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Translation of
Korot ayara ahat; megilat ha-sigsug ve-ha-hurban shel kehilat Sopotkin

Edited by Alexander Manor (Menschinsky)

Published in Tel Aviv, 1960




Project Coordinator

Alfred Neil Kramer

Our sincere appreciation to Alexander Manor, for permission to put this material
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This is a translation from: Korot ayara ahat; megilat ha-sigsug ve-ha-hurban shel kehilat Sopotkin;
Sopotkin: in memory of the Jewish community. Ed, Alexander Manor (Menschinsky),
Tel Aviv, 1960, Sopotkin Society. 126 pages (H)

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With the appearance of the book  
Title Page 7
Instead of a foreword 9
Chapter 1 – Outline of the History of the Jewish Settlement in Sopotkin
The beginning of the settlement 15
The origin of the name 15
The geographical conditions 17
The structure of the town and number of its inhabitants 18
The sources of existence 18
The act as intermediary between the village and the town 20
A list of families and professions and occupations 24
Chapter 2 – Sopotkin as Zionist and Cultural Center
Sopotkin als Zionist und cultural center 37
The writer and Rabbi Samuel Yaakov Rabinovitch – Sopotkin as Zionist Center of the Grodno district 41
The first appeal on behalf of the Jewish worker 45
Samuel Tchernovitch 49
His childhood and development 49
The influence of the town on Samuel Tchernovitch 51
Yaakov (Jacob) our teacher – the Zionist social worker 54
The Rabbi and the writer Mordechay Eliyahu Rabinovitch 55
The Glikson Family 57
Chapter 3 The Atmosphere of the Land of Israel
The Atmosphere of the Land of Israel 59
The Period of World War I 61
The National Awakening 67
The Movement of the "Hechaluts" (Pioneers) 70
The Youth Movement 75
Chapter 4 Fragments of Being (Formation)
Mutual Help 85
Common Responsibility and Self-Defense 91
The Volunteer Fire Brigade 93
Volunteer Theater 95
Celebrations and Holidays 98
Chapter 5 From the Characters of the Past
The Peoples' Teachers 103
Image of Ordinary People 105
Chapter 6 From the Scroll of Destruction, Annihilation, and Extermination
From the Scroll of Destruction, Annihilation, and Extermination 111
In the Grinder of the Poles 115
Under the Russian Boot 115
Under the German Axe 117
From Kilbasin to Auschwitz 118
The Last Remnant 120
The Kaddish (Prayer for the Dead) of the Orphan 123
The Tradition Continues 124
List of the Pictures in the Book 126

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