah and Halacha Study Group] Z. Patchnik 67
Cheders, Torah Instructors and Teachers A. A – Chai 69
The Tarbut [Culture] School M. Eisenberg 71
The Additional Building of the Tarbut School Y. D—n 75
The Kindergarten M. Belohousky 76
The Orphanage M. Erlich-Rabinowitz 78
Talmud Torah T. Pichenik 82
The Yeshiva Rabbi M. Kopolowitz 83
The Magistrate P. Rimmer 84
The Free Loan Fund Z. Belohousky 85
“Vaad Hanshim” (Women's Committee) M. R–Z 86
Fire Department Z. Patchnik 86
Burial Society A. A. 87
A Childhood in a Dream S. Shalom 88
In My Grandfather's House R. Chitin–Farbodsky 88
Secret Revolutionaries R. Bramson–Rosenberg 90
A Visit to Stolin in 5674 [1914] P. Katznelson 92
Birkat HaGomel C. Shefi 94
Refugees in Stolin S. Ben–Zakkai–Tantzman 95
Rescued from Death M. Erlich–Rabinowitz 96
A Dancing Party at the Rebbe's House S. Ben–Zakai–Tanzman 97
Deeds of Charity and Kindness S. Ben–Zakai–Tanzman 98
An Act of True Kindness P. Globerman–Shklyar 99
Thoughts and Memories T. Klein–Rabinowitz 100
Memories from My Father's House G. Lifshitz-Globerman 101
The Tragedy of a Pioneer A. R. Malka 102
The Residents of Stolin Receive C. N. Bialik A. Konik 103
To the Girls of Stolin C. N. Bialik 105
A Terrifying Event Z. Lifshitz 105
Medals from the Polish Government A. Hadari 106
The Danger of a Polish Pogrom S. Eisenberg, M. Beckerman 107
The Students' Rebellion Y. Dorchin 109
The "Underground" in the Tarbut School M. Belohousky 110
Aliyah and a Meeting at the Cave of Machpelah [the Patriarchs] Y. Ben-Zakkai 111
Of One Family's Hardships M. Tuchman-Tantzman 113
Exile in Siberia Y. D. 114
Of days gone by (memories) Y. Chazan 115
Market Day in Town A. A. Ben–Menachem 117
A Plague of Fires and a Boycott A. Avatichi 119
Preachers C. Globerman 122
A Family of Religious Personnel A. Levin 123
Women of Valor S. Eisenberg-Rabinowitz 124
A Matzo Bakery for the Needy Y. Rabinowitz 125
A Family of Laborers Y. Ben 126
Due To The Virtue of The Women Y. Globerman 127
The High Holidays and Holidays in the Town Z. Gafrit-Garboz 128
Seder Night in the Town M. Alperin 131
The Wagoners' Society N. Schneider 133
Craftsmen A. Avatichi 134
Yossel of the Miracle Y. Zarchowitz 135
My Town Stolin T. Sirota-Lifshitz 136
The Summer Camp Y. Globerman 137
Stolin, in the Eyes of a Guest from the Land of Israel A. Artshtein 138
Crumbs A. Lifshitz 139
In the Shadow of the Red Flag G. Globerman-Choroshensky 141
The Visit of Members of [the theater troupe] HaOhel in Stolin D. Barban-Kastelianitz 142
Stolin in Pictures Stolin Landsmen Organization 143
Ka Echsof (A Song for the Sabbath) The Grand Rabbi Aharon of Karlin 146
And in Your Great Wisdom Y. Ben-Gal 147
The Karlin-Stolin Chassidut Dr. Z. Rabinowitz 148
The Barzanic Dynasty A. Avatichi 150
The Night of Reading Shma at the Yanuka's House Y. Shapiro 151
The Yanuka and the Gabbai Y. Shapiro 153
The Admor Rabbi Yisrael Perlov, the Yanuka Y. Razi 155
Light is Sown M. Alperin 157
At a Chassidic Party on Rosh HaShana M. Ben-Yehuda 158
Pilgrimage from Jerusalem to Stolin Y. Chasid 159
In the Company of the Rebbe and on His Mission B. Zaltzman 161
The Melodies of Karlin and Stolin S. Gashuri 163
The Holy Melody Y. Ben-Zakkai 174
Changing the Guard at the Rebbe's Court Y. Benyamini 176
Rabbi Asher Fialikov, the Rabbi of Stolin M. Eisenberg 178
Leib Shklyar A. Muchnik 180
Wolf, the Blind Man A. A–Chai 181
Boaz Kotelchuk T. Vardi-Garboz 181
Yehoshua Avraham Neidich M. Eisenberg 182
Yehoshua Frankel M. Barzali 183
Gudel Chazan R. Yaakov 184
Naftali Wisotzky C. Globerman 184
Yaakov, the Chimney Sweep A. Aryeh 185
Leib Gelzer Z. Patchnik 186
Zelka, the Chazan Y. Zarchowitz 187
Berel Frankel M. Eisenberg 187
Yehoshua-Moshe Mankovsky A. Ben Stolin 188
Yitzchak Lifshitz S. Eisenberg-Rabinowitz 189
Yitzchak Belohousky Y. Rabinowitz 189
Aharon Peliasniuk M. Ben-Yehuda 190
Alter Muchnik Y. Rabinowitz 190
Berel Kaplan M.A. 191
Yisrael-Yana Zarchowich M. Ben-Rachel 191
Baruch Golman M. Chaver 192
David Dovitzky C. Shefi 193
Tzvia Karlin M. Ya'ari (Polisky) 193
Liba Belohousky-Shklyar A. Aryeh 194
Esther Pliasniuk D. Adler-Garboz 195
Two Brothers A. Mordechai 196
A Song of Life That Was Stopped B. Globerman 196
In the Paths of the Fathers A. R. 198
Baruch Ben-Yishai (Glombowitz) M. Eisenberg 199
Mordechai Hoberman M. Eisenberg 200
Yair Zaltzman M. Eisenberg 201
Menachem Avatichi M. Eisenberg 202
Yaakov Avatichi M. Eisenberg 203
Shulamit Dorchin M. Eisenberg 204
Aharon Aharoni M. Eisenberg 205
Esther Tzeilingold M. Eisenberg 205
Zvi Dorchin M. Eisenberg 206
Yitzchak Deutcher M. Eisenberg 206
Batya Kashtan M. Eisenberg 207
Winds Blew on the Boulevard… A. Lifshitz 208
Rabbi Aharon Perlov in the Warsaw Ghetto H. Zeidman 209
The Reincarnation of a Melody Y. Feingold 210
In the Stolin Ghetto A. Gissin-Balizhovsky 213
Sparks of the Rebellion M. Gal 215
The Last Days of the Ghetto in Stolin S. Tokel 216
A Good–By Letter S. Blahousky 223
The Last Days of Rebbe Moshele Perlov B. Kampinsky-Leiberman 224
The Last of the Admors in Karlin M. Bunim 227
At the Mass Grave M. Blahousky 227
My Uncle, Reb Ahre'le (Poem) S. Shalom 229
Drozdin M. Ya'ari (Polisky) 231
Horodnoya [Gorodno] Z. Patchnik 232
Linka [Glinka] T. Feldman 233
Horyn-Rechitza [Rechytsa] N. Schneider 235
Of the Lives of the Jews in Rechitza-Horyn N. Woliansky 236
Hachshara [Preparation] Kibbutzes in Horyn N. Schneider 238
Belihush [Belogusha] Y. Globerman 240
Rubeliya [Rubel'] R. Eisenberg 241
Rubeliya and its workers Y. Ben-Mordechai 243
Notes from Rubeliya M. Alperin 245
Memories from Rubeliya R. Nosenchuk-Ben-Yosef 246
The End of the Jews of Wisotzk [Vysotsk] G. Fialikov 247
The Fate of David-Horodok and Stolin Y. Zeldin 249
Plotnitza M. Katzman 251
The Best of the Sons of Plotnitza A. Briski 252
Monuments Stolin Landsmen Organization 253
Epilogue A. Avatichi, Y. Ben-Zakkai 254
List of the Martyrs from Stolin and the Vicinity Stolin Landsmen Organization 255


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